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Attendance Student’s hours of attendance will normally be 9.00am with varying times for finishing. Please consult your module handbooks for further information and individual module timetables. You should note, however, that flexible hours of attendance are likely to be implemented from time to time.

Reporting Sickness and Absence In the event of sickness, you should inform the Faculty of Health & Social Care on Tel: 01695 587050 at the earliest possible opportunity, ideally before 10.00am (or as early as possible on the first day of absence) stating the reason for sickness and the expected date of resumption. It is expected that students will inform the programme or module leader if they are to be absent for any reason. Those students who do not attend lectures / sessions and who fail to reply to correspondence relating to their absence, and who are absent for four weeks or more, may be deemed to have withdrawn from the programme of study. It is essential that you keep the programme leader informed of any likely absence during term time.

Absence from Examinations and Presentations through Illness Where a module has an examination/presentation, participation is compulsory and you should not be absent without good cause. Medical certificates for absence must be sent to the module leader. If you miss an examination/presentation due to health problems, you will be required to apply for Extenuating Mitigating Circumstances (EMC), see Section 5.

Pregnancy If you become pregnant it is important that you advise your Programme Leader and Personal Tutor as a matter of urgency.

Holidays Any consideration of holidays, which impact upon your attendance on your programme, must be advised and agreed with your Programme Leader.


Programme handbook bsc (hons) paofob sept13  
Programme handbook bsc (hons) paofob sept13