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‘Between Dog and Wolf’ 12Th May 2010

INT. SILVER’S OFFICE /‘THE SPILL’ OFFICE – MORNING. AVA GREEN stands in front of a large mahogany desk positioned in the middle of a small office. A large glass window and sturdy wooden door separate it from the rest of the office space outside it. An LCD nameplate rests over the edge of the desk it reads S.MOONLIGHT. The outside window is covered with a blind tight shut, and the dim orange light from the old Jermaine desk lamp makes the hour, seem late. Ava looks to the old Chaney clock hanging above the desk, 8.50am Monday 14/11/2029, she takes a deep breath. PEARL a chubby, middle-aged woman with ambitious red hair marches into the office dressed in an overly tight, purple, pencil skirt suit. Pearl smiles to herself as she positions a clean ashtray and oversized mug of coffee attentively on the mahogany desk. She affectionately blows off a slight layer of dust from the sturdy swing chair behind it. Beat. Sharply Pearl turns to Ava, looking her up and down, in an exaggerated look of patronization. PEARL I told you before, you shouldn’t be in here so early it’s a breach Mr Moonlight’s privacy. Pearl excessively shuffles around some letters on the desk trying to hide them from Ava’s view. Ava rolls her eyes, and exaggeratedly; she folds her arms and looks away. In haste Pearl sweeps an already opened package onto the floor. The envelope slides across the floor towards Ava. The words “PAY CHECKS” are written on the envelop in bold black ink. Sharply Pearl looks to Ava whose eyes focus on the envelope suspiciously. Pearl hopelessly tries to grab the envelope; and cover it from view before Ava sees it.

Their eyes meet. Ava looks at Pearl questioningly. Pearl grabs the rest of the letters and rushes out of the room. Beat. The doors to the outer office swing open and a stampede of noisy reporters dressed in cheap suits heard over the mahogany floor towards Ava. Ava anxiously pulls out a small laptop device the size of a notebook; she gets ready to type onto the touch-screen. She stands firm at the front of the desk. The crowd squeeze through the door and gather around the large wooden desk pushing, and shoving, to get a good view. Someone splashes coffee on Ava’s Lap-pad, and gradually she gets shoved to the back of the crowd. A door behind the desk swings open and the crowd fall silent. SILVER’S large frame fills the doorway; he holds the mug of coffee in one hand and a bunch of papers in the other. Silver’s long overcoat hangs firmly over his square shoulders. His eyes gaze over the crowd intently from beneath his Borsalino. He throws the overcoat onto the coat-stand beside the desk. Beat. SILVER Glad you could make it ladies. Now look here I’m afraid your pay-checks are running late… The crowd start to grumble disapprovingly. Ava’s eyes widen in realization as she watches Silver, but she doesn’t say anything. Silver throws his hat onto the stand with his overcoat. The room grows louder. Silver takes a deep swig of coffee then slams his mug loudly onto the desk. A few reporters at the front of the desk jump. SILVER (CONT’D) Yeah I get it okay, but it ain’t my deal. Mr. Carter, ain’t sent them off yet, they’ll be with us soon ladies. Now lets just get on with it.

Ava turns to look at Pearl who sharply looks away avoiding the eye contact. Ava looks back to Silver apprehensively her eyes narrow in suspicion. Silver starts to throw papers out into the crowd whilst loudly shouting out names. SILVER (CONT’D) Paige Get me something on those bastard T-Boys and I don’t want no pussy footin’ expose everyone em’ you can. Silver nods and gives him a wink. (CONT’D) Shouldn’t be hard with your connections… Paige fakes a smile; some of the other reporters pat him on the back sympathetically. SILVER (Shouts wryly) Don’t be a bunch of daisies; they ain’t invincible. The crowd grow loud, and start to hustle again, arms grab out, for the flying bits of paper. SILVER (CONT’D) Allan, the collapse of the last bank, and the sharks take over. Hit up Paige for the contacts if you need to. And this gets done proper, maybe even front page. Mr Carter enters the office. The room falls silent. Silver chokes on his coffee a little, visibly flustered by Mr. Carter’s presence. Ava watches Silver squirm. SILVER (Pretentiously) Mr. Carter… MR. CARTER

(Frankly) Carry on Moonlight. SILVER Ahem, yes sir. Burrell, centre spread; 20 years since the recession broke, and interesting, get the grime… Silver starts to usher the reporters out of the office. As the crowd disperse the bustle of the outer office takes over as people get on with their work. Telephones ring, and reporters bark down the phones arranging interviews and such. Ava hangs on at the end of the queue, she watches Silver’s awkward body language closely. MR CARTER (Quietly assertive) Now look here Moonlight these books ain’t adding up, just what’s your lay on this… She smiles to herself knowingly as she makes her way out of the room. Silver ushers the last few reporters out sharply before slamming the door shut and snapping the blinds down. CUT TO: INT. AVA’S DESK / THE REPORTERS SPACE/‘THE SPILL’– LATE MORNING BUDDY ALLEN’S butt hangs on the edge of AVA’S desk, his leg props on a chair in front of him. His hands hang casually on his braces, as he puffs on a cigarette. He faces out into the office addressing the other reporters like a comedian on the stage. The other reporters lean over desks, and against the walls of the rectangular, office space. They listen to him intently. BUDDY Man goes to the doctor, and the doctor says, I have two pieces of very bad news for you…

(CONT’D) Okay, fire away, says the man. (CONT’D) Well, says the doctor. The first piece of very bad news, is you have cancer. You are one hundred percent riddled with it, and you’re going to die. A few of the reporters start to snigger and shake their heads. Ava stands in the doorway arms crossed, she looks on at Buddy, un-amused. (CONT’D) Oh, says the man. So what’s the second piece of very bad news then? (CONT’D) well, says the doctor. It’s this. You’re also in the final stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Your memory is full of holes. (CONT’D) Man thinks about that for a minute. And then he turns to the doctor. (CONT’D) Oh well, he says, best look on the bright side. At least I don’t got cancer! The room erupts into laughter, a few guys at the front slap hard on the desks. Ava comes over and sits down at her desk behind Buddy. He caries on laughing with the other reporters, without acknowledging her presence. She gives him a shove. BUDDY A ‘right sweet cheeks no need to High-Hat me! AVA Take it somewhere else Buddy…

Some of the guys snigger. Ava pulls on the string of the blinds, and they snap open, dust fly’s off into the air. Everyone looks up. BUDDY You know the big cheese likes em’ shut. AVA Yeah, well it’s like the bloody 40’s in here. Beat. Across the hallway Mr Carter marches out of Silvers office looking flustered and angry. Silver follows out behind him. He makes to follow Mr Carter but then thinks better of it stopping midway, defeated. Mr Carter slams the door on the way out. Silver throws a bunch of papers onto Pearl’s desk. She looks up at him admiringly. He looks across the hallway to the reporter’s space. SILVER (Angrily) Green, get them blinds closed, and the rest of you daises, get back to work! Ava jumps slightly and starts to blush, she lowers the blind. Buddy shoots Ava a ‘told you so’ look and makes over to his desk, sniggering as he goes. CUT TO: INT. PEARL’S DESK / OUTSIDE SILVER’S OFFICE / ‘THE SPILL’ – AFTERNOON. Ava knocks firmly on Silver’s office door. She waits. Pearl looks her up and down in her usual exaggeratedly patronising way. She chews on a bacon sandwich, mouth open to the world. PEARL Is it important? You know he wont see you if its not important. He is a very busy man is Mr Moonlight.

Ava looks at pearl and the soggy crumbs gathering around her mouth. Her eyes work over Pearl’s frighteningly purple suit. She rolls her eyes and knocks on the door a little harder. She pushes it open and enters the room. CUT TO: INT. SILVER’S OFFICE / ‘THE SPILL’ – AFTERNOON. Ava walks into the middle of the office. AVA (Cautiously) A’ hem… Silver, Silver shuffles through the paper unaware of Ava’s presence. Anxiously he draws a red circle around a racehorse and jots down ‘WILDFIRE 2:15’ on a piece of paper and throws it onto the desk. AVA Mr Moonlight… Silver pokes his head around the side of his paper, his eyes linger on Ava for a moment he looks her up and down. Slowly, he lowers his paper and scrunches it onto his lap; he looks in her in the eye directly. SILVER What? AVA My assignment, please… sir? Exasperated he runs his hands over his face and through his slicked back hair. He gets up slowly and makes over to the filing cabinet throwing the newspaper onto the desk as he goes. Ava folds her arms around her body, and cocks her hip to one side. Silver rummages through the filing cabinet he pauses, and gazes over his shoulder at Ava. Silver turns from he cabinet with some paper in hand, he slams the drawer shut, with a shunt from his elbow. SILVER Say, that’s a real swell suit

your wearing sister. Ava blushes slightly, she hooks an arm onto her hip and stretches out the other arm with an open hand. Silver laughs sarcastically. SILVER Keen, ain’t ya’ toots. She throws him a serious look over her thick black-framed glasses. Silver passes her the papers and sits back into his chair. He makes to pick up his paper. Ava looks over the assignment, hand still on hip. She huffs… AVA The fashion column, again? Silver shrugs his shoulders and takes a swig of his coffee; he sucks his teeth he doesn’t look up. SILVER A swell looking little dame like you toots, it’s got your name all over it. Ava rolls her eyes and turns on her heel. Silver lowers his paper; his eyes work over Ava’s figure, stopping on her butt. He clicks his tongue and flicks his head to one side. Hearing him, Ava turns and shoots him a less than flattered glance. CUT TO: EXT. OUTSIDE ‘THE SPILL OFFICE’- EVENING. Ava waits in the ally outside the office, she leans casually, against the damp brick wall. She pulls the collar, of her tight fitted dark green over coat, up around her neck. The light from the street lamp covers her silhouette in a yellow glow. She draws hard, on a cigarette, she exhales, the smoke curls around her pouty red lips. SILVER Now why’d ya wana cover up a pretty neck like that ay? Ava spins around, startled, she smiles awkwardly. Silver

locks the office door; the rain bounces off the rim of his Borsalino and onto his shoulders. Ava takes a final drag on the cigarette, and then throws it to the ground; it fizzes on the wet cobble pavement, before going out. Silver turns and starts to walk down the ally towards the smoggy bustle of the street, his footsteps echo up the damp walls. Ava steps out, she hesitates. Beat. AVA Wait! Sliver stops. The moonlight highlights the side of his face, a strong nose and heavy brow, he wears no expression. The yellow smog from the street hangs in a mist around his frame. Ava runs out behind him, her heels clink on the cobble pavement. Silver turns, his heavy frame towers over her, he blocks out the moonlight, casting them both into darkness. AVA (Stutters awkwardly) Silver, I, I, want to be put on the serious jobs. I’m sick of this fashion stuff, I’ve been here nearly a year already and well, when… when, am I gonna… SILVER (Interrupts Ava) Now look here toots, you aint got it in ya’, ya’ just ain’t that kinda girl’, them serious jobs are for the birds so lets just stop bumping gums about this a’ ready… Silver lights a cigarette, the smoke rolls over his face and up over his hat, sharply, he turns on his heel. The moonlight falls on Ava, her eyes are glazed and her jaw is clenched. She shouts after him… AVA

(Awkwardly) I know you got somethin’ goin’ on with our wages… Sliver stops, he takes a long drag on his cigarette and turns sharply casting them both into darkness once more. SILVER I hope for your sake that ain’t no threat toots … He makes over to Ava edging her against the wall. He pulls in just a little too close. She tries to stand tall; Sliver exhales blowing the cigarette smoke over her face. AVA No of course not, I, I just want a brake s’all… Silver slides his hand through Ava’s over coat. He slides his hands around her waist and down over her butt. SILVER (Threateningly) Well why didn’t you just say so? I can do you a favour… Beat. SILVER (CONT’D) If you can do a ‘favour’ for me… He pulls her into him; his body feels hard against hers. She shakes free and pulls her coat around her body protectively. She looks at him with narrowed eyes. SILVER (CONT’D) Ah come on toots, why so shy? Ya think I don’t know you canaries put it out on the side? Silver throws his cigarette butt to the ground. He stretches out a strong arm and makes to grip Ava again. He pulls her in around the waist with one arm and takes her arm firm with the other.

AVA It aint like that, and I ain’t no canary I’m a reporter. SILVER Hey, I aint judging, its hard to make a buck in times like these. He leans in; She gives him the cheek and shoves him off hard. SILVER (Menacingly) Oh I see; your T-Boy meat ain’t ya toots. How does it go? They don’t rent you out to other bird’s right? Silver turns down the street; he shakes his head and sniggers. His footsteps echo through the ally. Ava’s eyes well up, she clenches her fists defiantly. CUT TO: EXT: AVA’S APARTMENT BLOCK – EVENING. Ava unlocks a large metal gate in front of an old worn wooden door. The apartment block is tall and in disarray, the brickwork is crumbling and the windows have bars on them. Water runs down the walls from the cracked guttering. The yellow smog from the streets hangs thick in the air. She steps inside. The hallway is dark and the walls are sprayed with neon graffiti. Ava ascends the concrete staircase. MR RENATO Miss Green, your rent is late. Ava turns sharply, Mr Renato a small plump man with a baldhead and greasy shirt stands hunched at the bottom of the staircase. AVA It’s coming to you, just a couple more days Mr Renato, I promise.

MR RENATO Okay miss green, just slide it through my door. Mr Renato smiles at Ava pompously and scuttles off down the hallway. Ava climbs the rest of the stairs to her apartment. CUT TO: EXT: LONDON STREETS – EVENING. Ava steps out of the apartment block, she lights a cigarette and puffs on it hard; the smoke rolls over her silhouette. She walks out onto the street from beneath the ally’s archway. Thick smog hangs low in the air; the dim light from the street lamps makes a warm yellow hue around her. The streets and buildings are dirty, the rain pours down the walls and over the pavements. Ava takes a left. Bars and strip joints line the street, the pink and green neon lights flash onto the puddles below. LCD screens flash with changing images of scantily clad women in the door fronts. A red double-decker bus drives past, spraying water over the pavement in front of her; she jumps out of the way. An LCD screen displays changing advertisements on the bus’s side. “Adhere the 10pm curfew, no single women out alone after 10pm”. She looks at her watch 9.35pm she pauses. She takes a sharp right, and heads down an ally. The low hum of the double bass distinguishes the sound of jazz, it emanates from a small window bellow the street surface. She stops outside an unassuming side door, above it; an aged blue neon sign sprays the words ‘Fat Cats’. The ‘S’ tinkers on and off. She steps inside. CUT TO: INT: ‘FAT CATS’ STAIRWAY – LATE EVENING.

