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that are available to the general public and form approved official documentation relating the operation and provision of that organisation. It would be considered relevant to include the name of an organisation when:   

Discussing/debating/analysing published data relating to the performance of that organisation. Discussing/debating/analysing published and approved policy and strategy of that organisation. Discussing/debating/analysing published research/evaluations/audit/opinion, which relates to and names that organisation.

Where the assignment requires reflection or analysis of specific practice/patient/client/service user scenarios, confidentiality must be maintained by the use of pseudonyms. Whilst retaining the essence of the scenario, where necessary some information may be altered to enhance anonymity, eg, changing the number of siblings/children/place or type of work/accommodation or housing.

Consent You are also reminded that it is a legal and professional requirement that where specific personal and/or organisational details are explicitly identified, for example use of photographs, the individual’s valid consent is obtained and that furthermore, the consent is clearly documented and acknowledge at the commencement of the piece of academic work. You are, therefore, strongly advised to seek tutorial guidance when contemplating the inclusion of aspects of consent within an academic piece of work.

Academic Appeals All students have the right to submit an academic appeal against the outcomes of Assessment Boards, Malpractice or Fitness for Practice Panels. However, students may only appeal on the grounds of:   

Material computational or administrative error; Irregularity in conduct of an Assessment Board in contravention of the relevant regulations or structures; Exceptional mitigating circumstances, details which were, for good reason, not previously available to the appropriate Assessment Boards.

Further information regarding the academic appeals process can be found on Academic Registry online student information area:


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