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A publication of the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce l April 2013

Chamber joins cadre of business groups opposing SB 626 Bill Would Severely Undercut Recent Worker’s Compensation Reforms THE GILROY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Board of Directors joined the CalChamber and other business organizations in opposing SB 626 (Beall; D-San Jose). The Bill would severely undercut recent workers’ compensation reforms agreed to by labor unions and employers and would result in dramatic cost increases to California employers. The goal of the reform package passed in 2012 was to provide injured workers with needed benefit increases while closing certain loopholes intended to make the system operate more efficiently with fewer disputes and litigation. The reforms guaranteed nearly $1 billion in benefit increases while reducing employer costs after regulatory implementation of system reforms. According to industry experts, SB 626 eliminates the entire balance of the deal and would erase hundreds of

millions of dollars in projected savings – basically, SB 626 would roll-back the reforms dealing with timely, highquality medical treatment and a more predictable – and less litigious – permanent disability system including: • Eliminating the cornerstone cost saving provision of the independent medical review (IMR) and result in treatment delays for injured workers; • Repeals a provision that eliminates impairment ratings for psychiatric add-ons in some, but not all, cases.

The reforms guaranteed nearly $1 billion in benefit increases while reducing employer costs… • Repeals a provision that prohibits a chiropractor from being a primary treating physician once the

maximum number of chiropractic treatments has been received. • And it unnecessarily limits utilizing review and independent medical review by requiring that the reviewing physician hold the same license as the physician requesting treatment. Current law requires reviewers to be competent to evaluate the specific clinical issues involved in the medical treatment and utilize relevant, evidence-based medical treatment guidelines, which are not state-specific. SB 626 reverses a bipartisan laboremployer compromise that provided stakeholders a stable, predictable, cost-conscious approach to workers compensation reform. The Gilroy Chamber of Commerce continues to monitor legislation that counters the attacks on economic vitality in the Gilroy community and in the state.











Chamber Board approves $3,500 in scholarships The Gilroy Chamber of Commerce Board approved up to $3,500 in scholarships to qualifing high school seniors graduating in 2013 and entering their first year of college or vocational school in the Fall of 2013. Susan Valenta, President/ CEO of the Chamber states, “The cost of education puts a financial strain, and thousands of dollars in scholarship dollars remain on the table. For just a few hours of effort, the possibility of funds to underwrite educational expenses becomes a reality.” The scholarship application deadline is Friday, May 10, 2013. Forms can be downloaded from, or applications are available at the Chamber headquarters, 7471 Monterey Street in downtown Gilroy.

Community Media Access Partnership (CMAP) invited the community to the opening of their new studio location at Christopher High School. Mayor Don Gage joined CMAP Executive Director, Kathy Bisbee, and Chamber representatives joined in a ribbon cutting ceremony followed by tours of the studio. CMAP celebrates ten years of operation with a brand new state-of-the art television and audio recording studio.

Gilroy Chamber of Commerce



Gilroy expands its marketing reach

chair of the board ERIC GEBHARDT • Hilton Garden Inn

OVER THE PAST YEAR, there has been a concerted effort to develop Past chair marketing dollars that will drive ERIC HOWARD • Bruce’s Tire, Inc. traffic to Gilroy. Recently, the City chair of the board-ElecT Council approved a Tourism Business DEBBI SANCHEZ • Fortino Winery Improvement District (TBID) requested by hotel properties to generate Secretary/Treasurer income that will be used exclusively DAVID MATUSZAK, Ed.D. for marketing our local hotel • Santa Clara County R.O.P., South properties. For Gilroy, this presents an Vc OPERATIONS & DEVELOPMENT ideal opportunity to introduce guests JAN PEAT • McDonald’s of Gilroy to the expansive amenities Gilroy has to offer. Vc public affairs The ultimate experience is the one GREGG GIUSIANA • Retired Police Chief that brings people back time after time Vc business programs & Services – the highest compliment is when they DEBBI SANCHEZ • Fortino Winery tell friends, families, and colleagues about that experience. Vc MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS As you look around the community, LISA CASSARA • Coldwell Banker visualize the impression someone who is just arriving in Gilroy will get. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Recently, the Chamber conducted a business tour with KBAY, our BRIGITTE NICHOLLS • Santa Barbara Bank & Trust CHAR MARRAZZO • Marrazzo Financial LLOYD LOWREY • Noland, Hamerly, Etienne & Hoss MARK TURNER • South Valley Community Church CHERYL ELLEMBERG • ABD Promotions GINA LOPEZ • State Farm Insurance

CHAMBER STAFF Susan Valenta • President/CEO Michelle Garcia • Administrative Assistant Chris Bevilacqua • Administrative Assistant Rosie Vogel • Administrative Assistant Sue Thurman • Business Relationship Manager

