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Issue Nine

December 2016 Welcome to the Ninth Edition of WE LoVE CARS. WE LOvE CARs is an eMagazine that puts you in the driver’s seat and lets you know all the news about vehicle launches, latest offers and company updates..



New Porsche 911 RSR

13 Škoda Kodiaq


Volkswagen I.D.

43 Audi RS3 Sedan


Driven Review – the Audi SQ7


McLaren BP23

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Jaguar IPACE


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you think we should cover, email and let us know what you want to see!


Welcome back to another edition of WE LoVE CARS. It

are lucky enough to be getting one. If you don’t know what

has been a rather busy and fun time for me since the

the XKss is, it’s a Jaguar that was built in the 60s and was

last issue. I’ve had the great pleasure of attending two

the road version of the racing D-Type - dubbed the “first

World Dealer Conferences - Lamborghini and McLaren;

supercar”. they planned to build 25 of them, however the

the launch (re-launch) of the Jaguar XKSS, and the Los

factory burnt down before they could complete them all,

Angeles Motor Show.

leaving eight chassis untouched until now. Jaguar call it a

the Lamborghini conference, held in Bologna, Italy, did

re-counteraction, where they will build the final eight as close

not disappoint – it was a great opportunity to preview the

to the originals as possible using traditional techniques. For

new model range, and meet the new boss, stefano Domini-

the record, steve McQueen owned one - it doesn’t get any

cal. updates to the model range start with the Aventador s

cooler than that.

(production & delivery scheduled early 2017). the outgoing

We also went to the Los Angeles Motor show, where without

Aventador has been further refined and sharpened, and has

doubt the new electric I-PACE suv from Jaguar was the star.

seen some mechanical improvement, which includes more

Finally we have just recently celebrated our 50th year in

horsepower over the current model. the other car that is out

business. the business was founded by our Chairman sir

early next year is the replacement to the gallardo superleg-

Colin giltrap in the 1960s. this was a business that started

gera, the Huracan Performante. this car looks like a race

out of passion and has grown far past his greatest dreams.

car and performs like one too. When you combine the extra

Whilst we are very proud of our efforts, we want to say thank

performance and some very innovative aerodynamics, you

you to our customers who have been so generous to us for

have one seriously quick car - Lamborghini didn’t tell us the

all those years, as without you there would be no us.

exact time the Performante clocked around the Nurburgring

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

but let’s just say that it will blow your mind away - expect this car to be at least “hypercar quick”. Finally, the confer-


ence featured the new pre-production suv due out in 2018,

Michael giltrap, Joint Managing Director

called the urus. this car looks awesome and will have the performance to match - Lamborghini are rightly calling it the first “Supercar SUV”. My visit to McLaren in Woking, England was equally as exciting with the showing of two new future modes: the first is the McLaren 540C and 570s spiders (the roadster versions of these vehicles). What I really like about McLaren spider (other than that I think they look a fraction better than the Coupe) is that they also perform as well as the Coupe (most roadsters’ performance is compromised). the 540C and 570s spider will not disappoint people who just love opentop driving. We also saw the replacement 650s (codename P14), which also is out later next year. the P14 is a step up from the current model - it really does look amazing - like a true supercar. Moving on to something a little different but cool, Colin and I went to the launch of the Jaguar XKss in LA as we




New Passenger Vehicles

Used Import

10,795 new passenger registrations, up 12% over same

12,709 used import passenger registrations - up 14% over

month last year and good enough to be the biggest month

same month last year.

for the year and one of the best results on record. 3914 new commercial registrations - up 28% over same month last year, and you guessed it - one of the best results

974 used import commercial registrations - up 32% over same month last year (yes, you read that right). Overall 13683 used import registrations, up 15% YtD.

on record. used import arrival volumes in (15809) were 22% ahead of Overall, 14,709 new registrations - up 16% over same month last year, and leaving the market up 9% YtD.

same month last year, and the biggest tally since before 2004. Arrivals volumes exceeded sales by 2380 units, resulting

Even though rental sales were a large part of the market in (28%), the base market after backing out the rental sales was up a staggering 24% in.

in a substantial inventory increase. the used import market is on track to be the strongest year since the peak used import years of 2003-05.

If market trends continue through the 4th Qtr, the combined new vehicle market is on track to be the largest market on record.

Used Import Passenger Registrations 16,000

New Passenger Registrations 12,000









2016 2015










4,000 5,000

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun


Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec


ceLeBrATINg 50 yeArs of The gILTrAP grouP

This year, the Giltrap Group celebrates the 50th anniversary of Sir Colin Giltrap’s first incorporation of our company. to mark the occasion, shed 10 on Auckland’s waterfront was home to an all-encompassing Christmas party for people from all dealerships and corners of the company. the evening began on the ground floor with a picnic themed setting at the end of a red carpet. Along the walls, a mosaic of food truck options were set amongst a display of volkswagen Amaroks, the 1973 Yardley McLaren M23 and the New Zealand A1 gP Car, Black Beauty. Sir Colin was first to speak for the evening, retelling the story of the beginnings of the company and the steps and friendships he made along his journey. Colin’s pride for mo-

a tribute to long-standing staff members, the giltrap Family

torsport and New Zealand’s racers was evident as he spoke

presented those having given more than 20 years to the

of racing. Whether it was his initial help for scott Dixon, his

company with personalised Crane Brothers blazers. Ivan

support of the Evans boys or even his connections to Porsche

Marinovich has been with the giltrap group for 44 years.

Factory driver Brendon Hartley, his experiences have left him

the evening then moved upstairs to the less formal setting

with interesting stories to be envied. taking the microphone,

to the sounds of late 80’s Mercedes & Holly smith where the

Michael giltrap toasted his father’s success, and the continu-

celebrations continued into the evening.

ing success of the group and all those within their walls. As





gILTrAP NorTh shore




BEN KIM Volkswagen Sales

Sales Cadet

Service Administrator

Having worked as the Assistant sales

Before joining the team at giltrap North-

Before taking the role of service Admin-

Manager for 3 years at Westcity Auto

shore, Kruiz was self-employed in the

istrator, sam was a Builder’s Hammer

group, Ben has come to the group to

landscaping industry. He enjoys his role

Hand. Enjoying her time working with

work with the best, and contribute to

for the opportunities to interact with

great people in a great industry, she is

an industry-leading company. He loves

customers and helping them achieve

taking well to the challenge of learning

his job for the exposure he receives

what they want.

the new industry.

when dealing with new people and new challenges on a daily basis.




Marketing Intern

Sales Cadet

Hannah’s come to the team from uni-

Ish was an electrician’s apprentice for

versity while studying Marketing and

Bishman Electrical before taking the

Management. she’s previously worked

role with Giltrap Audi. He feels fitted

at a dry cleaners as a team leader.

to giltrap Audi with for his love of

Having an Audi herself, Hannah’s love

interacting with customers.

for the brand starts at the top, and she enjoys working for the best Audi dealership.

schofIeLDs of NewMArKeT



holden Sales

holden Sales Cadet

Before Schofields, Tim was a Work-

Before Schofields Isaac was finish-

shop Manager at a motorsport and

ing his final year at St Peters College.

high performance workshop. He loves

With a drive to meet new people, Isaac

meeting new people and helping them

hopes to learn from his colleagues, and

find a suitable vehicle, especially if it’s

remember every insight of wisdom. His

the chellenge of converting someone

favourite racer in the world is Lewis

from Ford to Holden! He’s a big fan of

Hamilton, but the Hsv racers may yet

the Hsv gts.

rub off on him.



gILTrAP PeNrose




Recently Joined giltrap Penrose, as

Recently Joined giltrap Penrose as a

Has extensive experience in the au-

one of our new vehicle detailers. saori

service Advisor and Marketing Coordi-

tomotive industry, especially with the

is a mother of one who came to New

nator. Previously worked as a campaign

Nissan network at a dealership and

Zealand 4 years ago after the great

manager at Expressive Promotions in

distributor level. Prior to joining giltrap

East Japan earthquake.

south Africa.

Penrose, team Mike was Parts Manager at Davie Holden. Mike has been part of the giltrap Penrose team for 4 months and is loving the new setup.




Recently Joined the giltrap Penrose

Recently joined giltrap Penrose as one

Recently joined giltrap Penrose as

team as a new vehicle detailer, after

of our new vehicle detailers, Ainsley

one of our new vehicle detailers. Kerry

many years detailing luxury vehicles

is a mother of 2 who was born and

previously worked in a hair salon, she

at Continental Cars. Dean is happy to

raised in Invercargill. she enjoys the

enjoys the everyday challenges of the

be part of a very strong detailing team

happy environment and strong team

fast-paced automotive industry.

at giltrap Penrose.

at giltrap Penrose.



Recently joined giltrap Penrose parts

Has recently become part of the giltrap

department. Previously worked for

Penrose new vehicle detailing family.

NZ Post, and has no trouble driving a

Surman is a qualified arboris and previ-

manual van. Joyce thrives off her daily

ously worked for Norton trees, but is

tasks and enjoys the challenges she

enjoying seeing all the new cars and

faces. this mother of 4 feels giltrap

feels he is part of a brilliant team.

