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Junior Training School with Gold Award

for St. Ursula’s School In October 2010, the Training School participated in the implementation of the new Pan London Professional Development Quality Mark. Colleagues from across London met regularly to plan the processes, key issues and timeline for the award. Ms Smyrk, is now trained as a Quality Mark verifier having visited and assessed two schools in the pilot programme. In addition, St Ursula’s CPD (Continuing Professional Development) provision was assessed by two verifiers in January 2011. The evaluation process was rigorous and involved a three hour meeting between the verifiers and a range of the school workforce. The school’s CPD provision was assessed in four ways: 1. Leadership of professional development 2. High quality professional development 3. Evaluating the impact of professional development 4. Collaboration and partnerships supporting professional development

Some of the key strengths identified were: Ÿ Heads of Department involvement through budget management of PD (Professional Development) funding and leading on key areas of PD Ÿ Reflective practice was evident in conversations with staff and this applied to both internal and external experiences of PD, supported by Ofsted’s comments in 2010 Ÿ All staff articulated a clear understanding of how all PD activities must impact on students’ learning and achievement Ÿ A number of excellent links with the LA (Local Authority) e.g. Support Staff Numeracy NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) programme, CPD Champion for the LA, Black Minority Ethnic scheme, Newly Qualified Teachers’ swaps, Training School collaborative project with IRIS observational camera, cluster opportunities for Initial Teacher Training.

As a result, the school achieved the highest level award – ‘Gold’. The Training School are now well placed to support the expansion of the Pan London Professional Development Quality Mark across the local area by advertising the Quality Mark process on the school website, supporting schools in the borough with their applications and by continuing the verification process of other schools. Ms G Smyrk, Director of Training School

TEACHING TEACHING LEADERS LEADERS As part of our Training School status Ms Cascioli and I were offered an amazing opportunity to work on our skills as middle leaders and develop our leadership skills on a programme called Teaching Leaders, this is in associaascoli tion with Ark Schools and nd Ms. C a y The National College. le a e Ms. H I was initially drawn to their mission statement: “Teaching Leaders’ vision is of a better society: one where life chances are not predetermined by social class, nor shackled by educational disadvantage. In the belief that children’s success at school can be driven not by social background but by the quality and kind of education they receive, we want to strengthen the capacity of those who lead teaching and learning closest to the action on the front line of urban schools: middle leaders.”

Training School - OUTREACH The St. Ursula’s Training School has many links with schools, colleges and universities beyond the school gates. We host many trainee teachers on placement throughout the academic year from our local universities - University of Greenwich and Goldsmiths University, as well as further afield such as Canterbury Christchurch and the Institute of Education. Our support, guidance, and Professional Studies Programme, delivered by St. Ursula’s staff, are highly praised. Trainee teachers comment on the high standards expected at St. Ursula’s by pupils and teachers: ‘All members of the Science Department, both teachers and technicians, have shared their knowledge, provided a wealth of advice and experience and have been willing to spend time supporting and encouraging me. I consider that I have had the opportunity to learn from the best. The students have also taught me much regarding their approach and attitude towards Science’. Science PGCE student

Teaching Leaders works to grow a movement of outstanding middle leaders whose teams measurably improve the The South East London Hub of Training Schools meets at least once every term. The Hub consists of St. Michael’s life chances of children in urban schools. School, Bermondsey, Deptford Green School and St. Thomas the Apostle in Peckham together with St. Ursula’s After a rigorous application and interview process we were School. The venue is rotated amongst the Hub schools excited to be accepted on the scheme as there was where we discuss new initiatives, partnership work and amazing competition. In the summer holiday we attended initial teacher training placements. Many new ideas and the week long Teaching Leaders residential at The National College in Nottingham, where we met the other partici- successful contrasting teaching placements have been pants on and attended a series of informative yet inspiring created and arranged through this positive and supportive lectures and meetings to build our skills, awareness and forum. With the new plans on the horizon from the Coalition Government, the Hub will prove to have a ‘finger knowledge of what it takes to be a formidable Leader. on the pulse’ ready for proposals as they are announced... I cannot recommend Teaching Leaders enough in terms of watch this space! building skills and confidence in teachers, I have certainly gained more knowledge, skills and insight into effective teaching, leadership and management issues. I look forward to the next four phases over the next two years, and using the programme to contribute to my Masters Degree. Teaching Leaders presents plenty of challenges and hard work but it is extremely worthwhile and rewarding. Ms J Healey, Head of Drama

