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A publication of the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce l February 2013









Gilroy Chamber Your Business Is Our Business

Mayor Don Gage addresses the business community at the Chamber breakfast meeting in January. The Mayor also was the featured speaker at the Network Café and participated in the Chamber’s strategic planning meeting.

THE GILROY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE brought business leaders together at a January 16 breakfast meeting to discuss programs and services that expand their business reach. From the 200,000 monthly Facebook impressions, business connections at events, and a full range of business services, attendees touted the resources they use on a regular basis to build their business network. Susan Valenta, President/C.E.O., stated, “The Gilroy Chamber of Commerce belongs to the business community, and the programs and services are a direct result of what our members have requested we develop. It is the business community that has created what the Chamber is today by initiating tourism, economic development, and leadership programs.”

Each month, the breakfast meeting is held at the Hilton Garden Inn as a forum for business marketing. In addition, updates on current events from the City of Gilroy, Gilroy Welcome Center, Gilroy Economic Development Corporation, and the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce keep the business community informed on local initiatives. JANUARY CHAMBER UPDATE: In January, the Chamber began a complete remodel of the breezeway that connects parking from the public parking area adjacent to Eigleberry

Street to Monterey Street. The project used local services including Aitken Associates Landscape Services, Landscape Innovations, and South County Rockery and Building. Mayor Don Gage gave a City of Gilroy update at the Network Café held at the Old City Hall Restaurant. Chamber Board held their annual retreat at the Hilton Garden Inn. The one-day session identified strategic plans and goals for 2013. The Gilroy Chamber of Commerce generated +$55,000 for local businesses in the month of January.

Congratulations to the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce 2013 Spice of Life recipients Sig Sanchez




Costco of Gilroy


Mafalda’s Bridal Shop




Barb Granter

Gilroy Foundation James Dent David Boll

60th Annual Awards Ceremony Saturday, February 9, 2013 San Juan Oaks Golf Club

Amoretto Boutique opened their expanded store location at 7490 Monterey Street and enjoyed a brisk holiday season. The store features unique gifts, clothing, jewelry and furniture. Sandra, Elena, and Hilda Castaneda welcomed everyone to their official grand opening and ribbon cutting. PRSRT/STD US POSTAGE


GILROY, CA 95020 PERMIT N. 221 Return Service Requested

Gilroy Chamber of Commerce OFFICERS


Gilroy prime for business growth

MAYOR GAGE is a strong advocate of our local businesses and the opportunities for business expansion. Past chair He is also a strong proponent for ERIC HOWARD • Bruce’s Tire, Inc. individuals and businesses to be chairman of the board-ElecT members of the Gilroy Chamber of DEBBI SANCHEZ • Fortino Winery Commerce because he recognizes Secretary/Treasurer that we can accomplish a lot when DAVID MATUSZAK, Ed.D. everyone gets involved. • Santa Clara County R.O.P. In my business, the Hilton Garden Vc OPERATIONS & DEVELOPMENT Inn, Gilroy is a good barometer of JAN PEAT • McDonald’s of Gilroy what is happening in our region. Vc public affairs When major events – whether GREGG GIUSIANA • Retired Police Chief cultural, recreational, or businessVc business programs & Services related – are taking place in areas DEBBI SANCHEZ • Fortino Winery north of us, we see the spike in activity at our property. As a local Vc MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS LISA CASSARA • Coldwell Banker business, our business connects thousands of guests with local BOARD OF DIRECTORS services and attractions. It goes without saying that downtown Gilroy is BRIGITTE NICHOLLS • Santa Barbara Bank & Trust missing many business opportunities. chair of the board ERIC GEBHARDT • Hilton Garden Inn

CHAR MARRAZZO • Marrazzo Financial LLOYD LOWREY • Noland,Hamerly,Etienne & Hoss MARK TURNER • South Valley Community Church CHERYL ELLEMBERG • ABD Promotions GINA LOPEZ • State Farm Insurance

CHAMBER STAFF Susan Valenta • President/CEO Michelle Garcia • Administrative Assistant Chris Bevilacqua • Administrative Assistant Rosie Vogel • Administrative Assistant Sue Thurman • Business Relationship Manager