WELCOME CENTER STAFF Jane Howard • Executive Director

Pam Gimenez • Office Manager


Tammy Brownlow • President/CEO Candace Van Sambeek, Administrative Assistant


EDITOR • Susan Valenta, President/CEO Gilroy Chamber of Commerce

PRODUCTION & DESIGN • J. Chris Mickartz InfoPOWER Communications

PHOTOGRAPHY • Larry Mickartz InfoPOWER Communication

Mayor, Board members, EDC, and the Gilroy Welcome Center. The feedback was that Gilroy has a tremendous mix of business and a tremendous amount of potential for business growth. Those on the tour noticed a few warts with a couch along the side of the road, boarded up buildings in our downtown, weeds in the center dividers along major thoroughfares, and signs that are dated or in disrepair. When you consider that the TBID will generate approximately $200,000 per year for the marketing of Gilroy, we have to work as a community to maximize this investment. Gilroy is in the crosshairs of a newer, wider audience, and that audience has buying power to shop at our retail centers, dine in our restaurants, visit our wineries and parks, purchase services at

gas stations, shop in our historic downtown district, and stock up with supplies at our local grocery stores. The opportunities to build on our business model are incredible. Our marketing efforts through this TBID will ensure that people will come to our hotel properties because we understand that we have a vested interest in its success. We look to the entire community to become invested in making this an incredible consumer experience.


2013 Chair of the Board Gilroy Chamber of Commerce


The Chamber is in your neighborhood this month THE CHAMBER IS REACHING 10,000 Gilroy households this month, and we are excited to share our business news and special savings – and, perhaps, entice you to discover more of the expansive business offerings we have in Gilroy. Gilroy has everything – I love shopping Gilroy. It’s where I bought my car, my groceries, gasoline, clothes, outdoor supplies, and the infinite number of things I need for my home – it’s where I do my banking, get my hair cut, see my dentist, go out to eat – it’s where my children went to school, had their 4-H Club meetings, went to Sunday School – Gilroy has given me so much, and I love it! A key part of my career path has been working for the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce. Over these past 23 years, the number of people who have been a part of my Chamber world is huge. This month, my Faces of Gilroy Business features Ernie’s Plumbing. It is these hard-working business people who make Gilroy thrive with the jobs

they create, their investments into the community, support to local non-profits and youth groups, and their quality products and services. I have always been in awe of that entrepreneurial spirit and, throughout my career, have been fascinated by the many other success stories within the walls of our local businesses. In December 2012, I announced to the Chamber Board that I would be retiring from my position. The Gilroy Chamber of Commerce is a business organization, and the model we are following is one of “intelligent succession” – something every business or organization wants – and needs -- to do to ensure strength, growth, and continuity. In June, a posting for my position will be published; however, the actual selection process will not begin until August. The process will continue until the Board selects the candidate that best fits the organization’s mission of facilitating a strong, local economy. Although a formal request for resumes will not be announced

until June, the business community is encouraged to be thinking about individuals in our region who would be a strong candidate. Resumes may be sent confidentially to: Eric Gebhardt, c/o Gilroy Chamber of Commerce, 7471 Monterey Street, Gilroy, CA 95020; however, there will not be any processing of the information until after our major fundraiser, the Gilroy Garlic Festival Beer Gardens. So, I closed this month’s column with an encouragement to check out the insert in this month’s issue of the Gilroy Business Focus and take advantage of these discounts from our member businesses. Discover Gilroy!

SUSAN VALENTA President/CEO Gilroy Chamber of Commerce

7471 Monterey Street • Gilroy, CA 95020 web: e-mail: phone: (408) 842-6437

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Gilroy Business Focus I April 2013


Getting Around: Commute Patterns and Opportunity A NEW REPORT FROM the Census Bureau gives insight into current commute patterns throughout the country. About 8.1 percent of U.S. workers have commutes of 60 minutes or longer, and nearly 600,000 full-time workers had “mega-commutes” of at least 90 minutes and 50 miles. The average one-way daily commute for workers across the country is 25.5 minutes, and one in four commuters leaves the county to work. In five states and the District of Columbia, one in 10 workers lives in a different state.

San Jose Morgan Hill Santa Clara Sunnyvale San Francisco Salinas Hollister Milpitas Fremont All Other Locations

Here in Gilroy, data indicates that only 20 percent of employed Gilroy residents also work in Gilroy. That leaves 80 percent of Gilroy workers commuting each day to areas outside the city or county, or an out-commute each day of approximately 14,773 residents. At the same time, we have approximately 11,609 workers commuting into Gilroy each day for employment, resulting in a net worker outflow of -3,164. Of those residents out-commuting each day, the table below shows where they are employed:

4,228 1,109 623 446 387 368 302 272 271 6,767

23.0% 6.0% 3.4% 2.4% 2.1% 2.0% 1.6% 1.5% 1.5% 36.8%

The data also indicates that 21.9 percent of out-commuters work in the “goods producing” industry class, 20 percent work in “trade, transportation and utilities”, and 58.1 percent work in “all other service sectors”. These are very broad categories and a more complete labor analysis needs to be performed to fully identify the specific industry sectors these residents work in, as well as their skill levels. However, we can assume that many of these commuters are traveling to Silicon Valley each day for jobs in the technology sectors. Here’s where the opportunity comes in – once we identify more fully the make-up of the labor force that leaves Gilroy every day, we can then demonstrate to prospective companies in technology sectors that we have workers with the EDC, continued on page 8 TAMMY BROWNLOW

