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Gill Mcinally is a fully trained make-up artist, having qualified from the prestigious Shepperton Film Studios. She has extensive experience in the TV and Film Industry, having worked on numerous TV shows, promos, photo shoots, fashion shows and awards shows. Some of her customers have been such major companies such as BSkyB, Toni and Guy, Harrington's and Prima Awards.

Gill McInally is an experience makeup artist who has worked for various TV shows. She would help you stay away from wedding stress and would do a great job in getting you ready for your special day. Being a Shepperton Fill Studios qualified makeup artist she provides great Bridal make up maidenhead services. At her bride hair salon Berkshire nothing could ever go wrong as a special care of your preferences is taken. So don’t worry and let her take care of your wedding dress up.

Dressing up for weddings is completely different than how you dress for all other occasions. The key here is to look elegant, natural and fresh. The makeup shouldn’t force you to look what you are not, rather it should work sympathetically to accentuate you beauty. This is the time when you can’t afford to experiment and would have to stick to the basics. The wedding day is the most important day in a girl’s life as it marks an official entrance into womanhood.

At this day a girl has to look the prettiest amongst all wedding guests. You have to choose the makeup artist or the beautician very carefully, someone who has the right amount of experience and skills to accomplish the job. There are a lot of Bridal make up lessons Berkshire services one can count on.

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