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A publication of the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce l August 2013






Debbi Sanchez elected 2014 Board Chair DEBBI SANCHEZ begins her term as Chair of the Board for the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce in January 2014. A lifelong resident of Gilroy, Debbi has developed a wide network of businesses and associations through her professional career and volunteer involvement. After being elected to the Chamber Board in 2011, Debbi immediately took a leadership role with an emphasis on membership development. “My perspective is simple,” Debbi states, “The most important thing we have in life is our relationships, and I love being in a position where I can help to increase

and build on relationships for the betterment of our community.” A graduate of the Leadership Class of 2010, Debbi brought her leadership skills to the forefront and currently serves as Vice Chair of the Business Programs and Services Division on the Chamber Board. An Ambassador for over 5 years, Debbi has a keen understanding of marketing and business development, and is passionate about the community building a loyalty to their local businesses. Professionally, Debbi is the Wedding and Event Coordinator at Fortino Winery where she manages

corporate events and weddings. “My profession allows me to meet and work with incredible people from all walks of life on a regular basis – whether it is a fundraiser for a non-profit or an off-site corporate meeting, every connection is a valued relationship.” Debbi has been involved in a number of organizations including MDA, Susan G. Komen, Relay for Life, Gilroy Garlic Festival, Youth Group Facilitator, Gilroy Memorial Day Parade, Gilroy Downtown Christmas Parade, and serves as an advocate for Women’s Health and Patient Care.

Debbi Sanchez

2014 Chair of the Board Gilroy Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Board Positions on Business Issues Support Measure A Gilroy Library Tax Extension Measure A is an extension of the existing parcel tax passed by voters in 1995 after losing 40% of their funding by state law to school districts. The tax provides 18% of the library budget and, if passed, ensures that the Gilroy Library sustains a robust collection, adequate hours of operation, and quality staffing. Over a one-year period, the Gilroy Library had

500,000 people go through their library gate. Ballots need to returned in August and must pass by a 2/3 vote. Oppose SB 7 Charter City Prevailing Wage Requirement If passed, SB 7 would require Charter Cities to pay prevailing wages on municipal projects. The legislation undermines the ‘Home Rule’ that Charter cities, such as Gilroy.

Oppose ACA 3 Lowering Voter Threshold Although no longer in the active file and will not make it to the Governor’s desk, the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce Board goes on record of opposing Job Killer, ACA 3 (SCA 4, SCA 7, SCA 8, SCA 9, and SCA 11) which lowers the vote threshold from two thirds to only 55%.

Support Apple 2 Campus Although located in Cupertino, when built, the campus will consolidate 60 buildings into one site with 14–16,000 employees. The Gilroy Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors recognizes the residual benefits to south county when companies invest in Silicon Valley.

BELLA VIVA RISTORANTE E CAFFE Kellen and Lindsay McBain are joined with well-wishers on the opening of downtown’s signature wine bar located at 7423 Monterey Street. The recent renovation of the 101 year old building, enhances the former Gilroy landmark, The Steinmetz Building, with an inviting atmosphere in historic downtown Gilroy.

Gilroy Chamber of Commerce



Gilroy — pay it forward

chair of the board ERIC GEBHARDT • Hilton Garden Inn

OVER THE PAST few months, my column has been a birds-eye view Past chair of Gilroy from the hospitality industry ERIC HOWARD • Bruce’s Tire, Inc. perspective. When hotel/motel chair of the board-ElecT properties look to develop in an area, DEBBI SANCHEZ • Fortino Winery they look at a number of factors, including the regional businesses and Secretary/Treasurer services to round out a total travel DAVID MATUSZAK, Ed.D. experience. Our clientele is extremely Vc OPERATIONS & DEVELOPMENT diverse with guests staying from one JAN PEAT • McDonald’s of Gilroy night to a month. Some guests are leisure travelers on their way to someVc public affairs where, some guests make Gilroy their GREGG GIUSIANA • Retired Police Chief regional destination, and many guests Vc business programs & Services are corporate travelers who have DEBBI SANCHEZ • Fortino Winery business in Gilroy. Vc MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS For those of you who know me personally, I consider Gilroy my home LISA CASSARA • Coldwell Banker and make it a point to be out in the community – eating at restaurants, BOARD OF DIRECTORS working out in gyms, talking to people BRIGITTE NICHOLLS • Union Bank MESSAGE FROM THE CHAR MARRAZZO • Marrazzo Financial LLOYD LOWREY • Noland, Hamerly, Etienne & Hoss MARK TURNER THE GILROY Chamber of Commerce • South Valley Community Church takes legislative advocacy and CHERYL ELLEMBERG • ABD Promotions political action seriously. It is not a GINA LOPEZ • State Farm Insurance

about what is going on in Gilroy, shopping at stores, and checking out the entertainment. There is a prime reason that I am out and about – it gives me the ability to give referrals with confidence. When people are not familiar with a community, they are hesitant about venturing out without knowing that they are safe, they can easily navigate the area, that they will have their expectations met, and that they will receive excellent customer service. The goal at the Hilton Garden Inn is to have our guests return again and again. With over 500 locations throughout the world, our brand is well-known and trusted. In fact, in 2012, Hilton Garden Inn received the distinguished “Highest Guest Satisfaction Among

Mid-Scale Hotel Chains with Full Service” award in the J.D. Power and Associates North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study. Directing people to local businesses keeps our tax dollars in Gilroy. Just as the Hilton Garden Inn continually works to build on our guest satisfaction score, Gilroy has everything to gain by providing the total travel experience – whether your customer is a resident, a visitor, or a corporate traveler. It all pays forward.


