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Federal Glover Internship Application Internship There are two internships. The first, the summer internship, spans 6-weeks during which you will work under the department of your interest: from County Administration to Information Technology to Animal Services, in addition to attending meetings and events, going on tours of District V, and various other activities. Newly established is the winter internship will span 2-weeks and, considering it is during the school year, will be flexible to your schedule. The winter internship is… Eligibility Students must meet the minimum requirements:  Be AT LEAST a junior in high school  Have a genuine interest in public sector work  Not have a conviction for any crime Application Procedure 1. To apply, applicants must complete a short answer and an essay. Both have to be your original work.  Short Answer Prompt: What aspect of public sector work interests you and why? (100 words)  Essay Prompt: Choose a current public issue. Summarize and reflect on the issue. Make sure to include YOUR opinion. (500 words) o Short answer and essay should be:  Typed  Times New Roman Font  Size 12  Double spaced 2. Include a recommendation letter from a teacher, counselor, or administrator on your qualifications. 3. Include your high school/college transcript. 4. Include a resume. 5. Mail your application and all its components to the following address:  315 E. Leland Rd. Pittsburg, CA 94565

Selection Process Once all applications have been received and reviewed, you will be contacted and asked to schedule a time for the interview. Deadline for Applications Insert Date Here Notification Insert when/how.

Internship Application For Supervisor Federal Glover’s Office





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Federal Glover Internship Application  

Internship Application

Federal Glover Internship Application  

Internship Application