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Tips for Bridal Makeup Looking gorgeous on the wedding day is the dream most of the girls grew up with. We do not think about how our husband would look like on the wedding day or how the guest will look, what we imagine is how we will appear in our gorgeous flowy white gown and lacy vale. Even though we have imagined about this day, hundreds of time but when actual wedding day comes near, the real panic starts.

Going for the wedding gown trial, checking the guest list, planning the seating arrangement, what will be served in dinner, how the cake will look like, practicing first dance, arranging dresses for the bridesmaid and trying to make your in laws happy with your every flawless step. These are some of the things which remains in the mind of would be bride apart from looking good with perfect bridal hair and makeup Berkshire. To help you in the process of looking good we are here with simple tips and tricks to enhance your look:

ď‚— The secret behind looking good on your wedding day

is hidden in your daily lifestyle. If you are one of those who like to be natural and do not use make up too much then even on the wedding day try to keep it as natural as possible. You can use soft shades of peach and pinks to enhance the look. If you apply too much make then sustain it on your wedding day in a different way, otherwise you will appear to be ill. ď‚— Exfoliate your skin: use apricot and walnut exfoliating creams and massaging oils to remove dead skin cells from your facial skin.

ď‚— Use foundation: nobody has a perfect flawless skin so you

can hide your flaws with the foundation. Make a base with primer or a moisturizing lotion then apply it thoroughly on your face and neck to keep the tone appropriate. Use bronzer and blush to accentuate the look. ď‚— Perk up the eyes: eyes of the bride should be capable enough to mesmerize everyone. You need not to have too loud bride makeup Berkshire and smoky eyes, to captivate others. Weddings can be a little sentimental so try to have a waterproof make up otherwise it will smudge. Outline your eye lashes with a kajal and use eye pencil along with eye shadow to make it pretty.

ď‚— Although you can do your makeup by spending some

time to it, but if you do not have enough time or you know that you will be very busy then take up an appointment for bride hair Berkshire, visit

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