2013 Chair of the Board Gilroy Chamber of Commerce


Gilroy Chamber vs the Pity Party

CHAMBER STAFF Susan Valenta • President/CEO Michelle Garcia • Administrative Assistant Chris Bevilacqua • Administrative Assistant Rosie Vogel • Administrative Assistant Sue Thurman • Business Relationship Manager

WELCOME CENTER STAFF Jane Howard • Executive Director

Pam Gimenez • Office Manager


Tammy Brownlow • President/CEO Candace Van Sambeek, Administrative Assistant


EDITOR • Susan Valenta, President/CEO Gilroy Chamber of Commerce

PRODUCTION & DESIGN • J. Chris Mickartz InfoPOWER Communications

PHOTOGRAPHY • Larry Mickartz InfoPOWER Communication

surprise to hear that the regulatory environment in California, combined with the high cost of living, has seen an exodus of businesses moving to other states. In fact, it is not unusual to see advertisements in regional business publications with neighboring states touting their business-friendly environment. The Gilroy Chamber of Commerce was proactive in forming GilPAC, our political action arm, to bring forward candidates who are businessfriendly and can systemically make a difference in creating a strong, local economy. GilPAC concentrates on local and regional elections, because that is where Gilroy has more control of its destiny. In 2013, Mayor Don Gage, Perry Woodward, Cat Tucker, and Terri Aulman were endorsed by GilPAC. Recently, GilPAC endorsed Mike Wasserman, Supervisor for District 1, and Teresa Alvarado, Supervisor for District 2. Each of these individuals understands business, are accessible, and articulate their positions after

listening to every side. This year, you will see GilPAC partnering on a Candidates School and will be also holding their second fundraiser in preparation for the 2014 elections.

…if you are pointing a finger in blame, remember three of those fingers are pointing back at you… The Chamber also has a mechanism for monitoring elected officials and vetting issues through the Government Relation Committee (GRC) which serves as a ‘watch dog’ for legislation and a collective voice from business. In the past few months, the Chamber Board ratified GRC positions and adamantly opposed minimum wage increases, opposed lowering the voter approval threshold for raising taxes from 2/3 to 55%, opposed attempts to undermine our

Charter City home rule status, and opposed raising the water rates for agriculture, just to name a few. Although we have a relatively small staff, the commitment by our volunteer leadership builds on our ability to do even more. Want to make a difference? The bottom line is (1) make your vote count by selecting people who support creating a strong economy – if you are pointing a finger in blame, remember three of those fingers are pointing back at you; and (2) get involved with your local Chamber – the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce is the only business organization in this area that does not receive any government funding so that we can be independent of any political fallout if our position is not in alignment with government agencies. That is why: Your business | Is our business – it’s our only business!

SUSAN VALENTA President/CEO Gilroy Chamber of Commerce

7471 Monterey Street • Gilroy, CA 95020 web: e-mail: phone: (408) 842-6437 Page 2

Gilroy Business Focus I August 2013


New Rooftops Contribute to Local Economy HOUSING is a critical part of our national, state and local economy and has been well demonstrated over the past five years. The deep recession that began in 2007 was, in significant part, brought about by the collapse of the housing market and the economic impacts that followed. As our economy begins to improve and the number of foreclosures decline, demand for new housing is fueling a resurgence of residential construction. The benefits to our local economy from housing activity are far reaching, ranging from the actual construction phase, to broader impacts from population growth and increased disposable incomes. The initial impacts from residential development are a result of the jobs and spending that occur during construction and include workers who are building the structures as well as workers in their firms who support them, such as office managers, cost estimators, and accountants. This first layer of impact, the direct impact, includes the jobs described above as well as the total construction spending on the project itself. In addition to the direct economic impact of housing construction, there are also ripple effects. The ripple effects comprise two types of impacts: indirect and induced. The indirect impacts are the jobs and spending created from businesses that are suppliers to the construction operations. The induced

impacts result when the workers involved in the construction project spend their income in the community. After construction, housing units are occupied and further economic impacts occur. The household income of the residents then contribute to the local economy as residents spend their disposable income on items such as food, clothing, transportation, and health care. As with the construction impacts, the degree to which this spending remains in the local economy depends on whether the goods and services are available locally. A major consideration in business attraction activities, for which the GEDC is tasked, is whether there are opportunities to capture additional consumer spending by identifying goods and services that residents are purchasing outside the City. While Gilroy is a strong sales tax capture community and a retail destination, there are opportunities to expand certain retail sectors, thereby keeping the spending and resulting tax revenues in Gilroy. Also, there is a strong linkage between population and the location criteria of businesses. For example, businesses that are considered neighborhood serving (i.e. grocery stores) may locate a number of stores within the same community. However, a retailer that is a destination store or regional serving will have a much larger population base that must