Penrose is “Family�.



For more information on the new 718 models contact Giltrap Porsche or visit

For more information on the new 718 models contact Giltrap Porsche or visit

Mid-mounted engine. Lightweight construction. Over 1,000 racing victories. Mid-mounted engine. Lightweight construction. For once you can blame the parents. Over 1,000 racing victories. For once blameand theCayman. parents. The newyou 718can Boxster Sporty heritage: with new four-cylinder turbocharged horizontally opposed boxer engines and direct steering. With Variable Turbine Geometry (VTG) The new 718 Boxster and Cayman.

and 19” alloy wheels in the S models. With a sharp, snappy design and Sporty heritage: with new four-cylinder turbocharged horizontally opposed an untamed desire for curves. Let‘s go: boxer engines and direct steering. With Variable Turbine Geometry (VTG)

and 19” alloy wheels in the S models. With a sharp, snappy design and an untamed desire for curves. Let‘s go:


100 Great North Road, Grey Lynn Tel: 09 360 3200 Email:

100 Great North Road, Grey Lynn Tel: 09 360 3200 Email: 16758 GP CaymBoxt Ad DENIZEN SUM.indd 1 Process CyanProcess MagentaProcess YellowProcess Black

26/10/16 4:02 PM


Porsche 911 rsr

The new 911 RSR makes full use of the

concept, engine and transmission have

system, the so-called “Collision Avoid

breadth of the Le Mans 24 hours GT

all been designed from scratch. the en-

system”. Even in the dark, the faster LMP

regulations, and in addition to system-

gine concept has enabled the designers

prototypes are detected early enough

atic lightweight design, features the

to install a particularly large rear diffuser.

and misunderstandings can be avoided.

ultra-modern, flat-six unit positioned

Combined with a top-mounted rear

A new safety cage concept and a new,

in front of the rear axle. The four-litre,

wing adopted from the LMP1 race car,

rigidly-mounted racing seat enhance

extremely light aggregate features

the 919 Hybrid, the level of downforce

driver safety. With the seat fixed to

direct fuel injection as well as a rigid

and the aerodynamic efficiency were

the chassis, the pedalry can now been

valve drive and is characterised by

significantly improved.

moved and adjusted to fit the driver.

outstanding efficiency. The new 911

shift paddles on the steering wheel

this new car is so spectacular that

RSR will make its debut at the Daytona

actuate the sequential six-speed gear-

the accolades could be listed over mul-

24-hour race in January 2017.

box with a magnesium housing, which

tiple pages.

“While retaining the typical 911 design,

delivers power to the 31-centimentre-

this is the biggest evolution by now in

wide rear wheels. the changeover to the

the history of our top gt model,” says

new engine generation is now complete.

Head of Porsche Motorsport, Dr Frank-

For the first time, a Porsche GT race

visit giltrap Porsche showroom at

steffen Walliser. the new 911 RsR is a

car features state-of-the-art assistance

100 Great North Road, Grey Lynn

completely new development: the sus-

systems: the new 911 RsR is equipped

or visit their website at

pension, body structure, aerodynamic

with a radar-supported collision warning




PANAMerA Pushes The eNVeLoPe

By: Liz Dobson Porsche New zealand has given a sneak preview of the all-new Panamera premium sedan just weeks before it officially goes on sale here. the company held an exclusive media session at Hampton Downs racetrack on tuesday evening, with two factorylent models on show: the turbo and 4s. the 4s is priced from $275,300 and the turbo will cost from $346,300. Both models, along with a diesel 4s, will go on sale in New Zealand from December. A plug-in hybrid version will follow that Porsche says has a 50km range. the second-generation has been reworked from the tyres up. It gains new engines, a reworked transmission, new chassis and, more importantly, a new exterior appearance. The first generation Panamera garnered unfavourable reviews due to its

10 REtuRN tO CONtENts PAgE

appearance, which looked more like

of torque. the diesel 4s has a 4-litre v8

an extended 911 than a stand-alone

engine (310kW/850Nm) which Porsche

Porsche model.

claims will be the world’s fastest diesel,

But the Panamera has joined the

while the turbo has a 4-litre, v8 engine

Macan, new Boxster and Cayman with a

(404kW/770Nm), a change from the

more dominant design with the german

4.8-litre engine in the previous model.

luxury brand not afraid to push new

All models now have Porsche’s dual-

technology to emphasis their sports

clutch transmission (PDK) with eight

vehicles. the all-new gt-style Panam-

speeds and all-wheel drive.

era has extended proportions, flared

New features also include rear axle

shoulders, a more dynamic roofline

steering, three-chamber air suspension,

and striking front and rear LED lights.

the electromechanical roll stabilisation

Four circles form the front lightsand

system, and Porsche’s dynamic chassis

the rear wrap-around LED lights make

control sport (PDCC sport) with Porsche

a dramatic addition.

torque vectoring plus (Ptv Plus).

the new Panamera also features

Inside the cabin, the Porsche has

extensive use of aluminium in the body

one of the most advanced cockpits


seen in any luxury product -- even out-

the gran turismo has three new

performing Mercedes-Benz’s two screen

twin-turbo engines, with the 4s now

dash in the E-Class, and the s-Class’s

paired with a 2.9-litre v6 petrol engine,

infotainment layout.

down from 3-litre twin-turbo but pro-

Porsche instead has gone futuristic

ducing 324kW of power and 550Nm

with the black panel surfaces and in-

teractive touchscreen displays with the tachometer the only traditional dial. the look is both sci-fi and glamour. If this is an indicator of how the brand intends to style the inside of its sports cars, then Porsche New Zealand will be gaining even more customers.



Porsche NZ sells about 12 Panamera a year, but expects to increase that number with the new model. the company also had the facelift Cayman s on show during the twilight drive session at Hampton Downs. Priced from $153,800 for the PDK transmission version, the Cayman s comes with a 2.5-litre, tour-cylinder turbocharged engine producing 257kW of power and 420Nm of torque. It, like the new Boxster, is badged 718 as the company plays on Porsche’s mid-engine 718s that won numerous races in the 1950s and 60s, including Le Mans, at Nurburgring and targa Florio. But the vehicles of the evening had to be the Panameras. First up for me was the 4s, a smart start so I could “move up” to the turbo with its option of 4D Chassis Control (that reduces body roll) and a rear wing that spreads at speed. Dialling in Sport mode for the first of three laps in the 4s, the Panamera defied any notion that this is a luxury sedan. Instead it harks to its sports performance abilities with a “sedate” 160km/h first nudge down the new straight, then took on the new tight and banking corners of the circuit. With sport+ in lap two and three, the speeds were notched up on the straight and corners but I found the body roll hindered my performance-- especially with a colleague in the turbo on my tail! But in the turbo, those corners were smoothed out and, although the 4s had the delightful crackle from the exhaust, the turbo is the model that you can take from track to a road trip without any complaints.

For more automotive news and reviews, visit

11 REtuRN tO CONtENts PAgE


The all-new ŠKODA KODIAQ was officially revealed to the world for the very first time in Berlin on the 1st of September. The much anticipated addition to the ŠKoDA range received a great reception. the ŠKODA KODIAQ aims to impress: the wide, threedimensional radiator grille gives the KODIAQ a striking presence. In combination with the narrow, raked headlights, which are available with full-LED technology for the first time, ŠKODA’s first large SUV will be instantly recognisable on the road. the side and rear views are sharp and the tailgate is expressively sculptured. the rear lights, with LED technology (as standard), shine in the typical ŠKODA C-shape. the exterior design of the ŠKODA visions reflects the brand’s new emotional appeal. All the edges and lines are

on the logo are ŠKODA’s tribute to the Czech art of crystal-

clear, precise and sharp, while crystalline design elements

glass design.

accentuate the exterior. the interplay of light and shadow

the side view also illustrates the strong suv character

creates powerful effects on the strikingly chiselled surfaces.

of ŠKODA’s visions with sharp tornado line spanning the

At the front the bonnet relies on the creative use of plastics,

entire length of the powerful car body. Angular wheel arches

with contours flowing towards the brand logo. the wide grille

emphasise the off-road character and the upper-shoulder

and four tapered, high-set LED headlights characterise the

contour forms a deep groove over the sills. the quickly slop-

face of the car, emphasising the vehicle’s suv character.

ing roofline with the long spoiler and tapered rear visually

Crystalline elements in the vertical struts in the grille and

accelerate the show car even when stationary. the rear of ŠKODA’s KoDIAQ has been sculpturally designed with a strong diffuser insert bordering the large exhaust pipes, giving the large suv a visually powerful stance. the ŠKODA logo and shallow rear lights with dynamically cut crystalline housings sit just beneath the low rear window, while ŠKODA’s characteristic C-arm, beginning at the rear lights, runs into the flat reflectors in the bumper. visit the giltrap ŠKODA showroom at 58 Great South Road, Epsom or visit their website at



29 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland City. Phone: 09 3700227 Email:


