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Your Partner Balfin Group represents a reliable and firm partner in all its operating markets. It duly offers an extensive experience and activity in major areas of the economy through proper expertise and highly-qualified human resources. Be it investments, advisory services and tutoring partnerships, Balfin is there to lend a hand in our portfolio main sectors: ▪▪ Real Estate Development ▪▪ Retail Sale ▪▪ Energy ▪▪ Telecommunications ▪▪ Mineral Industry We welcome your inquires and are happy to provide further information at:

Welcome, we appreciate your interest in our company. Here you can learn more about us and what we do in every day work, the history and growth of Balfin Group and what we aim to achieve in the future.

Our business is focused on creating economic and social value in all markets we operate. We strive to create economic value by exploring market opportunities, particularly in the areas of retail, real estate, and mining industry in the Balkans and beyond. Our group is in a continuous further expansion through exploration of new opportunities in other segments using acquired market knowledge and professionalism. We create social value by striving to be more than a growing business portfolio and especially a group of individuals active in the environment

we operate. We work to meet our policies in the context of improving community life and development, environmental protection, cultural enrichment and education in every area present with our companies and employees. Our business plans are aimed towards the development of new ideas by providing prosperity for the community and further growth of our group. Our investments are designed towards providing quality assurance and development. As we strive to establish quality standards in the industry, our products and services,

in coordination with management companies work daily to improve processes. Our performance constantly increases and reinforces relationships we have with customers, partners, communities and other interest groups. Balfin Group is in continuous development and growth as a result of previous investments and projects that have been successful. In continuity we aim to have successful performance by further developing the quality, involvement in other economic sectors and geographical expansion of the Balfin Group. It is my belief and wish that you find the information you seek through our website. Also please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information. Samir Mane President and CEO

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Balfin - Balkan Finance Investment Group is one of the largest private investment groups in South East Europe

Group’s investment portfolio is focused in several important sectors: • Retail Sale • Real Estate Development • Mineral Industry • Commercial and Industrial Space Management / Services • Telecommunications • Customer Financing • Pioneering Consumer Loyalty Programs Since its beginnings in the Austrian capital, Vienna, in 1993, The Group has already established a reputation as the most active and innovative, thanks to the successful investments in ideas that have transformed and revolutionized the market and consumer behavior. Today, with headquarters in Tirana, Balfin Group is present with its activity beyond the borders of Albania, Austria, Dubai, Italy, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia.

This success is also due to the dedicated and processional staff part of Balfin Group and to an efficient cooperation with our international partners as we consider this a vital symbiotic relationship. As we dedicate our resources and support in sustaining our common portfolio and interests, this relationship is flag shipped by new ideas and projects. We take pride in solid co operations with prestigious institutions such as: •

Albanian American Enterprise Fund (AAEF) • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) • Raiffeisen Bank • AlbStar • Samsung • Arcelik • LG • BEKO and other more.

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About Balfin Group

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GROUP TIMELINE With its beginnings since 1993 in the Austrian capital, Vienna, it has already established a reputation of its own as the most active and innovative Group, thanks to the successful investments in ideas that have transformed and revolutionized not only the market but also the consumer behavior.

Alba Trade is registered in Vienna in 1993 as the official distributor of electronic equipments. From Austria, this company coordinates the business processes of Neptun and Neptun International.

1993 1993

Neptun is the largest chain of electronic appliances and devices in Albania and among the companies with the highest growth in the Western Balkans region. Neptun is also present in the markets of Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

In 2002 Balfin Group spearheaded a new challenge in real estate and property development by creating Mane TCI which specializes in construction, design, project development and management. It has since conceived and completed industrial and residential facilities, and villas offering the highest standards with impeccable infrastructure works.



The first shopping center in Albania, Qendra Tregtare Univers (QTU) was opened to the public in 2005, a very ambitious project at the time which revolutionized the way the Albanian public shops. Still today, the Center remains the most popular and successful shopping center in Albania, hosting more than 75’000 visitors per week.

