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About our School Our school was built in 1877 and it has been here for 135 years.


We also have fantastic after school clubs like drama and sports clubs like athletics and football. We have many pupils in this school. We have a pre-school and arms 1 & 2. We have school council and eco-council for each year. We also have snack attack for break times on tasty Tuesday and fruity Fridays. When we do snack attack we sell fruit products and healthy snacks.

This Year 5 at Kingswood.

Uniform The uniform for this school is a yellow polo shirt, grey trousers or skirts or shorts, and a navy blue jumper with our school logo on it. Girls can also wear blue or yellow summer dresses. This is Yr 1 wearing their uniform.

Trips and Visitors This is Susan Warlock. She is the best artist bill quay school has ever had. This is one of The art pieces That She Helped us make

We go to other museums other than beamish we mostly go to the discovery museum

And other places like the fire station, the star centre the farm and some art centres.

Quite a few classes in the school go to beamish to work on their history topics

Plus every year 5 goes to Kingswood for 3 days and every year 6 goes to Robinwood for 3 days

Our Farm! Our farm has lots of animals such as Pigs, Shetland pony's Goats and many more. Also at the farm we Sometimes have some Fairs for the community. There is Also a Little pond next to the Pigs. There is also a cafĂŠ where you can have something to eat or drink.

The cranes Or cranes are on the other side of Bill Quay. We have 2 yellow crane. We use to have 2 red cranes but they got moved to Hebburn mariner.

Thank you for watching our slid show. By Funke and Rachael.

Bill quay pres