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JOHN HOLLIS, SR., father of David ’80, John ’83, Michael ’85, Diane Hollis Ambrosia ’86 and Laura Hollis Waltz ’88; grandfather of Thomas ’13 and Nicole ’14 JOHN A. HORNER, JR., father of John III, former Gilmour Upper School instructor WILLIAM S. JIROUSEK, grandfather of William ’95 and David ’97; father-in-law of Christopher Velotta ’79 CAROL JOHNS, wife of Frank ’50 ELSIE JOHNSON, grandmother of Michael ’05 RICHARD KENNEY, family relative of Br. Kenneth Kane, C.S.C., Gilmour Upper School instructional support staff STEPHEN KRISTOF, cousin of Patricia Szaniszlo, Gilmour Our Lady Chapel Administrative Assistant HENRY L. KRNAC, father-in-law of Vicki Krnac, former Gilmour Lower School reading instructor ALICE G. KRUS, mother of David ’83; mother-in-law of Carole Moran Krus ’86; aunt of Alexander ’04 and Christian ’05 Letizia EDMOND LaFRANCE, father-in-law of Marc Pender ’83; step-grandfather of Matthew ’11 and Charlotte ’13 Pender PHILIP LANDY II, brother of Thomas ’55 and John ’62 JOSEPH LONGO, uncle of Tori ’11 and Charles ’14 Gallo; brother-in-law of Charles Gallo ’80 JOSEPH M. MALAK, father of Joseph ’73; grandfather of Ryan ’10 and Lyndsay ’13 Drake MARY MALONEY, mother-in-law of Gregory ’74; grandmother of Andrew ’10 and Patrick ’13 Cooper LJUBICA V. MARUSIC, grandmother of Adrian ’15

DAN McCARTHY, grandfather of Caroline ’16 and Emily ’23 Ursu ELEANOR L. McFARLANE, mother of Gayle Svets, former Gilmour Lower School instructor JEANNE McGUIRE, aunt of Richard ’65 and Matthew ’74 Moriarty; great-aunt of Connor ’12 and Ian ’16 Moriarty CAROLYN J. MOLLICA, grandmother of Nicholas ’96 RICHARD J. MORIARTY, Jr., father of Richard ’65 and Matthew ’74; grandfather of Connor ’12 and Ian ’16 PAMELA J. MULVEY, mother of Melissa Mulvey Crisp ’05

VESTA M. RAE, sister of Jeffrey ’66 (deceased) EDWARD RICHARDS, grandfather of John ’07 and Leigh ’10 DOLORES M. RODIER, mother of Gregg ’79, Jeffrey ’80, Jane Rodier Brandenburg GO ’75 and Suzanne Rodier Evans ’85 DOTTIE SHELTON, sister of John Malloy, Gilmour Director of Ice Programs; aunt of John Tyler Malloy ’04 HELEN SHARNSKY, mother of Ray, retired Gilmour Upper School instructor; grandmother of Brian ’09 LYNN SOUKUP, mother of Randal ’05 and Alyssa ’07

PAUL E. OPEL, nephew of Nicolene Emerson, Gilmour Upper School associate

L. MICHAEL STARR, father of Pamela ’97 and Maryjean ’99

HAROLD P. O’ROURKE, grandfather of Grace ’08

PAUL STEFFEN, grandfather of Margaret Dick ’13

JOHN PAOLUCCI, grandfather of Meredith Murphy ’12

JOSEPHINE G. STROBEL, mother of John ’72

CONCETTA PARISI-ROSSI, mother-in-law of Helen Parisi, Gilmour Upper School office associate

JUDITH L. SULLIVAN, mother of Amy Sullivan Murphy ’88; mother-in-law of John Murphy ’88

ANGELA T. PAWLOWSKI, grandmother of John ’94, Michael ’96 and Jacquelyn Pawlowski Coletta ’96

ZDENKA V. TEISL, mother of Tiho, Gilmour Dean of Student Life; grandmother of James ’93, Michael ’95 and Stephen ’00

RALPH J. PELEGRIN, father of Thomas ’63; grandfather of Kevin ’99 JOSEPH G. PILLA, grandfather of Allison ’05 (deceased) and Christopher ’05 Immormino; great-uncle of Alexandria ’09, Nicolas ’10 and Julia ’14 Pilla ROSE M. POHLY, grandmother of Ellen ’06 RITA N. QUINN, grandmother of Bridget McGinty ’02 DOUG RADANT, brother-in-law of Linda Linaburg, Gilmour Admissions associate

MELCHIOR LOUIS VENTURELLA, grandfather of Michael Johnson ’05 CHRISTINE D. VICCHIARELLI, grandmother of Frank ’89 and Lori Vicchiarelli Sperling ’90 ELI VRANEK, grandfather of Josh Mihelcic ’99 MRS. WIMMER, grandmother of Mark Most, Gilmour Upper School fine arts instructor MARIA ZAVARELLA, great-grandmother of Diana Fedeli ’05 MARY CATHERINE HAGBERG ZUNT, mother of Monica Zunt Klein ’83


Gilmour Academy Magazine Spring/Summer 2012  

Gilmour Academy Magazine Spring/Summer 2012