FG was envisioned as the company that would provide and strive to offer collections from the latest fashionistas. Currently with over 12 brands, Fashion Group is always looking to bring new brands in Albania.

Balfin Group concluded one of the most important group investments outside Albania, the Skopje City Mall (SCM) in Macedonia.




Balfin Group developed the first Albanian chain of grocery stores and supermarkets, Euromax. In a short period, the enterprise managed to turn into the largest network of supermarkets in Albania offering quality with competitive pricing strategies.


Tirana Logistic Park is designed to offer services and earn the status as the biggest logistic park in The Western Balkans. With Phase 2 well under way, The Park has already started providing prestigious partners with its core services.

In 2011 Balfin Group completed another important project, Tirana East Gate (TEG). With an investment of ₏54 Million, TEG represents the most modern and the largest shopping center in Albania with over 90’000 m2.



In 2013 Balfin Group took a very important step to diversify its portfolio towards the mining industry by acquiring 100% of the shares of ACR Holding the largest company of extraction, enrichment and processing of chrome mineral in Albania.

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All the companies, part of Balfin Group, represent a success story in itself. As the Group is always on the implementation of innovative ideas, it is creating successful businesses but also offering the Albanian and regional markets a solid benchmark to be followed. Today, Balfin Group is also considered one of the few Albanian businesses that have managed to be successful and competitive even outside the country. We are proud of the precious involvement of our partners and the contribution given has inputted in all achievements.

HISTORY Balfin Group strands are in 1993 in Vienna where Mr. Samir Mane founded Alba Trade. Having started with trading of electronic devices, soon the Group managed to create the largest network of electronics stores in Albania, Neptun and subsequently extended the network in neighboring countries. Since 2002 Balfin Group

is present with projects in real estate development and management. Through Mane TCI it has conceived and completed industrial and residential facilities offering the highest standards. In 2005, first shopping center in Albania, Qendra Tregtare Univers (QTU) was inaugurated. This was a very ambitious project

at the time and revolutionized the way the Albanians used to shop. QTU is still the most popular and successful shopping center in Albania. The year 2005 marked the establishment of the first Albanian chain of supermarkets, Euromax. In very little time Euromax managed to turn into the largest

network of supermarkets in Albania offering quality with best prices. Since 2005, Fashion Group brought to Albania several popular brands of clothing, satisfying the needs and requirements of all categories that visit shopping malls. Fashion Group brands are: Mango, Goldenpoint, Calliope, Geox, Parfois, Okaidi, Prenatal, Terranova, Springfield, Carpisa, and Etam. In 2011 Balfin Group completed another important project, Tirana East Gate. With an investment of € 54 million, it was constructed the most modern and the largest shopping center in Albania with over 90’000 m2. In October 2012 Balfin Group concluded one of the most important investments of the group abroad, Skopje City Mall. This €68 million project was Page 11

developed in cooperation with the participation of international partners. Again, during 2012, Balfin Group undertook a bold project yet again, building a logistic park, which is another groundbreaking innovation for the Albanian market. Tirana Logistic Park, a â‚Ź44 Million pioneer investment, is designed to provide services not only to Albanian businesses, but primarily offering an international standard service to foreign interests. This investment is projected to be developed in phases with the first one finalized in October 2013.


In 2013 Balfin Group took another step to diversify the portfolio of activities in the mineral industry by acquiring 100% of the shares of ACR Holding, the largest company of extraction, enrichment and processing of chrome in Albania.

In 2013 our group took an important step to diversify the portfolio of activities in the field of mineral industry by buying 100% of the ACR Holding shares


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Balfin Group is keen on achieving results and high standards in all areas of operation and services bringing innovative ideas to the market. To be the first and the best is what guides our daily endeavor. We believe in our employee motivation and desire to achieve even bigger projects in the future, not only in Albania but in the region too.