Ava runs her fingers over the handrail; she smiles to herself, as she walks down the stairs. COSMO, A burly black man in a sharp suit with a white carnation in the dress pocket stands at the bottom of the stairs, his huge frame almost blocks the way. He laughs deeply; his arm sways around a small touch screen device in hand. A guy and a dame are trying to bribe their way into the club. He checks through some information on the device. He finds what he’s looking for and laughs heartily. COSMO Come on man; believe me this ain’t you’re kinda place, catch my drift? Cosmo swings his sturdy thumb toward the stairs ushering for the couple to kick it. The broad tugs on the guy’s arm and shoots him a look of disappointment. The guy pulls out a wad of cash. MAN Look man, were just here for the jazz we ain’t gonna talk. The guy shoves the cash at Cosmo, who laughs heartily again. COSMO Look there’s clubs for clean livin’ folks like you down the street. But this here, well this ain’t one of them. Now I ain’t worried about who you talk too, but I am worried about who ‘talks’ to you, ya get me? Cosmo laughs and turns his back on the guy he makes to take his stool at the door. The man pulls on his shoulder defiantly. Cosmo spins round faster than a man of his size should be able too. He grabs the guy’s arm and twists it hard behind his back, and wraps a heavy hand around his throat. The guy squeaks in pain, the broad backs off covering her mouth with a gloved hand fearfully. COSMO

(Threateningly) Now I ain’t gonna tell you again, your custom ain’t welcome here now clime your thumb man. Cosmo turns the couple out with a firm arm, they ascend the stairs as Cosmo ushers up behind them. They meet Ava on the stairs; the couple shoot her a nervous look as they try to squeeze past. COSMO (Warmly) Well looks whose we got here, Miss Ava Green, the sweetest little canary on the block! Ava smiles coyly at Cosmo and shakes her head modestly. Cosmo shuts the door behind the couple and pulls Ava in for a hug. They make their way down the stairs into the club. COSMO So how’s news-hawk life treating you sister? AVA ah, don’t ask Cosmo. COSMO Well if you’re after a gig Boston’s swinging by later… Cosmo winks at Ava, she smiles and shrugs her shoulders. Cosmo takes her overcoat and hangs it neat on the coatstand, he opens the door for her, and they enter the club. COSMO Seriously sister, if you’re ever in a jam… He gives her a nod she knows what he means. CUT TO: INT: INSIDE ‘FAT CATS’ CLUB – EVENING

The club is dark, cigar smoke hangs thick in the air. LUNA stands on the stage, a long burgundy satin gown hugs her hourglass figure. A champagne coloured, mink fur shrug, wraps around her shoulders, and her long lean arms wear matching mink satin gloves. Her ebony hair is fixed up elegantly in a roll, a few loose rolls rest around her forehead. Her dark skin looks luminous under the low stage lighting, all eyes are on her. She sings NINA SIMONE’S ‘FEELIN’ GOOD’ but she sings it much higher and a little faster than the original. Her voice is seamless and her band are tight, she owns the crowd. Seeing Ava enter the club Luna winks at her playfully. Ava reciprocates by playfully blowing her a kiss. COSMO Lets get you a drink Miss Ava… The bar runs diagonal along the wall of the club, a huge mirror covers the back wall with colour-coordinated liquor bottles lined up against it. Cosmo pulls some drunk off his barstool and makes a sweeping motion with his arm for Ava to sit down. She smiles and rolls her eyes. Ava perches on the barstool, elegantly she crosses one leg over the other. TAFFY the barman throws bottles around, he makes two dames at the end of the bar some multicoloured cocktails. They giggle and clap at the theatrics. Cosmo kisses Ava’s cheek. COSMO Like I said, if you’re ever in a jam… Cosmo gives her a nod and makes his way back to the hallway. TAFFY (Camply) Ava! Love of my life! Ava rolls her eyes and laughs; Taffy leans over the bar

and kisses her on either cheek. TAFFY Brandy on the rocks? Ava smiles, and gives taffy a nod; she takes a deep sigh and leans out onto the bar. Taffy slides her drink down the bar, and cheekily winks at her. She rolls her glass, swishing the Brandy over the large square ice cubes. She takes a sip. LUNA Long day doll face? Ava looks up, Luna is reflected in the bar mirror in front of them. Ava spins around. She takes both of Luna’s hands in hers and kisses her on either cheek. Luna pulls up a stool and lights a long black cigarette and passes it to Ava then lights another one for her self. Luna looks Ava up and down. LUNA Now what is with this, girl? Luna straightens the collar of Ava’s grey suit; they both laugh at how straight edge Ava looks. Luna takes a long drag on her cigarette she looks at Ava intently. Ava feigns a smile. LUNA I seen that boss of yours at ‘Spades’ the other night… running round with two proskirts on his arm like he was somethin’… He lost big, that sure wiped the smile of his face… AVA (Annoyed) So that’s what he’s been blowing our wages on... LUNA What… I sure hope them birds aint getting all glass ceiling on ya’ over there? Ava takes a drag on her cigarette and lowers her deep brown eyes; she doesn’t say anything but it’s pretty obvious. Luna slaps the bar in annoyance.

LUNA Ah, girl that shit’s not for you, you belong here; this is where the party’s, at! Luna laughs and strokes Ava’s face. Ava smiles halfheartedly and takes a large swig from her glass. AVA It’ll work out. LUNA Let me take care of it. Ava looks Luna in the eye directly. AVA I wanna do this myself Luna. Luna avoids eye contact; Ava takes her arm until she looks at her. AVA I’m serious, no help, I wanna do things straight. LUNA God, girl I don’t get why you got to make shit so hard on your self all the time. Things would be so easy if you’d just call in a little help now and then. BOSTON a handsome guy with a steely expression enters the club. The place falls quiet, a few folk in the front row whisper to each other. Cosmo follows in behind holding Boston’s briefcase and overcoat. Boston looks over to Ava and tips his hat. Ava and Luna both look on at him. LUNA (CONT’D) Only God knows why you wouldn’t wanna look after a man like that girl? AVA

Well maybe I’m fed up with how it works around here… LUNA So what then? You gonna change the world with those big words of yours? Ava looks at Luna and shrugs, she draws hard on her cigarette. AVA Don’t you get pissed at having to put up with this shit? LUNA It has its perks; I take care of my Trouble Boy and he takes care of me, and that’s just how it works, aint no escaping it. You should do your self a favour and get on that girl. Luna tips her glass at Ava before taking a large swig. AVA I got my own back Luna. LUNA (CONT’D) Those Birds wouldn’t be giving you any of this shit if you’d just let a T’Boy take care of you. Ava rolls her eyes and takes a large swig of brandy. AVA Well maybe I don’t wanna be taking care of a T-Boy. Luna gestures defeat, throwing her hands up, and flashing Ava a pouty smile. A group of Trouble Boys in sharp suits enter the room, the club falls silent. KANE, The tall one in a deep navy pinstripe makes eyes at Luna. She takes one last drag on her cigarette and makes to leave. She looks at Ava questioningly. AVA No, I’m gonna kick it girl…

LUNA Oh come on, one more? Luna pulls on Ava’s arm gently whilst smiling at her provocatively. Ava gives in; she lets Luna pull her up. Luna wraps a lean arm around Ava’s waist and they make over to the T-Boys table. CUT TO: INT: ‘FAT CATS’ CLUB / T-BOYS TABLE – EVENING. Ava and Luna arrive at the table. Kane grabs Luna around the waist and pulls her onto his knee. He kisses her neck inappropriately, the other boys jeer and laugh. Ava looks awkward. Boston shakes the T-Boy sitting next to him off his chair. He ushers for Ava to take a seat. Ava sits down she crosses one leg over the other, she looks tense. Boston fills a glass with brandy and passes it to her. She smiles and takes it from him trying to avoid his eye contact. Kane looks over to Ava menacingly. KANE There was me thinkin’ Cosmo had a hand on who came through the door… Boston looks over at Kane directly, his gaze lingers on him awkwardly; he means business, the other T-Boys shut up. BOSTON Now that ain’t no way to speak to a lady now is it Kane? Kane shoves Luna onto the seat next to him. KANE Come on we all know she’s working for that Moonlight fool. Ain’t ya’ all seen the stories they got comin’ outa that place?

All eyes turn on Ava. Boston stands up; he addresses Kane directly. BOSTON Ava’s roots are here I don’t think anyone’s gonna be forgettin’ that anytime soon… Boston looks around the table making eye contact with the other T-Boys. Kane backs off he knocks back his drink and pulls Luna onto his knee again. KANE If you say so boss… BOSTON Right lets wrap this up boys. I want you all square on the ‘Saturday night set up’ The T’Boys quieten down, they get out phones and lap pad devices, they start to pay attention. BOSTON ‘Spades’ ain’t doin too well, now were gonna throw a kinda party of sorts… BOSTON (CONT’D) I gots some names here, of big spenders who has crossed us once or twice and it’s time to call back the bills. Now what’s were gonna do is get these dogs into ‘Spades’ and set them up on the tables. Let em win for a while and then when the bets are big we take em down. We do this right and we’ll make enough to cover the overheads with a tidy bonus for each of you on the side. KANE So how we gonna get the dogs into the club then, if we do

it, its gonna look suspect. The other T’Boys start to grumble and nod their heads in agreement. BOSTON Come on your all big boys I’m sure you can come up with something… Ava listens intently she looks unimpressed. BOSTON Now when these dogs have been fleeced were gonna accept their “call bets”. T’BOY+1 And what if they don’t “call” boss? BOSTON They’ll “call”. KANE So what’s the deal with that, where’s the profit if they’re bettin’ empty? BOSTON Don’t be a blonde Kane, by then they’s already gonna have paid out, and we know they’re runnin’ on empty that’s the point. We wanna’ get these grifters on the books. I’m talkin’ vigorish deal. BOSTON (CONT’D) Now this gets done quiet’ just play it dumb, they’ll trip themselves up. T’BOY+1 Ouch fleeced twice, takin’ no prisoners boss. BOSTON It’s business boys.

Ava rolls her eyes defiantly. Boston notices. He makes around the table filling up everyone’s glass. BOSTON (CONT’D) Right then boys… He raises his glass, the others follow suit. They all knock their drinks back and make to leave. Luna blows Ava a kiss and makes off with Kane. Ava stands up. AVA I’m good; thanks… Ava rolls her eyes and makes to leave. BOSTON Come on; ya ain’t gonna leave a guy to drink on his own doll? Boston looks up at Ava provocatively; he tilts the glass towards her. She takes the glass from him and knocks back the brandy. She passes him the empty glass and turns on her heel. BOSTON (Laughs) Hey… where ya’ heading? Ava keeps walking. AVA Home. Boston follows out briskly behind her. BOSTON At least let me drive ya’? Ava stops she turns arms crossed. AVA (Annoyed) I’m fine Boston. Ava makes to leave again. BOSTON

What about the curfew… Ava stops, she huffs. CUT TO: EXT: OUTSIDE AVA’S APARTMENT BLOCK – EVENING. The rain falls hard on the car roof. Boston makes over to the passenger side of black Bentley. He snaps open an umbrella and opens the door. He stretches out a hand to help Ava to her feet pushing the umbrella across to cover her from the rain. Ava slides her hand into his; he gently pulls her to her feet. He looks her straight in the eye intently. They make down the pathway to the apartment block. Ava opens the heavy metal gate and steps inside. She turns sharply before Boston can enter leaving him on the doorstep. AVA I’m good from here thanks. BOSOTON Jeezze I could murder a coffee… Boston looks her in the eye directly and smiles provocatively. Ava gestures to the Bentley. AVA Well I’m sure your driver can find you a real sweet little coffee bar somewhere. Boston looks to the car and laughs. BOSTON Well I’d much prefer your company doll? AVA Good night Boston. Ava makes to close the door on Boston. He puts his hand out to stop it from closing and smiles at her intently.

BOSTON Come on doll face, when you gonna let me buy you dinner? A flickering at the curtains in the downstairs apartment grabs Boston’s attention. He turns to the window and shouts… BOSTON (CONT’D) Renato ya’ old roach, I hopes you ain’t ear wiggin’ on my business old man. I’m sure your aware I’m a man of privacy… Ava rolls her eyes and makes to close the door on Boston again. Boston puts his hand out once more. BOSTON You didn’t answer me doll face… AVA Take a canary Boston, I’m a busy girl. BOSTON I’m gettin the impression you don’t much like me miss Ava Green? AVA I don’t much like your way of doin’ things Mr Bana, that’s for sure. BOSTON (Sarcastically) Ah, I see, the new reformed straight edge way of life eh? Ava folds her arms across her chest she looks un-amused. AVA (Sarcastically) And let me guess, that’s a bad idea right?

