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Gil Ofer

Giraffe is how my Israeli friends call me I love fat animals Love The Beatles Oliver is my husband Full of joy Energy is all over my body Running is not my favorite thing to do


Out of control Letting the birds to go and then chase them again If he's jumping on you, you might faint Violent when he's sleepy Evaluating the love and the food I'm giving him Rolling his fat from on side to another


Full of tall and smart people. Always there for you when you need it. Makes you feel happy when you are upset. I am part of them, and I'm proud of it. Love is the main personality in my family Your best friend. The one you tell everything.

John Lennon

John Creative, Amazing, Funny, Awesome Husband of Yoko Ono Lover of Rock n roll music, peace, jokes Learned from Playing on different musical instruments Famous as Amazing artist, treacherous, and genius Who used to dream of his parents living together again, being successful, have lots of fans Who now dream of the moment Yoko will join him and they will be together again, being alive again, having his guitar with him Who fears Losing his skills and not being able to sing anymore, losing Yoko, getting blind Who would never be alive again, have shows around the world, have another music album Who needs his guitar, wife, and music with him Who feels useless, lost, holy Who wishes Peace, quiet, good friends for the world Resident of Heaven, Sky Lennon


The birds are flying to a better place Airplanes are taking people to other countries I wish I could fly

Awesome rock band Bass guitar player is Paul McCartney Could be successful today Don't let me down one of my dad's favorite songs Everybody know them, or should know them Fans were all over them Giving the fans the best they can Hollywood is not there place I've never saw a better band in my whole life! Just relax and listen to their songs Know how to make people feel free and happy Love their fans a lot Moving from one country to another to have shows Never saw me before‌ :( Old in these days Paul McCartney and Ringo Star are both alive today Quiet good looking men Rock n Roll music is in their soul Singing in a special way that makes me feel calm. Together they were awesome, but alone less. Usually John and Paul fight and argue at each other Visiting different countries full of loving fans. When they sing I will stop everything just to hear them. EXample of a famous song of them "All You Need Is Love" You start listening to them, and you can't stop! Zip it! I'm listening to The Beatles now!

The Ballad On a Winter Night Dad is coming home Opening the door of the house Outside it's dark and cold And the door squeaks like a mouse He's putting the suitcase down Starts walking slowly down the hall Taking his shoes off trying not to be loud And he's ready to fall On a winter night So dark, unbright Creeps into my room Watching me dreaming My blanket is as bright as the moon He's almost reaching In my dream I see me and Oliver A fat cat that eats the whole day long Cute like a squirrel and fat like a bear Watching me writing a song On a winter night Look at the moon, it's so bright

My Dad is looking at me He remembered me quite small Not so long ago I reached his knee And now he sees me and I'm so tall And he's reaching He's already there But wait a minute, what is he seeing? A long stretching hand covered in hair On a winter night So dark, what a fright He's looking at the mysterious arm So confused, he can't believe his eyes And then he got a clue, so he's relaxed and calm What a lovely surprise! He hears meowing from underneath the blanket So he thought "To who does that noise belong" What other thing can meow if not a cat? It was Oliver who was waiting all day long

On a winter morning The sun is dawning

Call an ambulance! All people are gathering around the cars Rolling wheels are all over the road Can anybody help me get out of this car? Run and try to find help An officer is coming to see what is going on Some blood is flowing next the cars Hey! Can you hear?! Are you ok?!

Car Crash

A Song

Did you ever hear a song? Peace-fully, exciting, creative, repeated.

A Brain

Brain Muscularly, Slippery Amazing, protecting, controlling Giant, brilliant, developed, useful Head

Bomb & Car Bomb Invisible, Stressful Ticking, exploding, killing Chemicals, metals, numbers pollute, dangerous Car

EngBSTD08 - Poetry - Poetry Anthology - Gil Ofer  
EngBSTD08 - Poetry - Poetry Anthology - Gil Ofer  

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