STRATEGY AND VALUES Applying the Highest Standards We seek in all Group companies to follow a strict policy towards the creation and application of higher standards in every service or product segment. Thanks to this ongoing commitment to improve, we remain the most reliable partner for all foreign companies interested to invest in Albania and the region.

Expansion and Diversification of Operations Balfin Group constantly aims to improve the position in the domestic and regional market, bringing our products and services near bigger markets. The diversification and growth of our investment portfolio is a top priority and constant active strategy. The group is under

continuous development by getting involved in different areas of the economy, from retail to mining industry. Capital for Companies Growth All Group companies benefit from the synergy and mutual exchange of experience. The considerable Group size enables all our companies to

have full support not only financially but also tailored management consideration. This ensures the success of all Companies within the Group by creating new projects and confidence in investment safety to all domestic and international partners. Human Competitive Force Balfin Group takes pride in the creation of a healthy and professional work environment where policy and standardization procedures are aimed at making its workforce happier and more efficient. To us, human resources are the most valuable partners for the development of the Balfin Group companies and therefore we pay special attention to their growth and promoting not only professionally but also in personal terms. Integrity and Ethics Throughout daily activities Balfin Group implements professional ethics and compliance with legislation. Legal and professional commitments represent our core

values as well responsibility in taking action. This has created a transparent and fair culture towards partners in each project. All of our Group companies have established partnerships with local and foreign companies showing sportsmanship and dedication to bilateral agreements. Environment and Community We have always shown maximum responsibility for employees, customers, suppliers, partners, and communities where our Group companies develop environmentally friendly and awareness activities. Balfin Group companies apply specific strategies to improve the conditions of local communities by increasing employment or by supporting projects aimed at social development. In any of our investments, we are very careful towards negative impacts on the environment and community. This is our commitment, not only for the present but also for future generations.


Balfin Group is not only one of the largest private companies in Albania but is also among the largest and professionaly engaging businesses Page 15

We are committed in applying the highest standards in Management and Direction throughout the Balfin Group Corporate Entity. Balfin Group Management is supported by the Strategic Board which is chaired by the sole shareholder of the Balfin Group, Mr. Samir Mane. The Strategic Board is formed by four vice presidents and two external members with extensive business expertise.

GROUP MANAGEMENT Besides the Strategic Board, all daughter companies have their own administration led by a Managing Director MD that exercises executive powers in cohesion with decisions and guidelines of the Strategic Board.

Strategic Board ▪▪ Group President and CEO ▪▪ Vice President for International Business ▪▪ Vice President for Retail Sales and Real estate ▪▪ Vice President for Finance and IT ▪▪ Vice President for Projects and Development ▪▪ 2 External Members

Balfin Group Strategic Board is responsible for: ▪▪ Group’s Financial Performance and Planning ▪▪ Business & Strategic Direction ▪▪ Companies Acquisition and Sales ▪▪ Risk Management ▪▪ Budgeting and Operations

STRATEGIC BOARD Group President and CEO

Vice President for International Business

Vice President for Retail Sales and Real Estate

Vice President for Finance and IT

Vice President for Projects and Development

2 External Members

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Group Structure

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Balfin Group is continually in a process of growth, in terms of operations and geographically. Currently Balfin Group is active in Albania, Austria, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Italy and Dubai. The Group manages activities such as real estate development, retail, design and construction of residential buildings, providing the necessary logistics and services to businesses, development of retail networks, mineral industry, telecommunication, consumers financing and consumer loyalty programs.


Real Estate

Activities and projects of Balfin Group in real estate propose construction and management of environments for living, business, commercial activities or industrial areas. Balfin Group has constructed over 296’060 m2 gross space for housing, commerce and upbringing office; over 142’700 m2 in shopping centers; 200’000 m2 of logistic and industrial park.

