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Neutering - the Pros and Cons... Throughout June and July we are offering 10% off the standard price of neutering for cats and dogs. Here we take a look at some of the arguments for - and against - neutering. MALE DOGS Pros: • Reduces straying. • Reduces unacceptable sexual behaviour. • Prevents testicular tumours. • Can help reduce dominance aggression. • Prevents perpetuation of genetic defects.

BITCHES Pros: • No unwanted pups. • No false pregnancy. • Uterine diseases such as Pyometra (a potentially life threatening disease that requires emergency surgery) are avoided. • Reduces risk of mammary tumours. • No seasons.

Cons for both:

• • •

• The process for both males and bitches is irreversible so the animals can never be used for breeding. • There is a very small risk of complications with the anaesthetic and surgery. • In rare cases, urinary incontinence can be associated with spaying the female. There is a very small increassed risk of certain diseases such as lower urinary tract cancer for the male. Weight gain can occur, however this can be controlled by management of diet and exercise. There is a small risk of changes to coat condition in certain breeds. In rare cases spaying and castration can produce undesirable changes in temperament. See overleaf for Cats.

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Neutering cats


Neutering prevents unwanted litters. Reduces urine spraying or signs of heat. Reduces tendency to roam, thus reducing the risk of injuries or death in road accidents. Reduces fighting, so less risk of infected wounds and abscesses and reduces spread of FIV infection. • Reduces risk of uterine infections in females. • • • •


• The procedure is irreversible, so the animals can never breed. • There is a very small risk of complications with anaesthesia or surgery. • Cats can put on weight after surgery, however dietary management can help this.

We have now given you the pros and cons of neutering however we are always happy to discuss things further with you. We know that every dog and cat is unique! We hope you reach the same conclusion as us and decide that neutering your pet is in his or her best interests. A date for your diary... Graham Thompson is a pet behaviour counsellor, dog trainer and writer based in Cumbria. We are delighted to welcome Graham to give a talk on Friday 20th June 2014 at Newbiggin Village Hall. It will be on the theme of ... ‘Why does my dog….?’ His aim is to give us all an insight into what a dog is and why it does what it does. He will also talk about what makes dogs change their behaviour and will look at some common behavioural issues. More details to follow next month, but if you are interested please make a note in your diary!

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