BOSTON Every place gots its wolf doll face, be it in the club or hiddin behind a desk in an office… best just to keep the help onside if you ask me. AVA Ah, and you’d be the help would ya Boston? BOSTON If ya like. AVA So I just keep you ‘sweet’ and all’s good for me then right. Boston looks confused. BOSOTN Look that’s not what I… AVA (Interrupts Boston) What’s with you birds, think you can just put the pressure on us dames and well put out. Ya wanna get everyone into an ‘arrangement’ don’t ya’. Well I don’t want your ‘help’. Just get outa here Boston. Ava slams the door shut on Boston. CUT TO: INT: AVA’S APARTMENT BLOCK HALLWAY


Ava slides against the door visibly upset. She takes a deep breath and wipes her face. She makes to climb the stairs. Mr Renato Bad fight huh? Ava turns sharply she looks annoyed. Mr Renato stands at the bottom of the stairs he looks up at her

inquisitively. AVA That’s none of your business Mr Renato. MR RENATO Don’t think he’ll be coming round here no more right? AVA Well obviously bloody not! Mr Renato laughs menacingly and scuttles off. Ava looks confused and annoyed; she shakes her head and makes to climb the rest of the stairs to her apartment. CUT TO: INT: ‘THE SPILL’ OFFICE – TUESDAY MORNING Ava pushes the office doors open, she walks past Pearl sitting at her desk wearing another frighteningly purple suit and sour expression. She rolls her eyes making sure that Pearl notices. The other reporters are already gathered around Silvers desk, pushing and shoving noisily. Buddy notices her enter the room and points at his watch patronisingly. She looks at the Chaney Clock above Silver’s desk 9:10am, she shrugs and slips him the finger. Buddy looks pissed-off he screws his face up at her, then moves back into the heard. Ava leans against the doorway, avoiding the crowd; she sips black coffee from a small cup. She rubs her forehead soothingly, and runs her long fingers through her loose wavy auburn hair. She twists her hair up and secures it in place with a pencil. Ava hears Silver going about his routine; he slams his mug onto the desk and opens the filing cabinet. She rolls her eyes. He starts to call out names and throw papers into the crowd. SILVER Lewis, I want to know about

down town. The Pro-Skirts and the curfew, is it making a difference? Get Paige in on it if you need to put the screws on the Rats. SILVER (CONT’D) Burrell, there’s some nasty stories goin round about some paedo sex trafficking down town. I ain’t having those weirdo bastards fixin tricks round here. Expose the fucks, front page. The crowd start to hustle and the room starts to get louder again. People shove each other as arms grab out, for the flying bits of paper. SILVER (CONT’D) Green your on the Remembrance issue, centre spread. Ill gives you the lay on it later. The crowd fall silent, Ava chokes on her coffee a little, a few surprised faces turn and look at her. She blushes. The crowd start to disperse passing her in the doorway. Buddy shoves his way passed throwing her a pissed off look. The bustle of the outer office takes over as people get on with their work. The crowd disperse leaving Ava in the room on her own with Silver, he sits back casually in his chair. SILVER Close the door then, toots. Ava closes the door, she stands for a second hand on hip, eyes narrowed in confusion, she runs a hand across her forehead. She turns to face Silver, still confused and lost for words. SILVER Sit down.

Silver motions for her to sit down on the chair in front of his desk. SILVER Coffee? AVA Black. SILVER Heavy night huh? Ava’s eyes narrow suspiciously she tilts her head to one side slightly. AVA Look, what is this? AVA (CONT’D) I mean first I “just don’t have it in me” and a day later I’m getting centre spread? Ava looks at Silver suspiciously. He avoids eye contact and shrugs his shoulders. AVA Has some one been talking to you? Silver looks at Ava directly his eyes narrow impatiently. SILVER I thought you wanted a break Green, obviously I was wrong about that… Silver makes to stand up. Ava anxiously stands up in front of him. AVA Of course not! I’m sorry. SILVER Well we got a few things to go over then, so you’d better listen up.

Ava puts down the coffee; she gets her lap-pad out and starts to type. She listens intently. SILVER Now look, this broad’s real old and she’s fussy about this story, she ain’t gonna talk to just anyone. (CONT’D) Now I want this done different Green. Not just the same old ‘D-Day’ crap. I wanna know about her life as she lived it, you got to bring this shit into 2029 okay? Ava nods her head enthusiastically her smile lights up the dark room. AVA You wont regret this Mr Moonlight. CUT TO: INT: ‘SEA VIEW’ OLD FOLKS HOME – AFTERNOON Ava gently knocks the door and peeks her head into the room. It is a spacious corner room with two large glass windows on either side. A large white fur rug covers the middle of the room. A large plasma screen is built into the wall at the bottom of a single bed. Coronation Street is playing loudly on the TV. KITTY KAISAR sits upright in bed her hair is platinum white. She has a little make up on, and a beautiful long vintage peach nightdress with matching nightgown. She stares at the screen. Kitty addresses Ava without turning her head towards her. KITTY You’re late. AVA

Sorry Mrs Kaisar the traf… KITTY (interrupts Ava) It’s Ms Kaisar AVA Right… Of course, sorry. My name is Ava Green. Ava coyly enters the room she stops on the rug. She hugs her lap-pad to her chest and looks around for a chair. Kitty’s gaze is still fixed on the plasma. KITTY Gets off my rug. AVA I’m sorry? KITTY I don’t want no shoes on my rug, carrying all that dirt in from outside. Ava awkwardly side steps off the rug. AVA Sorry Ms Kaisar. KITTY Gee you apologise a lot girl. What’s wrong with you, you wet behind the ears? Well I told em’ this story aint for just anyone… Ava takes a deep breath she makes to pull the chair across the room. She lines the chair up against the bed, Kitty’s gaze stays fixed on the TV. AVA Well if it would make you more comfortable we could just start with a few questions today? KITTY Whatever, is this gonna take long? My program’s on in a

bit. AVA (Mildly annoyed) Well you could always pause it Miss Kaisar. KITTY Well you could always be on time Miss Green. Annoyed; Ava sighs and gets out her lap-pad she sets it to record. AVA Lets turn off the TV then Ms Kaisar. KITTY No, what’s this, coming in here ordering me around, you reporters; all dog eat dog, well not with me you don’t lady. Ava takes a deep breath and rolls her eyes. AVA Okay Ms Kaisar, I will start by asking a few questions, then you can just talk about events as you remember them okay? KITTY I suppose so. AVA I’m interested in the period between September 1st 1939 and September 2nd 1945. KITTY You don’t need to tell me how long the war ran girl! You gots no idea about the things what went on in that time. AVA No of course not Ms Kaisar.

(pause) Please, go ahead. A commercial starts on the TV. A hardcore band dressed in scruffy T-shirts and ripped jeans violently thrash their instruments. A heavily bearded front man screams into the mic. Kitty and Ava both jump. KITTY (Startled) For god sake, bloody racket! There’s no class in music anymore! Ava starts to laugh. KITTY (Annoyed) Laughing at me eh? Come in here ‘late!’ with your new technologologies’ and jumped up attitude wanting to know ‘my’ stories. You young people got no respect. Never mind about us old folks cooped up in these damn places never gettin’ to see the light a’ day. Yeah sure I’ll just wait on you all day, to march in here and give me orders, I gots nothin’ better to do I suppose. Kitty folds her arms across her chest defiantly. Ava looks surprised at the outburst. Beat. AVA (Awkwardly formal) This story is very important to me, I mean us, Ms Kaisar please let’s not get carried away. Lets just focus on events shall we? Kitty screws her face up in annoyance; her wrinkles fold in on them selves. She sighs deeply, rolls her eyes animatedly and shakes her head.

KITTY (Angrily) You sound just like em’ birds girl. Just get outa here! Ava looks dejected but she doesn’t say anything, slowly she puts away her lap-pad. AVA I will just come back tomorrow then? Kitty shoots Ava an exaggerated look of doubt and tuts. Ava looks dejected she closes the door behind her. CUT TO: INT:‘THE SPILL’ OFFICE / REPORTERS SPACE – LATE AFTERNOON. Ava sits at her desk she stares into space. Silver opens the door to his office; he leans in the doorway, and looks across the hallway to the reporter’s space. He notices Ava daydreaming. SILVER Right, you lot can kick it… its been a long day. Buddy and one of the other reporters high five and briskly make out of the room. The other reporters follow on chatting nonchalantly amongst themselves. Ava makes her way out hanging on at the back of the crowd she looks distracted. SILVER You alright toots? Ava looks up at Silver absently. AVA What… ah, yeah, I’m fine. She smiles half-heartedly and closes the door behind her. Silver watches her suspiciously.

CUT TO: INT: AVA’S APARTMENT – EVENING. Ava enters her apartment, her hand slides over the wall in search of the electricity box she swipes a card through it. The light flicks on. A red hue from the deep silk lampshade lights up the small apartment. The kitchen leads through into the living area, the sofa is made up like a bed. Old film noir posters hang on the walls and a silk throw hangs loose over the single window. Ava takes some ice from the freezer and fills a small tumbler with Brandy. She slides down onto the sofa and kicks off her heels. She leans back and takes the pencil out from her hair; her auburn waves fall loose around her shoulders. She takes a long sip of brandy. She leans her head back on to the sofa and sighs deeply. Beat. A heavy bang on the door makes her jump. Ava makes over to the door. She latches on the chain and cautiously opens the door a crack. Mr Renato stands hunched in the shadows brandishing a large bouquet of flowers. MR RENATO These came for you. Ava opens at the door. She pulls the card off the flowers. ‘Sorry doll face lets start again? Boston x’. Ava looks thoughtful, a small smile crosses her face. She stops her self. AVA Just give em’ to your wife Mr Renato. Mr Renato grunts and takes back the flowers. MR RENATO Where’s this rent Green?

AVA It’s coming to you, just a couple more days Mr Renato, I promise. MR RENATO No Green you get it by tomorrow. I got a list of folks who’d take this apartment and don’t you forget it. Ava looks surprised and annoyed. She folds her arms across her chest. AVA But you said… MR RENATO (Interrupts Ava) It don’t matter what I said; things’ve changed. Mr Renato scuttles off leaving Ava confused. She slams the door and makes back into her apartment. The light flickers on and off with the impact. She looks at it and shakes her head. AVA (To herself) Sure, like anyone would want this place. Ava throws the card onto the coffee table and makes to pour another drink when a heavy bang at the door distracts her once more. She rolls her eyes and huffs to herself. Ava makes over to the door and abruptly opens it again. She pauses. Silver stands back casually in the shadows. AVA Silver? What you doin’ here? SILVER So you gonna invite me in or what toots?

Silver flashes her a wry smile; Ava smiles back halfheartedly. Silver brandishes a bottle of brandy and takes off his hat. Ava rolls her eyes. SILVER Come on toots, we need to talk about this Sea View dame… Beat. Ava pauses, she unchains the lock and swings the door open. Silver comes inside; he walks around the small room. She lights a cigarette. SILVER Cosy. Ava makes over to the kitchen she picks up another tumbler and passes it to Silver. He stands over the coffee table looking at the card from Boston. SILVER (Sarcastically) Looks like you’re at the top of the chain with that one. Ava rolls her eyes. She picks up the card and rips it up throwing it into the ashtray defiantly. AVA Believe me it ain’t like that and our ties are cut. Silver laughs menacingly. SILVER Good for you toots, that TBoy’s a wolf; it’d do ya’ good to stay away from men like that. Ava looks at Silver suspiciously and makes her way over to the sofa. She sits down avoiding Silver’s eye contact. He looks at her intently. SILVER You look stressed toots. Ava feigns a smile.

SILVER So ya’ wanna tell me what happened with the old dame at Sea View? Ava takes a deep sigh, and runs her fingers across her forehead. She looks up. AVA It’s fine, honestly. SILVER Sure it is, now spill it. AVA I think its just gonna take a bit of time, s’all. Silver laughs. SILVER Well you only got tomorrow Green. AVA Okay, right… well I don’t think she wants me to go back. Ava takes a swig of brandy and lets out a deep sigh. Silver takes a seat beside her. SILVER Well the good news is that I called em’ and you’re good for tomorrow. And the bad news, well lets face it, you got a way to go toots. You gots to keep your cards much closer than that. Ava looks surprised. She takes another swig of brandy. AVA She’s a tough one… SILVER Ah come on, you just got to get the old dame on side right. That’s why your on this

job, she aint gonna talk to one of the birds. You’re both broads, you got to have something in common right… AVA Eh, I guess. SILVER Look your gonna be swell on this job ya know. A sweet lil girl like you, you’ll have the old broad opening up in no time. Silver gently slaps Ava’s bare knee with a sweaty hand. She edges away from him a little. SILVER (CONT’D) Look some dames are just too complicated for their own good. But deep down you all want the same thing. AVA (Perplexed) Yeah? What’s that then? SILVER Ah come on… Stuff, you all want stuff, money, shoes, jewellery and to feel like us birds; eh… understand you. AVA (laughs, mildly annoyed) Right. SILVER Sure, You just got to do something for the old gal. Beat. Ava pauses for a minute, she thinks on that. She looks up at Silver.

AVA (Surprised) Actually, Yeah, that’s it… Silver smiles smugly and knocks back his drink. He gets up to leave. SILVER Well I’m gonna kick it; leave you to think on that for a while. He gestures at Ava with a salute of his finger and another smug grin. He turns on his heel. Ava looks mildly amused, she walks him to the door. Sliver pauses; he turns he slides his hand over the back of Ava’s neck and through her hair pulling her face towards his. She looks uncomfortable. SILVER You know toots, I gots a knack for sniffin out a story and well, I can tell this dame’s got something to say… Ava’s eyes narrow. SILVER (CONT’D) You get me somthin’ from this broad, somthin’ good and ill put ya on the front page. Silver looks at Ava intently he pauses. He loosens his grip he leaves the apartment closing the door firmly behind him. The light flickers on and off. Ava slides her back against the door and sighs deeply; she smiles to herself nervously. CUT TO: INT: ‘SEA VIEW’ OLD FOLKS HOME / KITTY’S ROOM – MORNING. Ava gently knocks the door and peeks her head into the room. The TV is on loud and the curtains are still drawn closed. Kitty sits upright in bed. Ava enters the room avoiding the fur rug in the middle of the floor.

