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Happy New Year 2012 – A new year brings new things... What a year 2011 was for us, our family and our ministry! Some highlights of our past year include many chances to share the Gospel with the Taiwanese, Joel's brothers wedding, Grace's sister, Mary, having a baby, teaching, and our trip the States! We feel blessed and rich in love from God and all of our family and friends all throughout the world! Although we had a happy and healthy 2011, we are excited for 2012. We believe that it will be a great year for our family, full of new exciting adventures and transitions!

Joel transitioning from School of Biblical Studies staff to full-time leadership! For four years, Joel has had a heavy influence in the Biblical Studies School we help run and he has played a big role to helping the school become what it is today! However, this hasn't been Joel's only “job”. In August 2009, Joel was asked to join base leadership. Since then, he has been getting more and more involved with being a part of leading our base as it grows with new ministry and people! Over the past year, Joel has had a growing passion and interest in leadership, to see the ministries that we run here run as efficiently and fruitful as possible. Joel has a few different roles on base leadership. One of them being on a team of three people who help operate the base and everything that goes on in it. This deals with many different dynamics of YWAM Taiwan's function! He also is the Minsitry leader. What does that mean?There is a team of 8 people who oversee all the different ministriesthat are ran here, from surf team, to Biblical Studies department, to church planting, to language learning, etc. Joel's is the leader of that team of 8 people, making sure all ministries and schools are running well and that the Taiwanese are hearing the Gospel through each ministry. What this doesn't mean? This does NOT mean that Joel will no longer be doing minstry with the

locals. He will still do his night time ministry with the students at the local medical university and on the basketball courts! It also doesn't mean that he will not teach. In fact, this might give him more opportunity to teach and in fact, might open doors for him to go to hard-to-reach places for a weeks time to teach there. He will have more of a presense in all ministries and schools here, overseeing them and the staff! We are excited about this transition and where God will lead us in the future as Joel is being built up as a strong, Godly leader! (Pictures to the right: Joel getting honored for 4 years of SBS staff. He was given a notebook full of affirmation from students over the past 4 years. The other picture is of Joel's small group of guys he has been mentoring for 2011.)

Another transition... Faith is starting school! On January 30th, Faith will begin preschool. She is very excited although we don’t' think she realizes quite yet that it isn't all play, no work. She always wants to know how many more days there are until she starts going to school. The preschool's here are quite pricey but we are trusting God that He will provide... HE ALWAYS DOES! It is an extra $300 a month to our already tight finances. The school that she will attend will be both Chinese and English with more of a focus on English than Chinese. This is rare but we are blessed to have this in our town!

SBS students now going on Outreach! For the past 9 months, as you already know, Joel has been staffing the Biblical Schools Department. The purpose of the school isn't only to train the students by giving them a great understanding and knowledge of the Bible but also to show them how valuable the Bible is and give them the desire to take what they have learned and to share it with the world... literally! Over the next couple of months, about 30 students will start their short training process and a 2-month outreach phase to go teach the Bible that lack or have non-existent Bible training. They will be going to Nations such as Central Asia, India, China/Taiwan, Japan, Mongolia and Bangladesh.

January 2012 Update  
January 2012 Update  

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