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Poland, region, school...

Poland borders on Germany in the west, Czech Republic and Slovakia in the south, Ukraine, Belorus , Lithuania in the east and Russia in the north. Population – about 39 Area – 322,575 km²mln

Polish flag is white and red...

...and Polish emblem is a white eagle with a crown on its head against a red background

On the north, there is the Baltic Sea with its sandy, beautiful beaches

The Hel Penisula

In the north-east part of Poland there is the area of numerous lakes, forests and outstandingly various shapes of land

Near our place, in the south of Poland, there is the Tatra mountain range where we can go skiing in winter or hiking in other seasons

Our capital city is Warszawa with the population of 1,708, 000

It is situated in the centre of Poland and there is an old and new part of the city

Krak贸w is the old city of Polish Kings and Queens as well as the contemporary city of the artists

Our place, Bestwina, is situated in the suburbs of the town of Bielsko-Biała

Sights of Bielsko-Biała

It all started here- in Wadowice‌

We also live near Wadowice, a birthplace of John Paul II

In the building where John Paul II used to live, there is a museum now

Bestwina – our place

The church

The Habsburg Palace The Palace is a great pride of Bestwina. It was the Habsburg family royal seat. Today it is the

Bestwina’s Roman Catholic Church was built in the sixteenth century. The bell in the church comes from the year 1504.

The Regional Museum in Bestwina

inside the museum

Our school We have a patron of John Paul II. There are basketball and volleyball courts, a football pitch, sidewalks, benches and lots of greenery. Next to the school, there is also a car park for teachers and parents taking their children to school.

The school corridors are quite long. At one side of the first-floor corridor there is a ping-pong table where everyone can play. There are two school shops where we can buy something to eat.

In our school we have two gyms

On the ground floor there are changing rooms, seperate for each class

In our school there are numerous activities children take part in – next to the curricular ones, of course ď Š

There is a group of scauts

and a group of sports fans eager to practise as well as watch

children from our school perform shows for the disabled

There are also drama and sports events both for our school children and the disabled kids

and in summer, students can go for a yearly trip to

First form students get �officially accepted� by the older ones during a funny ceremony as well as during an official celebration

school plays and celebrations

Schooling system Pre-school education: nurseries and kindergartenschildren under 6 Kindergarte n in Bestwina

Primary school children aged 6-12

The primary school in Bestwina Primary education is divided into two cycles: -the first cycle (grades 1-3) at which one teacher teaches all subjects, -the second cycle (grades 4-6) at

Lower secondary schools- children aged 13-15

OUR SCHOOL John Paul II Lower Secondary

Secondary schools:

students aged 16-18

-general secondary school- 3 years the secondary -secondary professional school- 4 years certificate

examination for school

--vocational school- 2/3 years (+ possible complement secondary or professional school to sit an exam)

University master’s degree: period of 5 years

Doctorate studies

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Prezentacja poland 2012  
Prezentacja poland 2012