be captured. As the residential development market continues to strengthen, Gilroy will continue to be a high-growth area within the State. According to the CA Department of Finance, Gilroy continued to grow at a 2.9% rate from January 2012 to January 2013, making it the tenth highest growth community in the State. Currently, the City anticipates that approximately 3,400 new residential units will be constructed between the current year and 2019. The majority of these units will be in the Glen Loma Specific Plan and Hecker Pass Specific Plan area. The City of Gilroy is beginning the development of a new General Plan and maintaining a jobs/housing balance will be critical to the City’s long-term economic vitality. Although sustained growth has obvious economic benefits, as discussed above, a controlled and sustainable approach is necessary to keep our community fiscally sound while providing a variety of housing types to meet the needs of all residents.


President/CEO Gilroy Economic Development Corporation

What’s happening this month in Gilroy… The Garlic Festival might be over, but at the Gilroy Welcome Center we want to make sure people know that there’s still a lot going on here in Gilroy! Here’s a look at what we’ll be highlighting for August: Outdoor Adventure Weekend Gilroy’s central location and reasonably priced hotel rooms make it the perfect “base camp” for an outdoor getaway weekend. Visitors can hit the trails at the Pinnacles, Henry Coe, Mt. Madonna, or Coyote Lake / Harvey Bear Ranch…then come back to their hotel room in Gilroy to get recharged and ready for more adventures!

South County Garden Railroad Tour During the 19th Annual South County Garden Railroad Tour on Saturday, August 17, ten different garden railroad hobbyists will be opening their homes to share their elaborate backyard railroad displays. This special event is fun for all ages and benefits St. Joseph’s Family Center and Community Pantry.

Summer Fun in Downtown Gilroy August is the perfect time for locals and visitors alike to explore all that Downtown Gilroy has to offer. The Fifth Street LIVE music series continues on Friday nights in August, and the Gilroy Farmer’s Market (held every Saturday at the City Hall parking lot) is getting bigger and better each week, with a wide variety of fresh fruits, veggies, and other treats.

Petting Zoo Returns to Gilroy Gardens The Mini Petting Zoo will be back at Gilroy Gardens on weekends only, August 24 through September 29. Come by to meet cute and cuddly farm animals, including friendly goats, ducks, chickens, rabbits, and pigs, all sized just right for the little ones!

August 2013 I Gilroy Business Focus

fun over Labor Day Weekend. Gilroy Gardens is offering a yummy All-YouCan-Eat BBQ as well as FREE park admission to Active Duty Military. Meanwhile, the Gilroy Premium Outlets will have great discounts during their annual Labor Day Sale. And many of our local wineries will have special weekend events, like the Syrah & Sausage Grill at Solis Winery. Check out for more details about these August events! JANE HOWARD

Executive Director Gilroy Welcome Center

Labor Day Weekend Summer comes to a close with lots of

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Chamber Takes Action to Defend “Home Rule” of Charter Cities THIS MONTH, your Chamber took action at the recommendation of the Government Relations Committee to join the City of Gilroy in opposing Senate Bill 7 co-authored by Senate Pro-tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) and Senator Anthony Cannella (R- Ceres). The bill prohibits a charter city, such as Gilroy, Salinas, King City, Monterey and Pacific Grove from receiving or using state funding or financial assistance for a construction project if the city has a voter-approved charter provision or ordinance that authorizes a contractor to not comply with state prevailing wage requirements on local construction projects funded by (non-state) city funds. This harmful measure will have the effect of cutting off 51 California cities, with a combined population of 5 million people, from state funding. Under certain “home rule” provisions in California’s state constitution, voters can exercise a greater degree of local control than that provided by the California Legislature. Becoming a charter city allows voters to determine how their city government is organized and, with respect to municipal affairs, enact legislation different than that adopted by the state. Just last year, the in “State Building and Construction Trades Council of California AFL CIO vs. City of Vista, the California State Supreme Court upheld the rights of charter cities to decide who and how much should be paid for public works projects.   The legislation is sponsored by the State Building and Trades Council of California- AFL-CIO, surmised by opponents as a means to “punish” cities following their unfavorable court ruling, and supported by a litany of trade and labor associations. Opposition is coming from the League of California Cities, California charter cities (including those listed above), chambers of commerce, taxpayer associations, builders and contractors associations.   Supporters contend that this bill appropriately directs state funds to charter cities that require prevailing wages on their public works projects in furtherance of a public policy that carries statewide benefits. While opponents, including Gilroy City Manager Tom Haglund who testified Page 4

June 16 that this bill runs counter to the state Constitution and state Supreme Court decisions; further, that its impact will have a crippling effect on charter cites that choose not to require prevailing wages in their public works contracts amounting to “naked aggression against charter cities.” According to the author, “The prevailing wage law is critical to the delivery of a quality construction product because it encourages contractors to perform the work with an efficient, skilled and streamlined workforce, ultimately creating longterm cost-savings to the taxpayers. This legislation is designed to provide incentives to charter cities to follow the prevailing wage law on municipal projects and thereby deter the underground economy and lowroad construction models driven by unscrupulous contractors.”