Ava carries a large picnic basket with red and white cloth covering the top. Kitty’s attention is instantly drawn to the basket although she pretends not to notice. Kitty’s hair is fixed and she has a little make up on. Ava pulls a chair up next to Kitty’s bed. AVA Good morning Ms Kaisar. KITTY You’re on time. AVA Thanks for having me back. KITTY Well I don’t gets many visitors, and at least you’re a broad. KITTY (CONT’D) So what’s in the basket? AVA Sandwiches. KITTY Sandwiches? AVA Yes sandwiches, I thought we could go sit by the river; get you some fresh air? Kitty looks to Ava a wide, excited smile crosses her face. CUT TO: EXT: RIVERSIDE – AFTERNOON. The are Ava the

sun shines brightly through the trees. A few people dotted around the park walking their dogs and such. walks beside Kitty’s wheelchair as Kitty manoeuvres chair’s touch screen control pad. They head down a

gravel path towards a clearing by the river. AVA So what do you think, this spot looks okay? KITTY Yes this’ll do just lovely dear. Ava spreads out a blanket and helps Kitty out of her chair. They both take their shoes off and start to relax. Ava passes Kitty a sandwich and makes to pour some tea from the flask… FADE TO: EXT: WAR TIME BRITAIN – KITTY’S VOICE OVER. KITTY I moved to London on 01/12/1940, I was 11. My family had been killed in the Coventry Blitz on November 14th in the attack that would be called the moonlight sonata. Both my parents and my two elder sisters worked in a factory making plane parts. KITTY (CONT’D) I was kept home coz they said I was the runt of the litter, too small for work. So I would do the chores and prepare the evenings meal for them getting home. KITTY (CONT’D) They never came home that night; good job coz there was no home left. I went to stay with my aunt Gaynor in London, which was a pretty scary idea as the London Blitz was in

full swing. Mum always said aunt Gaynor was ‘the wrong sort’ and she was right, but I had nowhere else to go. FADE IN: EXT: LONDON STREETS/ AUNT GAYNOR’S – EARLY EVENING 1940. Kitty 11 stands on the doorstep of number 24 a Georgian terrace house in Sun Street London. Her mousey blonde hair scraped back in a roll and her clothes dirty and worn. The sturdy black door swings open a man wearing a neat suit and trilby hat, steps out. His cheeks are flushed and perspiration gathers on his forehead. He fixes his tie. BONZI’S arm swings casually on the door behind him. Her red hair hangs in loose curls around her pretty face and pouty red lips. Her pert breasts show through her peach nightdress. She puffs on a lucky strike provocatively. BONZI See you next week doll. Bonzi watches the man make down the concrete stairs onto the street. Her gaze works over Kitty and then to the onlooking neighbours. She throws them a dirty look and turns to Kitty. BONZI You’re daddy aint here sugar. Bonzi closes the door on Kitty. Kitty stands for a minute then turns to leave. A few women gather outside their houses, they cluck together pointing and jeering at Kitty. Kitty turns back and knocks on the door. FADE TO: INT: AUNT GAYNOR’S/THE CREEP JOINT – LATE EVENING 1940. Kitty sits on a wooden chair against the bottom of a long staircase. To the left is a kitchen area fixed up as a

sort of bar, men and half dressed girls make in and out. To the right of that is a locked room, and to the right of that; a room where the piano is being played, badly. A couple of girls go in and out with drinks for the men, occasionally they stop to sing and sit on their knees. Others run up and down the stairs with men following on behind them. Kitty tries to peek into the room. Bonzi lays over the piano provocatively one of the men pours his drink over her breasts as the other makes to lick it off. Kitty gasps and quickly turns the other way. The large outer door swings open, a stern looking woman in a long grey dress stands in the doorway. One of the girls makes over to help her with her coat. GAYNOR looks at Kitty, and turns to the girl… GAYNOR Why do men bring their children to a place like this? The girl whispers into Gaynor’s ear, they both look at Kitty. GAYNOR (Laughs sarcastically) Sweet little Evelyn must’ve been desperate to have sent you here. Gaynor snaps Kitty’s hair out of her twist. She pulls up her skirt and slaps at her thighs. Kitty tries to pull away. Gaynor looks indecisive. She tugs at kitty’s small breasts. GAYNOR (CONT’D) Well, aint no man gonna pay for this. I suppose you can keep house till you get the bleed. Gaynor shoves Kitty out of the way and makes over to the locked room, she turns… (CONT’D) Show her the parlour; she’ll

sleep there till she earns her keep. FADE TO: INT: THE CREEP JOINT – LATE AFTERNOON – 1941. Kitty scrubs the kitchen floor. In the hallway Bonzi’s arms are wrapped around HANK, a tall handsome American GI. They kiss; Hank looks over Bonzi’s shoulder at Kitty. HANK Who’s the kid? BONZI That’s my little sister, aint ya Kitty? Kitty looks up at them, she smiles and nods her head. They both laugh and Hank makes to leave. BONZI When you coming back? HANK When I do… Bonzi makes into the kitchen, she sits on the table above Kitty. KITTY Who’s he? BONZI That’s Hank, he’s kinda my boyfriend. KITTY So he don’t pay? BONZI Something like that… Bonzi gets up from the table. BONZI What the? Bonzi’s attention is drawn to the floor. Behind Kitty is

a pool of blood, diluted with the dirty water from the kitchen floor. Bonzi lifts Kitty’s skirt, blood runs down her thighs. Kitty looks embarrassed. KITTY I didn’t know what to do. BONZI Ah shit, lets not tell Madame’ just yet okay. Gaynor stands firm in the doorway she enters the room. Bonzi looks scared. Gaynor grabs her by her hair and drags her out of the room. She pulls her up and slaps Bonzi’s face. Bonzi tries to pull away. GAYNOR I’m Madame’ in this house you little bitch. Who are you to mess with my money; you’ll all earn your keep here. Kitty looks on helplessly, she begins to cry. Bonzi runs up the stairs clutching her face. GAYNOR Dry your eyes you little bitch; there’ll be none of that in this house. Typical, just like your mother; no fucking backbone! Maybe you need to remember who sent you here… Gaynor walks into the kitchen she slams the door behind her. We hear Kitty cry out as Gaynor beats her. CUT TO: INT: BEDROOM – THE CREEP JOINT – EVENING – 1941. Kitty sits on the bed; Bonzi helps to apply her make up. Her hair is fixed into little curls. The room is lit with low orange lighting from a single candle. BONZI Done, pretty as a picture. Bonzi passes Kitty a mirror. Kitty smiles and twists one

of her curls around her finger. Her smiles fades she looks concerned. KITTY What’s it like Bonzi? BONZI Its okay, it might hurt a bit. Kitty looks away, worried. BONZI Its okay, I gots something for you… Bonzi takes out a brown bottle from behind the dresser. She fills a small glass with green liquid; she takes out a small piece of paper from her bra. She unfolds the paper and takes out a cube of sugar; she plops it into the glass. She passes it to Kitty. BONZI Its absinth, the sugar makes it stronger, and taste better. Knock that back and you wont feels a thing… Kitty looks at the drink suspiciously then knocks it back. She screws up her face and starts to cough. Bonzi laughs a little. BONZI It’ll work I promises… Bonzi kisses Kitty’s forehead and leaves the room. Kitty lays back onto the bed. FADE TO: EXT: RIVERSIDE – LATE AFTERNOON. Kitty’s hand slides over to Ava’s; she looks her in the eye directly. Ava looks uncomfortable with the contact and edges away a little taking her hand away from Kitty’s. AVA (Formally)

It’s okay; go on Ms Kaisar… Kitty breathes in deeply and lets out a long sigh. Beat. KITTY (Nervously) I didn’t know if I was dreaming at first but then I… Ava’s phone starts to ring loudly. Kitty looks at her dejectedly. Ava fiddles around with her handbag awkwardly trying to locate the phone. Ava pulls out the mobile phone. Silver’s face flashes up on the screen, Ava turns to Kitty. AVA I wont be a minute Ms Kaisar. Ava snaps the phone open without hesitation. Kitty looks embarrassed and upset, she turns onto her side avoiding the situation. Ava answers the call Silvers face fills the LCD screen. AVA It’s a bad time Silver. SILVER What where the hell are you Green, is that a tree behind you? AVA Yes I’m… SILVER (Interrupts Ava) Whatever, has the old bat spilled the story or what Green? Ava looks over to Kitty who now faces the opposite direction defensively. AVA (Whispering)

It’s hard to say Silver, just give me till tomorrow. Silver looks annoyed. SILVER My inbox; end of the day. Silver ends the call Ava turns back to Kitty. She looks under pressure. AVA I’m sorry Ms Kaisar, lets carry on. Kitty turns to Ava, she looks tiered and upset. KITTY I don’t want to go on. Ava looks desperate. AVA But Ms Kaisar this story’s my big break. Kitty looks annoyed. KITTY This in my story and it don’t mean anythin’ to you. Ava realises what she has done she looks dejected. Kitty rolls over onto her side. Slowly Ava makes to pack up the picnic. CUT TO: INT. SILVER’S OFFICE / ‘THE SPILL’ – EARLY EVENING. The reporters gather around Silver’s desk attentively. Ava enters the room and joins the crowd. SILVER Good work everyone; I’ll decide who’s got front page after editing. The crowd start to disperse talking nonchalantly as they

leave the room. Silver pulls out a paper and scans the gambling page. Ava steps up to Silver’s desk. SILVER What you doin here toots, I told ya the inbox’s fine. AVA Silver, I didn’t get the story I messed up. Silver stops what he’s doing and looks up at Ava. He looks angry and un-amused. SILVER Is this some kind of joke? We go to press tomorrow. I told you it had to be today. AVA She was gonna tell me something big, but I missed it. SILVER I told you she was funny about this story and you blew it. I knew you didn’t have it in ya’. We go to press with what you got and that’s it. Ava looks dejected she takes a deep breath. AVA But I have nothing, just some stuff about her living in a creep joint when she was a kid, it’s mush. Silver looks furious. He slams the paper hard onto the desk. Ava looks shocked. SILVER We go to press with what you’ve got and it’s your name under the print Green. Ava thinks on that for a minute she looks upset and desperate.

AVA Silver I have to go back; I’ve got to try and finish this. What she was gonna say; it was important… SILVER (Interrupts Ava) Don’t you even think on it Green, you get that story edited and in my inbox by 10.30pm or you can kiss your job goodbye you got that? Ava takes a deep breath and turns on her heel. She makes out of the office. CUT TO: EXT: OUTSIDE THE SPILL OFFICE – EARLY EVENING. Boston leans against his Bentley reading a copy of The Spill. He puffs on a cigarette casually. Ava leaves the office. She sees Boston and pauses. She makes to walk the other way. Boston looks up. BOSTON Hey. Ava stops and turns to Boston. AVA Hey. BOSTON You got a style sister. Boston gestures to the back page of the news paper at Ava’s article on Zoot Suits. AVA Well I’m fed up of writing about that materialistic bullshit. BOSTON I meant you got ‘a’ style, a way with words doll face.

AVA A’ right, sorry. Bad day. BOSTON Its okay doll I reckon we got a knack for misunderstanding each other. Boston flashes Ava a cheeky smile. AVA Is that so? BOSTON My driver and I stumbled across a real sweet little coffee bar the other night. Ava laughs at the joke. BOSTON Come on let me treat ya? AVA I cant I got some editing to do. BOSTON An hour, and this coffee will give ya a buzz that’ll get that editing done in 20. Boston opens the door and flashes Ava another cheeky smile. She rolls her eyes and steps inside. AVA Well only because I really need a coffee. CUT TO: INT: ‘KOPI COFFEE BAR’ – EARLY EVENING. Boston and Ava sit at a small table in a quiet coffee bar. Jazz plays low over the stereo the place is lit dim and cosy. They sip at their drinks. AVA

You were right this is good coffee. Boston clinks his cup against Ava’s. BOSTON Kopi Luwak best in the world. He smiles at her warmly. BOSTON You know it’s important to me that you know I wasn’t trying to get you into something the other night Ava. Ava looks him in the eye directly. AVA You T-Boys ain’t got the best of reps when it comes to the dames. BOSTON Ain’t no denying that, I know it goes on, I know most of the canaries are lookin after TBoys; or what ever you wanna call it. But that’s not what I was suggesting for us. AVA Us? Boston looks sheepish, he pauses. Ava’s questioning gaze is unrelenting. BOSTON Look you seem real sweet, and smart too. And well I just wanna gets to know a girl like you okay. If you think you’d like that then swell, and if not then at least don’t think I be trying to take advantage. My Mama’d just be too pissed at me; for letting ya think that. Ava starts to laugh sarcastically.

AVA Jeezze Boston you really are full of surprises. Boston smiles he looks a little embarrassed. Ava smiles back at him reassuringly. She looks at her watch. AVA Look I’d better kick it. BOSTON The editing right? Ava looks dejected. BOSTON Don’t look so depressed you’ll see me again. Ava laughs and rolls her eyes. AVA I think I’ll live thanks. BOSTON So what’s the deal? AVA Long story, Silver’s pulling my article it’s not finished I fucked it up. BOSTON So finish it. AVA Its not that easy, my neck’s on the line and I burned some bridges. BOSTON Then build a new bridge. Look. This story is it worth it? AVA Yes. BOSTON You got to believe in your

self doll face. Fuck that Moonlight dog. Sometimes you got to take a chance on something; if its important to you its worth holding out for. Boston smiles at Ava reassuringly she smiles back warmly. CUT TO: INT: AVA’S APARTMENT – EVENING. Ava leans back on to the sofa and sighs deeply. She slides out the pencil from her hair; her auburn waves fall loose around her shoulders. She looks at her watch 10.55pm she looks anxious. She takes a deep swig of brandy. Beat. Ava slides a large silver box from beneath the sofa. She takes a small key from her purse and opens the padlock. Ava takes out an old vintage record player and a few records, EDITH PIAF, BILLY HOLIDAY, NINA SIMONE, RAVI COLTRANE, and VERA LYNN. She smiles to herself and takes the EDITH PIAF record out from its sleeve and puts it on. She winds up the he old record player, it cracks to life. The cracks in the record are amplified as the stylus runs over them and entwines with the music of LA FOULE. It sounds old, authentic, and beautiful. She smiles to herself and takes a long swig of brandy. Ava leans her head back on to the sofa and sighs deeply. A heavy bang on the door makes her jump. Ava makes over to the door, cautiously. Ava latches on the chain and opens the door a crack. A heavy silhouette stands in the shadows she squints to see. AVA Silver? SILVER Well aint ya gonna invite me in sugar, its been cats and dogs out here. I’m soaked.

AVA What you doin’ here? SILVER Look we gots to talk about this deadline toots. AVA Look I’m sorry Silver, I just gots to do it. SILVER Sure ya do but I reckon we still gots some air to clear. Silver steps into the light, he flashes a bottle of brandy, and a wry smile. AVA Its kinda late Silver, I was gonna turn in. Silver steps closer to the door, trying to look charming. SILVER What’s you playin’ sister? Jeezze, I love the old stuff, sure hard to lay a hand on these days though. Ava feigns a smile. SILVER (CONT’D) Come on toots; lets share nightcap we got to talk? Silver smiles smugly, Ava looks beaten-down. Beat. AVA (Impatiently) I’ll have one as long as you be a gent and kick it right after okay. SILVER Sure, what ever you say doll.