Lexus announced the formation of a creative partnership with film studio EuropaCorp. One of the early highlights of this collaboration will be the highly anticipated 2017 science fiction film, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, starring Cara Delevingne and Dane Dehaan. Lexus collaborated with the Valerian creative team, as they imagined and brought to life the vision for the SKyJET, a single-seat pursuit craft featured in the film. the valerian team created the sKYJEt with the ambition of featuring a vehicle grounded in reality but befitting of the valerian world, set 700 years in the future. the creative team met with Lexus’ Chief Engineer, takeaki Kato and the Lexus design team, to discuss incorporating believable,

Commenting on the partnership, director Luc Besson

imaginative technologies and contemporary design cues

said, “For this partnership we were looking for a brand that’s

into the final iteration of the SKYJET.

pioneering in innovation and technology, who is focused

the sKYJEt design also incorporates an adapted inter-

on the future more than the past.”

pretation of Lexus’ signature “spindle” grille, and a similar

the brand is set to provide unique fan experiences over

headlight design to that of the hotly anticipated 2018 Lexus

the next nine months, designed to bring enthusiasts from

LC coupe, defined by an athletic and aerodynamic shape.

around the world closer to the action leading up to the film’s

valerian and the City of a thousand Planets features an

release in July 2017.

all-star cast including Clive Owen, Ethan Hawke, Rihanna, and Kris Wu. the project marks Luc Besson’s most ambi-

visit the Lexus showroom at

tious film to date and the largest-budget European motion

29 Great North Road, Grey Lynn

picture ever produced. The feature film is an adaptation

or visit their website at

of the French comic series ‘valérian,’ written by Pierre

Christin and illustrated by Jean-Claude Mézières. The film is produced by virginie Besson-silla. REtuRN tO CONtENts PAgE



One extraordinary four-door sports GT. Every inch an Aston Martin.

Official government fuel consumption figures in litres per 100km for the Aston Martin Rapide S: urban 19.5; extra-urban 9.1; combined 12.9. CO2 emissions 300 g/km. The fuel economy figures quoted are sourced from official regulated test results obtained through laboratory testing. They are for comparability purposes only and may not reflect your real driving experience, which may vary depending on factors including road conditions, weather, vehicle load, and driving style.



Car makers have been converting

actually offers, considering the car

the wind flowing over their cars

deploys a semi-traditional, physical

into aerodynamic down force for

“gurney flap” at higher speeds to

over 30 years. Nowadays this is

assist the Aeroblade. the small,

accompanied by numerous active

electronically controlled physical

and passive aerodynamic features to

spoiler rises out of the trunk about

help direct that airflow. With pursuit

2.5 inches off the deck-lid at around

for greater stability and handling,

80 – 130 kmh. But the presence of

carmakers endeavour to cut a smaller

the AeroBlade meant stylists didn’t

and sharper hole in the air.

have to build in a lip-mounted spoiler

For 2017, Aston Martin added one of the most significant aerodynamic innovations since the Lotus 49. the DB11 channels air coming across the

therefore continuing on the unbroken design. As a result, the DB11 has cleaner lines and a less obtrusive spoiler.

side of the car through portals behind the rear windows. It bottlenecks it underneath the trunklid and fires it

visit the Independent Prestige

back up through the deck to create

showroom at

a “virtual spoiler”.

120 Great North Road, Grey Lynn

t h e s e n e w m e a n s to a n o l d mechanical problem helps to fight

or check out their website at

the car as it lifts with greater speeds. using design language, the never ending love of beautiful creation, Aston Martin has created something that’s more efficient through the air. It not entirely about styling, it’s about using design principles to generate a more efficient product. Officials were mum on how much aerodynamic help the air spoiler REtuRN tO CONtENts PAgE




With fantastic results of 3 for 3 at Pukekohe simon has ended the season

taking P1 in the shanghai Carrera Cup,

on a high. Another highlight of simon’s year was his race at the Nurburgring

he moved to Macau where he qualified

in the Audi sport Cup tt car.

P2 only to have the race stopped after a horrific crash to Laurens.

HAYDEN PADDON: Hayden performed to an extremely high level in his Hyundai i20 WRC, backed by Hyundai NZ. With a season of 2 victories and 12 podiums, Paddon’s year has been one to remember.

SHANE VAN GISBERGEN: shane has won the v8 supercars championship after


an unforgettable weekend that

Becoming the FIA WEC World

seemed to showcase the very

Champion again for 2016 in

best of what New Zealand had

the 919 Hybrid, Brendon has

to offer in motorsport. shane

been a part of an extremely

was definitely in the limelight,

successful team. Brendon says

and there is little question about

goodbye to his co-driver and

his abilities abroad.

friend Mark Webber who will be retiring from racing.

RICHIE STANAWAY: While continuing to race with Aston


Martin Racing in the FIA World

2016 has marked Dixon’s 15th year with

Endurance Championship, the

target Chip ganassi Racing – the longest

season has been tough with early

tenure for a driver in team history (1990-pre-

retirements. Richie also took a seat

sent). He awaits the next season in 2017,

in the superblack Racing Ford over

but before then we should recognise his

in surfer’s Paradise.

podiums this season in Long Beach, Elkhart Lake, toronto, and Watkins glen.

MITCH EVANS: Mitch finished 8th and 6th at the Sepang International Circuit in the gP2 series, and retired early in his final race at the Yas Marina Circuit. As we all know, Mitch has also been a main driver for the Panasonic Jaguar Formula E team. We must all remember

18 REtuRN tO CONtENts PAgE

to vote for him in the FanBoost over the remainder of the season.

foLLoW @giltrapgroup on Facebook

VISIT for the latest automotive, motorsport & company news.

foLLoW @giltrapgroup on twitter

foLLoW @giltrapgroup on Instagram



EXCLUSIVE: James Bond’s 2017 Aston Martin DB11 Jay Leno’s garage

Lamborghini huracan LP580-2 - The huracan We’ve Been Waiting for? evo REvIEW

Shane van Gisbergen Drifts a Custom Vf holden Commodore Supercar

2017 Kia forte overview As told By Your Best Friend

Audi the Comeback

Aston Martin AM37, 1040hp Powerboat Review

“Desolation” Audi R8 and Airbnb Commercial

19 REtuRN tO CONtENts PAgE


séBAsTIeN ogIer The worLD chAMPIoN

20 REtuRN tO CONtENts PAgE

World champion Sébastien ogier

overhauled by Ott Tänak, who finished

during the recce a lot of people said it

headed a Volkswagen Motorsport 1-2

third in a Ford Fiesta Rs.

was even worse than previous years.

in Thursday morning’s shakedown at Kennards hire Rally Australia.

Ogier was first into the stage and

I didn’t expect so much.”

had a taste of things to come when he

Even Monday night’s massive rain-

He set the fastest time in his third

opens the roads for the first two legs on

storm in the host town of Coffs Harbour

and final run through the 5.02km Boyds

Friday and saturday. the loose gravel

offered no respite for the early starters.

Road speed test, edging Polo R team-

was deep and the Frenchman’s quickest

“When we started the recce on tues-

mate Andreas Mikkelsen by a tenth of

time was more than 11sec faster than

day morning I never saw any marks of

a second.

his opening effort on unused roads.

humidity anywhere. It is completely dry

Jari-Matti Latvala set the pace

“It’s such an incredible cleaning ef-

through the opening run in his Polo

fect we have seen this morning,” he

Neuville and team-mate Paddon tied

R, before thierry Neuville powered his

said. “By our calculations it is between

in fourth with Latvala completing the

Hyundai i20 to the top of the standings

0.2sec - 0.3sec per car per kilometre

top six, a tenth of a second behind the

after the second pass. Both were later

faster. It’s always difficult here but

Hyundai duo.

and dusty,”Ogier added.


weBBer TALKs To hIs 25-yeAr-oLD seLf AheAD of hIs fINAL ProfessIoNAL rAce

Red Bull Racing legend Mark Webber will retire from

things a bit differently but it’s all part of the learning curve

professional motorsport at the end of the fIA World Endur-

and there’s no rewind button!

ance Championship season in Bahrain on November 19.

the nerves and homesickness you felt when moving to

Here the much loved Aussie, who won nine races for Red

Europe as a small fish in a big pond have already disappeared,

Bull between 2007-2013, gives advice to his 25-year-old self,

but don’t forget the people who didn’t believe you could

before his F1 debut, on how to handle life in the fast lane.

make it. . Turn it into a positive and use it to fuel the fire.

the years will go quicker than you can ever imagine and

All the difficulties are just part of the ride. Whether it

will take you to the heights of Formula One and within one

is the dangerous accidents - some your fault and some

race of claiming the World Championship. It will introduce

not - or the ginormous challenge of learning how to beat

you to people and opportunities that will shape and influence

people at the highest level consistently, embrace the task

you in everything you do. As you already know, even getting

at hand and get amongst it from the start.

to Formula One has been extremely difficult; it’s already a

And the biggest advice I can give to you is don’t be

huge change from 1997 when Aussie rugby union legend

afraid to utilize the experts around you from the very start

David Campese stepped in to loan you some money so you

of your career. On the technical side, try and get more out

could continue racing in British Formula three!

of the resources that you have available to you at a much

Remember the times aged six when you used to ride your dirt bike on the farm in Australia, commentating to your-

not impossible.

self about being in races with your heroes? And the times

You will always have good relationships with so many

when go-karting with incredible dreams and ambitions of

people you work with but play to their strengths which in

one day visiting a famous track in Europe like silverstone

turn will benefit your performance. It is really important

or Monaco, let alone the thrill of racing on one? You will

and comes with experience but working with great people

live out all of these dreams and more, with memories of

will help get the best out of you. there will be people with

racing with some of the best in the business like Michael

more talent but they will never figure out how to do this

schumacher and Fernando Alonso in your mind forever.

and won’t even have a career in F1.