Retail Trade

Balfin Group is the pioneer of retail chains in Albania by proposing to the customers quality products and best brands at the affordable prices. Retail trade activities are concentrated in two main groups: Electronics and Fashion.


Balfin Group activities in services category include a wide range which varies from asset management of real estate to giant spaces for the development of entrepreneurial activities. Services provided by the Balfin Group include full professional systems that provide easy access for individual consumers as well as companies.

Mineral Industry

Besides companies of which Balfin Group owns all shares, there are other economic and operational activities in which the group is involved in a non-majority partnership. Investments of our Group lay in different areas of the economy by collaborating with local, regional and international partners. Balfin Group is open to cooperation with national and local partners in function of various projects.


Balfin Group is open to collaborate with local or international partners and the results of this partnership are some of the best performing companies in Albania and the region. In the Groups portfolio of companies there are companies where Balfin Group is only an investor and doesn’t manage them. We chose to become part of these companies even if we are not managing them because we believe in our partners’ ability to develop these companies. Page 21

This portfolio consists of activities and projects in construction and management of facilities for residential, businesses and commercial activities, office space and industrial areas. Balfin Group has constructed over 300’000 m2 gross space for housing, commerce and upbringing office and over 143’000 m2 in shopping centers and commercial malls. Another considerable 200’000 m2 go to add the total surface of Balfin real estate assets with the finalization of Tirana Logistic Park.

REAL ESTATE Mane TCI Established in Albania, Mane TCI is a leading company in the construction business, investments and real estate development in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. It is specialized in civil and industrial constructions, including shop-

ping centers, residential buildings, social and cultural centers and infrastructure development; making quality a peculiar feature. The permanent progress, the state-of-the art technologies, but also modern extension investments in retail sales drives key growth at Mane TCI.

Key Mane TCI Projects include: Ambassador 1 represents a highend 10’000 m2 residential building completed in March 2009. In total, it has 14 above ground and two underground parking floors. This multifunctional building is among the first of its kind to offer state-

of-the-art construction standards ever applied in Albania. Ambassador 2 is situated near the artificial lake of Tirana and has access to all the main routes of the capital. It contains two underground parking floors, with the first offering commercial space. This building was designed as a response to numerous requests for luxury condos in a tranquil area near the city center. Ambassador 3 has been projected to be a residential living space like no other ever built in Albania. It is designed to provide more lifestyle shaping facilities, positioned in one of the most prestigious areas, very close to the center of Tirana and Artificial Lake Park. With a total construction surface of 32’300 m2, it will include four underground parking floors, one for commercial activities and 20 residential apartments/condos. Rolling Hills Luxury Residences represents a magnificent lavish gated community in a first-rate Page 23

neighborhood, with the best construction standards. It represents a first of its kind project in Albania. This investment includes 122 luxury villas, subdivided in three different types ranging in size from 350 m2 to 600 m2 New Born is an unparalleled 14 hectares gated residential and touristic resort in Lalzi Bay, by the Adriatic Sea, about 35 km from Tirana and Durrës, approximately 100 km from Montenegro and Kosovo, minutes away from the International Airport of Tirana and Port of Durrës. Tirana Logistic Park TLP will be the first logistics park in Albania with access to the main arteries of rail and road transportation, near the Durres port and largest in the country and close to Tirana International Airport. Tirana Logistic Park with an area of 200’000 m2 will contain 3 storage warehouses with an area of 80’000

m3 of Class A. Customs clearance procedures are designed to be performed within TLP premises thus facilitating operators supply chain and bureaucratic endeavors. Tirana Logistic Park will offer all the services of a technological park and the most qualitative spaces for storage, processing, manufacturing and business development offices. TEG – Tirana East Gate TEG is the newest shopping center of Tirana and the largest in Albania. With 150 stores and 1,500 parking lots, and due to its strategic positioning, TEG is an attractive destination not only for Tirana but for the city of Elbasan as well. With its considerable 95’700 m2, this shopping center is build to offer a diverse portfolio of services and products, the introduction of exclusive brands, entertainment areas, restaurants, cafes, and maximum comfort for customers.