WELCOME CENTER STAFF Jane Howard • Executive Director

Pam Gimenez • Office Manager Tracy Romero • Retail Service Coordinator


Tammy Brownlow • President/CEO Candace Van Sambeek, Administrative Assistant


EDITOR • Susan Valenta, President/CEO Gilroy Chamber of Commerce

PRODUCTION & DESIGN • J. Chris Mickartz InfoPOWER Communications

PHOTOGRAPHY • Larry Mickartz InfoPOWER Communications

7471 Monterey Street • Gilroy, CA 95020 web: e-mail: phone: (408) 842-6437

With Santa Clara County being the best-performing metro economy in the nation, I can guarantee you that Gilroy can get a piece of that pie. My guests come from all business sectors, and many are from corporate America. Being in the hospitality business, we try hard to meet and exceed our guest’s experience. Gilroy has an opportunity to do the same. With the resources and strategic planning the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce, Gilroy Economic Development Corporation, Gilroy Welcome Center, City of Gilroy, and Gilroy Downtown Business Association have done – or will be conducting — a common thread resounds for everyone: building a strong, local economy is something we all need to focus on. This has to

be the basis for job creation, tourism development, business expansion and retention, sales tax generation, and investment in our community. As Chair of the Board for the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce, I am confident that collaboration towards a common vision will bring Gilroy closer to the economic vitality we all know is pivotal to the success of our community.


2013 Chair of the Board Gilroy Chamber of Commerce


The good news and the bad news EVEN WITH THE DRAMA that continually permeates out of Washington, DC, the other side of the coast is doing fine – sort of. A bright bit of news was reported in January that Santa Clara County is the best-performing metro economy in the nation. The report was prepared by Milken Institute and cited the San Jose Metro area as the “leading innovation and technology ecosystem in the world.” With Gilroy being so close to this “epicenter” – a mere 35 minute drive – Gilroy is prime to be a sub-set of this economic engine. Meanwhile, California High Speed Rail is teaming up with Amtrak to research the purchase of buying similar trains for rail systems on the East and West Coast. A groundbreaking for the Central Valley section is expected for this summer with completion still projected for 2029. With the $69+ billion price tag, anything that speaks of efficiencies and collaboration is a plus.

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Then there is my favorite topic – CalPERS. Even though the state had a key anti-spiking provision in the new state pension law, CalPERS has decided to stand on their own interpretation: that the Legislature and governor meant to include special compensation in the basic “payrate” for new hires after January 1. What does that mean? Under the new interpretation, the new “payrate” will include “special skills, knowledge, abilities, work assignment, workdays or hours, other work conditions.” In a nutshell, this interpretation undermines the spirit of the law and creates another burden on a broken system. And, of course, we knew there would be other ‘surprises’. Who could have seen the 1% lumber tax coming? This is a new tax on wood purchases and was part of AB1492. The tax applies to lumber and products that have at least 10% wood, so every time you go to purchase lumber, the tax you just paid is

on your receipt. Just like the state budget, there are a lot of unintended consequences – including a request from the State Board of Equalization for $995,000 to cover the cost of collecting the tax and the need to hire four new employees. The prospect of future economic growth in our valley is contingent on the myriad of laws, regulations, taxes, and fees that directly affect the cost of doing business. With Santa Clara County receiving the designation of being an economic engine, we need to ensure that government does not disincentive that vitality of our region.

SUSAN VALENTA President/CEO Gilroy Chamber of Commerce

Gilroy Business Focus I February 2013


Discover Gilroy — a Premier Business Location THE BEGINNING of the New Year also marks the start of the heaviest marketing season for the Gilroy Economic Development Corporation (GEDC). Plans to market Gilroy as a business location at tradeshows and other events are underway. A new marketing piece produced by the GEDC, Discover Gilroy, is now available in print form and can be downloaded from our website. This brochure includes information about what makes Gilroy a great place to do business. With great

transportation access, available and affordable properties, a skilled workforce, and support services for businesses, Gilroy has everything a company needs to be successful. The GEDC has also recently updated the popular Economic Profile brochure, which contains important demographic data and economic indicators for the city. There are a number of indicators the GEDC continuously tracks, including unemployment rates, vacancy rates for each use type, and employ-

ment by sector. This publication and other more detailed reports are available on the GEDC website, or by stopping by our office for printed copies. DISCOVER, continued on page 8 TAMMY BROWNLOW