Make sure you enjoy every moment.


younger age. It is really hard to get that wisdom early, but

Of course you won’t win every race you enter and you

When you line up for your debut grand Prix in Australia

will have some headwind along the way which you need

with Minardi in 2002, aged 25, you have it all to learn but

to deal with in the best possible way. use every training

a challenge is not something you will ever shy away from.

session to squeeze everything possible out of yourself

As you become older and wiser, you will begin to realise

and that will be the secret to having a long career. Keep

there were times when you would have liked to have done

your emotions level and in check, being sensible with the

absolute highs and dealing with the absolute lows in a


measured way – there will regularly be both.

22 REtuRN tO CONtENts PAgE

Although it will be a big call when you decide to hang up your F1 helmet at the end of 2013, it’s definitely the right

some of the best times in your career will be at Red Bull

decision especially as you will have been eyeing up some-

Racing. After a tough period at Williams, grab this new

thing to reignite your fire after 12 years on the F1 treadmill.

opportunity with both hands and make the most of the

Perhaps you never would have imagined you’d be joining a

honest and open relationship with David Coulthard, who

sports car team again after Le Mans ’99 but you will sign

you will learn a hell of a lot from and help to build the team

up with the brand new Porsche LMP1 programme and will

with while becoming great mates away from the track too.

have an amazing three years. You’ll be surprised how much

A certain mountain biking accident early on won’t help!

you enjoy sharing a car with teammates again – you’ll build

You will be pretty second-hand and far too unfit to be hang-

some great friendships and walk away with a Drivers’ World

ing onto a gP drive lying in the hospital bed in 2008 after

Championship under your belt.

breaking your leg badly at your own charity event in Australia,

then, despite still feeling young and having a huge

but the team will stick by you. Dietrich Mateschitz will give

amount of knowledge and experience to draw upon, you

you peace of mind and tell you Red Bull is right behind you

will step away from the cockpit for the final time. You will

while ensuring you have the best medical care possible

be bowing out when you’re still driving well and enjoying

which will help you return in time for the ‘09 season. His

it but it’s the right decision. It might sound baffling to you

patience and loyalty is something you will never, ever forget.

now but there will come a time when lap times just aren’t

You will recover and go on to get your first pole position

as important to you anymore.

and win your first Formula One race in Germany in 2009

Lastly, and probably most importantly, don’t ever forget

before adding a further eight victories, 12 poles and 42

to treat people with respect and race fairly throughout your

podiums along the way to a grand total of 215 grands Prix.

career. Always. the way you were brought up by your family

2010 will be a special year that, ultimately, will end in your

should never change. You will want to retire without there

biggest disappointment after leading the Championship by

being a single person you can’t shake hands with and say

16 points with three races to go, before losing out in the

that we put it all out there and that it was all done in the

title decider in Abu Dhabi. Be very proud of the achieve-

correct way. It is important that all the trophies you will win

ment though as you put yourself in contention in a lot of

and have at home have been won fairly. Don’t forget your

races and drove very well the whole year. Your teammate,

roots, Mark, you will always be a country boy who really

sebastian vettel, will lead the Championship for one race

just loves to go racing.

and win the title – that is the way racing goes sometimes.


cAroL VorDerMAN: couNTDowN To LIfToff

TV star Carol Vorderman was put

phy. “that was fantastic! It was abso-

skill of the Red Bull Air Race pilots,”

through her paces in a Red Bull Air

lutely brilliant,” said vorderman. “I am

she said. “I’m happy to take off and fly

Race raceplane flown by Challenger

officially a screamer,” she added.

straight and level, but this is something

Class pilot Ben Murphy.

vorderman was a former co-present-

else. Basically it’s like driving, I have my

vorderman, famed for being a maths

er on the tv show, Countdown, where

licence and can drive on motorways,

genius, and now staring in the uK’s

she used to solve near-impossible math

but this is completely different. It’s the

‘I’m a Celebrity… get Me Out Of Here’

problems in her head. so what better

best guys in the world flying as fast as

is a pilot, but had never been given the

way to test her skill than to give her

possible.” she added.

chance to see what the Challenger

a test whilst she was flying. “I solved

Not many people have had the

Class pilots get up to in the cockpit.

the problem, it took me a little longer,

chance to fly through the pylons, but

Ben Murphy and Carol vorderman

but I still got it right,” said vorderman.

vorderman was thrilled to be given

have known each other for many years,

“I think she did very well especially

the chance: “I loved going through

but this was the first time they had

to be able to do the maths problem

the pylon. We were about 20m off the

flown together, so she was thrilled to

whilst flying a loop,” added Murphy.

ground going 180kts. It was fantastic

be given the opportunity to fly through the iconic pylons.

Not only is she a tv star and pilot, but vorderman is also planning a

vorderman was visibly thrilled when

round-the-world solo flight. “When you

she landed after her g-flight with Mur-

fly yourself you really appreciate the

and flying with someone so skilled has been brilliant,” she concluded.

23 REtuRN tO CONtENts PAgE


H U F F E R . C O . N Z

25 REtuRN tO CONtENts PAgE

The all-new Tiguan. Settle for everything.

Why settle for less when you can have it all? Equipped with intelligent technology, class-leading 615L boot capacity*, advanced driver assistant systems and boasting a smart new look, the all-new Tiguan redefines the compact SUV. And with 162kW of power, there’s even a model armed with as much power as the iconic Golf GTI.

Test-drive the Tiguan range today. • 2WD from $41,990* • 4WD from $57,990* • 4WD R-Line from $66,990*

Call 0800 Volkswagen or visit to book a test drive today. *Prices exclude on road costs and optional extras. 615L luggage capacity is measured with rear seats slid forward. Model shown is Tiguan TSI 4MOTION R-Line with optional extras priced from $66,990* available to order now for early 2017 delivery. NZ Olympic Partner since 2012


At the Paris Motor Show, Volkswagen unveiled its new all-electric, fully autonomous concept car, the I.D. The car will become the first Volkswagen built off the carmaker’s custom-built Modular Electric Drive Kit. It is due to go on sale in 2020 with an electric range of up to 600 km, more than Tesla’s projected distance with their soon-to-be-released Model 3, on a single charge. volkswagen says the sleek silverand-blue car is meant to harken back to the iconic Beetle and golf. there’s no question the I.D. is a pretty rad-looking ride. In addition to its lithium-ion bat-

to locate the car by gPs, where they

logistics service providers to imple-

tery, the I.D. is Volkswagen’s first stab

will be granted temporary permission

ment this innovative concept,” the

at autonomous driving. “the driver can

to open the trunk via an app and drop

company says.

activate the fully automated ‘I.D. Pilot’

off parcels. the car’s owner is then

mode just by touching the volkswagen

notified via an app or email as soon

visit the giltrap volkswagen show-

logo on the steering wheel,” the com-

as the parcel has been delivered and

room at 100 Great North Road,

pany says in a statement. “With this,

the trunk is locked again. “volkswagen

Grey Lynn or visit their website at

the electrically adjustable and retract-

is currently working with international

able steering wheel disappears into the dash-pad to form a single entity flush with the dashboard, boosting the lounge feel inside the car.” It’s not clear whether regulations will allow for the sale of a car with a retractable steering wheel by 2020 — though policy makers are diligently at work on refining the rules of the road to better accommodate self-driving cars. to other innovations, the I.D.’s trunk is setup to function as a de facto mailbox. Package delivery agents will be able

27 REtuRN tO CONtENts PAgE



And sunglasses. Maybe those cute gloves. In fact, a new summer dress would be a real investment. But no matter what you want (or need) to wear this season, with its heated steering wheel and front seats, not to mention that it’s designed and made in Europe - the all-new Cascada will work with any outfit.



Developed in Europe by opel, in collaboration with holden, Astra builds on the brands’ shared DNA of excellent driving dynamics, sophisticated design and cutting-edge technology. D e s i g n e d a n d e n g i n e e re d i n germany, Astra’s all-new lightweight architecture means Astra boasts a weight reduction of up to 160kg


when compared to its predecessor.

efficient car”, said Mr. Butler.