Mrs M Lanzon, Director of Training School

Contender Charlie

An Inspirational Leadership Course based on Shakespeare’s Henry V The school closed early on Wednesday 2nd February 2011 for this extended innovative training session. Find out more about this on our website


Working in partnership with Greenwich Borough, on Thursday 17th February, St. Ursula’s Training School hosted a ‘Newly Qualified Teacher’ Conference on ‘Data and Progression’. Together with Educational Consultant, Liz Rymer and School Improvement Advisor, Noelle O’Kelly, we welcomed NQTs from several secondary schools across Greenwich. The afternoon programme consisted of a presentation on using data to secure progression in the classroom and using data to monitor whole school progression. The NQTs then participated in a hands-on session in our computer suite. St. Ursula’s will be hosting another NQT Conference in collaboration with the Borough on 26th May, this time looking at student voice and student councils when our Junior Training School will be involved. Mrs. M Lanzon, Director of Training School


FRONTER: The Journey So Far organised by our ‘Strategic Team for the Development of Fronter’. The training sessions we have delivered so far include: Setting up your virtual classroom; managing your classroom; creating tests; creating forums; embedding videos; and podcasting amongst others.

Fronter screen shots

In St. Ursula’s, our journey into the world of VLEs (Virtual Learning Environment) began a few years ago through a series of focus group meetings initiated by the Training School. The participants of the focus group ranged from ICT experts to people who had very little experience in the use of ICT. Yet, as a result of the dialogues that resulted from those meetings and the opportunities we had with regards to being able to see what other schools had achieved, it was possible to gauge where the school was in terms of providing our students with a 24 hour access to the curriculum. Consequently, three members of staff (two teachers and one technician) were sent on a two-day Fronter training programme. Those members of staff also attended VLE enrichment workshops that were provided by the ICT group in conjunction with the Abbey Wood City Learning Centre. We have not looked back since then. Today, St. Ursula’s can boast a functional VLE enabled by Fronter. Every teacher in the school has been offered opportunities to develop their skills through a series of training sessions

In addition, regular updates and training tips are offered via the school’s bulletin. Further to these, the school has engaged the services of a web facilitator who is helping to add professional ‘touches’ to the pages we have created. It is our hope that this will make St. Ursula’s VLE more user friendly as well as stimulating whilst upholding our strong teaching and learning ethos. Being in charge of Fronter has offered me opportunities to share good practice in relation to the adoption and use of a VLE. The role has also helped in developing my ability to manage tensions relating to the introduction of a new technology and its acceptance. I now have real-life experiences of what I have previously read in management books. Mr. F Donkor, Maths Teacher


Towards the end of the autumn term 2010, the first cohort of staff members undertook a First Aid Training course held at St. Ursula's. The trainer presented the staff with a range of scenarios, e.g. fainting fit, head injuries, bleeding, broken bones, burns etc., in all of this staff were shown the importance of having an emergency action plan. They also had some interesting role-play; taking turns to lie on the floor and be placed in the recovery position. All the training was invaluable and will no doubt give staff the knowledge and confidence when accompanying students on school trips.

At the end of the training session, staff were presented with First Aid Certificates. ‘The highlight was, of course, the practical session of giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to mannequins!’ Ms C Ferriera, Cover Supervisor


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? How have you

developed professionally as a result?

It reminded me of the challenges faced by new teachers. The Training School has given me the confidence to deliv er the sessions. It also made me think about my own skills and abilities and how I could be sharing and exchanging with others.

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TEACHERS ASSURANCE St. Ursula’s Training School invited Teachers through home visits, and returned to St. Ursula’s offering Assurance to give a presentation to all staff further one-to-one advice. Mrs. M Lanzon, Director of Training School on current information about their pension benefits; particularly relevant in light of potential changes by the Government. ‘It was a very informative and practical session which Premises, administration and support staff, as well as teachers, listened intently to Harj Gill, the Teachers Assurance representative, as he outlined several pension scenarios that were pertinent to everyone. As a consequence, he has given more in-depth consultations


provided guidance on the issue of teachers’ pensions. This was a useful session no matter at which stage colleagues are on in their teaching career. To have the facts is very helpful and the offer of one to one sessions in the future is a great bonus.’ Feedback from Mr I Armstrong, Head of MFL

Training School  

Training School

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