President/CEO Gilroy Economic Development Corporation

2013 California tourism key trends SIGNIFICANT CHANGES are occurring in the California marketplace that impact tourism destinations like Gilroy. These shifts are primarily the result of a dramatically-changed economic environment, though there are also changes in demographics, travel, socio-cultural and consumer value trends that tourism decision makers are evaluating. Following is a summary of the key tourism, economic, and demographic trends which provide a comprehensive context for the development of the Gilroy strategic marketing direction. Social and Cultural Trends – Consumers keep changing In addition to the changing economic and demographic situation several social trends are also impacting travel and tourism throughout the country. Changing consumer tastes include outdoor recreation spending, focus on health and wellness travel, increase in cultural tourism, priority on environmental issues, value-sensitive visitors continuing to prevail, and increase in purpose-driven travel. Marketing and communications factors influencing tourism are that travelers want flexibility and control by researching everything. Social media is more important as travelers resist more formal marketing requiring tourism destinations to focus more and more on customized targeting and offers. February 2013 I Gilroy Business Focus

Economic Trends — Improving but gas prices are higher in California. Both the U.S. and California economic pictures have changed significantly over time. Slowly, recession is giving way to an improved economic picture. One important economic issue that has been an ongoing concern is the price of fuel which can impact the travel decisions of price sensitive consumers. The price of gas in two primary feeder markets, San Jose and Los Angeles, are significantly higher than the U.S. average. It’s not known at this time if this issue will be of short term concern or if the issue presents a longer term threat to destination travel. California Demographic Trends California population growth between 2008 - 2018 is projected to be concentrated in three major groups: • College age and young adults (ages 20 - 34) will see an increase of just under 1 million. • Baby boomers (ages 55- 74) will account for an increase of 2.5 million. • Children ( ages 0 – 14) will see an increase of just over 1 million.

Domestic — Each year, California residents and visitors travel within the state to experience its variety of attractions, scenic beauty and local culture. According to the most recently released data by Visit California, for the first time the state generated over $100 billion in direct travel spending in 2011, a 5.5% increase over the preceding year. Changes in Ethnicity Another dynamic that is also changing the demographic picture is the growth of California’s various race/ethnic groups. Specifically, rapid growth is occurring within the Hispanic and Asian segments. The Hispanic segment is now projected to be the single largest ethnic segment in California. In conclusion, the Gilroy Welcome Center board of directors will be considering these key tourism trends and others as we move forward with the development of the GWC Marketing Action Plan for 2013. Details from the adopted marketing plan will be forthcoming in future Focus articles.


Executive Director Gilroy Welcome Center

California Travel Trends — California travel spending breaks a new record

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A new year and new beginnings — or not

Safe, sound and growing in California. Let’s grow together. We’re part of the Rabobank Group, one of the safest banks in the world. Count on us for all your banking needs. Business Banking Ÿ Checking, savings Ÿ CDs and money market accounts Ÿ Business loans and lines of credit Ÿ Agribusiness financing Ÿ Equipment leasing Ÿ Treasury management

Deanna Franklin Vice President Branch Manager 761 1st Street

Gilroy •

(408) 847-3133

In the Nob Hill Shopping Center

Rabobank, N.A. Member FDIC

IT’S A LITTLE OVERWHELMING how quickly 2013 has come upon us. Although looking back on all that has transpired over the past several months, there is no wonder how the many distractions of home, work, life and the “noise” of the world have made it pass us by so quickly. With many thanks to you, your engagement with the external political forces that hold a good deal of your future in their hands via support of the GilPAC, the ship has been turned ever so slightly. As always, there is a lot of work to do and fortunately, the Chamber takes their “your business is our business” tagline to heart and to task. From the local elections perspective, the Chamber’s recommended positions and GilPAC endorsements faired very well. First and foremost, we are very proud to see Don Gage elected mayor, council members Perry Woodward and Cat Tucker re-elected and Terri Aulman joining the council ranks. According to his remarks at the November GRC meeting, Mayor Gage is focusing on working with council to form short and long term goals, “pick off low hanging fruit,” seeking community support and guidance on realigning the city’s goals with a single focus on Gilroy’s future, and working as a team “period.” With the overwhelming passage of the Santa Clara Valley Water District parcel tax extension, the hard work comes in seeing that those funds are allocated responsibly and effectively and that as many of those funds possible are focused on projects that serve our local community and environments. The same story goes for the eighth-cent sales tax increase for transactions in the County unincorporated area. We must work with Supervisor Wasserman, local leaders and agencies to see that the estimated $50 million in annual revenue that is generated is put to work for our community, specifically for public health, welfare, public safety and voter registration. The County has a lot of work to do -- officials acknowledge their employee retirement costs will grow by $12 million in 2014, $24 million the year after and $36 million in 2016. The county has promised some $3 billion more in retirement perks than its plan has