President/CEO Gilroy Economic Development Corporation

News from the Gilroy Welcome Center RECENTLY I WROTE an article for this publication about the 2013 California Tourism Key Trends. In the article I noted the next step after discussing the California Tourism Key Trends is to link them with Gilroy Welcome Center (GWC) Marketing Action Plan 2013 which was recently adopted by the GWC board of directors. With the adoption of this marketing plan we are now moving forward with prioritizing the action items included within the plan and developing a timeline for implementation for the next two year period. This action plan has a number of goals and objectives which are identified under four primary categories: Branding; Website Development/Online Marketing; Visitor Information; and Public Relations. In order to achieve the goals and to establish effective long-term competitive advantage, GWC must successfully implement two core marketing strategies. These include April 2013 I Gilroy Business Focus

destination awareness/branding, positioning the area as an overnight destination and the ability to create a unified distribution strategy via interactive marketing activities. Several tactics under the destination awareness/branding strategy have already begun – “Discover Gilroy” campaign and the Wayfinding Signs project which is moving into Phase 2 implementation. Additional tactics will be used to support this strategy which include continued leverage exposure and brand awareness with the private sector and non-profit organizations. Another key tactic that will be implemented to heighten destination awareness is website and online marketing. Tactics will include developing an SEO (search engine optimization strategy), developing a banner ad for Gilroy, coordinating social media outreach via Facebook, Twitter and the GWC blog, using Google Analytics to measure website performance and ROI, distributing a

monthly visitor email newsletter, and develop/implement an interactive media plan that reaches target market segments through a variety of channels . Tactics identified to support the unified distribution strategy are Public Relations/Content Development – both critically important components within the marketing mix for helping to build awareness for Gilroy. Specific details of one basic tactic include developing a basic public relations program consisting of a press kit with press releases and photography to distribute to media that reaches target market segments WELCOME, continued on page 10


Executive Director Gilroy Welcome Center

April 10 Social Media Network

4:00 – 5:00 p.m. l The Chamber

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Legislative Snapshot Local Motion

Safe, sound and growing in California. Let’s grow together. We’re part of the Rabobank Group, one of the safest banks in the world. Count on us for all your banking needs. Business Banking Ÿ Checking, savings Ÿ CDs and money market accounts Ÿ Business loans and lines of credit Ÿ Agribusiness financing Ÿ Equipment leasing Ÿ Treasury management

Deanna Franklin Vice President Branch Manager 761 1st Street

Gilroy •

(408) 847-3133

In the Nob Hill Shopping Center

Rabobank, N.A. Member FDIC

April 12 Government Relations Committee 7:30 – 9:00 a.m. l The Chamber

There is no lack of Chamber action when it comes to advocating for our members and building relations with agencies and decision makers across the region. There are so many issues and opportunities at hand, it is easy to get pulled in many directions. Chamber leaders are doing a yeoman’s job in maintaining their focus on those key affairs that impact member’s ability to sustain and grow their businesses. It is important that we hear from our businesses. The best avenue for communication is contacting the Chamber directly or attending our monthly Government Relations Committee (GRC) meetings at 7:30AM every second Friday -- where the coffee is hot as is the conversation. Coming April 12 is the seemingly never-ending, groundhog day-like saga of the Santa Clara Valley Habitat Conservation Plan. Last month, the GRC received a briefing from a major workforce development program in Gilroy -- the Work2Future a program of City of San Jose Office of Economic Development. With the highest unemployment in the County, it is important that we put this clearly underutilized resource to work. The Work2Future program reports that they are serving approximately 8,000 clients, only 300-400, less than 5% are in Gilroy. As with many State and County programs, it is incumbent upon our community and leadership to advocate for our fair share of resources. The Chamber’s excellent track record for collaboration will once again be put to the test to ensure that this asset is harnessed to a greater extent to the benefit of our businesses, schools and community members.

State Revenues State tax revenue is outpacing earlier projections by about $4.5 billion over the last eight months with numbers resulting from income taxes coming in to state coffers at a higher rate than what was predicted. Those strong income tax numbers have made up for soft sales and corporate tax numbers. All should become clear in April when the state typically collects the bulk of its income tax dollars, taking in more than $10 billion of the $61.8 billion in income taxes that budget makers are counting on for the year.

Implementation of ACA In early March, both Houses passed

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identical bills that would expand Medicaid to more than 1 million lowincome Californians, a critical step to implementing federal health care reforms. SB1x passed off the Senate Floor on a party-line vote of 24-7, whereas AB1x 1 (Perez) was able to get one Republican vote, Assemblymember Katcho Achadijian (R- San Luis Obispo), to pass off the Senate Floor 53-22. The bills will go to the other House where serious negotiations will ramp up between the Legislature, stakeholders and the Governor. The bills are expected to now stall for a bit in the policy committees while they await substantial amendments.

CEQA Reform In February, Senator Michael Rubio (D-Bakersfield) resigned take a job with Chevron as their Government Affairs Manager. This is significant for two reasons: the first, Mr. Rubio’s resignation changes the arithmetic of the Senate’s super-majority for the next two months. The Governor set the special election for his seat for May 21. The second reason is that as Chair of the Senate Committee on Environmental Quality, Mr. Rubio was tasked by Leadership to lead the effort on CEQA reform. His moderate, middle-ofthe-road politics was supported by many of those involved in the reform effort. On March 6, Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento), nominated Senator Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo) to replace Mr. Rubio as chair.