The Gilroy Chamber of Commerce is the “voice of business,” continually taking action on your behalf. According to the Gilroy Dispatch, Assembly Member Luis Alejo has stated, “prevailing wage ends up saving taxpayer dollars with quality construction and that he feels an obligation to foster public policy that promotes jobs in our communities and strengthens local economies.” In the opinion of Gilroy Mayor Don Gage, “public funds should be used on projects that provide fair pay, stimulate the local economy, provide a competitive field and use a skilled labor force.”   California cities, our local businesses, residents and services are suffering greatly under current economic and policy-related challenges. The ability of our region’s charter cities to govern “municipal affairs,” specifically how the city spends its tax dollars, is of utmost importance. It is imperative that our charter cities maintain their “home rule” provision, specifically in matters of finance and contracting.

Furthermore, the provisions in this legislation would detrimentally impact our local general contractors’ ability to negotiate and maintain internal agreements with union and non-union workers. According to lead opponent, League of California Cities, “This bill will retroactively punish voters, residents and businesses within of 51 charter cities for exercising their right to weigh in on how city funds are spent by denying them access to any state funding for public works. SB 7 also fundamentally infringes on the right to vote of residents of charter cities — a right protected by both the California and U.S. Constitutions. SB 7 essentially nullifies the votes of those voters by imposing conditions on the voting after the election occurred.” The next hearing on SB 7 is slated for August 14 in the Assembly Labor and Employment Committee. You are encouraged to contact Committee member, our local Assembly Member Luis Alejo to give your opinion by calling 916. 319.2030 or emailing district representative Brandi Garcia at   The Gilroy Chamber of Commerce is the “voice of business,” continually taking action on your behalf. Whether you are a home-based business or a large corporation, legislation that is not business-friendly affects your bottom line. Each month, the Government Relations Committee meeting on the second Friday from 7:30 – 9 a.m. at the Chamber headquarters, 7471 Monterey Street, Gilroy.  All members are encouraged to attend and learn about local, regional, and state issues. To receive an agenda, contact or call Susan Valenta, President/C.E.O. at 408.842.6437 for more information. We encourage you to provide the Chamber with your experiences, thoughts, and opinions as we continue to advocate for you as continually strive to live up to our motto, “Your business | Is our business.”

KRISTINA CHAVEZ WYATT Farmhouse Communications

Gilroy Business Focus I August 2013

What’s new with Chamber Businesses! MyEroe is excited to announce their new “All-You-Can-Eat” proactive small business IT support service. Customers can now take advantage of unlimited proactive IT services and support for a flat monthly fee. MyEroe’s IT support function prevents computer problems from the start instead of waiting for unexpected downtime, data loss, or interruptions in business. “If you’re charging by the hour, it’s hard to have an incentive to be proactive,” says Daniel Ames, founder and CEO. “We give our customers uptime and an IT budget they can predict.”  MyEroe is a local, responsive and respected computer support service and high speed internet company dedicated to keeping your IT infrastructure running on budget, efficiently and with zero downtime. All services are backed by their Fanatical Customer Service, and your complete satisfaction is their sole ambition! Visit MyEroe online at for more information! Phylis Mantelli, Wardrobe Consultant for Etcetera Clothing/Divine Styles announces that the new ETC Fall Collection 2013 will be here September 12-18!  New this season is their Accessories line! Be the first to view and purchase their jewelry, scarves, and basic tee shirt line. In addition to their beautiful unique clothing line, they now have something for everyone! Don’t wait; call or e-mail today to make your personal appointment in September and if you love to shop with friends, they can do a “Girlfriends Hour” just for you! Let Phylis show you the best looks for your body shape, the latest trends, colors and patterns. Be on the lookout for our September coupon in Discover Gilroy for a special treat! Appointment days and times: Monday-Friday 10-7pm; Saturday 10-1pm (during the selling season). Call 408. 398-2502 or visit or check out her Facebook page @ Affordable, personal training in the best and largest studio in Gilroy can be yours, starting at $7 a session. Net fitness, 7560 Monterey Street, is offering Boot Camp Classes; Transitional Training and Interval Training. Learn more by calling 408-846-9008 or email Laura Wrede, freelance writer, photographer, and artist at PGSstudio. com received an award from Yahoo this month for reaching her 1 million reader mark on Yahoo. Laura is August 2013 I Gilroy Business Focus

also currently displaying some of her work from her book, “My Ocean” at the Gilroy Arts Alliance Landscape Show. The book is available on Amazon and her art work will be at Corban University in Salem, OR at an invitational solo show. Laura can be reached at 408-202-9128 or www.pgsstudio. com. Dr. Li at Eye C Optometry reminds us that back-to-school is just around the corner. A comprehensive eye examination should be on your to do list. There are many subjects that demands visual skills that children are required to perform every day. Now’s the time, prepare for the new school year. Call now to schedule appointment 408-842-0101. Eye C is “The Clear Choice in Eye Care”, 6815 Camino Arroyo #60.