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cash to cover, a debt of almost $5,000 per county household. THE BOTTOM LINE IN SACRAMENTO The passage of Proposition 30 takes some of the pressure off education, local government and health and welfare interests as far as balancing next year’s budget. However a very lean budget is expected from Governor Brown as revenues continue to lag projections and the remaining $2.6 billion hole not covered by Prop 30. It is important to note that Proposition 30 also imbeds into the State Constitution the guaranteed funding stream to counties for public safety and health and welfare realignment. It is imperative that we understand that Proposition 30 did not include provisions for new education funding, only sparing our schools (if only temporarily) from draconian cuts. Democratic supermajority wins for the respective houses will likely result in a number of efforts to “reform” the tax code, increase revenues through fees and taxes, lower the voter threshold for passage of taxes and bonds at the lower level. Depending on the proposals, the Governor will either go along with his party’s efforts or not. With supermajorities however, the Legislature can override the Governor’s vetoes. There is some light at the end of the tunnel. In the waning days of last year’s legislative session, there were hurried attempts to craft a CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) reform measure, something to give relief to businesses and improve California’s economic development outlook while also maintaining critical environmental protections. The effort was shelved at the last minute, put over for debate and resolution next year. Expect a number of job-growth and business-friendly measures, including some reforms of the CEQA process. Governor Brown’s proposed general fund budget currently weighs in at just above $97 billion. Additional spending includes $40 billion in special funds, $7.2 billion in bonds and $80 billion in federal funds. Unfortunately, this “balanced” budget fails to put forth more than a pittance for “rainy day fund”

reserves nor addresses the wall of debt. The finance department estimates there is still a $28 billion “Wall of Debt” built up over years of internal borrowing, as well as more than $100 billion in unfunded liabilities in state retirement health and pension systems. ON THE FEDERAL FRONT The status quo has won. President Obama secured a second term by winning a solid majority of Electoral College votes and narrowly winning the popular vote. Republicans retained control of the House, Democrats netted seven additional seats, leaving the balance of power in the House at 235-200. In the Senate, Democrats surprisingly added two seats to their majority (assuming Independent Angus King from Maine caucuses with Democrats) in an election that many had bet on the Republicans taking control of the Senate. The Democrats will now likely have a 55-45 seat majority in the Senate in the 113th Congress. BACK ON THE HOMEFRONT Government Relations Committee (GRC) program focuses for 2013 are currently in formulation including the Gilroy General Plan Update and land use, downtown revitalization, federal policy impacts on local businesses, forging and building relations with elected representatives and staff at all levels. To get engaged and focus our work plan most effectively for your business, simply contact the Chamber to be added to the GRC communication lists. As 2013 ramps into full swing, please still keep in mind the multiple benefits of patronizing and “occupying” Gilroy businesses, purchasing locally made and grown products. Wishing you, your family and business team a joyous and prosperous 2013! Kristina Chavez Wyatt is President of Farmhouse Communicaitons, a fullservice public affairs, public relations, community relations and grassroots coalition-building firm that serves clients throughout California’s Central Coast.

Gilroy Business Focus I February 2013

What’s new with Chamber Businesses! Paying for things you don’t really need? It doesn’t seem right. That’s why Union Bank is introducing Banking By Design -- an innovative, new way of banking that lets you choose the features in your checking account, so you don’t end up paying for the things you don’t need. Whether the feature is Non-Union Bank ATM transactions, Unlimited Check Supply, Online Bill Pay, Paper Statements or a whole lot of other options -- you choose. Letting you decide what goes into your checking account is just Union Bank’s way of doing the right thing. Stop by the Union Bank branch in Gilroy branch at 805 First Street to customize the checking account that’s right for you or visit to learn more. Dr. Debra Braunling-McMorrow is the new President and CEO of Learning Services, Inc., bringing the leadership and expertise that will ensure the company’s success in achieving further growth and expansion. She is past chair of the American Academy for the Certification of Brain Injury Specialists and has also served on the Brain Injury Association of America’s board of executive directors. Her knowledge and drive for excellence will set the stage for Learning Services to lead the industry in delivering the highest quality programs for people challenged by or living with acquired brain injuries. For more information

regarding Learning Services, isit or call 888-419-9955. Noland, Hamerly, Etienne & Hoss has been selected as one of the Martindale-Hubbell’s 2013 U.S. Top Ranked Law Firms. They are being recognized for having at least one of every three of their attorneys achieve the AV Preeminent ® rating and are in the top 1% of all law firms in the U.S. Their 14 attorneys represent both plaintiffs and defendants in civil litigation, complex business matters, develop sophisticated estate and tax planning strategies, structure successful real estate and development transactions, advise on water rights and environmental compliance and provide many diverse services to individual and trusts in Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito Counties. They can be reached at 831-424-1414 or www. Start 2013 off right at Chevys Fresh Mex— enjoy your favorite meal or choose from one of their many different options. There is Happy Hour from 2 pm to close, 7 days a week featuring delectable appetizers and the best margaritas in town (and they’re priced right too!). Chevy’s is also the perfect setting for a special event or banquet of any size with a fun and festive atmosphere. They will even bring the fiesta to you! And, if you are looking to raise money