In the Crosshairs Of the more than 2,200 bills introduced thus far in the current session, the CalChamber has taken aim at its first two “JOB KILLERS.” The Chamber’s Government Relations Committee is currently tracking and analyzing these bills and more. According to CalChamber, Senate Bill 626 (Beall, D-San Jose) is a massive Workers’ Compensation cost increase that unravels many of the employer cost-saving provisions in last year’s workers’ compensation reform package and results in employers paying nearly $1 billion in benefit increases to injured workers without an expectation that the increases will be fully offset by system savings. The Gilroy Chamber has opposed this legislation. Assembly Bill 188 (Ammiano, D-San Francisco) Split Roll Change of Ownership unfairly targets commercial property by redefining “change of ownership” so that

such property is more frequently reassessed, which will ultimately lead to higher property taxes that will be passed onto tenants, consumers, and potentially employees.

On Federal Front Federal spending is nearly $4.7 billion daily accompanied by $1.9 billion in daily borrowing – 40% of the budget (probably closer to 47% in real numbers). Total national debt is almost $17 trillion. This year’s budget is $1.725 trillion with income at only $1.035 trillion. To balance the budget, we borrow $690 billion. Sequester cuts equate to $85 billion or 5% of the budget. Should sequester cuts be retained for the remainder of the year, we will still borrow $605 billion. The budget picture doesn’t get any brighter as cuts that were proposed by the bi-partisan National Committee on Fiscal Responsibility were not approved by Committee members. Despite strong objections from Democrats, the House has passed a Republicansponsored bill that would eliminate or consolidate several job-training programs, which proponents say are redundant or ineffective into a single, $6 billion program with funds frozen for the next seven years. Currently in the Senate is H.R. 803, Supporting Knowledge and Investing in Lifelong Skills (SKILLS) Act, The bill reauthorizes the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) through FY 2020, consolidates and eliminates dozens of separate WIA programs and other activities, and modifies the functioning of state and local Workforce Investment Boards that operate employment and job training programs at the local level. Specifically, the measure consolidates 35 programs, most of them WIA programs, into a single funding stream for state and local use and requires the federal government to reduce administrative jobs accordingly and allows for contracting directly with colleges for services. It also changes both the composition and function of Workforce Investment Boards to increase local business representation in operating the employment and job training system, and establishes new standards for evaluating the effectiveness of WIA and other programs.

KRISTINA CHAVEZ WYATT Farmhouse Communications

Gilroy Business Focus I April 2013

What’s new with Chamber Businesses! California Rodeo Salinas bumper stickers are hitting the road with the Traveling Bumper Sticker Photo Contest—travelers are encouraged to tuck a yellow sticker in their suitcases and snap photos during trips. Post those photos to the California Rodeo Salinas’ Facebook page to be entered for a chance to win a digital camera donated by Best Buy. To get your bumper sticker stop the Rodeo office at 1034 No. Main Street in Salinas or visit the website at Gilroy LeTip meets weekly to exchange qualified leads, build solid business relationships and develop strong presentation skills. They’ll put dollars in your pocket by increasing referrals in an atmosphere of loyalty and abundant psychological income. They meet each Wednesday at 11:30am at Station 55 Restaurant, 55 Fifth Street. Visit to see how they can help you increase and build your business. Contact Membership Chair, Susie Haddock, shaddock@interorealestate or 408823-5872 for more information. Gilroy’s Sunrise Rotary Club is hosting a fun-tastic Membership Social at Eagle Ridge Golf & Country Club on Tuesday, April 23 at 5:30pm. Learn how you can bring your skills, your expertise and your knowledge into the Rotary Club that is making a difference by Sunrise -- just reserve your spot for this info-meeting by calling President Joanie Lewis at 408202-2204. Visit their website at The Gilroy Branch of American Association of University Women presents the video of “Half the Sky, Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide”, followed by discussion on Saturday, April 6 from 2pm-4pm at the Gilroy Library Community Room. Erica Elliot from Community Solutions will speak about human trafficking in our area. This event is open to the public. On May 1, 5:30pm, Eagle Ridge Golf club will be host to this year’s “Women Only” Worth Seminar by Integrated Financial Benefits Network. Come find out what you are worth at this exclusive event. Women will be encouraged to look at their personal retirement plans and take charge of their financial future. Dinner and refreshments will be provided, so bring a friend, come ready for an evening of education April 2013 I Gilroy Business Focus

and fun. Visit the website at www. for links to information on WORTH. You may also give them a call at 408-842-2716. Paul Alpert, CPA, MS(Tax), TenFortyland, believes that a C Corporation, if operated correctly, can make more sense than an S corporation, an LLC or a sole proprietorship. Double taxes are not a problem for a business making modest profits. Money taxed at 15% can be left in a C Corporation for working capital and other needs. There is also better cash flow as you can pay down loans, including credit card debt, with the money taxed at 15%. Learn more, call 408-778-9477. Book your next fiesta at Chevys or let them bring the fiesta to you! The banquet and catering menus are sure to impress your taste buds. From wedding celebrations to birthday parties, they will help you celebrate any special occasion, and they don’t even charge room fees! April 30 is “El Dia Del Nino” (Childrens’ Day) and there will be entertainment and fun for the whole family—kids eat for free that day! Stop by 8440 Murray Ave. Sunday through Thursday, 11am10pm; Friday and Saturday, 11am11pm. You can also visit the website at Costco of Gilroy is now looking for advertisers who would like to buy a banner for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN). Each year Costco sells banners that will hang at the Gilroy Costco for the full month of May. The money raised will be donated to the Oakland Children’s Hospital. The banners 3’x4’ sell for $400.00 and 2’x3’ $150.  Last year Gilroy raised $35,046.00 and