Kat Filice & Jason Raby Articulate Solutions Jason Raby has recently been named a full partner in Articulate Solutions, Inc., southern Silicon Valley’s leading design and communications agency. As the firm’s Technical and Art Director, Jason will sit on the Board of Directors and will share leadership and management duties with company founder and Executive Creative Director Katherine Filice. Jason has contributed his design expertise as well as technical skills to a number award-winning projects and looks forward to helping guide the company’s future growth as they expand into more advanced interactive design, social media and search engine optimization. You can call Kat or Jason at 408-842-2275 and visit

Operation Freedom Paws is hosting a Dinner Dance & Wine Event on September 6, 5:30-9:30 pm at Fortino Winery, 4525 Hecker Pass Highway. Tickets are $50 per guest or $450 for a table of ten. The evening will feature dinner, desserts and drinks; silent and live auctions; music; door prizes and more. Monies earned will allow OFP to provide services to Veterans at no cost for the dog, supplies or associated training. For tickets or more information contact Colleen at 408-832-6712; Garlic City Computer and Network would like to thank all of their customers for voting them again as the “Best computer and Network Support”. They accept this award with great pride, as they first and foremost care about their customers and providing quality service at an affordable price. GCCN will help you with all your information technology needs, virus removal and network design and implementation to PC tune-ups and wireless installation and will provide support for your home and business. Check the web at or email or phone 408-465-6200. Pintello Comedy Theater presents Ned Durango Comes to Big Oak, written by Norm Foster. The new show stars Mike Perry, Kel Whisner, Shelby McClelland, Tiffany Melgarejo and Rod Pintello as Ned Durango. The comedy opens on August 23 and runs Friday and Saturday nights at 8 pm for four weekends, closing on Friday, September 13. One matinee performance will be presented on Sunday, August 25 at 2pm. reservations and information are online at or by calling 408-337-1599 or email

The Gavilan College Community Spirit Awards, created in 1999, recognizes contributions to the communities which form the Gavilan Joint Community College District. Each year three sets of awards are presented, for the communities of Morgan Hill, Gilroy and San Benito County. Nominations are due by August 31 and can be found online at pio/Community_Spirit_Awards. html and the Gilroy awards will be presented at the November 20 Breakfast Club. With long-time Leedo Gallery owner, Charlie Clark retiring, we welcome new owner, Kim Rossi. Kim is a certified framer of art and textiles; has been in the framing business since 1989 and an employee of Leedo Gallery since its opening nearly 18 years ago. She loves helping customers select beautiful mats, moldings, and glass, and will provide top-quality service at affordable prices. Stop by and see their collection of paintings, prints, frames, and collectibles at 7436 Monterey Street or on-line at InfoPower Communications celebrated the seventh anniversary of publishing Gilroy Today at a Seven Year Itch Gala held at the home of Addie and Ron Habit in July. They unveiled the cover of their new publication, Morgan Hill Today, a quarterly magazine for and about the community of Morgan Hill. The magazine was released on July 23rd. It can be viewed on the website at SUE THURMAN

Business Relationship Manager, Gilroy Chamber of Commerce

22nd Annual Business Showcase & Mixer Stimulate your business and professional success at the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce 22nd Annual Spotlight on Business Tradeshow. Slated for Thursday, September 12, from 4 – 7:30 p.m. at the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce, 7471 Monterey Street, the event offers businesses a forum to generate new leads, build new accounts, launch new products and services, and broaden a market reach. Chamber members can now reserve complimentary space by contacting Sue Thurman at 408-842-6437 or members@

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Gilroy Garlic Festival Association sponsors July Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club attendees enjoy a morning of entertainment, Festival and community updates, and a sneak preview of the 2013 Gilroy Garlic Festival.

2013 Garlic Festival Queen, Olivia Echeverria performs an opera aria

CELEBRATING 35 YEARS of fun in the sun, the Gilroy Garlic Festival Association began the countdown with their annual July Breakfast Club. 2013 Festival President, Dr. Dennis Harrigan, gave attendees a glimpse of this year’s event, and the history of giving. To date, the Festival has given away over $9.7 million to local non-profit organizations with funding of major capital improvements to benefit the community. This year, renovations as a result of the Festival’s investment in the community, over 20 full grown trees will provide additional shade to the Ranch side of the park. Additionally, major renovations to the Mulberry picnic grounds will enhance the Children’s Area. The new “Zesty Garlic Fried Calamari” promises to be a big hit, and the Cook-Off Stage is slated to be another grand success. The community of Gilroy applauds the Gilroy Garlic Festival and joins in the success of celebrating 35 years of fun in the sun.