for a good cause, Chevys makes fundraising easy and fun! Dine with Chevy’s and they will donate 15% of the proceeds to the non-profit organization of your choice. And don’t forget Valentine’s Day -- bring your special someone in to Chevys and dine—they will have a festive, romantic section just for you and your date. You can find out more on their website; stop by 8440 Murray Avenue or call 408847-2726. Ana Lelescu, California Passport invites you to connect with the earth and feel the rhythm of our California seasons as they slowly unfold. Discover hidden trails, native plants and enjoy a picnic lunch and winetasting at a nearby winery. These leisurely (maximum 1 hour) guided nature walks with Ron Erskine are on the 2nd Saturday of the month. Call 408-659-0050 for details and reservations. LeTip Gilroy meets every Wednesday at 11:30 am at Station 55, 55 5th Street, Gilroy, to exchange qualified leads, build solid business relationships and develop strong presentation skills. “We put dollars in your pocket by increasing referrals, in an atmosphere of loyalty and abundant psychological income”. In 2012 the members passed 1,658 warm or qualified business referrals and encourage you to visit them and see how they can help you increase and build your businesses. For more information please contact the Membership Chair of LeTip, Susie Haddock at shaddock@ interorealestate or 408-823-5872. WHAT’S NEW, continued on page 6

Temporary or long-term, Express has skilled workers ready to fit your business needs. Contact us and see how Express can help.

Positions include: • Administrative • Clerical • Warehouse • Shipping and Receiving (408) 778-0729 18525 Sutter Blvd., Suite 210 Morgan Hill, CA 95037

SUE THURMAN Gold’s Gym welcomed the community to take advantage of their state-of-the art facility conveniently located at 8795 San Ysidro Avenue in Gilroy. Celebrating one year in Gilroy, their professional staff is available to customize a fitness program to fit every need. February 2013 I Gilroy Business Focus

Business Relationship Manager, Gilroy Chamber of Commerce

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Coldwell Banker, Greenwood Motors and Gilroy Gardens host December Mixer COLDWELL BANKER, Greenwood Motors, and Gilroy Gardens hosted a grand party in December surrounded by the festive lights of Gilroy’s jewel – Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park. A full evening of networking, refreshments, door prizes, and a walk through the wonderland of holiday decorations garnered an enthusiastic crowd. New model cars from the Green Motors selection of new model cars helped attendees with their holiday “wish list”.

Law Offices of James A. Ward hosts January After Hours Mixer WITH BUSINESS CARDS in hand, attendees built their network on refreshments at the Law Offices of James A. Ward in January. The firm specializes in elder law and estate planning and is located at 7810 Monterey Street in Gilroy. James A. Ward, of the Law Offices of James A Ward addresses Chamber members.

Santa Barbara Bank & Trust Sponsors December Breakfast SANTA BARBARA BANK & TRUST sponsored the December Breakfast Club for the benefit of St. Joseph’s Family Center. True to the generosity of Gilroy, attendees contributed over $1,200 to St. Joseph’s Family Center during the breakfast. The morning was filled with a return performance of the “12 days of Christmas” along with valuable door prizes, business connections, and community updates. The event is held the third Wednesday of every month from 6:45 – 8 a.m. at the Hilton Garden Inn. Brigitte Nicholls, Gilroy Branch Manager Santa Barbara Bank & Trust Page 6