came in #10 in the Bay Area out of 59 stores. Please help us become #1. Your donation is 100% tax deductible. If you are interested, call Joanie at 408-202-2204. New owners, Loni Parmelly and Steve Vaughn invite you in to create your masterpiece at YoghArt’s self-serve frozen yogurt shop. Check out the mouth-watering flavors of creamy frozen yogurt and over 40 delicious and fresh toppings. A yummy dessert that’s also healthy: low-fat, non-fat and non-dairy options are available. Location: 1230 First Street, #105 and open from 12noon to 10pm, Monday through Thursday, 12:00-11:00pm Friday and Saturday. Let South County Line-X add a truck bedliner, protective coating to your truck bed, the inside floor of your vehicle, trailer or the complete exterior of whatever you drive. They also sell truck accessories like locks, hitches, tonneau covers, step bars, toolboxes, seat covers, floor mats—give them a call at 408-842-8803. The seventh annual Hearts of Gilroy Women’s luncheon and auction will take place on Saturday, April 27 from 11:30-2:30 at Eagle Ridge Golf Club. This event is full of fun, fashion and philanthropy—complete with a shoe contest! Each year, a woman is surprised with the Heart of Gilroy award for her dedication to the community. Proceeds benefit Community Solutions’ programs for children and families. Tickets are $45 if purchased before April 4; $55 after 4/4. Seating is limited-contact Nichole Parker at 408-846-4704 or or register online at heartsofgilroy2013.

Temporary or long-term, Express has skilled workers ready to fit your business needs. Contact us and see how Express can help.

Positions include: • Administrative • Clerical • Warehouse • Shipping and Receiving (408) 778-0729 18525 Sutter Blvd., Suite 210 Morgan Hill, CA 95037

SUE THURMAN The Gilroy Rabobank team won a prestigious Customer Service award for being the outstanding branch in their region. Pictured with the award are Jennifer Lovecchio, Adrianna Garcia, Manager Deanna Franklin, Vahlya Eldredge, Tammy McCormick and Phil Fortino. Rabobank is located at 761 First Street.

Business Relationship Manager, Gilroy Chamber of Commerce

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Community Solutions sponsors March Breakfast Club Meeting

Community Solutions President/CEO, Erin O’Brien

COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS is a comprehensive non-profit human services agency serving South Santa Clara County and the surrounding areas of South San Jose and San Benito County. Since 1972, they have responded to the growing and changing needs of the community, serving several thousand people from young children to older adults each year. Services include youth struggling with mental health issues, involved with the juvenile justice system, transitioning out of the foster care system, or are in need of crisis intervention services and support. In addition, they provide a broad spectrum of traditional and full service partnership programs designed to assist adults and older adults living with mental health challenges. Their Solutions to Violence programs provide empowerment-based services to strengthen and support survivors of intimate partner abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking crimes. On April 27, the 7th Annual Hearts of Gilroy luncheon at Eagle Ridge will be held at Eagle Ridge. The annual event provides funding support for the agency.

New Members

Lisa DeSilva, Chief Development Officer for Community Solutions shares success stories from those that the organization has helped.

New members attending the March Breakfast Club included Linda Williams (Nimble Thimble) and Maelynn Craig (eNowIT, Inc.)

Denise Brown is a Good Egg

April 17 Breakfast Club 6:45 – 8:00 a.m. l Hilton Garden Inn Sponsored by Pintello Travel/Pintellow Comedy Theater

EACH MONTH, the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors presents the Nob Hill Foods “Good Egg” award to an individual, group, business, or organization which contributes to making Gilroy a better place to live and work. In March, the Chamber acknowledged an individual who has contributed her time to create a program that assists the homeless and makes the difficult life of being homeless a little less difficult, local resident, Denise Brown. Denise Brown spearheads a bi-annual project to ensure those who are forced to live on the streets have the basics they need to survive. Through the contributions she secures, a volunteer group creates “Winter Survival Kits” and “Spring Kits”. The kits contain items such as socks, ponchos, water, snacks, and many other everyday essentials we take for granted – but are valuable to someone who does not have a place to call home, except for the streets. Kits have been distributed at the Gilroy Armory, the Sunnyvale Armory, and at the Project Homeless Connect events through the Gilroy Compassion Center.

Page 6

Chairman of the Board, Eric Gebhardt, presents the Nob Hill Foods Good Egg award to Denise Brown for facilitating Winter and Spring kits to assist the homeless.

Gilroy Business Focus I April 2013


Hello Gorgeous Hair Specialists host March Business After Hours Mixer

Kristen Soseman, of Hello Gorgeous Salon introduces her professional stylists (l-r) Alyssa Amaya, Lacey Gorman, Trudi Reyes-Ortiz and Erin Day. Hello Gorgeous is located at 8060 Santa Teresa Blvd. Suite 150.