Combined with a choice of an all-

“Importantly, Holden engineers have

aluminium 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol

also had a significant contribution to

engine or a sporty 1.6-litre turbocharged

the development of Astra, including

petrol engine, and complete with

the co-development of the automatic

significant Holden engineering input,

t ra n s m i s s i o n c a l i b ra t i o n w i t h

the all-new Astra promises some of the

colleagues in gM Europe and gM

sharpest dynamics and most efficient

North America, and creating a Holden-

performance in the small car class.

specific steering tune in both standard

H o l d e n’s Di re c to r o f ve h i c l e

and sports modes.

Performance, Ian Butler, said the

“Our engineers also employed

European-designed Astra took

their gravel-road chassis controls

vehicle performance to new levels

experience, working with gM Europe

with the focus on mass reduction

engineers in Idiada, spain, and at

and the introduction of two advanced

Holden’s proving ground in Lang

turbo-petrol engines. But in-depth

Lang, victoria, to develop smooth and

development work completed by

progressive Electronic stability Control

Holden’s talented team of local

and traction Control systems.”

engineers also played a key role in

supporting a strong infotainment

making the Astra perfectly suited for

offering are a host of driver assistance

Australian roads.

and safety features including: Advanced

visit giltrap North shore at 150 Wairau Road, Glenfield or visit their website at

“Key mass reductions in the body-

Park Assist and Automatic Emergency

Visit Schofields of Newmarket at

in-white, drivetrain and the suspension

Braking on RS and RS-V models; while

50 Great South Road, Epsom

system have been critical in helping

a rear-view camera is available as

or visit their website at

deliver a nimble, responsive and

standard across the range.

29 REtuRN tO CONtENts PAgE



hoLDeN coLorADo: urBAN cowBoys

By: Liz Dobson In just six years, utes have gone from transport favoured by tradies and farmers to now being the vehicle of choice for many city dwellers. In 2010, ute sales in New Zealand totalled just 10,000. these days one in five new vehicles sales in this country is in this segment. But six years ago, the name “ute” covered single cab and double cab varieties. Now the big five-seater crew cabs are often classified as trucks or, as Holden NZ prefers, pick-up trucks. And six years ago the most luxurious

of accessories in the utes would have

the facelift Colorado is priced from

been cupholders. Now you can have

$39,900 for the entry level single cab

heated leather seats and reversing

LS to $66,990 for the five-seater Z71


crew cab automatic.

A frequent top-selling vehicle in New

“We have been able to maintain carry-

Zealand is now the Ford Ranger ute

over pricing for two-wheel drive models

used around town or for trips with the

and just a $1000 increase for four-wheel

stand up paddle board to the beach, or

drive variants,” said Holden NZ manag-

with mountain bikes to forest tracks.

ing director, Kristian Aquilina.

to reiterate this change in consum-

“the value equation offered by Colo-

ers and their use of utes, when Holden

rado is better than even before, with new

launched its Colorado recently there

standard features equating to thousands

wasn’t one tradie featured in its glossy

of dollars of added enhancements.”

sales brochure. Instead it featured urban settings and lifestyle use.

the new model features a new interior and redesigned exterior, as well as improvements to ride comfort, cabin quietness, vibration and handling. It also gains MyLink system with colour touch screen and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, auto headlights, LED daytime running lights, seven airbags and electric power steering are standard across the range. the top of the range LtZ and Z71 trims add a new level of safety and convenience with Front Park assist, forward collision alert, lane departure warning, tyre pressure monitor, power folding exterior mirrors and rain-sensing windscreen wipers.

30 REtuRN tO CONtENts PAgE

the Colorado also recently gained a five star Ancap safety rating.



the facelift Colorado comes with Holden’s 2.8-litre diesel engine plus payload and towing capability, at 1-tonne and 3.5 tonnes respectively. there are six speed manual and automatic transmissions plus two and four-wheel variants.

lane departure warning plus front and

use — plus ease of driving at city speeds

rear park assist.

and at over 100km/h.

thanks to the reversing camera, I

My negative about the LtZ was mi-

could fit the 5361mm long truck in my

nor; it only had four hooks in the tray

carpark space without having to make

rather than six to secure netting or to

a 10-point manoeuvre.

tie down loads.

A spring clean-up of my property saw

so if you had flimsy cargo such as

the hard-working capacities were

the Colorado put to utilitarian use rather

branches, your netting would secure

shown at the motoring media launch

than snowboarding for the weekend —

only the front and rear, not the sides.

in Christchurch during in a city drive

as per Holden’s glossy brochure.

that meant we had to use a tarpaulin

with a variety of towing and weighty

A great place to check out motoring

contractor-style items placed in the

trends is your refuse centre on week-

tray of the Colorados.

ends. Where once it was dominated by

As I said, only minor. And I’d probably

to cover the gardening debris and then secure the net in the four hooks.

One Colorado had to tow a digger

station wagons towing laden trailers,

pay the $4000 more for the Z71 and

on a trailer that weighed a total of 2.5

now the majority of vehicles dumping

its heated leather seats that would be

tonnes, while a roller and trailer combo

their rubbish and gardening surplus

more user-friendly and could easily be

was 2 tonnes. On the back tray of two

are utes.

wiped down, especially after muddy

the vehicles were payloads of 200kg and 550kg.

two full loads of looped branches

trips to the refuse centre.

and gardening debris, plus a trip to the

the task showed the difference in

refuse centre with broken household

driving capacity and the ability to tow

wares, proved the Colorado’s everyday

For more automotive news and reviews, visit

on steep roads around the Port Hills. Holden has realised that to gain traction in this popular segment you have to be more car-like than tradie-friendly so the Colorado has had enhanced ride and handling. It has a lighter feel around the city and at low speeds but on the motorway the handling firms up. Day two saw the Colorados head to Lees valley, where low range four-wheeldrive was engaged on the mountain climb up a dirt track and hill descent control was used downhill. Both circuits — city and country — were to prove the Colorado’s usage to the extreme but back in Auckland, I tested a Colorado LtZ to see what the vehicle was like to live with in urban settings. sitting on 18in alloys and with sports bars, the LtZ was priced from $60,990 and came with cloth seats, forward collision alert and head up warning,



TRAVEL IN lUXURY. ARRIVE IN STYLE. Introducing the new Volvo S90, a seamless blend of innovative technology and sophisticated design. With Pilot Assist up to 130km/h, our most intelligent Volvo ever is as close to autonomous as you can get. Every element of the new Volvo S90 is considered, from the supple Nappa leather interior to its sophisticated silhouette and subtle detailing. A result of impeccable Scandinavian craftsmanship, the new Volvo S90 redefines the idea of luxury.

THE NEW S90. AVAILABLE NOW FROM $99,900. made by sweden. VOLVOCARS.CO.NZ

Archibald & Shorter Auckland 550 Great South Road, Greenlane Tel: 0800 001-362

Archibald & Shorter North Shore 20 Wairau Road, Glenfield Tel: 0800 001-363


Volvo Cars, the premium carmaker, has unveiled a new upgraded China version of its S90 sedan and a topof-the-line luxury model called S90 Excellence, both aimed at the highend sedan market, in advance of their first public appearance at the 2016 Guangzhou Motor Show.


the new s90 will be the most premium car ever made in China. Both versions will be built in volvo Cars’ production facility in Daqing, China,

the in-car experience – a full panoramic

and exported globally, highlighting

roof, foldout worktables, clever stor-

the high levels of quality that underpin

age, a heated and cooled cup holder,

volvo’s global manufacturing strategy.

an adjustable footrest and a built-in

Both the s90 cars underscore volvo’s

entertainment system featuring a

credentials as a premium car maker.

large display for work or entertain-

“The first thing you notice in the S90

ment purposes. the s90 Excellence

Excellence is that we have removed the

also includes a rear-seat touchscreen

front passenger seat and replaced it

control interface, a built-in refrigeration

with what we call the Lounge Console,

compartment and handmade crystal

designed to meet the chauffeur-driven

glasses from swedish glassmaker

executive customers’ need to relax or


work while on the move. the second

the new s90 goes into production

thing you will notice is the high quality

in November. the s90 Excellence fol-

materials that combine to deliver a

lows next year.

well-thought-through and immersive luxury feel,” said thomas Ingenlath,

visit the Archibald & shorter

senior vice President Design at volvo

showroom at 550 Great South Road,

Car group.

