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S E L F - S TA R T E R S called “Cleveland vs. Wall Street” and it premiered in the Director’s Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival. Currently, the pair is working on a documentary called “Patrol Base Jaker.” The story follows the 1/5 Marine battalion through their deployment in the Nawa District of Afghanistan. It was one of the most successful counter-insurgency missions to date; they successfully reduced the Taliban presence, won the population’s respect and witnessed a change of industry from poppies to wheat. This exciting project focuses on counter-insurgency and the human connection between the marines and the Afghans. For more information about any of Authentic Film’s projects, go to their website at Mark Snelling ’92 received a “free” printer a few years ago from a representative of a large printer company. When it was time to replace the four toner cartridges, he discovered they were $185 a cartridge. It was going to cost him $740 to put toner in his “free” printer. After doing some research online, Snelling bought remanufactured cartridges for $70 each. He saved $460 and found that the remanufactured cartridges worked just fine. Snelling realized that this was a significant business opportunity. He and his brother, Mike Snelling ’86, and another partner, started two years ago. The company sells remanufactured inkjet and laser toner cartridges, which are 30-75 percent less expensive than the big brands. The important difference between their company and others is that their cartridges are taken apart, cleaned, rebuilt and then filled with quality ink and toner. Thus, the cartridges are remanufactured, not just refilled like those of some companies. Additionally, will only remanufacture a cartridge that has been used once. Some companies try to use a cartridge three or four times and the print quality suffers as a result. Lastly, all products are made in North America. Their return due to cartridge failure rate is 1.7 percent.



While the company has been keeping a low profile to ensure customer service levels are where the owners want them to be, sales have been growing. The B2B (business-to-business) portion of their business is expected to take off as a result of recently introduced laser toner products. The plan for is to continue to grow the company through web marketing and a significant referral program for current customers. Go to to purchase your remanufactured cartridges. Anthony Rossi ’85 always knew he wanted to own his own company one day. After talking with family friends in the wholesale produce business, he knew that there was money to be made. At 20 years old, knowing “nothing about produce or business,” he borrowed enough money from his parents to buy an old van and started buying produce from the Cleveland Food Terminal. He picked up his first customer, area restaurant Cleveland PM. Slowly, he attracted more customers and eventually replaced his old van with a truck. Rossi filled his truck with produce each morning and, by the end of each day, it was empty. Soon Rossi was busy enough to hire an employee and, eventually, they each had a truck. At this point, Rossi met his eventual partner, who also had two trucks and an employee. In 1998, they decided to merge their two operations and formed Premier Produce and Specialty Foods. Today, they have 40 employees and have grown every year but one. Premier Produce specializes in white tablecloth restaurants and prides itself on quality and service, delivering fresh produce to some of Cleveland’s finest restaurants, including all of Michael Symon’s properties; Moxie; Red, the Steakhouse; Giovanni’s; Fahrenheit and the Greenhouse Tavern. Premier Produce also provides Gilmour with all its produce. Rossi and his partner hope to expand the company to Toledo, Youngstown and other cities in the near future. Go to to learn more about Rossi’s company.

Gilmour Academy Magazine Spring/Summer 2012  
Gilmour Academy Magazine Spring/Summer 2012  

Gilmour Academy Magazine Spring/Summer 2012