Ava swings the door open and Silver enters the small room. Ava feigns a smile and makes her way over to the kitchen area; she takes out a glass and fills it with ice. She passes it to Silver he fills it with brandy clumsily spilling some on to the floor. He takes a large swig. AVA Looks like you’ve had a few already? Silver shrugs and takes another deep swig. SILVER You look good with your hair down toots. Ava smiles half-heartedly and reaches for her glass. Silver’s hand cuts hers off; he picks up the glass and passes it to her. Ava avoids his eye contact. SILVER So shall we sit down? AVA Eh, sure. Ava moves the records from the sofa, she ushers for Silver to sit down. He takes a seat and pats the space next to him with a large hand. Ava sits on the edge of the sofa. AVA (CONT’D) Look, I hope you understand Silver… I just have to go back, this story’s my break. Silver doesn’t say anything. He knocks back the rest of his brandy and quickly refills his glass. He slowly edges closer to Ava. He softly brushes a hair from her face and tucks it behind her ear. SILVER (Softly) And how do you think the office would run if I let everyone do that eh? AVA

I’m sorry Silver, really it wont happen… Silver knocks back his drink and smiles smugly at Ava. SILVER (Interrupts Ava) (Softly) Shhh… look we gots rules toots, and with broken rules there’s consequences right. Silver slides a sweaty hand onto Ava’s bare knee; he starts to move it up her inner thigh. She stands up sharply. AVA (Nervously) I, I’m just gonna get some more ice. Ava makes over to the kitchen she fumbles around nervously in the freezer. AVA (Shouting over to the living area) You know, you should probably… Ava turns around to address Sliver. He stands behind her un-expectantly; surprised she jumps. He takes some ice out of her hand and puts it into his glass. He knocks back the brandy and tosses the empty glass into the sink. Ava stares at Silver anxiously. The ice in her hand starts to melt dripping water onto the floor. SILVER (Laughing) Whoa toots. Silver scoops the ice from Ava’s hands and puts it into her glass; he tops it up with liquor. He slowly puts the tumbler to Ava’s mouth making her drink. SILVER See, that’s what you need toots. Ava coughs a little and pulls away; Silver wipes the

liquor from her mouth with his thumb. He takes the glass and tosses it into the sink. Slowly he slides his hands around her waist and pulls her in close. He makes to kiss her. She pulls away. He forces his face harder on to hers licking at her mouth. Ava tries to pull away shoving her cheek at his mouth to avoid his stale kisses. His rough stubble scratches abrasively on her cheek reddening her face. Her arms shove against his chest. AVA Stop it Silver. SILVER (Softly) It’s okay don’t fight it. AVA (Distressed) Get off of me. Ava slaps Silver hard across the face he looks shocked; he backs off a little. She takes a deep breath and edges away from him; she looks scared. He smiles smugly and moves closer to her again. Beat. SILVER (Laughing quietly) Ava, Ava, Ava. You think you can call the shots huh? Well I think you needs to remember who’s boss. Silver looks her in the eye intently and smiles. Suddenly he slaps her hard across the mouth. She screams out in shock and begins to sob. Blood runs down from the corner of her lip. She clutches her face. Tears begin to run down her face. Silver shoves a heavy hand over her mouth violently pushing her head back against the wall. She tries to shake free from his grip but he holds onto her tight. He rips open Ava’s shirt causing the small buttons to pop off all over the worktops. He holds her against the worktop with his weight and

violently gropes at her breasts with his free hand. SILVER (Laughing quietly) I knew you’d be soft as a peach toots… She tries desperately to shake free. He tightens his grip on her and shoves his face against hers whispering into her ear… SILVER (Laughing threateningly) You’re gonna love this toots. He grabs her hard around her throat and shoves her to the floor. She looks up at him; stunned and scared. He smiles smugly and unzips his pants. He grabs her ankles and drags her across the floor towards himself. He heaves down on top of her. Beat. Ava’s eyes well up, her gaze fixes on the lampshade hanging above them. The red silk shade is too heavy for the fitting it pulls the whole thing down and looks sloppy. Little purple tassels rim the square edge; they swing in motion, back and forth. A layer of dust covers the south side of the shade where a crack in the ceiling hangs over. The light bulb flashes back and fourth into Ava’s eyes occasionally. A damp patch collates over the kitchen ceiling, tinny drips of water run toward the light fitting. The electrical cord hangs down about half a metre; its base cracks away from the ceiling. The light flickers on and off. Beat. AVA I must get that fixed… SILVER What? Silver gets up; he zips up his pants and sweeps the dust from his trousers.

SILVER Jeezze girl, you should clean this dump up once in a while. Silver makes into the living area; he takes a large swig of brandy straight from the bottle. He takes out a wad of cash. He counts out a few £20’s and throws them onto the coffee table. He hesitates, he looks back to Ava laying on the floor, and he puts a £20 back into his pocket. SILVER (Laughing) Catch ya’ tomorrow toots… CUT TO: INT: ‘SEA VIEW’ OLD FOLKS HOME / KITTY’S ROOM – MORNING. Ava gently knocks the door and peeks her head into the room. Kitty sits upright in bed. She looks at Ava with an expression of annoyance. AVA Kitty I owe you an apology; please can I come in. Kitty nods her head and looks back at the TV. Ava makes across the room she takes a seat next to Kitty’s bed and puts a large box on the side. Kitty shuffles around, she seems interested but she doesn’t turn to face Ava. AVA Kitty, I’m so sorry I’ve been going at this all wrong I can see that now. What you must have went through… well. This is your story no one else’s and if you’re not ready to tell it then that’s just fine. I just wanted to give you this, to say I’m sorry. Ava gestures to the box on the side. Kitty looks sympathetic. Kitty notices Ava’s bruised lip she gasps a little and touches Ava’s face.

KITTY What the… Ava looks upset she feigns a smile and her eyes well up a little. AVA (Interrupts Kitty) Right then, I can’t wait to show you this… Ava tries to avoid the inquisition. Kitty senses not to push it. Ava takes out the old record player and puts it on the side table next to Kitty and then takes out the old Vera Lynn record. Ava carefully puts the record into Kitty’s hands. Kitty hesitates and her hands shake a little. Kitty smoothes her hand over the record sleeve and runs her fingers over the edges. She slides the record out from the sleeve carefully with her fingers. An aged paper envelope covers the record; its edges are torn and stained yellow. The paper crinkles as she takes the record out and lifts it to her face; she draws in the familiar sent of the aged vinyl. A smile crosses her face. KITTY Lets put it on. Ava lifts the top of the record player and starts to wind it up. Carefully she lifts the record player’s arm. Kitty passes her the record and she carefully slides it onto the turntable. Ava looks over to Kitty; her hands are clasped to her chest excitedly. The record cracks to life. The stylus runs over the groves in the vinyl amplifying the sound of the cracks before the music starts. The brass section of the big band starts high, leading into strings. Then her voice lifts up the music; Vera Lynn sings, ‘We’ll meet again’. Kitty pulls her hands close to her chest, her smile

fades, and her eyes fill up. She begins to cry. Ava’s hand slides over the bed sheet in search of Kitty’s. She wraps her fingers around Kitty’s and squeezes her hand tightly. Beat. The record finishes FADE TO: EXT: LONDON / AUNT GAYNOR’S CREEP JOINT – EARLY EVENING 1940. KITTY I though I was havin’ some sorta nightmare at first; the kind where your just dreamin yous awake; when its all jumbled and outa sorts. But I was wrong… Kitty 12 drifts in and out of consciousness. The candle has gone out and the room is completely dark apart from a little light creeping in from beneath the door. A large man lays heavily on top of her. She starts; scared she begins to cry. He grunts as he heaves up and down on top of her. His fat hands hold Kitty’s small arms at her sides. His perspiration drips onto her face and runs down her face into her mouth. She shakes her head from side to side trying to avoid his stale wet face. He groans heavily in her ear as he licks and sucks at her face trying to kiss her. He tenses then starts to shake profusely, he pushes harder onto her. Beat. He flops down on top of her, his fleshy wet chest smothering her face as he pants, exhaustedly. Kitty can’t breath. She starts to panic. He doesn’t get off. She bites his chest. He jumps. Mr Churchill You little scamp.

He gets off Kitty and makes over to light the candle. The orange glow fills the room. Kitty looks at the blood stained bed sheets and pulls them over her naked body. Mr Churchill starts to dress. She squints at his face. He tries to avoid her eye contact. She sits up and makes to look at him. She points at him… KITTY You’re Winstone… Mr Churchill (Interrupts her) Stop staring kid. A knock at the door distracts them both. Mr Churchill opens the door. Gaynor passes him a tumbler filled with ice and liquor. GAYNOR I trust you are satisfied Mr Churchill? Mr Churchill grunts and takes a swig of liquor. He lights a fat cigar and puffs on it excessively. WINSTON Well she hadn’t been broken in I suppose. But no make up next time okay. GAYNOR Of course. And I can personally guarantee complete discretion Mr Churchill. FADE TO: INT: KITTY AND BONZI’S BEDROOM – LATE EVENING – 1941. The room is completely dark apart from the blue nightlight creeping in from beneath the worn curtains. Kitty lays in bed wrapped up in Bonzi’s arms. She sobs quietly as Bonzi strokes her hair. BONZI Shh… it’ll get easier my kitten, I promise.

FADE TO: INT: THE BATHROOM – THE CREEP JOINT LATE EVENING – 1942. Kitty 13 looks a little bit older. She stands in front of a bathroom mirror pulling her dress over her tummy. It accentuates a small bump. FADE TO: INT: THE KITCHEN – THE CREEP JOINT – AFTERNOON 1942. Kitty writhes around in agony on the kitchen floor. Bonzi is knelt at her side holding her hand and smoothing her forehead with a damp towel. Kitty throws up covering Bonzi’s dress in vomit. Gaynor is at kitty’s feet with her hands up her skirt. The other girls look on anxiously from the doorway. GAYNOR For god sake girl keep your legs open! Gaynor pulls at kitty’s legs making her spread them wider. GAYNOR Put your back into it… we don’t wanna be here all day. Kitty screams out as she heaves and pushes. Bonzi holds onto her trying to support her weight. Shit and mucus spray out onto the floor. GAYNOR (Shouting) You dirty little bitch! One of the girls rushes over with a wet towel and tries to push the mess out of the way. Kitty cries out, she pulls harder on Bonzi’s hand. GAYNOR Come on, push harder! I see

something… Gaynor pulls Kitty’s legs further apart and pours a bottle of vodka over Kitty’s vagina. Kitty screams out. Gaynor puts a towel in the space between Kitty’s legs. GAYNOR (Shouts at Kitty) where’s your backbone girl, push it out! We hear kitty’s flesh tear and then a baby starts to cry loudly. Gaynor impatiently drags the baby out from Kitty’s cervix making Kitty scream out in agony. Blood and afterbirth spill onto the kitchen floor. Kitty’s legs fall to the side, exhausted she passes out. FADE OUT: FADE IN: THE KITCHEN – THE CREEP JOINT – AFTERNOON 1942. Kitty awakes on the kitchen floor. Bonzi has just finished putting the stitches in Kitty’s vagina. Kitty moans in pain. BONZI Shh… it’s over. One of the other girls is mopping the blood soaked floor. She looks at Kitty sympathetically. Kitty starts to panic. She tries to get up. KITTY Where is it? Bonzi takes Kitty’s hand and strokes her hair. BONZI Shh… let it go Kitty, its over now. Kitty makes to get up. Her face is twisted with pain and concern. KITTY I want my baby. Bonzi and the girl with the mop swap a look of awkwardness. Bonzi helps Kitty to her feet.

BONZI Kitty, you cant look after that baby my dearest. Kitty looks confused she limps past Bonzi and out into the hallway. She follows the sounds of voices. Bonzi runs out after her. Kitty makes over to the front room, the door is tight shut she can hear Gaynor talking. Kitty turns to Bonzi. BONZI Madame’ has made it for the babe to be looked after Kitty. CUT TO: INT: ‘FRONT ROOM – THE CREEP JOINT – EARLY EVENING 1942. Kitty pushes the door open. A young well-dressed couple stand in the room with Gaynor. The man holds a bunch of money in an outstretched hand. The woman, a pretty blonde cradles the baby in her arms, she doesn’t look up. Gaynor quickly takes the man’s money and folds it into her pocket. Kitty stands open mouthed. MAN You alright there kid? Gaynor throws Bonzi a look of contempt. Kitty starts to make over to the baby. The blonde woman steps back looking up and down at Kitty’s dirty clothes. She pulls an expression of disgust. GAYNOR Get her outa here! Bonzi pulls gently on Kitty’s shoulders but Kitty shakes free and lunges toward the baby. Gaynor blocks her way. She pushes on kitty’s stomach trying to make her leave. Kitty screams out in pain. The baby begins to cry loudly. The other girls chip in and try to get Kitty out of the room. The young couple huddle together, the man wraps his arms around the woman and baby protectively. Kitty stares at

them, she pauses. The baby stops crying as the blond cradles it gently in her arms shushing at it soothingly. Kitty’s eyes well-up. Beat. In realisation Kitty allows the other girls take her out of the room. CUT TO: INT: KITTY AND BONZI’S BEDROOM – EVENING 1942. Kitty lays on the bed wrapped up in Bonzi’s arms. Bronzi strokes her hair soothingly as Kitty sobs. Gaynor enters the room, she throws a tin of peaches to Kitty. GAYNOR You deserves a treat. Bonzi looks at Gaynor with contempt. Kitty looks at the peaches but she doesn’t reach for them and she doesn’t say anything. GAYNOR Finally things can get back to normal around here. CUT TO: INT: ‘KITTY AND BONZI’S BEDROOM – LATE EVENING 1942. Bonzi stands over sleeping Kitty, she shakes her gently. The room is completely dark apart from the blue nightlight creeping in from beneath the worn curtains. BRONZI (Whispers) Kitty, Kitty. Wake up sugar. Kitty stirs, she sits upright in bed. She looks at Bonzi, confused. KITTY (Sleepily)