continued from page 5 Pacific West Christian Academy will hold Open Houses at each campus every Friday in February and March from 9 am to 2 pm (Preschool 9 am-12 pm) or by appointment any day of the week. Meet staff, view curriculum, tour campuses and learn how PWCA partners in educating and nurturing students’ minds and heart. Details: 408-847-7922 or visit Pinnacle Bank is pleased to announce that prominent local banker, Kurt Michielssen, has joined the Pinnacle Bank Team as Senior Vice President, Senior Relationship Manager. Kurt will be located at the Pinnacle Bank headquarters office at the corner of Monterey and Fourth in downtown Gilroy. Kurt brings 38 years of banking experience and deep community roots to our local community bank. ABD Promotions is excited to announce that they have six advertising screens in Gilroy and seven in Morgan Hill. ABD enjoys working with screen partners who are local business people, and they truly believe in providing affordable advertising prices. Get your local business noticed with video screen advertisements at high traffic locations. ABD Promotions and Website Design is your one-stop to help market your business. Their flagship service is the design and maintenance of first class websites and E-commerce sites. Contact ABD at 408-634-0007 or visit www. Hello Gorgeous Salon welcomes Cherise Mantia, esthetician, who will be operating the Salon’s new Facial Room Monday and Tuesdays from 9 am-7 pm and by appointment for other days/times. Cherise specializes in Microdermabrasion and can be reached at 408-655-0550. New Balance Shoes will be celebrating President’s Day weekend (February 14 – February 18) with WHAT’S NEW, continued on page 9 Gilroy Business Focus I February 2013


Beautification Award presented to the Vacuum Center of Gilroy

Mike Brownfield, co-owner of Gilroy Vacuum Center is presented the December Beautification award from 2012 Chairman of the Board, Eric Howard. The Gilroy Vacuum Center is considered a model business development in the Gilroy downtown core with its downstairs retail, upstairs office space. The development was the result of an

THE VACUUM CENTER of Gilroy was presented the Business Beautification award in December in recognition of their building located in the downtown. In 2004, Mike and Eva Brownfield decided to take advantage of the fee waiver program the city offered to assist property owners with downtown revitalization efforts. The Vacuum Center of Gilroy is a prime example of pride in ownership and an understanding that downtown revitalization is a community effort. The Vacuum Center of Gilroy successfully developed a quality site for the overall improvement of downtown by working with a City program designed to spur positive change. The Vacuum Center of Gilroy is located at 7463 Monterey Street – they also have a location in Morgan Hill. Check them out and see what a difference property owners make in the revitalization of their downtown.

February 8 Government Relations Committee 7:30 – 9:00 a.m. l The Chamber

February 13 Social Media Network

4:00 – 5:00 p.m. l The Chamber

February 20 Breakfast Club

6:45 – 8:00 a.m. l Hilton Garden Inn Sponsored by Gilroy Rotary/ South County Sunrise Rotary

February 27 Networking Cafe 11:45 – 1:00 p.m. Station 55


February 2013 I Gilroy Business Focus


10:12 AM

Wouldn’t you rather talk to a friend about your financial future?

Mary Cortani is a Good Egg THE GILROY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE presented Mary Cortani with the Nob Hill Foods Good Egg award at the January Breakfast Club meeting in recognition of her support to returning veterans. The award is presented each month to an individual, group, organization or business which contributes on a volunteer basis to making Gilroy a better place to live and work. According to Eric Gebhardt, 2013 Chairman of the Board, “Gilroy is fortunate to have many people who continually go the extra mile. Mary is someone who goes that extra mile in enriching the lives of an important group of people – our returning veterans.” Mary took the lead in creating Operation Freedom Paws. Her work has been instrumental both in bringing awareness to the issues of veterans – both male and female – suffering from Post Trauma Stress Disorder and sexual trauma; and with providing a viable tool to assist veterans trying to begin a life of normalcy. With her skills, Mary has been working diligently in training service dogs to assist veterans suffering from various stress disorders. In a quote from a recent article in the Gilroy Dispatch, Mary stated, “This is not about me; it is about the veterans and the sacrifices that they and their families have made. This honor is for them.”


Charlene Marrazzo, Financial Consultant CA Insurance Lic. #OH15519

I’ll listen and help you make educated decisions about investment, retirement and insurance planning.

8339 Church Street, Suite 117 • Gilroy p 408.852.1820 • c 408.607.1998 e

Mary Cortani receives the Nob Hill Foods Good Egg award for 2013 Chairman of the Board, Eric Gebhardt. Mary received the award for her ongoing efforts to ensure that returning veterans received support through Operation Freedom Paws.

Charlene Marrazzo is a registered representative with, and securities offered through LPL Financial FINRA/SIPC.

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Nathan Heredia gets a High Five from the Chamber Nathan Heredia and his mother, Lena, receive a gift basket from Joanne Allen, President/CEO of Saint Louise Regional Hospital. Nathan was recognized for initiating a toy drive during the holidays.

