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Amish Crafted Gazebos

Gazebo-in-a-Box A division of Amish Country Gazebos

A division of Amish Country Gazebos

Gazebo-in-a-Box... • Made by skilled Amish craftsmen in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. • 15 year warranty against rot, termites, and structural damage. • Easy-to-handle - 2 people can carry the boxes with ease.

Outdoor living at its best! How are we so affordable? • We make the Amish Crafted Gazebos in bulk during the winter months when we are not so busy. • We mass produce the interchangeable parts, allowing economies of scale to work for you in an amazingly efficient manner. • We limit the sizes, styles, shapes, materials, and options so we can pull your gazebo components “off the shelf.”

• Easy-to-assemble kit fits together Lincoln-Log style. • Engineered to withstand 110 mph winds. • Great quality lumber - hand selected and kiln dried. • Molded, shaped, and cut to exacting standards. • Hardware and instructions are included with each gazebo.

Our Warranty

15 Year ty Warran

1. We guarantee that all wood will not rot or become termite infested for 15 years from date of delivery if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and apply the shingles properly. 2. We guarantee that all vinyl will not crack or discolor for 40 years. 3. We guarantee the roof will be free from leaks for 15 years from date of delivery. 4. Should there be any defects during the warranty period, Amish Crafted Gazebos will ship to you the new components to replace the faulty ones. 5. All warranties are non-transferable. 6. All warranties are void if the gazebo location is changed. 7. Your painting of the gazebo does not void this warranty.


8. Your gazebo is designed to withstand winds up to 110 mph. Please ensure you have used all of the provided hardware in assembling your gazebo and that all fasteners are tight.



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If price is more important to you than having a fully customized gazebo, then this Gazebo-in-a-Box may be just right for you. Free shipping in the continental USA if ordered this month!

*8 ft. Wood $1,895

*10 ft. Wood $2,195

Be Valust e!

*12 ft. Wood $2,595

Wood Cupola $75

Use this page to place your order. You will receive your gazebo within 3-4 weeks of placing your order. Just fill out and mail in this form! Name:________________________________________________________________________ Ship to Address:_ _______________________________________________________________ City:_________________________________________ State:_ ________ Zip:_______________ E-mail:_ ______________________________________________________________________ Day Ph: (

*8 ft. Vinyl $2,595

*10 ft. Vinyl $2,995

*12 ft. Vinyl $3,495

Vinyl Cupola $95

)_ _______________________Evening Ph: (

Please ship my: (please check all that apply) L 8 ft. Wood Gazebo

L 10 ft. Wood Gazebo L 12 ft. Wood Gazebo

$1,895 $2,195

L 10 ft. Deck L 12 ft. Deck

L 8 ft. Vinyl Gazebo

L 10 ft. Vinyl Gazebo


L 12 ft. Vinyl Gazebo


L Wood Cupola

Additional options: L 8 ft. Deck



L Vinyl Cupola

$2,595 $2,995 $3,495

$75 $95

$1,295 Prices subject to change without notice.

To place your order with a credit card, please call today. 1-800-700-1777

or please mail a check for the full amount of $_________________ with this form to:

Your Gazebo Kit Includes:

*Decks and cupolas are optional upgrades

Amish Crafted Gazebos 8 ft. Deck - $695

10 ft. Deck - $995

r gethe le o t s t Fi Sty n-Log tches, l o c n Li no slots, ves! with roo and g

12 ft. Deck - $1,295

• 7 wall panels in kit form • 1 door panel in kit form • 8 roof panels in kit form • Shingles • Ridge cap • Rafters and facia boards • Hardware and roof center piece • Clear assembly instructions • 15 year limited warranty

Made by skilled Amish craftsmen in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

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Amish Crafted Gazebos 340 Hostetter Road Manheim, PA 17545

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Free shipping in the continental USA if ordered this month!

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Starting at How are we so affordable? Gazebo-in-a-Box 1-800-700-1777 If price is more important to you than havi...