What’s happenin’? Bonzi pulls out a bag from the cupboard and ushers for Kitty to get dressed. BONZI Kitty, you’ve gots to leave, I arranged for Hank to drive you outa the city. KITTY What? Why? Are you comin’? BONZI No sugar I cant, it’s too late for me. Now you gots to go, Madame’s got plans to move you on and its much worse where you be goin’. You gots to go while you can still. Bonzi takes out a roll of cash from her bra and puts it into Kitty’s hands and kisses them tenderly. Kitty starts to cry. BONZI I arranged a start for you in one of the punter’s factories. You’ll be okay. Now go… Bonzi ushers Kitty out of the door, they hug and she leaves. CUT TO: INT: HANKS ARMY TRUCK – LATE EVENING 1942. Kitty climbs into Hanks Truck. He pulls her up onto the seat with a firm arm. He passes her the Lucky strike he has been smoking. His radio is on low, Vera Lynn sings, ‘We’ll meet again’. Kitty looks back to the bedroom window, Bonzi stands behind the curtains. Kitty watches Bonzi fade out of view as the truck drives off. FADE TO:

INT: SEA VIEW – KITTY’S VOICE OVER – LATE AFTERNOON – 2029. Kitty’s hand rests securely in Ava’s. They both seem completely at easy with each other. KITTY I never did see Bonzi again. I heard some bad stuff about bombs ripping up that side of town and who knows who lived or died. I sure wasn’t going back to find out. But I regret that. She was the best friend I ever did have. Without what she did for me I’d woulda’ been stuck in one of em’ places for who knows how long. KITTY (CONT’D) See woman have different kinda friendships than men. With a man its all about how much and what for. But us women know the worth of things, none of us can really be bought or sold. And that’s why we need’s to stick together, look out for each other. AVA Kitty are you sure you want this story publishin’ it’s so personal? KITTY Its just life dear, we all got’s stories some of em bad and some of em good. But what can we learn from each other if we don’t share. It’s the learnin’ what’s important. AVA Your so brave Kitty. KITTY Nonsense, when the reasons

right you’ll tell yours. It’s just the nature of what it is. AVA (A little defensive) What do you mean? KITTY Come on girl, you don’t go through the things I been through and not know how to tell pain. You got’s that look in your eyes, aint no maskin’ it. Ava’s eyes fill up. Kitty squeezes her hand tighter. KITTY It’s the things that hurt the most what make us strongest, you’ll see. You’ll get what’s yours I’m sure of it. CUT TO: INT: ‘THE SPILL’ OFFICE – SILVER’S OFFICE – AFTERNOON. Ava closes the door. She stands with her arms folded at the front of Silver’s desk. He continues to read the gambling section in his paper barely looking up at Ava. Silver motions for her to sit down. AVA Id rather not. SILVER Whatever. What you doing here toots? AVA Check your inbox your gonna wanna publish this story. Silver looks up from his paper. He looks Ava in the eye directly. She turns on her heel slamming the door shut behind her.

CUT TO: INT:‘THE SPILL’ OFFICE / REPORTERS SPACE – LATE AFTERNOON. Ava sits at her desk editing Kitty’s story she looks thoughtful. Silver opens the door to his office; he leans in the doorway, and looks across the hallway to the reporter’s space. He makes his way across. SILVER Right listen up! Ava Green’s story is in your inboxes, I want everyone on this. All leads confirmed, one hour! Then we go to press. A few reporters shoot Ava looks of surprise. The bustle of the room takes over as people log in to their computers and bark down the phones chasing up leads. FADE TO: INT: SILVER’S OFFICE ‘THE SPILL’– EARLY EVENING. Ava stands firm at the front of Silver’s desk. The other reporters gather around pushing and shoving noisily. SILVER So what we got? BURRELL I gots a land lord who says his family have been in Sun Street for generations. He reckons there was a creep joint at number 24 for sure, says his uncle used to tell him some right stories about it; apparently all sorts of uniform used to go in and outa that place chasing skirt… SILVER (Laughing) Yeah that’ll do Burrell… Anyone else?

PAIGE I dug up some old records; Churchill was definitely in the area around May 1941. He did a rally talk at St.Paul’s Cathedral and St. Giles Church and stayed at an old hotel in Finsbury Pavement from May till August. AVA It’s not the first time Churchill’s been accused either although other reports tend to be anonymous. BURRELL I’ve got a dame who says her great aunt spotted him visiting the place… Silver slowly starts to clap his large hands slap together loudly. SILVER (Sarcastically) Whoa, this is just beautiful. Silver looks at Ava and tips his hat. SILVER Well, I gots to hand it to ya’ toots you got front page. Silver makes to shake Ava’s hand she rolls her eyes and looks away defiantly. Silver looks dejected for a second then makes back into his office laughing as he goes. CUT TO: INT: AVA’S APPARTMENT – EARLY EVENING. Ava sits on the sofa sipping from a glass of Brandy. She looks thoughtful. A knock at the door distracts her. She makes over to the door and latches on the chain she opens up. Luna stands with a bottle of Champaign, two flutes and a

wide smile. Ava opens up the door excitedly and lets her in. They hug affectionately. LUNA (Encouragingly) Whoa girl you did it! AVA (Bashfully) Yeah. LUNA Don’t you be getting all shy on me now girl? Luna pops the Champaign the foam spills out over the floor. She fills a glass and passes it to Ava. Luna raises her glass. And laughs excitedly. LUNA To my best friend, you’re an inspiration girl. Ava blushes modestly. The girls clink glasses and hug again. Beat. Luna looks around the small apartment. She looks at the worn throw covering the window and the broken light fitting hanging from the kitchen ceiling. She looks to Ava questioningly. LUNA Seriously girl, what’s with this? Ava looks around the place and shrugs her shoulders. AVA It’s kinda nice to have my own place. LUNA So that’s what you call it? Luna looks unimpressed. LUNA (CONT’D)

You should be above Cat’s with the rest of us girls. AVA Well I ain’t a canary no more. LUNA I know, and check you out too! My girl on the front page… Luna laughs heartily and looks at her watch. LUNA Right doll face, you got 10 minutes. I wanna see you in something pretty we gots plans for you. Ava looks suspicious, Luna laughs again and ushers her over to the wardrobe. CUT TO: INT: FAT CATS’ – EVENING. Ava and Luna enter the club people start to clap and cheer. Ava looks bashful. Boston comes over and gives the girls a glass of Champaign each. He raises his glass the others follow suit. BOSTON To Ava everyone. Ava looks around the room. Cosmo and Taffy lean against the bar and raise their glasses. The canaries all stand around the dance floor and raise their glasses too. Ava smiles and drinks to Boston’s toast. Luna makes over to the dance floor with the other girls. Guys watch on as the girls dance provocatively, having fun together. They gesture for Ava to come over and dance with them. Ava makes to go over when Boston steps in. BOSTON So it paid off to hold back then?

AVA (Distractedly) What? BOSTON On the story? AVA Yeah kinda. BOSTON (Inquisitively) Well you got the front page. AVA Yeah I did. BOSTON (Innocently) So was it worth it? Ava looks at him annoyed she rolls her eyes and makes over to the dance floor. Boston looks dejected and confused. CUT TO: INT: SILVER’S OFFICE/ ‘THE SPILL’ – MORNING. The door behind Silver’s desk swings open the crowd fall silent. Silver’s large frame fills the doorway; he holds the mug of coffee in one hand and a bunch of papers in the other. He throws his overcoat onto the coat stand beside the desk. SILVER Right then ladies. Now I don’t think we could really kick this off without acknowledging the exceptional work of Ava Green. That story really was a shocker! The other reporters start to clap and cheer. Ava bashfully accepts the praise. SILVER (CONT’D) You really struck a cord with

the dames out there girl. We’ve been getting mail all week even Mrs Carter dropped us an email. Ava smiles to herself. SILVER (CONT’D) Okay, well lets get back to it ladies. Silver takes a deep swig of coffee then slams his mug onto the desk. He throws his hat onto the stand beside his overcoat. The crowd start to quieten down. He starts to throw out papers into the crowd whilst calling out names. SILVER Paige the break down of number 10. SILVER (CONT’D) Burrell sum it up, I want to know about unemployment and the rise of criminal activity. The crowd grow loud, and start to hustle again, arms grab out, for the flying bits of paper. The crowd start to disperse and the assignments start to get lousier. The bustle of the outer office takes over as people get on with their work. Ava stands at the edge of Silver’s desk. SILVER You know the drill toots, just knock me something up for the back page, clothes make up take your pick… AVA You can’t be serious? SILVER Look, you did good okay. And when something suitable comes up you’ll be on it.

AVA Suitable? I could have done any of those jobs! SILVER You know how it works toots, now I aint gonna be puttin’ no bird outa a job… Ava hooks her arms onto her hips defiantly. AVA (Angrily) Well I’ve had it with how it works! Ava throws the assignment onto Silver’s desk and storms out the office. Silver laughs, he picks up his paper and kicks his feet onto the desk. CUT TO: INT: AVA’S APARTMENT BLOCK – EVENING. Ava unlocks the heavy metal gate to the apartment block. She steps inside and ascends the staircase to her apartment. A kid around 9 or 10 runs past her clutching a small plasma TV. Eyes narrowed in suspicion she watches him go. She ascend the final flight of stairs. She notices a bunch of kids huddled around boxes outside her apartment, grabbing what they can. Some of them notice her and run off. AVA (In realisation) You little bastards! Ava rushes over to the boxes, all that’s left is the odd bit of make up and some clothing. A heavy padlock secures the door closed. She kicks and pushes at the door defiantly. She then slides down against it onto the dirty floor beneath her, dejected. Beat.

Ava begins to pack what’s left into a single cardboard box. She picks up a smashed mirror and some lipstick. She covers her lips in the red lipstick then throws it into the box. She makes down the stairs. CUT TO: INT: BOTTOM FLOOR – AVA’S APPARTMENT BLOCK – EVENING. Ava makes towards the outer door, she hesitates. She turns back and heads over to Mr. Renato’s apartment. She takes out the red lipstick and starts to scrawl the word ‘CUNT’ onto his door. Her eyes fill up in anger. Some of the kids have gathered on the staircase behind her, they begin to laugh at the vandalism. Ava turns sharp on her heel. She slams the outer door behind her. CUT TO: EXT: LONDON STREETS OUTSIDE ‘FAT CATS’ – EVENING. Ava stands to the side of the building, the neon light has yet to be turned on. She looks at her watch 7:15pm. She looks dejected. She buzzes the intercom un-expectantly and waits. Beat. Nothing, she turns to leave. The LCD screen flashes on, she hears the crackling of the radio waves. Sharply she turns. Boston comes into view on the small screen. BOSTON Yeah? Surprised, Ava steps into view. BOSTON (Surprised)

Ava? what you doin here? AVA Boston, I… I was hoping eh, Luna might be around? BOSTON Eh, no not tonight doll. (pause) Hey are you okay? AVA Eh yeah, yeah I’m okay. Beat. Ava shuffles around trying to avoid eye contact. BOSTON You know; you look like you could do with a drink, why don’t you come down I’ll give you the spare to Luna’s room. Boston buzzes the door and it comes unlocked. Ava hesitates for a minute then looks at the half full cardboard box in her arms. She enters the club. CUT TO: INT: ‘FAT CAT’S’ – EVENING. Ava makes down the stairs into the club. RAVI COLTRANE’S ‘SELF PORTRAIT IN THREE COLOURS’ plays low, the sax is smooth and the piano is light. She smiles to her self. Boston waits at the bottom of the stairs a glass of brandy in hand. His white shirt is rolled up at the sleeves it looks a little creased. He wears beige pants and braces and a dark grey striped pencil tie. His hair looks a little scruffy he looks tiered but handsome. He smiles bashfully at Ava and makes to take her coat. AVA (defensive) No! No I’m good thanks.

BOSTON (A little confused) Oh okay, sure. Boston holds the door open for Ava, they both enter the club. Its dark apart from the bar lighting and a small table lamp on one of the corner tables. Boston makes over towards it, Ava follows on. The table is covered in paper work and a full ashtray. He makes to move some of it out the way ushering for Ava to sit down. Ava slides into the shadows she takes a deep breath, she exhales. Boston looks at her, concerned. He fills a glass with the last splash of liquor from a brandy bottle. He passes it to Ava. Ava knocks it back. BOSTON You okay doll face? Ava feigns a half convincing smile. AVA Just a long day s’all. Boston senses not to push it. Beat. Ava rests her elbows onto the table trying to avoid the paperwork. BOSTON Eh, sorry about the mess doll, I gots a big meetin’ later… She notices a list on top of some files. It’s entitled ‘Spades Saturday night set up’ names she doesn’t recognize make up the list. Her eyes narrow. AVA (Thoughtfully) Looks heavy. Boston takes a glass from the bar and opens a fresh bottle of brandy. He pours Ava another drink.

BOSTON Yeah we’ll be in the backroom tonight, some meetin’s need closed doors ya ‘know. Boston gives her a nod, she knows what he means. She thinks about that for a minute. Ava takes a deep swig of brandy and lights a cigarette. AVA Well if you’re after a broad to keep your glasses full I got no plans tonight… BOSTON Ah, Ava you really are a doll. Boston winks at Ava, she smiles. Boston tops up Ava’s glass and then tops up his own. He leans back and lights a cigarette. He looks at Ava, sitting all-formal with her coat done up and the cardboard box firm on her lap. BOSTON Nice box… So you on the run or what? Ava laughs a little, she starts to loosen up. AVA Ah ya know, just time to move on s’all. BOSTON Not leaving town I hope? Ava shrugs her shoulders and makes to take off her coat. BOSTON Well you know we gots plenty of space upstairs if your needin’. AVA Thought that was just for the canaries? BOSTON

Usually, but I’d see you right doll. Besides your helping me out tonight right. Ava smiles and takes a sip of brandy. AVA Sure… CUT TO: INT: ‘FAT CAT’S’ BACKROOM – LATE EVENING. The room is small and dark, a sturdy round table is fixed central. On top is an old Jermaine desk lamp, it gives off just enough light to cast shadows on the walls. Cigar smoke hangs thick in the air. Ava makes round the table filling up the T-Boys glasses with liquor. Some more guys enter the room. Kane enters the room he closes the door behind him, he looks to Ava then to Boston. KANE I though this was a private party? BOSTON Mind your manners Kane, the lady’s fixin’ you a drink. Ava looks at Kane and passes him the glass. He takes it swift and looks back to Boston. KANE Well I sure hope she aint fixin’ through business. The other guys start to roll their eyes and take the mick. T’BOY+1 God man why you so fuckin’ strung all the time, its only a broad. Don’t you worry toots you can keep my glass full all night long… The other T’Boys start to laugh and jeer at Ava. She

starts to blush. BOSTON (Angrily) That’s enough, what the hell is this quit acting like a pack of dogs. The T’Boys quieten down, they get out phones and lap pad devices, they start to pay attention. BOSTON Right then so lets get this meetin’ started boys. We’ll start it light… Boston makes over to his briefcase, he snaps it open and takes out the list Ava seen earlier, he throws it onto the round table. Ava makes more rounds with the liquor, she watches intently. BOSTON Right boys, the dogs on this list are for the fall. When the bets are big we take em down. You know the drill, vigorish deal. And some of these grifters are all ready pullin tricks on the sharks so I’m thinking they’re neein a ‘tap’. BOSTON (CONT’D) Right, now for the serious stuff… Boston makes over to Ava. BOSTON Ava would you be a doll and get us some more brandy? Ava gets the hint and makes to leave. CUT TO: INT: ‘FAT CAT’S HALLWAY – LATE EVENING.