NATHAN HEREDIA was awarded the High Five Youth award at the Chamber’s January Breakfast Club meeting for his efforts in making Christmas special by collecting toys for children who were in the hospital over the holidays. Nathan is a very strong, brave young man and there were Christmases not too long ago that he, too, was confined to a hospital bed at the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto. Nathan remembers how special he felt when his holidays were filled with toys that others gave to him. This past December Nathan organized a toy drive because he wanted to share the joy of Christmas to other young people, like him, who cannot be at home for the holidays but love waking up Christmas morning with toys lining the bed. According to Nathan’s expert opinion in what types of toys were best to bring: Hot Wheel cars and dinosaurs. “But anything else is good, too,” he said, “Bring lots of them, so all the kids can play.” Saint Louise Regional Hospital was the January sponsor of the Youth High Five award and presented Nathan with a gift of his favorite toys.

DISCOVER, continued from page 3 Following are a few of the leading indicators the GEDC uses for internal tracking and in our business attraction and retention efforts: UNEMPLOYMENT RATES

Gilroy Santa Clara County State




16.1% 13.6% 11.6% 10.9% 9.1% 7.7% 12.5% 10.9% 9.8%

Source: CA Employment Development Department VACANCY RATES

Industrial R&D Warehouse Retail

3Q 2010

3Q 2011

3Q 2012

27.3% 17.5% 18.1% 21.9% 21.9% 38.3% 5.3% 7.2% 10.4% 7.7% 6.6% 6.9%

Source: Colliers Research & Forecast Report: Terranomics DEMOGRAPHIC SNAPSHOT

Population 49,582 Households 14,403 $75,483 Median Household Income Median Age 32.4 Educational Attainment/Bachelor’s degree or higher 24%

Source: 2010 U.S. Census Bureau; American Community Survey The GEDC can also provide valuable information on consumer spending, occupational wage rates, detailed demographic information, available buildings, and more. Please contact the GEDC for a customized analysis of data specific to the needs of your business at (408) 847-7611 or email president@gilroyedc. org. Also, visit our website at to sign-up for our new monthly e-newsletter. Page 8

Gilroy Business Focus I February 2013

local and ready to lend Contact me to learn more

Chris Hoch Mortgage Loan Officer 408.430.3837

12erM0272. © 2012 everBank. all rights reserved.

New Member Articles dear jane, inc. 7810 Monterey Street 408-420-8942

a high success rate in coaching clients through career transitions, navigating corporate environments and working with today’s job market.

dear jane Inc. is a career services company, headquartered in Gilroy. Rebecca Martin, author, career expert, and professional speaker, believes that people can succeed in navigating through corporate and business environments, as well as their career transitions if they can first identify what is right for them. She is dedicated to helping and coaching management and individuals and is extremely passionate about the career management and human capital industries. Today, dear jane, Inc. develops and delivers career management training classes, workshops, seminars and coaching to small businesses and companies as well as individuals on a global basis. Since its inception, dear jane Inc. has enjoyed

SuperGreen Solutions 5155 Stevens Creek Blvd. #100 Santa Clara, 95051 408-244-2887 Owner: Belinda Vega SuperGreen Solutions is a onestop retail store for energy efficient products and offers a unique and complete approach to energy efficiency with a variety of products to reduce your energy usage and thereby minimize your investment requirement. They are a minority, woman-owned business that provides solar power, wind power, water heaters, insulation and electric car chargers, air purifiers, atmospheric water generators and non-toxic pest control products.

WHAT’S NEW, continued from page 6 a huge sale: 25% off your entire purchase of $100 or more. Stop by their store at 8155 Arroyo Circle, Suite 7 at the Gilroy Premium Outlets. Are you ready to jump into spring with a new look? Well, look no further than Divine Styles, ETC and Phylis Mantelli. She is ready to help update your wardrobe with current styles, or mix-it-up with your old favorites and you will have a fresh working wardrobe. The Spring, 2013 Collection will be available March 7 – 13, and if you are one of the first 10 people to book a personal appointment, you will receive $50 off your order! Phylis suggests that you bring a piece of clothing that you would like to match up to the spring selection for a fresh look. The Gilroy Assistance League is now accepting grant requests for the year 2013 that will benefit Gilroy youth organizations. Last year GAL gave $12,500 to various youth services such as GHS Gifted Games, Unspoken Works, GHS/ CHS Marching Band/Boosters and Teri Davis Patane Memorial

February 2013 I Gilroy Business Focus

Fiesta Insurance 751 First Street, Ste A 408-847-1200 Owner, Barbara Preciado and her team at Fiesta Insurance are gearing up for ‘Tax Season 2013’ and invite you to stop by for a free quote on your tax preparation. You will recognize their office when you see the friendly, large bird waving at all passers-by. Fiesta Insurance is approved by 72 different companies nationwide and can offer you a competitive rate for all insurance needs, auto, motorcycle, home, business, general liability, workers comp and contractor bonds. Barbara and her team have over 30 years experience in the insurance industry and look forward to meeting you.