Elaine Bonino receives Nob Hill Good Egg Award THE GILROY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE awarded the Nob Hill Foods “Good Egg” award to Elaine Bonino at the July Breakfast Club meeting for her history of volunteerism in the community. According to Eric Gebhardt, 2013 Chair of the Board, “Our recipient is an individual who has taken Gilroy to heart and has contributed to her community many times over.” Elaine is a lifelong resident of South Santa Clara County and is a part of the Bonino Farming family. She is a retired teacher but continues to contribute her teaching talents at Brownell School. Since the inception of the Gilroy Sister Cities organization, Elaine works closely with the organization and has helped facilitate home stays for Sister Cities guests who visit Gilroy annually. The Gilroy Garlic Festival celebrates its 35th year, and over those years Elaine has served in a variety of capacities: Queen Pageant Chair, Advisory Board, Associate Chair of Garlic Braiding, recipe contest reviews, and other satellite events. Elaine is always assisting behind the scenes at events – whether it is the Gilroy Garlic Festival, the American Association of University Woman, Sister Cities, fundraisers, or the Italian Catholic Federation where she coordinates their annual scholarship program. Gilroy is a great place to live, work, and visit, and it is people like Elaine Bonino who make Gilroy great.

Page 6

Elaine Bonino receives the July Good Egg award for her spirit of community.

Gilroy Business Focus I August 2013


Fortino Winery and Event Center hosts July Business After Hours Mixer ESTABLISHED IN 1970, Fortino Winery today harvests over 50 acres of vineyards in the south valley in the production of award-winning wines. Their popular tasting room features many of their wines including Reisling, Maribella, Cabernet, Carbono, Extra dry Champagne and Apricot wine. Their wines have been recognized in both local and international competitions, most recently winning a silver at the San Francisco Wine Competition. Today, Gino and Teri Fortino operate the winery.

Teri Fortino welcomes Chamber guests at the July Mixer.

South County Ram Commercial Truck Center receives Business Beautification Award SOUTH COUNTY RAM COMMERCIAL TRUCK CENTER, located at 500 Stutz Way in Gilroy, is a prime example of the investment local businesses make in the Gilroy community. At the July Breakfast Club, owner, Brian Greenwood, was presented the Business Beautification award in recognition for the renovation of the dealership and creating a location with a lot of curb appeal. According to Eric Gebhardt, 2013 Chair of the Board, “Our Gilroy Auto Mall is an important tax generator in Gilroy, and the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors applauds the commitment of local businesses, such as South County Ram Commercial Truck Center, in beautifying their property and creating a visually-appealing welcome mat for customers when they Shop Gilroy.� August 2013 I Gilroy Business Focus

Brian Greenwood, owner South County RAM Commercial Truck Center, 500 Stutz Way, receives the Business Beautification Award for his recently remodeled and renovated dealership. Presenting on behalf of the Chamber was Eric Gebhardt, 2013 Chairman of the Board.

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Comm unity Happ enings

InfoPower Communication proudly presents a magazine for and about the community of Morgan Hill.

Fall 2013 Issue of Gilroy Today … everywhere you do business on September 1st. • •

New Member Articles Station 55 Bar & Grill Owners: Charles and Shauna Davis • 55 5th Street • 408-840-2444 Station 55 owners, Charles and Shauna Davis states “As members of this amazing community, we strive daily to give back to those that have dedicated themselves to serving others. This focus extends not just to the borders of our city but to all men and women that have given their time for the greater good of others. We would like to extend an invitation for your next social get-together, meeting or dining experience. All members of Fire, Law Enforcement, EMT, Veterans and any other public servant receive a 15% discount on dining and catering.” Station 55 also extends a helping hand with any fundraising you may need. With their meeting rooms and a reputation for great service, Station 55 Bar & Grill is the perfect spot for groups of various sizes. They offer a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu with daily specials. There is live entertainment throughout the week; Karaoke Thursday and Sunday nights; bands Friday and Saturday nights as well as free stand-up comedy every Wednesday. Enjoy their $3.99 Breakfast Monday through Friday. Open 7 days a week, Sunday through Thursday, 7am-11pm; Friday & Saturday, 7am-1am. AFLAC Dana Louie • Office 831-663-1900 • Cell 408-430-4088 AFLAC, the American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus, GA., was founded in 1955 and currently has a greater market-share than all its competitors combined, found in 480,000 businesses across the U.S. AFLAC reduces payroll and worker’s comp costs and provides voluntary participation by employee workgroups of three or more through a payroll deduction plan. Administration of plan benefits and updates during their annual enrollment is provided by AFLAC agents at no cost to the business. Their operations model provides cash for covered benefits paid directly to policyholders in just a few days. Dana may be able to reduce the costs of deductibles and co-payments on existing and future comprehensive health policies and your valued employees will appreciate these efforts to retain them. South County Commercial Truck Center Owner: Brian Greenwood • 500 Stutz Way • 408-848-9600 As one of the largest truck dealers in northern California, South County Commercial Truck Center provides trucks to farmers from Paso Robles to Washington State. They have heavy-duty trucks, classes 1-8 in a variety of price ranges, they understand and know their products, and proudly feature RAM trucks, new and used. Their partnership with Penske allows them to sell their used vehicles and they also carry GMC, Chevy, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, RAM and motorcycles.