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QTU – Univers Shopping Center Balfin Group finalized the construction of Univers Shopping Center in 2005 and radically changed the retail system in Albania. It is the first and most successful shopping center in Albania. Within its second year, due to customer influx an expansion of its capacity was needed which was successfully completed within months. With a construction area of 47’000 m2, the Center shelters more than 85 popular brand stores worldwide while servicing over 75,000 visitors per week and 800 vehicles parking space. Skopje City Mall Balfin Group is the majority investor in the largest shopping center in Macedonia, with an area of almost 90’000 m2 and just about 3 km from Skopje city center. SCM duly makes it to list of some of the biggest shopping centers in the South East Europe.

Shopping Center in Skopje Balfin Group is the main investor in the largest shopping center in Macedonia. With a planned area of 38’000m2 for retailer it is 3 km away from the city center of Skopje.

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The creation of retail chains has been a pioneering competitive advantage for Balfin which successfully promote clients brands and quality products. Retail trade activities are concentrated in two main groups: Electronics and Clothing, including more recent endeavors in bookselling and toys. Balfin Group has a considerable thriving culture in managing and expanding the networks of retail stores in the Albanian market and has built precious experience on how to adapt to the regional ones. This record is evidently proven through the expansion of electronic device networks and clothing stores in Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. RETAIL TRADE Alba Trade Alba Trade registered in Vienna in 1993 as the official distributor of electronic equipment for the Balkans, and is represented in the local market with the Neptun International network stores. Besides being the official distributor of all brands of electric household appliances level A, Alba Trade plays a key role in coordinating the whole Neptun

group; it manages and implements the annual distribution policy for each country, supports and helps in studying the regional market, improves business conditions in the actualization of the state of the market and competition, coordinating budget plans for international expansion of Neptun network stores in the region.

Neptun Neptun is the largest network of electronic devices in Albania and among the highest growth companies in the Western Balkans. Neptun provides retail sales of electronic products from TVs and computers to household appliances, to a full range of products to suit across the board demand. With 14 stores in Al-

bania and constantly expanding, Neptun is present in all major cities of the country. By providing the latest products as well as having the largest range of electronic equipment, Neptun has earned the retail electronic equipments market leader position. The Albanian company Neptun owns Neptun Company in Montenegro, a fast growing retailer of electronic products. Neptun International Neptun International Network offers the best brands of appliances and technological devices in the western Balkan countries such as Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia. Neptun International consists of 18 stores in Macedonia, 6 stores in Kosovo, 5 stores in Montenegro and 9 stores in Serbia. Offering the widest and most spacious new electronic equipment and appliances for consumers, Neptun is the market leader in Macedonia and Kosovo and is taking a leading position in Serbia and Montenegro. Currently Neptun International has agreements with international best market offering products of high-tech electronics. Page 29

Fashion Group Fashion Group clothing stores provides choices of the latest fashion clothing for Albanian consumers. Currently with over 12 brands, Fashion Group is always looking to bring new brands of clothing in Albania. Brands and prices are chosen specifically to suit the needs of the market through the likes of Etam, Goldenpoint, Caliope, Geox, Parfois, Okaidi, Prenatal, Terranova, Springfield, Mango and Carpisa. Bookstore Bookstore Library is the largest and most modern space dedicated to books in Albania. The library was conceived and built on European models of libraries such as “Feltrinelli”, “Mondadori”, and “Fnac”. The library offers a total space of 640 m2, of which 120 m2 books promotion hall and various presentations of domestic and foreign publishing houses, from authors and translators. The Library currently offers more than 20’000 titles and growing.

