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All of us have strengths and areas we can develop. You may be the type of leader who is highly regarded for your practical wisdom and assertiveness; you shine with great ideas in meetings with small groups. However, as your responsibility grows, and you’re leading larger teams, multiple business units, or even global businesses, it becomes increasingly important to become more inclusive, allowing others to feel safe sharing ideas and solving problems; that will free you up to be more strategic. You also may need to project more resonance, or the quality of reading people and acknowledging their thoughts and emotions. You may find it necessary to paint a clearer picture of your mission and vision in a way that rallies the troops and inspires above and beyond commitment. “What I realized was that I couldn’t build that same strong personal connection that had gotten me to 150 employees with the next 150 or 200 or 1,000 employees that we might add,” commented Hebert. “So my leadership had to take on a different element. I had to become more visible in larger groups”. One way to share the values that you want to maintain as your company grows is by sharing stories that tell people where you’ve been, what you’ve learned, and why it matters to them. Stories help people connect and resonate with you, and convey your message in a way that is powerful and memorable. When telling stories, it is important to: 1. Make a point to highlight behaviors and values that make you who you are. 2. Engage your audience in a meaningful way by making the story relevant to their challenges today. 3. Make it personal - don’t be afraid to reveal aspects of your journey that are real and convey authenticity. 4. Share the credit with others to recognize their achievements, conveying your confidence in them, and your humility about the role you play. Storytelling is a great device for standing on a larger stage and connecting with more distant audiences. Even as you notice fewer opportunities to connect one-on-one, or see people once a month or once a quarter, your message will be more powerful and memorable to these audiences. Cultivating and polishing your executive presence is crucial to the successful growth of your company. When you lead during times of change, your employees will gain confidence in your leadership and vision. EP isn’t just fluff—it’s the foundation for great leaderships and successful organizations; when you evolve with your company, you set the bar for success that much higher. Meghan McGrath Marketing and Public Relations Associate, Bates Suzanne Bates CEO & Founder, Bates

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RISBJ Volume 3 Issue 10  

Volume 3 Issue 10 of RISBJ, Featuring the 2nd Annual Entrepreneurial Women to Watch Award Winners

RISBJ Volume 3 Issue 10  

Volume 3 Issue 10 of RISBJ, Featuring the 2nd Annual Entrepreneurial Women to Watch Award Winners