HELLO GORGEOUS invited guests to an evening of refreshments, networking, and introduction to their extensive services at the March Business After Hours Mixer. The salon believes in stellar customer appreciation as well as providing excellent service to fit any need. Owner Kristen Soseman and her stylists pride themselves on their professionalism and extensive education programs geared to giving clients a look that fits their lifestyle. Executing a tranquil, welcoming salon environment and keeping involved in community service is part of the Hello Gorgeous philosophy. Featuring haircuts for men and women, hair styling, hair coloring and lightening services, and new to the Salon is esthitician, Cherise Mantia. Hello Gorgeous is conveniently located in the Piazza building complex.

EZ Clean Car & Doggy Wash receives Business Beautification Award Since opening in 1998, EZ Clean Car and Doggy Wash, located at 7940 Monterey Street has become a focal point. They started as a car wash but then added an additional service – providing a convenient place to give pets a pampered bath. At the March Breakfast Club meeting, Al Howard was presented the award for improving the look of the facility with new awnings and a fresh coat of paint. The Gilroy Chamber of Commerce applauds local businesses – such as EZ Clean Car and Doggy Wash for taking pride in their location and setting an example for others to follow. Eric Gebhardt, 2013 Chair of the Board stated, “And, of course, this award would not be complete without sharing our appreciation for the inspirational words that are on their reader board each week. That is just one more reason to stop by and check out what a great job Al Howard has done on this facility.”

April 2013 I Gilroy Business Focus

Chairman of the Board, Eric Gebhardt (Hilton Garden Inn) presents the Business Beautification award to Al Howard, owner of EZ Clean Car & Doggy Wash. Joining them at the lectern is Antonio Garcia, site manager for the facility.

April 11 After Hours Mixer

5:30 – 7:30 a.m. l AAA Insurance 1395 First Street Page 7

Ultimate Exterior Express Car Wash ONLY $ 99


Ribbon Cuttings

REG. $11.00

With Coupon • Expires 4/30/13

Deluxe Exterior Express Car Wash Special ONLY $ 99 5250


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Quick • Convenient • High Quality Friendly Professional Staff

Easy Fundraising Ask for Details! 951 First Street Next to Safeway

847.9910 Open 7 Days A Week Summer Hours: 7:00 am - 7:30 pm

Exterior Express Car Wash Special ONLY $ 99


REG. $7.00

With Coupon • Expires 4/30/13



DR. EHSAN REZVAN invited the community to celebrate the relocation and expansion of his office to 7888 Wren Ave. #B120. Dr. Rezvan is pictured holding the Chamber ribbon cutting scissors and joining in the celebration is his friends, staff and family.


With Coupon • Expires 4/30/13

Gilroy SUPERGREEN SOLUTIONS Owner, Belinda Vega proudly cuts the ribbon at her store opening. Her business specializes in products and services to will help determine sustainable solutions in your home and businesses. Contact her at 888-9SuperG and visit them on the web at

EDC, continued from page 3 educational attainment and skill levels required for these types of positions. Stay tuned for more information on this important topic as the GEDC conducts additional research on this issue. For more information on demographics, economic indicators, or any data needs, please contact the staff of the GEDC at 408-847-7611 or email

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Gilroy Business Focus I April 2013

New Members Metech Recycling

6200 Engle Way 408-848-3050 Jim Morrison, Regional Manager For over forty years, Metech Recycling has provided secure and environmentally responsible electronics recycling and asset recovery services. During this time, Metech Recycling has learned that there is more to service than just happy customers.   Employees are interactive and take pride in their jobs and their facility. Jim Morrison, Regional Sales Manager, is closely involved with all facets of the Gilroy facility and demonstrates concern and care for all, calling Metech employees a family. Jim demonstrates a genuine sense of appreciation for them, which is in turn passed on by them to Metech customers. Some of the service areas Metech Recycling supports include manufacturer equipment take-back programs, proprietary part and information destruction as well as business and consumer end of life electronics recycling.  A free e-waste drop office is available between the hours of 9am-2pm, Monday through Friday. Tours are available by simply giving Metech Recycling a call.  Metech Recycling is helping Gilroy’s

4-H with a fund-raiser on April 6. You can help by dropping off your e-waste at the Grange Hall, 8191 Swanston Lane, 10am-2pm. Check the company’s website at www. for additional collection event locations and information regarding Metech Recycling’s services.

The Nimble Thimble 7550 Monterey Street 408-842-6501 Linda Williams, Owner

The Nimble Thimble invites you to spend some time browsing through a wide variety of quilting fabrics, patterns, notions and sewing supplies at this unique downtown shop. Classes are available for anyone interested in learning about the art of quilting. Open Monday through Friday, from 10am-5pm and Saturday, from 10am-4pm.

Original Haircuts

1230 First Street Suite 102 408-842-9118 Cruz Caballero and Norma Mills, Owners

permanent make-up artist, a manicurist/pedicurist; jewelry and professional hair-styling products and tools. Just give them a call to book your appointment. Se habla espanoland several other languages.

eNowIt 877-262-8398 Locally owned and operated, eNowIt specializes in text communications between any entity and its clients, members, consumers, or other audiences. Their clients, who range from large restaurant chains, to professional sports teams, and large retailers to small Mom/Pop business, as well as wineries, fairs, media outlets, and non-profits, are seeing redemption rates of up to 25%. Because of eNowIt’s unique marketing strategies that they provide to clients, they state that a net return of over 600% is starting to become the expectation. Delivered in seconds; redeemed in minutes – and their clients can’t live without it. For more information on how eNowIt can work for you, please call them at 877-262-8398.

local and ready to lend Contact me to learn more

Chris Hoch Mortgage Loan Officer 408.430.3837

12erM0272. © 2012 everBank. all rights reserved.

