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How to be safe in the Internet?

1. Be careful! Not everything people say online will be the truth.

2. Check first Don’t give out any personal details unless you check with a trusted adult.

3. Don’t stay —leave a site or game if someone is rude, offensive or makes you feel unsafe.

4. Help - offer help someone who’s being cyberbullied.

5. Report - if someone is being mean on the internet.

6. Tell—if you feel something is wrong when you are online.

7. Don’t meet -never meet anyone in person you haven’t met before.

8.Don’t tell – NEVER tell anyone

your password.

9. Turn on firewall –

it will protect you from hackers.

10. Respect other users of the Internet.

11. Don’t send – any confidential data in your emails.

12. Don’t open - the files from unknown sources.

13. Use antivirus software – it will keep your computer safe from viruses.

14. Download files from safety source

- to avoid viruses.

15. Don’t send anything to unknown people – never send your photos to anyone if you aren’t sure who is this person.

16.Read regulations - it’s important.

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