Greenlane and 20 Wairau Road,

the s90 Excellence incorporates

Glenfield or visit their website at

many features designed to enhance

33 REtuRN tO CONtENts PAgE


Nissan unveiled the last of four new

“Rogue One: A star Wars story”-inspired

visit giltrap Nissan at

vehicles debuting at the Los Angeles

experience for consumers visiting the

82 Great South Road, Epsom

Auto Show, the 2017 Nissan Rogue:

Nissan display during the Los Angeles

or visit their website at

Rogue one Star Wars Limited Edi-

Auto show, which took place at the

tion. The dramatic reveal featured

Los Angeles Convention Center, Nov.

a special interactive presentation of

18 through 27. Activities included a

the Intelligent Safety Shield technolo-

full-scale tie Fighter replica, a star

gies available in the redesigned 2017

Warscharacter-themed digital mirror

Rogue against a high-action video.

experience, an Augmented Reality

Custom features of the Nissan

generator and weekend appearances

Rogue: Rogue One star Wars Limited

by stormtroopers. In addition, a special

Edition – the first production vehicle

gallery featured a display of costumes

ever to include star Wars-branded

and model props used during the pro-

elements – include a unique badge,

duction of the upcoming “Rogue One:

exclusive interior and exterior trim

A star Wars story” movie, including

items and a full-size Death trooper

Y-Wing, AT-ACT and X-Wing fighters.

collectible helmet. Only 5,400 units of the Limited Edition vehicle will be available in the u.s. and Canadian markets, so unfortunately we won’t be getting any down here in New Zealand. “The Nissan Rogue and the first Star Wars standalone movie share more than just a name. The Star Wars film franchise has pushed the boundaries of technology since the debut of the original episode nearly 40 years ago,” said Jeremy tucker, vice president, Marketing Communications & Media, Nissan North America, Inc. “Nissan is doing the same with its industry-leading cars, trucks and suvs like the new Rogue – our most advanced Rogue to date – so it’s natural that the two join forces.” Nissan also created an immersive





The wait is over. The All-new Jaguar F-PACE is here. At Jaguar, we make cars designed and engineered for true performance. The All-new F-PACE is no exception, and nowhere is that more evident than on the twists and turns of New Zealand’s sweeping roads. F-PACE is equipped with advanced technologies that keep it perfectly poised at all times. Adaptive Dynamics*, for example, will analyse your driving style up to 500 times per second giving youoptimum balance of ride and handling. Starting from just $95,000 +ORC, be among the first to experience a new level of performance. Contact Archibald & Shorter to book a test drive today.

Archibald & Shorter Greenlane 550 Great South Rd, Greenlane 0800 001 361

Archibald & Shorter North Shore 20 Wairau Rd, Glenfield 0800 001 363

*Adaptive Dynamics may be standard or optional dependent upon the F-PACE model and powertrain chosen.


The JAguAr I-PAce

Jaguar has confirmed that it will build

as yet unseen on an electric vehicle”.

Ian Callum, Jaguar’s Director of De-

an electric car, and has revealed a

similar to tesla’s initiative with the

sign, said: “the I-Pace Concept repre-

concept called the I-Pace that shows

Model3 electric car, Jaguar is inviting

sents the next generation of electric

how it could look.

potential customers to register their

vehicle design. It’s a dramatic, future-

the I-Pace has made its debut at

interest online at its website. using a

facing cab-forward design with a beauti-

the LA Motor show and will go on to

similar method, tesla secured more

ful interior – the product of authentic

be Jaguar’s first pure electric vehicle. It

than 400,000 pre-orders for the Model3,

Jaguar DNA, electric technology and

will take the form of an suv to rival the

despite it not being ready for delivery

contemporary craftsmanship.”

recently launched tesla Model X, albeit

until the end of 2017.

with a sleeker profile - if this concept

Jaguar’s five-seat SUV will go on sale

is anything to go by (and rumours sug-

the following year - the price is yet to be

gest that it is).

announced - and is said to have been

It is claimed that the new car will have

created as a result of the company’s

visit the Archibald & shorter

a range from a single charge of 310

design and engineering teams tearing

showroom at 550 Great South Road,

miles, and will be able to accelerate from

up the rule book to “create a bespoke

Greenlane and 20 Wairau Road,

0-62mph in about four seconds, mean-

electric architecture, matched with dra-

Glenfield or visit their website at

ing it will rival all but the very quickest

matic design”.

of sports cars. the all-wheel-drive I-Pace will use a pair of electric motors that will produce close to 400bhp and 516lb ft of torque, all powered by a 90 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Jaguar boasts that it will have “precise, agile driving dynamics

37 REtuRN tO CONtENts PAgE



scheduled servicing.* Since 1948, Land Rover has been a pioneer of the inaccessible – With modern innovative designs and inherent All-Terrain capabilities, you’ll be able to conquer everything from rugged mountain terrain, to the concrete jungle.

Book a test drive at Archibald & Shorter today.

Archibald and Shorter Auckland 550 Great South Rd, Greenlane 0800 001 361

Archibald and Shorter North Shore 20 Wairau Rd, Glenfield 0800 001 363

*Terms and Conditions apply including different terms and conditions for different models. Visit for more information



Big-wave surf legend Laird hamilton and members of the exclusive Silicon Beach Surfers club have given the new Land Rover Discovery the surfing seal of approval. Laird was joined by future surf star, eight-year-old Jett Prefontaine, and surfers from the exclusive Californian Surf Club at Point Mugu, Malibu, as he reconfigured the premium suv’s seats from the water. the New Discovery Dynamic Design Pack made its public u.s. debut at the Los Angeles Auto show on November 16. It combines unbeatable all-terrain capability with unrivalled versatility and a revolutionary new exterior design. In an effort to match British adventurer Bear grylls, who rearranged the New Discovery’s seats in mid-air, Laird used the InControl Remote app to operate Land Rover Intelligent seat Fold technology from the water. He and Jett also carried their boards on the vehicle’s specially-designed Aqua Rack and used the suv’s Powered Inner tailgate and Activity Key before hitting the water. “the new Land Rover Discovery could have been made as the ultimate surfer’s suv. Its specially-designed Aqua Rack makes it easy to transport your boards, the Powered Inner tailgate is the perfect place to sit in shelter from the elements and the Activity Key is awesome – I wish I’d had one years ago.”

“You can even adjust the vehicle from the surf! Remotely rearranging the seats to make space for your friends, or activating the climate control to cool the vehicle before you catch the last wave of the day, has to be the ultimate in convenience.” – Laird Hamilton, surf Legend Hamilton used the ‘sand’ mode of the new terrain Response® 2 system to drive the New Discovery on the beach close to the shore before removing the surfboards from the roof-mounted Aqua Rack, which can carry a pair of boards.

visit the Archibald & shorter showroom at 550 Great South Road, Greenlane and 20 Wairau Road, Glenfield or visit their website at REtuRN tO CONtENts PAgE




MeeT rANge roVer’s ProVocATIVe eVoQue coNVerTIBLe

trucks hits you. so a high-sitting suv paired with the soft-top gives you the ultimate convertible. the Evoque convertible is priced from $118,000 — a price increase of $78,000 to $101,000 from the standard Evoque. My test-drive model has extras of $12,450, including heated front seats ($650 or $2050 if you want them cooled, too), and upgraded leather pack ($2700). But I questioned some of the extras you have to pay for, such a keyless entry ($1200) and the safety package of blind-spot monitoring with vehicle and reverse traffic detection ($5950). By: Liz Dobson It’s a convertible. It’s a premium medium-sized suv. It’s a convertible … and a premium SUV. Meet Range Rover’s provocative Evoque Convertible. Although topless off-roaders aren’t new (just think about the 75-year-old Willys Jeep and the original Land Rovers), it’s been a great twist for Range Rover to launch the first premium compact convertible suv. the Evoque convertible was launched at the 2015 LA motor show and when I saw it I fell in love with it. some male international motoring colleagues were also gazing at the vehicle but were poo-pooing it. Ah, but little did those middle-aged male journos know about the segment and customers. At this year’s geneva motor show, volkswagen revealed the

40 REtuRN tO CONtENts PAgE

t-Cross Breeze, yep, a convertible suv, and Citroen has the Cactus M concept

soft-top off-roader. so, who’s poo-pooing now? Range Rover has claimed a new niche and is happy to magnify it. When the Evoque convertible was globally launched, the New Zealand distributor said it would be brought in by customer order only. But the market has changed and now the company has had “a handful of orders and we are trying to secure more allocation” said a Range Rover NZ spokesman. For me, and other women drivers, according to Range Rover NZ, a convertible suv makes sense. I love convertibles but being low to the ground can be intrusive when you have the roof off. there is also the downside when driving a low convertible, as I found out in the Mercedes-Benz sLC roadster, that when driving on the motorway with the roof off, road spray from passing

I think features such as these should be standard, as you would find in much cheaper vehicles. the four-wheel-drive soft-top has a two-litre, four-cylinder petrol engine, producing 177kW of power and 340Nm of torque, with a top speed of 209km/h. the si4 petrol engine is the same lightweight all-aluminium two-litre engine as the coupe and five-door petrol Evoques



and in the uK, there is a diesel version.

bag could only just stand upright in

the Evoque convertible also has the

the space.