Quick • Convenient • High Quality Friendly Professional Staff

Easy Fundraising Ask for Details! 951 First Street Next to Safeway

847.9910 Open 7 Days A Week Summer Hours: 7:00 am - 7:30 pm

Discover Gilroy

Frequent our local businesses and help keep Gilroy’s economy strong. Page 8

South County Crossfit Owners: Alfy & Benae Basurto • 7789 Wren Ave. • 408-767-2120 Focusing on all muscle groups SCCrossfit is the place for kids, teens and adults to train. Become a power athlete, faster and stronger. Kids enrolled in Gilroy schools receive one month of training for free. Both Alfy and Benae are licensed and certified trainers, and they also focus on nutrition. Visit their facebook page for hundreds of before and after photos of real people they have helped. South County Crossfit is open Monday through Thursday, 5:30am-7pm; Friday 5:30am-1pm and Saturday from 6am-12. Bella Viva Ristorante e Caffé Owners: Kellen & Lindsay McBain • 7423 Monterey Street • 408-842-3723 Named for its interpretation of “Beautiful Life”, Bella Viva welcomes guests to a warm and inviting atmosphere the moment they arrive. The recently renovated 101 year- old-building enhances the former Gilroy landmark, The Steinmetz Building, with new graceful arches and rustic wood-floors and a vaulted ceiling foyer. Owners Kellen & Lindsay McBain provides their guests with an unparalleled experience. The wine list has been systematically selected utilizing Kellen’s epidemiological background to find the best quality wines at a fair price. Buon Appetito! Continued on page 9 Gilroy Business Focus I August 2013

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Larry & J. Chris Mickartz, InfoPower Communications celebrated the seventh year anniversary of publishing their quarterly magazine, Gilroy Today, by thanking all the individuals and businesses who have helped make the magazine successful. They also presented the cover and electronic version of their new magazine, Morgan Hill Today, stating that “Special Communities Deserve Special Publication.” 12ERM0272 . © 2012 EverBank. All rights reserved.

Patti and John Tartaglia, owners of Patti’s Perfect Pantry, proudly cut the red ribbon in front of their new location at 1280 F First Street. Patti specializes in gluten-free baking and her shop features rolls, cookies, cakes, breads (even lunch specialties) and refreshing teas.

New Member Articles, continued from page 8 Warren’s Mobile Repair Owner/Manager: Warren Soriano • 408-565-8885 Warren’s Mobile Repair is an independent contractor for iCracked - the world’s largest iPhone repair company with over 300 iTechs in eleven different countries. They repair cracked glass on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices. Their service is mobile so Warren’s Mobile Repair comes to you.

August 2013 I Gilroy Business Focus

In most cases, they repair your iPhone while you wait, and iPads and iPods will be returned within 24 hours. All parts come from iCracked, so they are backed with their 99 year warranty against defect. We guarantee our work - and you will have access to iCracked’s network of iTechs where ever you go. Check out Open Mon-Fri 8:30am - 5:00pm, Sat 8:30am - 12pm

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Our thanks for the Raffle Prize donations from: Mixer Fortino Winery Joyce’s Collectibles Gilroy Healthcare Nimble Thimble South County LineX Rabobank

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The Gilroy Chamber of Commerce appreciates the support of our members. Investment dollars are dedicated to vital programs such as economic development, scholarships, business marketing, leadership programs and more. We applaud each of you for helping make Gilroy a better place to live and work.

Bella Viva Ristorante e Caffe’

20 YEARS & OVER Al Pinheiro Insurance Agency Clear Sound Productions Caravelle World Travel Community Solutions Greco & Filice, C.P.A.s Saint Mary Parish and School

777 First Street #260 • Gilroy

10 YEARS & OVER A.E. Boggs Training Cheri Colon Gilroy Medical Park Ideal Environmental Products Mama Mia’s Ristorante Italiano Mark Jacobsen Stages Unlimited State Farm Insurance, Gina Lopez

9736 Laredo Way • Gilroy

5 YEARS & OVER Congregation Emeth Data Mate Bookkeeping The Dog House Inn

7423 Monterey Street • Gilroy (408) 842-3723 Wine Bar / Restaurant Gilroy Demonstration Garden/ Gilroy Farmer’s Market (948) 981-0268 - Garden (408) 430-4545 - Market Organizations Leespack Company (510) 709-4222 Wholesale Morgan Hill Youth Sports Alliance, Inc. 16755 Jackson Oaks Drive • Morgan Hill (408) 778-3900 Organizational Services Ram Construction Gilroy – (408) 667-1036

Temporary or long-term, Express has skilled workers ready to fit your business needs.

