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Back to School! Games 1. 3-on-3 Basketball Time: 10am Venue: basketball court To register: email to Lim Meng Tzee contact 93824532 We will target up to 8 teams to participate in this event. Each team will require registering at least  3 players and a maximum of 5 players. No restriction to male and females. Registration fee will be  fixed at $15. Games will be held from 10am to 12.30pm at the VJC basketball courts.  The top 2 teams will each receive gold and silver trophies and prize money of $90 & $60 respectively  For details of rules & regulations please refer to attachment 3‐on‐3 Basketball.docx  3-on-3 Basketball.docx

2. Nintendo Wii Bowling competition Time: 10am  Venue: LT 5  To register: email to Sim Tee Yang contact 93366433   There will be 2 categories i. kids of 12 years and below ii. open Each participant shall do an unlimited try of 2 games till 3pm. Fee for each try is $5. The top 3 from each category will compete FOC in the final, which they will play 3 games. Should there be a tie, the players will bowl one more game to determine the winner. 70% of the fees collected will be given out as prize money! The payout will be 50%, 30%, 20% of the total, respectively for 1st, 2nd & 3rd positions. So the more participants we get the bigger the $$! Not to forget, winners will receive their 1st Wii Bowling Challenge Trophies on Victorians' Day.

3. Nintendo Wii Tennis competition Time: 10am  Venue: LT 5  To register: email to Lim Chwee Ann contact 97623300  There will be 2 categories i. kids of 12 years and below ii. open We are targeting 32 players each category. A $5 fee will be collected per player. A knockout format will be applied. Each participant will play best of 3. Prize money payout each cat. is $65, $30, $15 for 1st, 2nd & 3rd respectively. Top 3 players will each get a trophy too.  

Lifestyle Stores   

4. Sports Bazaar There will be stocks of Sports products i.e. particularly NIKE & ADIDAS good value for money products for your staff, students & ex-VJC/VS students. See attachment for details: Sports Bazaar Publicity2.jpg


5. Nike Golf by B.I.R.D Don't miss the chance for the best bargain which you can seldom find in S'pore for Nike Golf selection ranging from accessories, apparel to golf equipments! While stock last!

6. Dogs/Cats/Angels Figurines Whether you are a dog or cat lover, or simply looking for a beautiful gift for your loved ones, don't miss this wonderful opportunity to bring home individually hand-painted resin figurines that would surely make a wonderful display at home or in the office. Caesars is bringing to you this special sales on Victorians Day so that we could all strike two birds with one stone by bringing home the endearing figurines at very affordable prices and also contributing to VJC at the same time. Yes, you did not read wrongly! Half the proceeds from the sales will be donated to VJC, courtesy of Caesars. So come on and get your loved ones or yourself some lovely figurines, and help out the school at the same time. See pictures of figurines below.


Food stores   

7. Its "Back to School". So what more can we ask for cheap & good from our very own canteen food! College stores will be open to serve our needs for that day! On top of the Roti prata, we will have a Satay store & Baguette, the Vietnamese Deli to serve us mouth-watering sandwiches & cakes.   Look out for the ice cream bell too!  


Talks & Classes for you & your kids    8. Adam Khoo's investment talk "Profit from The Panic" Time: 10am to 12pm  Venue: LT 1  To register: email to Christopher Lee contact 97623300   Do we need to say anything more about Adam?  Hey there is still light through his eyes even in such cloudy  investment climate!    For detail, please click the link: http://www.adam‐‐from‐the‐panic‐is‐ready/            

9. Genius R Us Time: 9am to 5pm Venue: To be confirmed To register: email to Pang Kong Eng contact 96230396 A good discount (30%) plus goodie bags for the classes! Programs Time: 9am-5pm Slot 1: 9am-12pm Slot 2: 2-5pm Activities (1 per slot): 1) Kidz Can Bake!TM Creative with Cookies Baking & Decorating with Colourful Icings i. Creative with cookies baking, ii. Decorate cookies with colourful icing 2) Kidz Can Craft!TM Clown Figurine Coin Sock i. Coin sock (Clown face-piggy bank made from socks) - something they can bring home n use. Age range of kids: 4-12 years old Exclusive Fees: S$45 per child - min. 20 kids, max. 30 kids per session - 1 slot Exclusive Fees: S$38 per child - min. 20 kids, max. 30 kids per session - 2 slots Usual: S$65 per child Fees is inclusive of all workshop materials, packing material and loan of apron suit.

10. Perfecting your golf swing with yoga by Kong Eng PANG MSc, CiC, PGDipEd, BSocSc(Hons), BA Time: 130pm to 230pm Venue: LT1 To register: email to Pang Kong Eng contact 96230396 How would you like to add another 20 yards to your drive in 3 months? Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Brat Faxon and our very own Mardan Mamat, have used yoga or meditation techniques to help them perfect their game. Yoga has been scientifically proven to improve flexibility, strengthen specific muscles, improves fitness, and helps one to gain calmness, focus and clarity. Find out for yourself how exactly yoga and meditation helps them. For more details, please see attachment TYC flyer Yoga for Golf.doc.pdf

11. Insurance talk- “Love, Dollars & Sense” - by Shien Li Lau of HSBC Insurance Time: 3pm to 4pm Venue: LT1 To register: email to Shien Li Lau contact 91189922 What has love got to do with money? Everything! Can you put a price to love? Come find out why love and  money should always go hand‐in‐hand. 

Dogs & Angels Figurines

Victorians' Day 2009 - Back to School!  

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