Horse Camp. A formal grant request proposal must be completed and returned no later than Friday, March1. Forms may be downloaded from the website at Completed forms are to be sent to Patty Giacalone, PO Box 2062, Gilroy, CA 95021. Remember, that grant funds are to be used only for youth organizations in Gilroy. Funds will be distributed in late April. For any questions, please call Patty at 408-847-3036. Exciting news from Dave and Marianne Peoples. Linda Williams, a local quilter, is purchasing the quilt shop operation at The Nimble Thimble in February. Linda will be bringing some exciting ideas and a warm and friendly personality to the shop that has been a fixture in Downtown for 37 years. Dave isn’t leaving any time soon and will continue to operate Garlic City Mercantile and Shirtworks at 7550 Monterey Street. If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet Linda, stop by and say hello. She will be happy to show you some of the changes

she is making and tell you about all of the new classes that are planned for Spring.   Insure your love. It’s that time of year when many people buy flowers and boxes of chocolate for their loved ones. Why not do something different this year and see Jeff Orth at Integrated Financial Benefits to give the gift that has benefits. Making sure you have sufficient permanent life insurance means peace of mind for your loved ones should something happen to you. It’s a true and meaningful way to show your love. Give Jeff Orth a call at 408-8422716 for a free consultation. Mike Sanchez and Filice Insurance will be hosting a free seminar covering the latest in Health Care Reform and Employment Law Compliance for 2013. Join them on Thursday, February 28 from 10 am -12 pm upstairs at the Old City Hall in Downtown Gilroy. RSVP to or call 408350-5798 to reserve your spot. Seating is limited!

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Gilroy Business Focus I February 2013


You’ve worked hard to build Your business.

Dennis Daniels Company — where every picture tells a story Shannon Daniels, President/CEO Dennis Daniels Company

Dennis Daniels Company is a family-owned business that is now in its second generation of executive management. They offer over 1,000 items from their award-winning frame line, The Daniels Collection. Their Gilroy location is the world headquarters for their wholesale distribution department shipping to both domestic and international clients.

do you want to give it to uncle sam? The 2001 tax cuts are scheduled to expire december 31, 2012. This means you could be missing your last opportunity to save a significant amount in tax dollars. There is still time to put a plan in place to help protect everything you have worked so hard to build. the clock is ticking. Let’s discuss your options before it’s too late.

We value your future. Jeffrey m. orth, chfc, casl

investment advisor representative of htk • CA License #OC49291 408.842.2716 phone • 408.848.5356 fax 7881 Church Street, Suite B • Gilroy, CA 95020 •

9930 Research Drive, Suite 100 Irvine, CA 92618 • 949.754.1700

Tell us a little about Dennis Daniels Company. Dennis and Martha Daniels started the business in their home almost 27 years ago. Over time, daughters Casey and Shannon took an active role in the business expansion. Today they are the executive management team that runs the business. Although Dennis Daniels passed away in 1999, the business he and Marti created has developed an international and domestic clientele and is known for high quality frames.


call us today for a complimentary consultation

Registered representative of and securities and investment advisory services offered through Hornor, Townsend & Kent, Inc. (HTK) • Registered Investment Advisor • Member FINRA/SIPC 9930 Research Dr. Suite 100 Irvine, CA 92618 • (949) 754-1700 • IFit is independent of HTK

For Gilroy, what type of skill sets are you looking for – or better yet, how can a young person train for a job in your business? Dennis Daniels Company welcomes all types of skills sets because we recognize that a thriving business requires diversity. We consider ourselves a ‘lean and mean’ operation, so our employees are multi-talented in operations, finance, distribution, customer service, and possess a lot of business skills. It is not unusual for our employees to cover several departments during a day.

As a business, what has been your Gilroy experience? We are proud to be a part of the Gilroy community. We have employees that graduated from Gilroy High School and have grown with our company. Although we are not a retail store-front, we value our relationship with the community and have supported various events such as Kids Discover Arts. Gilroy is the main distribution site for our company.

What makes Dennis Daniels unique? We are a business that caters to independent retailers looking for high quality products. Our customers are from the specialty camera, craft and gift industries, and professional photographers, so people who use our product are looking for unsurpassed quality in picture frames. February 2013 I Gilroy Business Focus

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Gilroy Business Focus I February 2013

Gilroy Business Focus – February | 2013 Edition  

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