Contractors / Construction

Contact us and see how Express can help.


Positions include: • Administrative • Clerical • Warehouse • Shipping and Receiving

7454 Monterey Street • Gilroy (408) 337-8970 Computer / Cell Phone Repair

(408) 778-0729 18525 Sutter Blvd., Suite 210 Morgan Hill, CA 95037

South County Ram Commercial Truck Center 500 Stutz Way • Gilroy (408) 848-9600

New members introduced their products and services at the July Breakfast Club meeting. Pictured here (l-r) Joseph DeHerrera, Modern Management; Dana Louie, AFLAC; Shauna and Charles Davis, Station 55 Bar & Grill; and Warren Soriano, Warren’s Mobile Repair.

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Auto / Truck Sales

Gilroy Business Focus I August 2013


you can’t predict the future, but you can plan for it.


integrated financial benefits network (i fit) provides individual and corporate clients with comprehensive financial plans to help reduce taxes, minimize estate transfer costs and increase retirement income. We offer recommendations regarding insurance coverage, investment instruments, retirement plans and employer/employee benefits. Our customized solutions provide peace of mind by creating thoughtful, dynamic plans to secure a strong financial future for our clients.

Our unique process introduction & initial meeting Getting to know you, team identification — Are we a good fit? Materials distribution — Goals planning Complimentary initial investment analysis discovery Understand and clarify goals and data Questions and dialogue Set delivery and strategy meeting strategy Review and clarify cash flow, net worth, plan delivery, goal summary, issue statement and analysis Financial plan delivery and implementation process implementation Progress toward goal integration Needs and goal decisions — estate, investment, risk management Peace of mind, decision and clarification

West Side Nursery is a family business, and the Sullivan family welcome everyone to discover all the fine plants and trees they offer on their one acre nursery. Pictured here is the Sullivan team (l-r) Chris, Christine, Caroline, Catherine, and Carrie.

West Side Nursery celebrates 20 years in Gilroy West Side Nursery is conveniently located at 3875 Hecker Pass Highway, along a bucolic road featuring wineries, golfing, antiques and collectibles, a horticulture theme park, and a research facility. The Gilroy Business Focus features this family-owned, retail nursery business as they celebrate their 20th year in Gilroy.

What were the early beginnings of West Side Nursery? West Side Nursery has always been a family-owned and operated business and is run by my husband, Chris and myself along with our dedicated, professional staff. Our family has grown over the years with the birth of our daughters Catherine, Christine, and Caroline, so our customers have been an integral part of our family watching our girls grow. We love this region and have called it home for many years.

We value your future. Jeffrey m. orth, chfc, casl Investment Advisor Representative of HTK • CA License #OC49291 408.842.2716 phone • 408.848.5356 fax 7881 Church Street, Suite B • Gilroy, CA 95020 •

9930 Research Drive, Suite 100 Irvine, CA 92618 • 949.754.1700 A1JC-1229-25

call for a complimentary consultation today!

Registered representative of and securities and investment advisory services offered through Hornor, Townsend & Kent, Inc. (HTK) • Registered Investment Advisor • Member FINRA/SIPC HTK is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company • IFit is independent of HTK

Tell us about some of the products and services available We carry an extensive assortment of plants for residential and commercial landscaping projects. Our customers are always delighted with the types of plants we carry including Japanese Maples, roses, fruit trees, perennials, and seasonal vegetables and bedding plants. Most of our plants are grown in Gilroy, so they do extremely well since they are already accustomed to our climate. Another advantage is that we always carry a large inventory of plants, and if we do not have a hard-to-find plant, we will try to locate it for our customers.

What do your customers tell you? Well, for one, they tell us they like the ability to browse through our large trees and pick out their own tree from our extensive collection. Customers also like the convenience of being within a 10 minute drive from the center of Gilroy, and spend a leisurely afternoon in a lovely, country setting surrounded by beautiful plants. They also like the fact that we offer gift certificates which has introduced even more people to our nursery collection.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your business? West Side Nursery celebrates 20 years in business because we care about our customers and love what we do. We are certified nursery professionals, and provide more than plant material – we provide exceptional service and experience. We are open to the public Thursday through Monday throughout the year from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Our family extends an invitation to stop by and visit us at West Side Nursery. August 2013 I Gilroy Business Focus

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When local businesses like Articulate Solutions need a trusted advisor for business contracts and partnership agreements, they turn to Lloyd Lowrey and the team of experienced legal experts at Noland, Hamerly, Etienne & Hoss.

Jason Raby, Katherine Filice, and their corporate attorney Lloyd Lowrey

408.846.1118 or 831.424.1414 8080 Santa Teresa Blvd. Suite 230 Gilroy, California 95020

Jason Raby, Katherine Filice, and their corporate attorney Lloyd Lowrey

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Gilroy Business Focus I August 2013

Gilroy Business Focus – August | 2013 Edition  
Gilroy Business Focus – August | 2013 Edition  

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