Fashion Group

Among the most popular brands of Fashion Group are: Etam, Goldenpoint, Caliope, Geox, Parfois, Okaidi, Prenatal, Terranova, Springfield, Mango and Carpisa.

Kidzone-Jumbo Kidzone is the official operator in Albania for Jumbo© franchise. Jumbo’s offers a wide array of activities; toys and clothing for children, books and office supplies, as well as seasonal, decorative and celebrative items. Page 31

Starting 2013, Albanian Chrome is 100% owned by Balfin Group after purchasing shares from the Austrian of DCM DECO Metal GmbH. AlbChrome is by far the largest company of chrome mineral mining, enriching and processing in Albania and one of the largest in Europe. The Group considers this acquisition a serious portfolio expansion and international positioning that guarantees a dominant and solid growth prospective.

MINERAL INDUSTRY AlbChrome AlbChrome is the largest company of chrome mineral mining, enriching and processing in Albania and one of the largest in Europe. Starting 2013, Albanian Chrome is 100% owned by Balfin. Actually among the leading exporters in Albania, ACR

has developed an important network of international partners. Its main focus lies on exports, mainly towards developed industrial countries in Europe, Asia and America. Currently AlbChrome has undergone a complete investment plan that aims increasing production, improving general condi-

tions in all the company’s assets in Bulqiza, Klos, Elbasan, Burrel, etc. Ferro-Chrome Factory of Elbasan started operating in 1989 and is designed to produce high-carbon ferrochrome using raw chromium material coming from mines all over the

country, mainly from the Bulqiza area. Enrichment plant of Klos is the only one of its kind in Albania. It has been build and actually operating for the sole purpose of enriching lesser quality mineral being excavated from the mines. Bulqiza’s Mine is the richest area with chromium mineral in Albania and has a reputation for its high quality extracts. The mine has been operational for 65 years and today its depth goes up to 800 meters making it one of the largest Ferro-Chrome Factory of Burrel, built in 1979, is one of the first investments in minerals industry in Albania and geographically close to the mining process. The plant covers an area of 14 hectares and has three electric furnaces with 9 MW installing power. Page 33

Balfin Group has developed a service platform including a wide array of activities that spreads from property management to considerable entrepreneurial activities spaces. The services provided by The Group include full professional systems that provide easy access for the individual consumers as well as the companies. The shopping centers, logistic park, residence management, restaurants & food service etc. are some of the many offered in Albania and the region.

SERVICES ACREM - Albania Commercial Real Estate Management ACREM manages Balfin Group’s real estate properties for Albania and is the biggest of this kind. This company provides management services for commercial real estate as for malls and other commercial entities. ACREM currently manages 4 Trade Centers in Albania, Tirana Logistic Park and residential buildings.

Food Way This unit offers quality service in terms of bars, pizzerias and restaurants. Food Way is present in both shopping centers in Tirana, QTU and TEG, offering visitors cafeterias and restaurants with self-service of a high quality. Yamato, the well respected authentic Japanese restaurant, is part of Food Way’s portfolio.

Electro-Service Electro-Service was designed to provide maintenance and repair for electronics and appliances. A fully dedicated staff of professionals helps costumers at any hour of the day wherever they might be located. Maintenance and repairmen of electrical and electronic equipment is offered at the company’s premises and as well at the clients’ premises.

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Balfin Group has kept an open collaboration strategy towards local and international partners. Many of these partnerships have resulted into leading performing companies in Albania and the region. Balfin is also present in other investment enterprises on minority partnership terms only. We consider this form of participation a clear sign of reciprocal respect and trust in developing business and in our partners.

INVESTMENTS Plus Communication Balfin Group is one of the shareholders of Plus Communications, fourth mobile operator in Albania since 2009 and it represents a consortium of several Albanian successful companies with diverse portfolios.

