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High Fidelity

Plot High Fidelity was written in 1992 by author, Nick Hornby, and it basically talks about Rob Fleming (the narrator) and his struggles from his recuperation from a few of his ex-girlfriends. His last ex Laura he felt strongly about. After the break up, he decided make a list of his top five ex's, and decided to go on a mission to find out what went wrong.

Rob Fleming

Rob is the narrator, he is in his thirties, and his most recent girlfriend, Laura left him. Rob is the owner of a record store in London. His employees Dick and Barry usually spent their free time talking about their top five favorite songs and artists, and also discuss their favorite mix tapes.

The list of his ex-girlfriends included..

Charlie Nicholson ● Allison Ashworth ● Sarah Kendrew ● Jackie Allen ● Penny Hardwick.

Charlie Nicholson

She was Robs first college girlfriend who Rob decided was out of his league.

Alison Ashworth

Alison is Robs first girlfriend who dumped him after three days.

Sarah Kendrew

Rob use to call Sarah a good match because she was just as average as he was.

Jackie Allen

Rob stole Jackie from his best friend.

Penny Hardwick

Rob’s young girlfriend who would not give into his sexual demands.

Robs relationship with Laura

Rob becomes closer to Laura mainly because her father had passed away. Rob was invited to Laura's fathers funeral by her mother. He left the funeral early because Laura's friend Liz irritated him. Laura set out to go find him and soon enough she did and wanted to “sleep� with him. Soon enough, they were back together.

Robs Gig

A while back Rob use to DJ at a dance club and just recently found out they re-opened. Rob felt he had a purpose when he was a DJ so Laura decided to give him the gig as a belated birthday gift.

high fidelity  

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