Range Rover has updated the convertible with new technology for the brand.

company’s nine-speed automatic trans-

the boot’s opening is also strange,

It has the latest InControl touch Pro

mission with steering wheel-mounted

looking like a letterbox, but for all the

system with its super-wide 10.2-inch

small paddle shift.

niggles there is enough space in the

touchscreen. the split screen allows

It sits on 19-inch alloys with attrac-

rear to fit a fair chunk of luggage, and

you look at a map if using the satnav

tive seven-split spokes, though you can

definitely enough diagonal space for

system while keeping an eye on your

option up to 20-inch alloys.

golf clubs.

radio stations.

the Evoque recently had a facelift

If you are planning to take passengers

I loved the new feature of pinch or

and the convertible is based on the

with you, the two spaces in the rear

expand on the screen when using the

three-door coupe.

have enough leg and headroom for

map so you can easily find a location,

the four-seater convertible is longer

adults with the roof on, however it can

and then tap on the screen to get direc-

than the hard-top cars at 4370mm, and

get windy in the back with the roof off.

tions to that destination.

wider too. With extra strengthening

Around the city, the Evoque convert-

I used that function to navigate me

round the A-pillars and under-body

ible is a head-turner and not for the

to my work (yes, I know the address

bracing, it also weighs more than the

introvert when the roof’s off. sitting

but wanted to test the system) and

coupe. the suspension and anti-roll bars

so high, I had truck drivers lean out

also when I headed out of Auckland

have been adjusted to compensate for

of their windows and ask what I was

last weekend to check for a road that

the extra weight

driving, and pedestrians had puzzled

could give me access to Muriwai from

looks when I stopped at traffic lights.

south Head.

the fabric roof retracts in less than 20 seconds at speeds up to 48 km/h

With the roof on, the convertible could

the Evoque has terrain response

and folds on top of the boot, rather

be mistaken for an Evoque coupe, and

settings such as general driving; grass/

than in it. this means you have a deep

despite having rear camera and park-

gravel/snow, mud and sand; plus low

and large capacity of 251 litres in the

ing assist, reversing with the roof on

range and hill descent so it feels sure-

boot, but access to it is narrow, with

could be arduous. the blind spot was

footed no matter what the terrain or

my standard-sized recycled shopping

exacerbated by the rear seat headrests.

weather conditions. When I hit gravel roads in south Head, I first stayed in general driving but as I had to slow down due to the uneven surface, I switched to off-road gravel surface mode. the change in response was instant with the driving stable and the steering firming. But with Range Rover/Land Rover’s DNA, that’s to be expected. the Evoque is a genuine four-wheeldrive, and it’s also a genuine convertible. For more automotive news and reviews, visit

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Immediate power. Instant gratification.

The all-new Audi SQ7. The world’s most powerful diesel SUV. An Audi SQ7 can take off faster than a fighter jet over 300 metres* thanks to an electric compressor that reaches 70,000rpm in 0.25 seconds. This groundbreaking technology instantaneously boosts the twin turbochargers on it’s 4.0 litre V8 engine, so there’s zero turbo lag and the vehicle can accelerate from 0-100km/h in 4.8 seconds. The all-new Audi SQ7 has now landed. Contact your nearest dealer today to book a test flight, or for more details visit

*Tested against a Dassault/Dornier Alpha Jet by a professional driver under controlled conditions.


AuDI’s New rs 3 seDAN

Audi’s new RS 3 range including the sedan, has come

Along with the addition of the aggressive body, the Rs3 has

out into the light, but not on our shores yet. The covers

pumped fenders - adding as much as 20mm of girth help

were removed at the 2016 Paris Auto Show a little while

to accommodate the wider track. At both ends are custom

ago, a process that was probably unsettling for the rivals

bumpers and at the rear you’ll also spot a trunk-lid spoiler, the

across at the Mercedes stand. The RS 3 is packing a turbo-

iconically Rs diffuser and the larger oval exhaust tips. this

charged 2.5-litre inline-5 delivering 400 horsepower and

can all be finished in exclusive RS 3 colour options of Nardo

354 foot-pounds of torque, numbers we would typically

grey and Catalunya Red.

expect from a V8.

When you step inside, the dark-toned theme welcomes the

When you combine this with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmis-

driver and passenger with illuminated door sills bearing the

sion and all-wheel-drive system, the turbo-five will shoot the RS

Rs 3 name. Nappa Leather sports seats with Rs logos, sporty

3 from 0-100 in 4.1 seconds, easily reaching its electronically

flat-bottomed steering wheel, and a new digital instrument

restricted top speed of 250km/h.

cluster complete the cockpit.

The RS 3 benefits from a widened track, uprated brakes, lowered suspension and unique settings for the stability and

visit the giltrap Audi showroom at

traction control settings, and as an option, Audi is offering an

150 Great North Road, Grey Lynn or visit their

even more aggressive suspension tune with adaptive dampers.

website at

43 REtuRN tO CONtENts PAgE



AuDI sQ7 Is BIg

By: tony verdon Audi’s new SQ7 is the world’s most powerful SUV and, despite the $170,000-plus cost, New zealanders have been queueing for them. the first of 50 pre-ordered v8powered sQ7s were being delivered to customers throughout the country this week. With 320kW of power and a massive 900Nm of torque, the seven-seat sQ7 delivers instant sportster-like performance, with the luxury, comfort and convenience of a seven-seater suv. Most of the pre-ordered models were bought sight unseen, such was the pent-up demand for a luxury vehicle with exceptional power and towing capacity. the top-of-the-range suv delivers a

44 REtuRN tO CONtENts PAgE

smooth, comfortable ride, with handling characteristics that belie the vehicle’s size. A test drive through secondary roads in the Waikato, over the Kaimai Ranges

just 4.9 seconds. the sQ7 is priced from $175,900 plus on-road costs, and is loaded with 15 driver assistance systems and other driver aids.

and back to Auckland through Waihi and

“A number of our Audi customers

the Karangahake gorge, demonstrated

were waiting for a v8 engine,” Audi

the sQ7’s agility.

New Zealand general manager Dean

A short slalom course and standing-

sheed said.

start runs at the Meremere Drag strip

“That shows the confidence in the

illustrated the brute force, instant ac-

brand, that they were prepared to com-

celeration and sophisticated handling

mit to buying sight unseen.”


sheed said Audi New Zealand was

the seven-seater is the first Audi

bullish about prospects for the sQ7,

production vehicle to offer an electric

aiming to sell about 100 of the vehicles

powered compressor and 48 volts

in the next 12 months.

electrical subsystem. It has a 3.5 tonne towing capacity, and accelerates from 0 to 100km in

“We will be halfway to that number by Christmas -- that shows how confident we are in the vehicle,” he said.

the newly developed 4-litre eightcylinder diesel engine generates 320kW of power and a maximum 900Nm of torque between 1000 and 3250 rpm. Engine output is bolstered by two turbochargers and an electric powered compressor (EPC) that provides the engine with dynamic boost pressure in less than 250 milliseconds. In other words, there are effectively



three turbos operating sequentially,

delivering the power almost instantly

their vehicles.

driving characteristics of the model, it

and yet smoothly through the rev range.

this includes all-wheel steering, a

provides agile precision-like handling,

Audi engineers have delivered the

sports differential, and an electrome-

not to mention a smoother ride for

immense amount of power while also

chanical active roll stablisation system,


achieving astounding economy for a

all of which improve what is already an

there is also a $10,000 Luxury Pack-

v8 model. the sQ7 consumes just 7.2

excellent driving proposition in standard

age available for the sQ7, which includes

litres of fuel per 100 kilometres travelled.


individual contour front seats, ventilated

Even with off-road standing starts

the package helps flatten the ride

and massaging front seats, a panoramic

and slalom runs, we achieved close to

even further, and helps ensure the

sun roof, heated steering wheel and

this figure during the demonstration run,

5.07m-long vehicle handles corners

power-assisted closing doors.

even while the vehicle was in “dynamic”

without unduly disturbing the ride.

the 15 driver assistance systems

It was clear when driving through a

that come as standard on the sQ7

Handling is good in the standard sQ7,

slalom at Meremere that the system

include traffic jam assistance, which

especially for such a large suv. But for

keeps the vehicle flat and stable, even

can take over steering at speeds of

an additional $16,000 about 40 per cent

when driving relatively fast between

up to 65km/h, clearly a pre-stage of

of New Zealand buyers are opting to


piloted driving. It also has Audi active

driving mode most of the drive.

include the Performance Package on

Although the package changes the

lane assist, which helps the vehicle to stay in its correct lane. the standard model comes on 20inch wheels, and there are optional 21-inch and 22-inch options available. sheed said the sQ7 tDI was the pinnacle of Audi’s suv range, featuring segment-leading technology and power, and he predicted it would quickly become one of Audi’s most revered models. For more automotive news and reviews, visit

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SPECIAL FACTORY BONUSES* NEWMARKET Scho eld HSV 09 520 6369 *Includes GTS, ClubSport R8 LSA and Senator Signature. Offer ends 31/12/16. HSV reserves the right to withdraw vary or extend this offer.


wALKINshAw TeAM for 2017

Walkinshaw Racing has unveiled its stellar driver line-

During the 2016 season Pye has proved his skill and

up for the 2017 season which includes 2010 Supercars

determination by scoring his first pole position at the Clip-

Champion James Courtney and upcoming talent Scott Pye.

sal 500 and a place on the podium at Phillip Island, and is

the re-signing of star driver and fan favourite, Courtney

eager to achieve success with his new team.

will now see him continue with the team for a further three

“When the opportunity came up to sign with Walkinshaw

years until the end of 2019, totalling nine years with team.

Racing, it’s something I didn’t have to think too long about.