Fin-Al Fin-Al is one of the first non-banking financial institution licensed by the Central Bank of the Republic of Albania that offers customized products in financing customer purchases. Through this service customers

in Albania find access to products through a fast, simple and transparent financing. Fin-Al supports leading brands in the Albanian market such as Neptun, Vodafone, AMC, Plus, EMIGRES and many others through its over 70 service points in country.

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Financial Highlights

Page 39

2012 was a very positive year for Balfin Group, all the companies achieved good results in their business performance. Aside the positive performance of the companies part of the Group, during 2012 several operations resulted very positive.

FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS Euromax’s 2012 acquisition was a particularly important project that recognized immediate revitalizing sales. Tirana Logistic Park, the first logistic park in Albania and one of the biggest in Western Balkans, is another main investment of Balfin Group, which started in 2012 and the first phase of the project was inaugurated in October 2013.

Tirana Logistic Park offers all the services of a technological park and best quality spaces for storage, processing, manufacturing and offices for business development. 2012 represents another crucial investment in the preparatory phase to the acquisition of AlbChrome (ACR holding) from the Austrian company DCM DECO

Metal GmbH. This acquisition was finalized in January 2013, further expanding the portfolio of operations and imposing a stronger position in international markets. We take pride in our financial performance during FY 2012. The Group saw an increase of 27% compared to 2011 and is on the way to yet again confirm the position.

Due to current 2011 investments, Retail Trade saw further debt exposure compared to other divisions, but that further solidifies the expansion strategy planned. This operation lies well controlled below the 60% Group ratio ceiling.



58.38% 28.87%







55.78% 21.83%





Page 41

Electronics is the main contributor in the total turnover of the Group. It has had a positive growth in 2012 compared to 2011.











Compared with 2011, Real Estate increased its presence in terms of assets, confirming its weight for Balfin Group’s portfolio.


59% 25%










Page 43

The biggest contributor in the Group’s Turnover during 2011 and 2012 is Electronics division which is located mostly abroad Albania in the region of South East Europe.




























Real Estate division (industry) is the main contributor to the total assets of the group. This industry is mostly concentrated in Albania.




























Page 45


Balfin Group is committed to promote higher social values and show care for community and environment. We believe that business growth must be accompanied by a parallel community development and social growth culture wherever it operates. Therefore, we always appreciate and take active care of social and environmental policies and application development projects throughout Group network structure. We aim to make sure that our business activities weigh in as an investment in improving the social employment conditions, infrastructure, health care, education and culture in the communities in which we operate. In light of modern globalization issues and environmental protection strategies, we consider it a special mission to consider these topics by assessing any potential impact during project implementation. Balfin Group companies are not lim-

ited to providing jobs for local communities in which they operate but strive to make a positive impact in the lives of families and country. Our key pillars in social programs are: ▪▪ Environment ▪▪ Education ▪▪ Culture ▪▪ Health


Energy for the future Balfin Group is always looking for qualified people to be part of the team working into future projects. To participate in projects that will shape the future, Balfin Group seeks energetic people with great communication and technical skills that will be an added value to the challenging Albanian market and its needs. Work and Family At Balfin, we believe that, Family is a central pillar to healthy professionals and emotional stability. We strive to

provide an adequate environment so our professional can conduct an equilibrated relationship between work and private life. Representatives of employees Balfin Group is very attentive and considerable on employee feedback. We support and conduct regular meetings with employee representatives and unions, as we duly support all employees to exercise the right to express concerns and suggestions. Our HR department makes its purpose to accommodate needs and requests in prospective to a healthy and happy work environment. Students’ internships Balfin Group provides full or part time professional practice for all qualified students. A professional internship is a real contribution we provide towards education and counseling of future specialists and professionals. Our corporate responsibility and contribution towards community and society is a mission we take very seriously.

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Street ‘Papa Gjon Pali II’, ABA Business Center, 12th Floor, Tirana, Albania

Balfin Group  

Brochure of Balfin Group, the biggest business group in Albania. Samir Mane president of Balfin Group

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