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Section 6: STUDENT SUPPORT IN THE FACULTY Module Leader The Module Leader has the responsibility for the day-to-day running of the module and will provide you with the assessment guidelines, offer you tutorial support and is your first point of contact should you experience personal or professional difficulties with a specific module.

Personal Tutor Support The role of the personal tutor includes:         

On-going, individual pastoral and academic support assisting in the development of the student’s understanding. Consistent point of contact for you throughout the programme. Discussing with you, reflective entries, supporting evidence and relevant documentation within their portfolio. Encouraging reflective practice to develop the relationship between theory and practice. Providing academic support in the process of academic assignments. Maximising learning opportunities and advising on learning activities. Signposting to other sources of advice and guidance. Providing academic support in the process of achieving practice assessments, if applicable. Participating in the preparation of work based mentors.

You are expected to meet your personal tutor twice per semester, i.e., 4 meetings per year, to discuss academic achievement and personal development plans. Should the personal tutor be absent for more than 4 weeks the Head of AHSC will nominate a substitute personal tutor – this information will be published on the Blackboard programme area notice board. Any requests for substituting a personal tutor will be forwarded to the Head of AHSC and actioned on an individual basis.

Online Support All online teaching materials are delivered via Blackboard. Therefore, it is important that you ensure that your username and password are in working order as soon as you have registered. The Blackboard area will also provide you with information required for your module/programme for example, learning resources, module and programme leader contact details and software to support and submit your academic work. If you are experiencing problems with accessing Blackboard please change your password in the first instance as this may resolve your issue. If further assistance is required, contact IT Services: Email: Tel: 01695 650444 or ext: 7444 Once registered with the university, there are extensive and comprehensive online guides and FAQs on the Blackboard home page, which can be accessed on:


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