Pye joins the driver roster on a multi-year deal providing

“since joining the championship in 2012, I haven’t really

stability and continuity for the Melbourne based squad.

had any real continuity and I’m excited about having the

Courtney says he isn’t prepared to leave unfinished busi-

next three years locked away and knowing that I will be

ness and still wants to win a championship with the team.

working with the same group of people.”

“When I first came to Walkinshaw Racing I set myself

“It’s a team that has proven what they are capable of and

the goal to win another championship with this team and

even this year there has been some tough times, but the way

I’m even more determined now to achieve that.

they have turned it around has been impressive,” Pye said.

“Everyone in the team, from engineering staff to management and commercial, have all put a ridiculous amount of effort into preparing my car and giving me the opportunity

Visit Schofield HSV at 50 Great South Road, Epsom

to win races.

or visit their website at

“I’ve also put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this team and would hate it if I walked away from here and someone else rolled in and started getting all the success we have worked so hard for,” Courtney said. Apart from the six years of hard work, Courtney said he also made a special promse to the team’s founder, the late tom Walkinshaw.

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T H E G A ME . C H A N G E D . Sometimes a car will come along that breaks the established rules. The boundaries of progress are challenged. The impossible becomes the possible. Sports Series by McLaren is such a car. It recalibrates the senses. It redefines performance. It changes the game.

McLAREN SPORTS SERIES. For more information contact McLaren Auckland on 09 360 0500 or visit

McLaren Auckland, 19 Great North Road Grey Lynn, Auckland, 1021 09 360 0500 c al uel con um t on ure n m l 100km or t e cLaren ort er e 3, 99 cc etrol, eed eamle t dual clutc Gear o G ur an 1 .2 16.5 , e tra ur an 3 . . , com ned 26.6 10. . c al com ned 2 em on 2 9 km. e e c ency ure uoted are der ed rom o c al te t re ult , are ro ded or com ara l ty ur o e only, and m t not re lect actual dr n e er ence.


Remember the McLaren f1? of

layout – with the driver in the middle

visit McLaren Auckland at

course you do. And so, helpfully,

– will be wrapped up in a slender

19 Great North Road, Grey Lynn

does McLaren. It has teased its next

carbonfibre body.

or visit their website at

model – “the world’s first Hyper-GT”

Design work has begun – this teaser

– and this first, bird’s-eye image (just

shot should tell you it’s far from finished

about) reveals it borrows the f1’s

– and all 106 will be tailored to their

famous three-seat layout. Wow.

owners in regards to colour and trim.

It’s called the BP23 (Bespoke

the BP23’s switchgear, meanwhile, will

Project 2, 3 seats) and it will be built

be unique among the McLaren range.

by McLaren’s specialist MsO division.

We’d wager on a slightly sexier name

Just 106 will be made (to match F1

when the finished car lands in 2019.

production), and as is the way these

Like every McLaren Automotive car, it’ll

days, all have been pre-sold already.

have upward-opening dihedral doors,

McLaren Automotive CEO Mike Flewitt said this: “We are calling BP23 a

but to better fit the luxury remit, they’ll be powered.

‘Hyper-gt’ because it’s a car designed

For now, anything else is pure

for longer journeys but with the high

speculation. But given the McLaren P1’s

levels of performance and driver

hybrid drivetrain delivered 903bhp, the

engagement expected of any McLaren.

BP23’s figure ought to be in the same

“A hybrid powertrain will make it one

ballpark, while a price tag of £1million

of the most powerful McLarens yet

or more seems almost inevitable.

created but the car will also deliver the highest levels of refinement, enabling significant journeys to be undertaken with up to three people aboard.” It’s described as the “most exquisitely crafted and luxurious road-going McLaren to date”, and its three-seat

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Lamborghini Auckland


Lamborghini Auckland Authorised Dealer 120 Great North Road Grey Lynn, Auckland Phone 09 360 3200 Fax 09 361 3203

Secure your Spyder Today.


AuToMoBILI LAMBorghINI 2016 Los ANgeLes INTerNATIoNAL AuTo show

Automobili Lamborghini stole the 2016

with the pure thrill of rear-wheel drive

Los Angeles International Auto Show

engineering. this is a Lamborghini for

before it even began. Anticipation had

those with a passion for life and the pur-

been building for months ahead of

est driving experience on the open road.

the new V10 expression of the hura-

It’s also a Huracán for those entering

can. Lamborghini transcended every

the Lamborghini family, wanting a true

expectation with the RWD Spyder, to

spyder experience without compromis-

become the purest form of open air

ing on the performance and dynamic

driving and rear-wheel drive thrills as

handling of a rear-wheel drive car.”

it was revealed to the world.

erife” color, also showcased a spe-

put on a display of tri-coloured Huracan

cial interior in Forged Composite. the

models up the front drive of a costal Los

lightweight material accents, available

Angeles neighbourhood. Where there

as an option, enhance the interiors

is an infinity pool and a Lamborghini


under a cover, it demands the attention of every curious eye.

A manifestation of Lamborghini’s pure power, the perfectly sculpted exterior

Once the evening dimmed to night

and naturally aspirated v10 engine of

and the lights of the property began

the Huracán range provides an unrivaled

to glisten, whispers turned to silence

driving experience that leaves the road

as Automobili Lamborghini Chairman

trembling in its wake. the RWD spyder

and Chief Executive Officer, Stefano

is no different, combining the best of

Domenicali commanded the stage.

two worlds to produce the purest of

Pulling back the cover to finally present

open-air driving capabilities and dynamic

the Huracán RWD spyder, the fourth

rear-wheel-drive performance.

model in the highly-lauded v10 line up

visit Independent Prestige at

was met with enthusiastic applause.

120 Great North Road, Grey Lynn

“the rear-wheel drive spyder enlarges the Huracán family’s core product range,” says stefano Domenicali. “It offers the lifestyle appeal of open-air motoring REtuRN tO CONtENts PAgE

this particular model in “giallo ten-

At an invite-only event, Lamborghini

or check out their website a:


The Choice of the Visionary. The new Mulsanne.

View our striking new model range at or call +64 9 360 3200. For those with a vision and the power to bring it to life, there is one car in the world that delivers both a space in which to make plans and the technology to help make them happen: The new Bentley Mulsanne. *Fuel consumption figures subject to Type Approval. The name ‘Bentley’ and the ‘B’ in wings device are registered trademarks. © 2015 Bentley Motors Limited. Model shown: Model Name.


The fuTure of Luxury – INTerVIew wITh sTefAN sIeLAff, BeNTLey’s DesIgN DIrecTor

Which Bentley design defines the brand for you, and how does this inform what you’re thinking about next? talking as a designer, the Bentley which made the most


innovative statement of its time is the Mulliner R-type Continental from 1952. the surfaces of this model feature sharp lines against positive and negative curvature – permitted by traditional yet more time consuming production methods. This DNA will find its way into future Bentleys, but with lightweight, modern treatment. that’s before we even talk about the proportions forming the basis for our current model range. the striking power line, muscular rear haunches and swooping, fast roof line – we will continue to be inspired by these proportions in the future. Where do you think automotive trends are going? Both in terms of the design and how people use cars?

I think it’s more than a question of autonomous moving

society is changing. I think in the next 20 years the

vehicles, I think it will require swarm intelligence to maintain

automotive industry will see seismic changes. three quarters

traffic flow. I am also sure that there will be luxury vehicles

of the human population is going to live in mega cities, so

– however we may need to redefine what luxury means.

the flow of traffic has to be different. In these megacities

Luxury could mean being a member of an exclusive club

we are going to lose a very individual relationship of driving

which has access to a fast lane – time being the most

your own car.

precious commodity. In the countryside, in the mountains, there you may have this personal experience of freedom in your car, but in the megacities this will change. visit the Bentley Auckland showroom at 100 Great North Road, Grey Lynn or visit their website at

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soreNTo sKI goNDoLA Taking the idea of a sport-utility vehicle to new heights – literally and figuratively – this custom Kia Sorento was built by LUX Motorwerks to tackle snow and ice as it gets you and your fellow skiers up to the top of the mountain for another run. The luxurious and self-driving Sorento Ski Gondola is all about climbing to higher ground in style, comfort and warmth. Dominator Rubber tracks powdercoated orange make this gondola a go-anywhere cold-weather machine. A


custom metal roof rack supplies ample

storage for skis and poles while the

orange and PPg silver Metallic paint of

cargo area provides abundant space

the sorento’s exterior. throughout the

for boots, bags and other gear, all eas-

interior the floor was given a durable

ily accessible thanks to the removal

waterproof Line-X treatment to protect

of the B pillar and the rear doors being

against the ice and snow that may find

converted to suicide-style doors. up

its way inside.

front, the sorento’s headlights were painted black, silver and orange and LED light bars were installed for increased visibility in all conditions. the sorento ski gondola’s interior has been upgraded with custom door panels, dash and center console, which houses a personalized tablet. the inte-

54 REtuRN tO CONtENts PAgE

rior has also been given a reboot of black and orange leather to compliment the

visit giltrap North shore at 150 Wairau Road, Glenfield or visit their website at

& s a m t s i r h C y r r e MHappy NewYear Wishing you a

ThANKs see you next issue

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