Ava makes up the stairs from the basement. T-Boys hang loose in the hallway smoking on cigars and chatting shit. She hangs back behind the hallway door. she watches the last of them make into the club. CUT TO: INT: ‘FAT CAT’S – THE BACKROOM – LATE EVENING. Quickly she sneaks into the backroom. The table is filled with empty glasses and full ashtrays. A mobile phone lays in the centre of the table. She sees the list, frantically she searches the room for a pen. Nothing. She looks too the briefcase and back to the door. She rushes over to the briefcase snapping it open nervously. A gold fountain pen lays loose, she grabs it and makes over to the list. Slowly she imitates the writing on the list, in long curled letters she writes ‘SILVER MOONLIGHT. The door swings open Kane stands firm in the doorway. Ava slides her arms behind her back and slips the pen up her sleeve. KANE What the hell… Kane makes over to Ava, he grabs her shoulders. AVA I, I… was just tidying up. The phone starts to ring. Kane grabs the list and the phone putting them both into his pocket. Kane turns and slaps Ava’s face. KANE Don’t fucking lie to me girl. What the fuck are you doing? Boston enters the room. He drags Kane off Ava. He punches

Kane in the face and pins him against the wall. Ava backs against the other wall, she drops the pen back into the briefcase and pushes it shut with her back. The other T-Boys rush in. KANE She was fuckin’ sneakin’ at something… Boston looks over to Ava. AVA I was just tidyin’ I swear… BOSTON You wanna stay off the fuckin’ snow Kane, you’s gettin’ too high strung round here. Beat. Kane raises his hands in defeat, he starts to calm down. The other T-Boys start to laugh and jeer. BOSTON (CONT’D) Come on tough guy lets get you a drink. Boston passes Kane over to the other boys and makes over to Ava. The T-Boys leave room. Beat. Boston pushes the hair from Ava’s face and puts a protective hand on her shoulder. He pulls a chair up and helps her sit down. BOSTON I’m so sorry doll face, are you alright? He fills a glass with brandy and passes it to her. He kneels down in front of her his arm resting on her knee. Ava sips on the brandy. AVA I’m fine, just a shock s’all.

BOSTON You’re a tough little dame aint ya’. I could always tell that about you. Ava’s eyes meet Boston’s, she starts to smile a little. Her eyes fill up. AVA Don’t feel it. BOSTON That don’t matter, your different to the rest. You got fight in you. You don’t quit on things or put up with the shit around here either. I respect that in a dame. Ava starts to laugh sarcastically. BOSTON What’s so funny? AVA It’s been so long since I seen a bird respectin anythin’ in a dame s’all. BOSTON We aint all new age Miss Ava Green, some of us still likes to do it like the old days ya know. AVA And it was better then? BOSTON Jeezze you don’t make it easy on a bird do ya. AVA Well, I’d a never penned any T-Boy as a gent Boston. BOSTON Ah, thanks. Don’t believe everythin’ ya read Miss Green.

They both laugh a little. Boston helps Ava up, they make to leave. CUT TO: INT:‘THE SPILL’ OFFICE / SILVER’S OFFICE – MORNING. Ava walks through the hallway into the office, she heads towards Pearl’s desk. The office lights are off and the place is completely silent. She looks through Silver’s office door and up at the Chaney clock hanging above his desk, 8:30am Friday. Quickly Ava makes over to Pearl’s desk. She opens up her computer and starts to search through her drawers. Ava pulls out various old notebooks and searches through them. Nothing. She turns to the computer. She attempts to log on using various passwords, ‘PEARL’, ‘SILVER’, and ‘THE SPILL’ nothing works. Ava covers her face with her hands, she tries to concentrate. Beat. Ava looks over Pearl’s desk once more. She notices a photograph of Pearl and Silver. A slightly younger Pearl looks up at Silver sycophantically as Silver brandishes a copy of the first ever Spill. Ava rolls her eyes. She pauses and looks back to the picture. This time she focuses on the garish purple LCD frame. Ava types the word ‘PURPLE’ into the log in doc, the computer comes to life. Ava frantically searches through the documents eventually finding the ‘ADDRESS BOOK’. She searches through the list of names and numbers till eventually she finds it ‘MR DAVID CARTER’. Ava smiles to her self, she takes a deep breath and clicks dial, she picks up the receiver… Beat. The phone rings and rings, no one answers. Ava looks to the clock, 8:42am.

She redials. The phone starts to ring again. MR.CARTER (O.S) Hello? AVA (Imitating Pearl’s dry voice) Good Morning Mr. Carter, this is Pearl calling from Mr. Moonlight’s office… MR.CARTER (O.S) What? Well it’s a bit early don’t you think? AVA Yes I am sorry about that Mr. Carter but it really is very important. You see Mr. Moonlight has asked me to set up and emergency finance meeting with you for Monday morning. MR. CARTER (O.S) What? Another cash problem, he told me it was all sorted. I’ll call him right away. AVA Well I’m afraid he is uncontactable until then Mr.Carter. He just said if you could arrive at 9am sharp on Monday morning to discuss it then. MR. CARTER (O.S) I see, okay then Pearl. I will be there.

Ava logs off. She looks to the Chaney clock again 8:46am. Frantically she begins to tidy up Pearl’s desk. The outer light flicks on. Startled, Ava drops to the floor to hide. From underneath the desk Ava sees Pearl’s chubby legs walk around the office. She switches on lights and turns on electrical equipment, singing to herself wryly as she goes. Pearl walks into Silver’s office with an ashtray and mug of coffee in hand. Ava slips of her heels, she watches Pearl through the glass intently. As Pearl puts the coffee onto the desk Ava makes a run for it. Ava makes through the swing doors into the hallway. CUT TO: INT: THE GIRLS FLOOR ABOVE ‘FAT CATS’ EARLY EVENING. Ava unlocks the side door, she steps inside. The smell of weed and peach tobacco hangs thick in the air. She smiles to her self a little and shakes her head. She slips off her shoes and ascends the stairs. The sound of JANIS JOPLIN’S ‘PICE OF MY HEART’ becomes distinguishable as she reaches the top of the stairs. She can hear the girls singing along. Ava pushes the door open. A pink carpet lines the long hallway the cream walls are covered in film noir posters and old jazz and blues singers. RUBY walks out of the kitchen into the hallway, her dark hair is fixed in rollers she wears little yellow pants and nothing else. She puffs hard on a juju as she sings along. RUBY Ava darling! I heard you were back… Ruby kisses Ava on either cheek, blowing smoke into the air around her. She passes her the juju. Ava takes a long drag. She walks down the hallway.

The girls all have their doors open. They walk in and out of each other’s rooms trying on clothes half dressed and laughing. They kiss Ava on the cheek as she passes. Ava unlocks the room at the end of the corridor. CUT TO: INT: AVA’S OLD ROOM – GIRL’S FLOOR – EVENING. She slides the key card into the slot, the light flicks on. She steps inside. She pauses. She looks at the film noir posters on the walls and the candles in the windowsill. She notices the fabric lampshade. Luna stands in the doorway behind Ava she is holding Ava’s cardboard box. She wears a long silk burgundy dressing gown it hangs loose over her shoulders, her black underwear noticeable underneath. She leans casually against the doorframe she puffs on a juju. LUNA He’d never give your room to any one else. Ava turns to Luna, she smiles and takes the box. AVA I can’t believe he didn’t even clear it out. LUNA I’m telling you, he’s dizzy with ya girl… Ava smiles, she blushes a little. Luna laughs heartily. JANIS JOPLIN’S ‘ME AND MY BOBBY MCGEE’ comes on, one of the girls turns it up louder. They all start to dance and sing along. CUT TO: INT: HALLWAY – GIRLS FLOOR – EVENING. CONTINUOUS.

LUNA Come on, let’s get you a drink doll face. Luna takes Ava’s hand and pulls her out into the hallway. Some of the girls dance with each other in their underwear and others chase each other up and down the hallway. CUT TO: INT: LUNA’S ROOM – THE GIRL’S FLOOR - EVENING. CONTINUOUS. Luna opens the door for Ava. They step inside. Some of the other girls hang out half dressed on the bed and floor. They pass around a glass water pipe. Luna makes over to a mini bar set up in the corner. She pours brandy over ice and passes it to Ava. Ava takes a deep swig. AVA Hey look I got’s to talk to ya girl… Luna looks her in the eye directly. She starts to usher the girls out of the room. LUNA Come on sugars, kick it… They sit down on the bed. Luna lights the water pipe and draws on it hard. She passes it to Ava and exhales. LUNA Okay, what’s going on. AVA Which broad’s running with Silver these days? Ava draws hard on the pipe. She exhales. LUNA (Suspicious) Last I heard it was Goldie. So

what? AVA She stays here right? LUNA Yeah bottom of the hall, what’s cookin’ with you sister? Ava’s eyes well up she looks angry. AVA Some shit’s gone down between that dog and I, and well, he needs bringin’ to heel. Luna takes the pipe from Ava and puts it on the floor. She takes Ava’s hands in hers. LUNA Fill me in, and I want all of it… CUT TO: INT: GOLDIE’S ROOM – THE GIRLS FLOOR – EVENING. Goldie, a tall blonde with a slim but curvaceous figure stands in front of the mirror. She wears a short red satin, dressing gown; it stops just above her butt. She smokes in between applying her lipstick. Ava and Luna sit on the bed behind her. GOLDIE So what can I do for you ladies? I can cut you a sweet deal on some snow? LUNA Were here about that dog Silver you’re running with. Goldie turns away from the mirror. She draws hard on her cigarette. She makes to pick up her drink. GOLDIE And what about it?

AVA The straight of it is, we got a score and if he’s the dog that I know he is, then you probably got’s one too… Goldie pauses. She makes over to the table and pours some liquor into some glasses, she passes them over to the girls. She stubs out her cigarette. GOLDIE Look the guy’s rough but he puts the bills in my pocket. Ava takes a deep swig of liquor and lights a cigarette. Luna stands up and starts to pace the room. LUNA He’s got it comin’ Goldie, he can’t be treating us broads like rags. Goldie knows what Luna means, she looks to Ava. GOLDIE What you got in mind? AVA Just make sure he’s at ‘Spades’ on Saturday night. And make sure he treats you right before the last game. LUNA I still think your bein’ too light on the dog. What’s a bit of cash after what he did. Luna sweeps her dressing gown from her leg revealing a small gold revolver tucked into her stocking. Ava shakes her head. AVA This is how we’re doing it, keep our hands clean. It’s like dominos round here anyways. GOLDIE Sure he’s still got trouble

with the sharks after the last loss. Ava and Luna look to each other and smile. AVA You’re a doll Goldie. If you ever need a favour… GOLDIE Ah don’t mention it, I read the article you did on the old dame, it got’s me thinking about things. Us broads need to stick together, right… LUNA Now that’s what I’m talking about girls! The girls raise their glasses and start to laugh. CUT TO: INT: ‘FAT CAT’S’ – EVENING. Ava sits at the bar watching Luna’s performance. She sings NINA SIMONE’S ‘MY BABY JUST CARES FOR ME’ the club is quiet the atmosphere is relaxed. Ava sips her drink. Boston comes up behind her, he tops up her glass. He takes her hand and pulls gently on her arm… BOSTON Can I have this one? Ava smiles and playfully tries to pull away from Boston. AVA (laughing) No thanks. Boston pulls her a little harder. Ava looks over to Luna, who smiles and winks at her encouragingly. AVA Oh for god sake… Ava lets herself be pulled up. No one else in the room is

dancing. Boston leads her over to a space next to the dim light of the bar. He gently slides an arm around her waist and slides his hand into hers. He moves slowly. She smiles and bashfully looks to the floor. They laugh. BOSTON So you gonna let me take you out on Saturday night? Ava looks at him intently, her eyes narrow. She bites her bottom lip and smiles a little. AVA What you got in mind? BOSTON Spades? Beat. Boston moves the hair from Ava’s eyes trying to make eye contact. She smiles. CUT TO: INT: ‘SPADES’ CASINO – EVENING. Ava sits at a long bar. Chandeliers hang over the solid marble floor, the place is trimmed with gold and grandeur. The silk of her long gold evening gown clings close to her skin. Her auburn hair hangs in loose curls around her shoulders. Boston pours Champaign into a tall glass and passes it to Ava. He wears a sharp white three piece with matching tie, a black shirt and Borsalino. The jazz band play out Billy Holiday’s version of ‘Summer time’ guys and dames dance intimately together at the front. Boston leans over to Ava he takes the white carnation out of his dress pocket and slides it into her hair. She knows what he means and smiles. BOSTON

I’ve never seen a dame look quite so beautiful. AVA Your lookin’ kinda sharp yourself Mr. Boston smiles bashfully Ava smiles back and sips her champagne. BOSTON Feel like a game? AVA What you got in mind? BOSTON What ever you feel like doll face? Take your pick… Ava and Boston make over to the Roulette table and take a seat. Boston nods at a waiter who comes over with another bottle of champagne. BOSTON So you feelin’ lucky? Ava smiles. AVA Maybe. The table comes quiet. Guys and dames lean over anxiously. Boston slides an arm around Ava’s shoulder. The croupier spins the wheel in one direction then spins the ball in the other. It bobs around the tilted circular track and over the coloured number pockets. Ava places a red chip on the 35 square. The croupier nods at Ava acknowledging the bet. CROUPIER Straight up. BOSTON Jeezze girl, you play it high. She winks at Boston and leans closer to the table. The ball starts to loose momentum.

