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July 2013

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What do these animals have in common? They’re all covered by Paragon’s special neutering promotion. Throughout July and August, we are offering a 10% discount on neutering for cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets and guinea pigs.

So - why should these animals be neutered? * Neutering helps to control the animal population and prevents the birth of unwanted animals. One un-neutered female cat can lead to 20,000 descendants within five years. * Neutering prevents the risk of testicular cancer in male animals and uterus inections and cancers in females. * Neutering can reduce aggressive behaviour in male animals. * Neutering will reduce the urge to wander in male animals. * Neutering will not lead to your pet becoming overweight so long as you supervise diet and exercise.

CALDEW VETERINARY HOSPITAL Carlisle House, Townhead Road, Dalston, Carlisle CA5 7JF Tel: 01228 710208 TOWNHEAD VETERINARY CENTRE Newbiggin, Stainton, Penrith, CA11 0HT Tel: 01768 483789 LONDON ROAD SURGERY 87 London Road Carlisle CA1 2LG Tel: 01228 591005

If you are considering having your pet neutered and would like to know more, please talk to one of our Vets or Nurses. They’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

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ASK THE NURSE by Katie Crossley SEPARATION ANXIETY This is a psychological term used to describe stress or anxiety suffered by an animal when it’s left alone. ALL dogs can suffer from this, but it seems more common in rescue dogs.

SEPARATION ANXIETY AIDS ZYLKENE: A calming supplement with no known side effects. ADAPTIL: A natural product which mimics the pheromones produced by a lactating bitch and has a soothing effect.

SIGNS & SYMPTOMS * Pet sticks to you like glue. * Anxiety/nervousness when you prepare to leave the house. * Barking, howling & whining. * Destruction. HOW TO PREVENT SEPARATION ANXIETY * Establish routines so the puppy/dog can be left alone. * Establish a ‘safe’ place in a gated area and introduce your dog to it gradually and with treats and praise. * When you arrive home, try not to react to your dog’s excitement and don’t give cuddles or praise till he’s been out to do his business and is calm.

THUNDERSHIRT: Made from soft, stretchy material and designed to fit snugly round dog. It applies constant but gentle pressure and has a calming effect.

If you’d like to know more about any of the above products or training tips, please ask our veterinary staff for advice - and pick up a copy of our leaflet which gives more information on this subject.


Balto and Togo

In 1925, the remote Alaskan village of Nome was threatened with an epidemic of diptheria and fierce winter storms meant vital medical supplies couldn’t be flown in. The only answer was to use sled dog teams. Temperatures fell to 50 degrees below zero, but the teams beat all records. Huskies Balto and Togo had both been troublesome youngsters but they became heroes, braving treacherous conditions to run over 300 miles in three days - six times farther than any of the other dogs. They are still remembered as heroes today - and have their own Facebook page!

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Pets july 2013  
Pets july 2013