Original Haircuts has been in business for 20 years and has developed into an all-inclusive shop featuring nine cosmetologists/beauticians,

Austin Corini receives a High Five LOCAL CELEBRITY, AUSTIN CORINI, was presented the Youth High Five award at the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Club from award sponsor South Valley Community Church (SVCC). Austin was featured on “The X-Factor” – FOX’s fall equivalent of American Idol. He has been singing since he was 2 years old and recorded in the studio at the age of 3. He has also modeled for Gap, Old Navy, and Target – yet, even with all his success, he remains grounded and strives to live a life of integrity and balance. A student at Christopher High School, Austin takes time to volunteer in his community. This has included serving as Grand Marshall for the Gilroy Downtown Christmas Parade, Puppet Ministry at South Valley Community Church, singing at local events including the Relay for Life, and also singing the National Anthem at the Board of Supervisors meeting. Mark Turner, Associate Pastor for SVCC stated, “Without a doubt, Austin is an outstanding young person with an extraordinary talent and a generous heart, and South Valley Community Church is proud to be the sponsor of this month’s High Five Youth Award.” April 2013 I Gilroy Business Focus

Chamber Board member and Associate Pastor for South Valley Community Church presents the Youth High Five award to Austin Corini in recognition of his service to church and community events.

April 24 Networking Cafe

11:45 – 1:00 p.m. l Westside Grill

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Gilroy Downtown Business Association announces 2013 Art and Wine Stroll l

ON MAY 4, 2013 the Gilroy Downtown Business Association will host the 2013 Art and Wine Stroll, 2:00-6:00PM in Downtown Gilroy. A new addition this year will be a Wine Shoppe where strollers can purchase the wines they have sampled. Artists will be set up between Fourth and Sixth on the west shady side of Monterey and several music venues will serenade strollers. Participating businesses and organizations include: Gilroy Chamber of Commerce, Gilroy Center for the Arts, Gilroy Garlic Festival, Ashford’s Heirlooms, Pinnacle Bank, Heritage Bank of Commerce, Mango Street Kids, Leedo Art and Framing, Fifth Street Coffee Roasting Company, the Pixley House, Nimble Thimble, Station 55 and Old City Hall Restaurants, Bella Viva Ristorante e Caffe, Predator’s Archery, Gilroy Antiques, Collective Past, Gilroy Vacuum Center, Gilroy Medical Supply, Amoretto Boutique, and the Gilroy Demonstration Garden! Three new Downtown businesses joining the 2013 Art & Wine Stroll are Fifth Street Coffee Roasting Company, Old City Hall Restaurant and Bella Viva Ristorante e Café! In total, twenty-one Downtown businesses will be paired up with twenty. Buy your tickets early! Presale tickets are $25 each and are available at the participating businesses and organizations as well as the Gilroy Welcome Center and on line at . On the day of the event tickets are $35. Ticket sales are limited The two check-in locations are the Gilroy Center for the Arts (7341 Monterey Street) with parking onsite and at the Caltrans lot, and the Pinnacle Bank plaza (7597 Monterey Street) with parking in the Eigleberry lot and on the street. Participating wineries include: Martin Ranch Winery, Morgan Hill Cellars, Clos LaChance Winery, Casa de Fruta Winery, Solis Winery, Mann Cellars, Aver Family Vineyards, Kirigin Cellars, Lightheart Cellars, Fortino Winery, Thomas Kruse Winery, Sycamore Creek Vineyards, Guglielmo Winery, Sunlit Oaks Winery, Creekview Vineyards, Sarah’s Vineyards, WildEye Winery, Satori Cellars, Hecker Pass Winery, and Jason-Stephens Vineyards. That’s 20 different Santa Clara Valley wineries that will be Downtown on May 4! Visit the GDBA website ( and “like” them on Facebook to keep up with Downtown news and announcements including the 2013 Art & Wine Stroll.

New Members The Savory Specialist 7541 Forest Street • Gilroy (408) 767-3518 Catering Services

Wuthering Hill Vineyards, LLC 6445 Vineyard Estates Drive Tres Pinos • (408) 848-5506 Wineries

The Syndicate Real Estate Group P.O. Box 530 • Gilroy (408) 693-1639 Real Estate Services

Yanez Painting 12550 Sycamore Avenue San Martin • (408) 690-9788 Painting Services

Member Renewals The Gilroy Chamber of Commerce appreciates the support of our members. Investment dollars are dedicated to creating a strong local economy, creating networking opportunities, promoting the community, representing the interests of business with government, and political action. We applaud each of you for helping make Gilroy a better place to live and work. 20 YEARS & OVER Alpine Landscape C & N Tractors Gavilan College Golden 1 Credit Union LeTip Int. – Gilroy Branch Mission Linen Supply The Printing Spot St. Joseph’s Family Center Temple-Inland 15 YEARS & OVER Tim Day Insurance Law Offices of Andrea Fortino Santa Clara Valley Water District Visual Edge Optometric Group 10 YEARS & OVER Black Bear Diner Ernie’s Plumbing & Repair Service Fitness for Adults Transition-Energize

