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Regina Mendez 10/2/10 block 2 9th grade

Powers and Consequences It was Millie’s 10th birthday, all of her family and friends were there celebrating a speci al day with her. But yet she wasn’t happy till her best guy friend showed up. His name is Ronnie, he was Millie’s best friend since they were little toddlers playing in sand and clueless of what was going on in the world. They both grew up in a little town, somewhere in Nevada which they called home. Five years later Millie and Ronnie were freshmen in hi gh school. Their first day actually. So they went off to school nervous about meeting new people or trying to fit in with everybody. Everything turned out to be ok. School was over so Millie and Ronnie walked home together. As she stepped onto the doorsteps, she hea rd screaming and yelling coming out of her house. Millie opened the door, and as usual her parents were fighting again. They didn’t even bother to stop fighting for a second and ask Millie how her first day was. Just hearing the sound of her parents arguing made her run straight to her room and slam the door as hard as she could. Her parents heard the loud slam and ran upstairs to see what was going on. Millie quickly locked her door panicking, not wanting to be there, and wishing of running away. Next thing you know she was at her friend Ronnie’s house. She was so scared and shocked of what had happen. She then said to herself, “did I just teleport”? She c ouldn’t believe it! Right when she found out she could teleport, she knocked on Ronnie’s door anxious to tell him what had just happened. Ronnie came out and Millie told him ever ything, from beginning to end! She was expecting a “WHAT”!! or fainting but he to had a secret. His power was cloning into any person he wanted to be. Millie didn’t believe him at first but he showed her and it was like she was starrin g at a mirror. A few weeks later, still enjoying their incredible powers, they found out on the news that polices were capturing people with the ability of havin g some sort of powers. They were both very scared of what they were going to do with them or what the consequences would be. So in their decision they decided to leave their friends and families in order to do what they were meant to be doing with their powers. Even though both of their parents were desperate, having to think that their kids were dead and never coming back, Millie and Ronnie were enjoying life, happy, and free from everybody, in their new, once called home!


a short story

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