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Introduction Wedding day is the most special in a girl’s life. Every girl wants to make it her most memorable day by having everything in perfect order. Her pearl white wedding gown, Bridal hair and makeup maidenhead, wedding dinner, wedding ceremony, venue of the marriage ceremony, her groom, and the bride’s maid, are just some of the essential part of any wedding. Being like a princess bride with a fairy tale wedding, we all dream about it since our childhood and nurture this dream throughout our life.

Stop taking stress: stress is the reason behind many ailments and taking stress for a bride can have disastrous effects on her skin. It can make you look tired, dull and exhausted on your wedding day, which no Bride hair and makeup can hide. Make a list of the things you need to do and take help from your bridesmaid to finish them on time. Try to be happy and stay cheerful, it’s your wedding!

Eat properly: some of the brides stop consuming food prior to their wedding to stay in shape. This can harm your health and affect your facial glow, hence do not stop consuming food. Try to have light meals cooked with fresh ingredients and without too much fat and sugar. While attending family lunch and dinners keep an eye on the calorie intake.

Treat yourself: before wedding you must try to pamper yourself and your bridesmaids. It is a good time to enjoy you so take an appointment from that spa right now. Have a full body hot oil massage, go out for a movie with your bridesmaid and take them out for Bridesmaid hair and makeup session along with yours so that they can remember the memorable time of your wedding.

Watch skin products: this is definitely not the right time to experiment on that new skin cream. It may cause rashes on your skin and harm it. So when your wedding day is round the corner do not use any new skin or hair product. Just go by your regular routine.

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