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With only 3% Christianity in Taiwan, our lifes here are anything but "normal" from the American view. From family worship, to idols, to seeing demon possessed people on the streets to this... a loud puppet show put on at the temple behind our house. The puppet show isn't put on for kids but for Spirits who dwell in the temples... the spirits got to be kept happy so they don't bring bad luck. (Video can be found on Graces's Facebook page!)



October 2012

Whats happening? • Joel had a fantastic time teaching Isaiah in Korea. They invited him to come back and teach again in early 2013. It is a huge honor to be asked to teach there. (Joel at airport in Korea)

• Grace is really enjoying developing and deepening friendships she is building at the ROCK coffee bar. Please pray for hearts to be open and for people to come to know Jesus! • The DTS school has started up again with 18 new students. They will soon be going on outreach to 4-5 different countries. • Grace turned 30 and had a great birthday celebrating with good family and friends!

Gotta Have FAITH! She loves school • She is great at drying and • putting away dishes. She has the quite the • imagination, always playing teacher and with playing with barbies! She dances and sings ALL • THE TIME She is the sweetest girl ever •

Little Liam • Loves trucks! • His sister is his best friend. • Knows how to throw a good tantrum. • Saying new words/phrases every day • He goes to bed every night chanting "niners"! (Joel may have trained him that way)

Next up: Joel will be teaching on Biblical Worldview, Spiritual Warfare and the book of Joel (fitting, eh?!) in three different schools in the next month. Please pray for him as he is busy preparing and that the students will receive Joels teaching s well. God is so faitful in hearing and answering our prayers. Thank you for praying for us, loving us and suppporint us as we serve here in Taiwan. We couldn't do it woutt your love. God is doing great things here in Taiwan and daily, seeds are being planted adn the Taiwanese are closer adn closer to knowing Christ. Thank you for everything! Please keep praying for the Taiwanese. If you are intersted in supporting us finacially, please let us know and we will let you know how to EASILY give a tax
 deductible donation.


October 2012 News