CROUPIER. No more bets! The ball starts to slow bouncing in and out of the numbered pockets 6, 21,33,16,4,23. It stops on Black 35. Ava claps her hands excitedly; Boston leans in and kisses her on the lips. Surprised, she pulls away. BOSTON (embarrassed) Jeezze I’m sorry. AVA I just… didn’t expect it s’all. She smiles at Boston and takes his hand. He smiles back. The croupier places the dolly on number 35 on the layout. Boston nods at the table. BOSTON You got the luck tonight girl. The croupier then makes to rake off the loosing bets Ava looks up. She notices Silver and Goldie at the Blackjack table. Silver looks like he’s having the time of his life. AVA Lets pick this up later, I feel like a dance. Boston smiles and leads her over to the dance floor. The band play out RAY CHARLES’ ‘GEORGIA ON MY MIND’ guys and dames dance intimately together under the low stage lighting. Boston slips an arm around Ava’s waist he pulls her in close. She rests her face against his chest. They move together slowly. Beat. A dame in a tight fitting, glistening red dress, grabs Ava’s attention. Goldie stands at the edge of dance floor

against the bar. She sips Champaign and puffs on a cigarette. She gives Ava a nod and makes to leave. Ava tenses. She looks over to the Blackjack table. Kane and one of the other T-Boys hang onto Silvers arms persuasively. It looks like things are getting a little rough. Sharply, they escort Silver out of the club. Ava relaxes against Boston’s shoulder she smiles to herself. BOSTON Say doll face, I got’s to ask… Just why did you slip that dog onto the list? Ava tenses she pulls away, shocked. Boston holds her firm around the waist and keeps her hand in his. He looks her in the eye directly. BOSTON Its okay, I’m not mad, just quizzin’ s’all… Ava relaxes a little she looks lost for words. The music changes. The piano starts out then strings distinguishing Edith Piaf’s Waltz ‘La Foule’. Ava looks distressed her eyes fill up. She shakes free and runs off from Boston. He chases after her. He stumbles into a waiter carrying a tray of Champaign, bottles and glasses smash all over the marble floor as they collide. He looses her. CUT TO: INT: THE GIRL’S FLOOR – AVA’S ROOM – EVENING. Ava lays on top of her bed in a peach nightdress. The candles give the room a dim orange hue. PHIL PHILLIPS’S ‘Sea of Love’ plays low on the record player. She puffs on a peach juju. A loud bang on the outer door makes Ava jump. She gets up and opens her bedroom door sneaking at who it is. Ruby stands in the hallway in a sheer yellow nightdress, she leans against the door trying to block the way.

RUBY You can’t come in here, no men are allowed in here and I don’t care if you own the place Boston. BOSTON Come on Rub’s I just wanna talk with Ava. I wont be long. RUBY It’s the rules, anyways Ava don’t wanna talk with you, so kick it. Ruby tries to close the door on Boston. Ava steps out into the hallway. AVA Ruby, its okay. I got it. Ruby looks to Ava, then lets up on the door. She makes off, back into her room. Ava stands in the doorway. BOSTON I’m sorry doll face; I shouldn’t have pushed you on it… AVA It’s okay, I shouldn’t have been sneakin’… BOSTON You don’t need to tell me anythin’ until you wanna, if you wanna. But I’m here for you for real okay. Boston strokes her cheek tenderly; she pulls him in for a kiss. Beat. She pulls away Boston smiles at her. AVA It’s okay I wanna tell you. But no interferin’ okay.

BOSTON Sure. Boston slides out a disc from his suit pocket. He passes it to Ava. She looks confused. AVA What’s this? BOSTON A souvenir, it might be useful for your plans with that dog. Ava smiles at Boston and pulls him in for a kiss again. Beat. AVA So what do you say we break some rules tonight? Boston looks confused. Ava pulls on his arm gently. He gets what she means. A cheeky smile crosses his face. He enters the hallway. They walk down the hallway hand in hand towards Ava’s room. Ruby opens her door a crack. She sees Boston and Ava enter Ava’s room. She stands in her doorway arms folded she rolls her eyes and smiles to herself. She makes back into her room and closes the door behind her. CUT TO: INT: AVA’S ROOM / THE GIRLS FLOOR – EVENING. Boston pulls Ava in close and kisses her intensely. He takes his shirt off. They fall into Ava’s bed kissing each other passionately. An Ava tense up she starts to look uncomfortable. Boston pulls away. Gently he takes her face in his hands and slowly pushes the hair from her face. He looks her in the eye intently.


BOSTON If you’re not ready for this it’s okay. Ava’s eyes fill up she smiles at him as she tries to disguise her emotions. Boston lies down and gently pulls her in against his chest. He wraps his arms around her protectively. BOSTON There’s no rush. Ava begins to sob a little. Boston looks confused but he doesn’t say anything. He holds her close and strokes her skin gently. AVA He raped me Boston; Silver raped me. Ava begins to cry heavily Boston pulls her in closer. His jaw clenches and eyes fill up in anger he lets out a heavy sigh. He kisses her neck gently and wraps his arms around her. BOSTON Its gonna be alright. (Pause) I promise. CUT TO: INT: OUT SIDE SIVER’S OFFICE / ‘THE SPILL’ – MORNING. Ava makes past Pearl’s desk on the way into Silver’s office. Pearl screws her face up and continues to chew on her bacon sandwich. PEARL (Mouth filled with food) Finally learned to tell the time then? Ava smiles at her sarcastically and enters Silver’s office. CUT TO:


INT: SIVER’S OFFICE / ‘THE SPILL’ MONDAY MORNING. Ava stands with the other reporters in front of Silver’s desk. She looks to the old Chaney clock 9am Monday. The dim light form the old Jermaine desk lamp makes the hour seem late. She tenses anxiously. She takes a deep breath and sharpens up her pencil skirt suit. Beat. A door behind the desk swings open and the crowd fall silent. Silver’s large frame fills the doorway he stagers side to side uncontrollably. Silver throws his overcoat at the coat-stand beside the desk. He misses, his coat lands on the head of some reporter in the front row who yelps as he spills coffee all over himself. He gazes over the crowd hazily from beneath his Borsalino, a heavy black eye distinguishable under the shadow of his hat. The crowd start to gossip. Ava moves along the wall towards the back of the office. The outer door to Silver’s office opens, but it’s invisible through the heavy crowd gathered around the desk. Ava notices and smiles to herself. Mr. Carter steps in Pearl tags on behind him, they both look confused. SILVER (Slurring angrily) Shut up you bunch of daisies you’re here to work not chat shit! Silver stumbles over to the filling cabinet he takes out the day’s assignments. He falls hard against the drawer as he tries to close it. Some of the reporters start to snigger amongst themselves loudly. SILVER (Slurring) Your checks are late again and I don’t wanna here nothin’ about it. You can blame that Carter fool.


The crowd start to grumble and complain. Mr. Carter looks to Pearl confused then furious. SILVER I said shut up! Will you all just shut the fuck up! Silver slams his hands hard onto the desk knocking the coffee into the crowd as he flails around trying to keep himself up right. The crowd fall deadly silent. Beat. Silver falls heavily into his chair and starts to throw the assignments at the reporters manically. SILVER Green, you whiney little bitch, fashion! SILVER Gaycat, I mean Paige why don’t you go suck them sharks and see if they’ll throw you a bone for print. Mr. Carter explodes. He pushes the reporters out of the way as he storms to the front. Shocked reporters gasp and stumble out of the way. Mr Carter slams his hands hard onto Silver’s desk leaning over it to within inches of Silver’s shocked face. MR CARTER (Shouting) What the fuck is going on here Moonlight? Silver looks instantly sober. He stands up from his chair and starts to stutter. The reporters start to huddle around in groups wearing bemused expressions. MR CARTER (Angrily) Look at the state of you man! Your out on the roof! Silver makes a dull attempt to straighten himself out. Mr. Carter grabs Silver’s tie and pulls him across the


desk. MR CARTER You want to be explainin’ what you’ve been doing with my money boy, and why these people aint been getting paid with it! The reporters look on intently with folded arms. Silver starts to sweat. Ava makes to the front. Mr Carter and Silver both look up, surprised. She throws the disc onto the desk. AVA You have been up to no good aint ya’, ya’ dirty dog. All eyes are on Ava Silver looks speechless. AVA The disc shows you at ‘Spades’ on Saturday night gambling away the company money and our wages! Mr. Carter’s face twists into a grimace. Silver clumsily makes to grab the disc. Mr Carter slams his fist down hard onto Silver’s arm making him drop it. Silver yelps in pain. The crowd start to hustle and shout out insults at Silver. Silver looks at Ava confused and angry. She laughs. Silver makes to leave. He stumbles out of the office. The other reporters shove him as he stumbles past. MR CARTER (Shouting after Silver) This is far from over Moonlight! Mr. Carter turns to Ava and shakes her hand. MR CARTER Well done girl, aren’t you the one who got the Churchill story?


Ava looks him in the eye directly and smiles. AVA Yes. The office starts to quieten down as the reporters stand around unsure what to do with them selves. MR. CARTER. I’ll be taking applications for Moonlight’s job. Mr Carter nods at Ava and sharply makes out of the room. CUT TO: INT: BOSTON’S BENTLY OUT SIDE THE ‘SPILL’ OFFICE– MORNING. Boston sits in his Bentley reading the Ava’s article in the newspaper. Kane waits outside the car with one of the other T-Boys. Silver comes stumbling out of the office looking desperate and dishevelled. Boston puts down his newspaper. Kane grabs Silver by the scruff of the neck. KANE The boss wants to take you for a little spin Moonlight. Silver looks confused. He looks into the Bentley; Boston looks him in the eye directly. He smiles at Silver threateningly. Kane gives Silver a nod; Silver knows what he means. Silver ties to struggle against Kane. His eyes well up as he flails around trying to stop himself from being shoved into the Bentley. In vain Silver tries to pull away. The other T-Boy opens the Bentley door and Kane throws Silver into the car. The car drives off. BOSTON It would appear you owe a debt


Moonlight. SILVER You’ll get your money just open the door. Silver makes to open the door. Kane and the other T-Boy shove him back down hard onto the seat. BOSTON No, see this is a personal debt, and I’m collecting on behalf of a lady. My Lady. Silver’s eyes widen. He knows what Boston means. SILVER Its not like that, it wasn’t like that. Boston lights a cigarette he draws on it hard. The car pulls off the road and into some dark woods. Silver begins to panic. BOSTON (Softly) Oh I know exactly how it was. And now your gonna re-pay the lady’s debt. Boston leans in close to Silver. He blows the smoke into his eyes. Kane and the other T-Boy grab onto Silver’s arms firmly. Silver begins to squirm. SILVER Look that little bitch needed bringing into line. What the fuck do you think I get paid to do. I’m a respectable guy I work for a living unlike you T-Boy gangster scum. Suddenly the car stops. The T-Boys look at Boston expectantly. Beat. Suddenly Boston begins to laugh. Silver looks confused. Beat.


We hear a gun shot. Silver slumps back against his chair blood runs down his face. A hole smokes in the middle Boston’s Newspaper a gun visible through the gap. The other T-Boys look at Silver then to Boston. KANE I though we were just gonna rough him up a bit boss? The other T-Boy starts to laugh setting Kane and the driver off too. BOSTON No one calls my lady a bitch and no one calls me and my boys scum least of all a dog like that. CUT TO: INT: AVA’S OFFICE / ‘THE SPILL’ OFFICE – MONDAY MORNING. The crisp sunlight of a fresh November morning shines brightly through the office window. Pearl makes into the room wearing a frighteningly purple suit and warm smile. She positions a clean ashtray and oversized mug of coffee attentively on the large desk in front of her. Ava spins around slowly in the sturdy swing chair behind the desk. AVA Thanks Pearl. Pearl smiles at Ava warmly and makes out of the room. Ava takes a deep breath and sharpens up her shirt; she smiles to herself. The doors to the outer office swing open and a stampede of noisy professionals dressed in cheap suits heard over the mahogany floor towards Ava. She takes a deep swig of coffee and stands up. Slowly she makes her way around the desk to address the reporters. AVA Good mornin’ guys and galls. The surprised faces of the reporters look on at Ava un-


expectantly. They begin to nudge each other gossip amongst them selves. A few new faces start to fill the room. Buddy and Paige look around unimpressed. They lay eyes on Ella a pretty blonde at the front. BUDDY I’ve never seen so much skirt in a bloody office… Paige eyes Ella up enthusiastically. PAIGE Heck I ain’t complaining. Ava shoots him a scolding look. AVA Lets get started. The crowd gather around the desk attentively. Ava leans against the desk casually. She starts to pass out the assignments to the crowd whilst calling the reporter’s names. AVA Ella, this is your first job so lets get you right out there. Get some stats on women in the work place; I’m thinking pay, positions that kinda stuff. And I wanna here about what the gals out there have to say on it. Ella looks on at Ava excitedly. She smiles and takes the assignment. She makes out of the room in a hurry. Buddy and Paige look on unimpressed; they watch on as she makes out of the room. AVA (CONT’D) Buddy, cover the graduation of 2029’s students. What are our ‘future leaders’ aspirations? And get the info on future educational funding for the kids out there. Buddy rolls his eyes at Ava. She notices and turns to him hand on hip.

AVA (Assertively) Oh what not depressing enough for ya? Well you can always knock me something up on La Senza’s new ultra padded support knickers if you like? The reporters let out into muffled sniggers and jeers. Buddy starts to blush. He takes the assignment and makes out of the room. AVA (CONT’D) Paige lets get in-touch with the new and ‘legitimate’ business owners out there. Ava gives Paige a nod he smiles back a little anxiously. AVA (CONT’D) I wanna know how they managed it. Get some interviews and advice for the would-be new starters out there. The crowd disperse the bustle of the outer office takes over as people get on with their work. Telephones ring, and reporters bark down the phones arranging interviews and such. Ava leans back into her chair. She draws hard, on a cigarette, she exhales, the smoke curls around her pouty red lips. A wide smile crosses her pretty face. FADE TO BLACK: THE END.

Between Dog and Wolf  
Between Dog and Wolf  

Feature screenplay, neo noir