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Holiday merriment was anything but a priority in my home when I was a kid. At the age of 13, I found myself decorating the tree…alone. The anticipation of seeing it finished kept me soldiering on, yet it was only half-satisfying when I placed the final star.

The next issue was removal: Since I’d worked so hard on the tree, I insisted that since I’d put it up, someone else should take it down. I dug my heels in and, as a result, the tree stayed up. By February it looked like we were lazy. By April it was comical. By June it made me angry. In July, I begrudgingly dismantled it.

So, you can imagine that as a grown man, with a busy life — especially around the holidays — I have been reluctant to allocate time to the seemingly frivolous, thankless task of decorating for the holidays. Last year, when my partner suggested we put up a tree, I argued that we were going away, so we wouldn’t have time to enjoy it. I lost that argument.

We bought a tree on the condition that the whole family would pitch in with decorating. And, I must admit, doing it together made all the difference. We put on music, broke out the eggnog and got in the spirit. At some point between lights and tinsel, my Scrooge-y demeanor dissipated. Not only was it fun, but also it seemed quick and painless. In no time, we had a beautiful tree sparkling in the corner of the living room.

So, as much as I complain — I’m too busy, I have too much work, and a million other concerns — I am now pro-holiday decoration. Something as simple as hanging ornaments on a tree may be nothing more than an excuse to be with people you love. And for me, that is enough.

Happy Holidays,

– Tom Delavan Creative Director for Gilt Home



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1. Bounkit

3. Arcadia Home

5. The Nutcracker

Simulated Cats Eye & Rose Quartz Earrings

Weimaraner Ornament

Family Benefit

$26 Gilt | $30

$600-$1,000 Gilt

$199 Gilt | $375 4. Steiff 2. Gant by Michael Bastian

Elmar dangling Teddy Bear

Knit Zip-Front Sweater

$29 Gilt | $45

$320 Gilt





1. Vintage Watches

3. Portlano

Rolex OysterDate Precision (c. 1959)

Boys: 2 Piece Hat & Mittens Set

$2,900 Gilt

$55 Gilt | $110

2. Alfred Gratien Brut Classique

4. Johnstons Cashmere

Champagne NV

Stripe Throw

$47.99 Gilt | $65

$145 Gilt | $350





5. Canvas

Oslo Gold Flatware Set (5 PC)

$70 Gilt

6. Etro

Paisley Pocket Square

$115 Gilt

7. Qi Cashmere

100% Cashmere Zip Gloves

$49-59 Gilt | $95-140

8. Vail, Colorado



The Arrabelle, a RockResort $189/night

9. Zodax

Flower Petal and Snowflake Ornament (Set of 3)

$29 Gilt | $47

10. Amelia

Girls: Lenny Velvet Vest

$41-47 Gilt | $74-85

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