10 YEARS & OVER Gilroy Flower Shop Gilroy High School Athletic Assoc Haran Schoming Agency Informed Choices Preferred Automotive Round the Clock Tires South Pacific Orchids, Inc. Terry Feinberg Wings of History 5 YEARS & OVER Architectural Facades Unlimited Betabel RV Resort Fix Auto Gilroy Law Offices of Sheila J. Peterson Mimi’s Café Pleasant Valley Tree Care Sycamore Creek Vineyards Westside Market - Notary Wine Directions

Thank You To March Raffle Donators Network Café

Pure Water Distributors Fortino Winery Naturals Boutique, Spa & Salon

After-hours Mixer

Best Western Forest Park Inn Fortino Winery ABD Promotions Hello Gorgeous Salon

Breakfast Club

Welcome, continued from page 3 in Northern California. Another tactic is to develop a target list of publications that emphasize the key activities available within the Gilroy area and host travel writers with the ability to get stories placed in targeted publications. In summary, in this article I have only scratched the surface of a very extensive marketing plan adopted and ready to implement in 2013. The opportunities are numerous and the Gilroy Welcome Center is up for the challenge. Page 10

Community Solutions ABD Promotions Pure Water Bottling Garlic City Mercantile Joyce’s Collectables Heritage Bank of Commerce Pintello Comedy Theater/Pintello Travel Guild Mortgage Nimble Thimble Lisa Cassara Real Estate - Coldwell Banker Gilroy Business Focus I April 2013



Women’s Worth Workshop Topics to include: longevity, health care, income and strategies for retirement May 1, 2013

5:30 pm • Eagle Ridge Golf Club (2951 Club Drive, Gilroy CA 95020) Dinner and wine will be served. Please RSVP to Nichole Osaki at (408) 842-2716 Please note: There is no charge for attending this seminar. The Ernie’s Plumbing team: (l-r) Fernando Murillo, John Lopez, Rosie Duenas, Rosie Lopez, Ernie Lopez Sr, and Ernie Lopez Jr.

We value your future. Jeffrey M. Orth, ChFC, CASL

Investment Advisor Representative of HTK • CA License #OC49291 408.842.2716 phone • 408.848.5356 fax 7881 Church Street, Suite B • Gilroy, CA 95020 •

Ernie’s Plumbing — where clients come first

9930 Research Drive, Suite 100 Irvine, CA 92618 • 949.754.1700 A2JC-1127-03E2

How did Ernie’s Plumbing evolve?


Registered representative of and securities and investment advisory services offered through Hornor, Townsend & Kent, Inc. (HTK) • Registered Investment Advisor • Member FINRA/SIPC • 9930 Research Dr. Suite 100 Irvine, CA 92618 • (949) 754-1700 • IFit is independent of HTK • HTK does not provide tax or legal advice.

Ernie Lopez has devoted over 37 years to the trade and actually started out with a training in drafting. Early in his career, he worked in construction. By 1995, Ernie’s Plumbing was formed, and the business has been at their 7411 Railroad Street location for 17 years. The business is family-owned and today, daughter Rosie works in the office, sons Ernie Jr. and John oversee operations, Ernie’s brother Alfred and nephew Fernando work with the firm, and Ernie’s wife of 40 years, Rosie, handles the accounting.

Tell us about the services Ernie’s Plumbing offers

Ernie’s Plumbing does a broad range of industrial and commercial projects, but their primary focus is single family homes and apartment complexes. For the large, industrial clients, they do complete installations of gas, sewer, water, and air pressure systems. For residential clients, services include a full gambit of new installation of tanks, water heaters, installation of dishwashers and ice makers, and trouble-shooting and repair of clogged pipes and drains. Ernie’s Plumbing is certified by the State of California so they are licensed for municipal and major corporate projects.

How has the trade changed and what do young people need to know to prepare for this skills trade?

Today, many of the units installed contain computer kits which requires the ability to program water heaters, toilets, and other fixtures. Reading, writing and arithmetic are important skills to bring to any job, but in the plumbing trade it is an absolute necessity. Ernie’s Plumbing employees enjoy a full range of benefits including dental and medical insurance and a SIMPLE IRA plan. Individuals with a strong work ethic, job preparedness, and basic skills are prime candidates for skills trade businesses, such as Ernie’s Plumbing.

What was your most unusual plumbing experience?

Although Ernie’s Plumbing has run into their share of critters, whether it was a raccoon or a black widow spider, once in a while, a project needs the ingenuity of someone like Ernie Lopez. In this case a broken line under a 42 foot driveway could have resulted in demolishing the driveway to get to the broken pipes, but with a unique system of using a vacuum sweeper, cable, and a truck, the new line was installed – saving the customer tens of thousands of dollars. Ernie Lopez is quick to credit his wife, Rosie in the start of Ernie’s Plumbing, and he states, “Behind every successful man is a woman who builds confidence and faith – my wife was the one who spurred me on to open this business and has supported me every step of the way.” April 2013 I Gilroy Business Focus

Discover Gilroy Frequent our local businesses and help keep Gilroy’s economy strong.

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