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SaveSave up to on on energy upgrades, up70% to 70% energy upgrades, make a brighter future more make a brighter future more attainable for for your business. attainable your business. Get incentives at Get incentives at That’s business on the grid. That’s business on the grid.

Restrictions apply. See website for details. These programs are funded by the energy efficiency charge on all customers’ gas and electric bills, in accordance with Rhode Island law. ©2018 National Grid.


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Restrictions apply. See website for details. These programs are funded by the energy efficiency charge on all customers’ gas and electric bills, in accordance

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volume seven issue five



7 Secretary of State 9 Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Going On In Your Office 11 Needs Of Millennial Entrepeneurs 12 Building Success Together 14 Why Buy Local? 16 Monthly Learning Tips


18 Fluid-Screen, Inc. - Award Winner 19 Protein Matrix - Award Winner 20 Y2Y Harvard Square - Award Winner


21 Beckon Ice Cream - Award Winner 22 LiqiuGlide - Award Winner 23 Etiometry - Award Winner 24 Heuresis Corporation - Award Winner 25 XenoTherapeutics - Award Winner 26 Rhode Island Trade Mission


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NE Business Association Award Winners

Business Spotlight: Oakley Home Access

24 | volume seven issue five





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Notary Tools Available in the Ocean State

by Secretary of State Nellie M. Gorbea

Almost everyone, at some point in their life has had to get a document notarized – whether it’s a bank document for a closing, a power of attorney document or forms to let your kid play sports. Rhode Island has one of the oldest notary public laws in the country and I am currently working on updating it so that it better serves our modern-day needs. While that legislation is debated (and hopefully gets passed into law), I’ve taken several steps to make it easier for Rhode Islanders to understand and follow the existing public notary law. New Notary Tools Available Online A notary public is an official commissioned to a four-year term by the Governor to serve the public as an impartial witness to the identity, comprehension, and intent of a person requesting a notarial act. There are currently over 20,369 notaries registered with my office. These notaries provide a valuable service to businesses and consumers, which is why I’m happy to launch new technical assistance tools to ensure the services they provide are of the highest standard. These tools, available at, provide both notaries and their consumers, with the information they need to ensure a clear understanding of the notary process in Rhode Island. We’ve developed a new Notary Public Manual with detailed information on steps to becoming a notary and how to properly perform a notarial act. Taking advantage of common technology, we’ve also added a series of tutorial videos with steps to a proper notarization, how to perform a Copy Certification, and how to become a Notary Public in Rhode Island. The new Notary tools also include a quick reference Notary Toolkit that addresses frequently asked questions about the notarial process and an online quiz to test a notary public’s knowledge of common practices. For consumers, the new update includes bi-lingual (English/ Spanish) information about what to look for when seeking notarial services such as finding a notary public, getting a document notarized, and filing a notary complaint.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about our most recent updates please contact the Notary Program Manager, Johanna Petrarca, at or (401) 222-3040. Notary Public Reform While these new online tools are a good first step in modernizing technical assistance to notary publics in Rhode Island, it is also important that we make sure our notary public laws are keeping up the pace. Our state’s notary public laws are outdated and do not support the advances in technology commonly used to conduct business today. Thanks to the help of Representative Joseph J. Solomon (H.7502) and Senator Maryellen Goodwin (S.2560), I have introduced legislation to the Rhode Island General Assembly that modernizes our notary laws using a national standard the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts (RULONA). This legislation allows for technological advances such as e-notarization, which is used in over 25 states. For more information on this bill or how to help advocate f or it, please contact the Department of State’s Business Services Director, Maureen Ewing at or (401) 222-3040. We’re here for you - Contact us! In the fast-paced world of business, options change quickly and often. As always, the staff at our Business Services Division are available to answer any questions you might have. Whether you are a new or an established small business, the Department of State’s Business Services Division is here to help. You can reach us by calling (401) 222-3040, emailing us at or visiting our office at 148 West River Street, Providence. Please feel free to contact me directly with any thoughts or suggestions you have on this or any other topics at or visit our website We look forward to working with you to grow your business or non-profit in Rhode Island. | volume seven issue five



Are you working too hard but not achieving the results that you want?

Receive a free, no obligation, independent assessment of your companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s situation DO YOU HAVE ANY OF THESE CHALLENGES OR OPPORTUNITIES? NEED TO GET MORE CUSTOMERS









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What’s Going On In Your Office | SMALL BUSINESS

WHAT’S GOING ON IN YOUR OFFICE? I want everybody to grab a pen and paper, walk toward your office and stop at the doorway. Take a minute here and look around. You spend so much time in your office that sometimes the clutter starts to blend into the walls and you become numb to it. At first glance, you see a cluttered desk, a bulletin board full of papers, cluttered bookshelves, and random piles on the floor. It’s chaos. Then you take a step into the office and stand over the desk. It’s cluttered with paper piles everywhere, random files scattered on the desk, chatzkies all over the desk and sticky notes stuck to the computer. Business cards are thrown all over the desk. A cup sits on the desk with above 20 writing instruments, half probably don’t work and most never get used. Inside the drawers, it’s chaos. You’re not utilizing drawer organizers and you try to find a binder clip and it takes you a few minutes to locate one. You haven’t purged your files in years, there is no system and the files aren’t even hanging in the drawers. It takes you 15 minutes to locate an important file. Now, you start to wonder if there is money in any form on the desk. You start to wonder if there are missed business opportunities in those piles. You think about how long it takes you to locate a file or important document. You start to sweat because now you’re thinking about all the time you’ve wasted due to your disorganization. You think about how much money you’ve lost and how many clients you may have lost due to your disorganization. How does this make you feel? If this overwhelms and stresses you out, you’re not alone. Before you even think about getting organized, you have to get past this feeling. People get stuck in all different areas of the organizing process. You may have trouble getting started or you get started but get stuck with the process of decluttering. You may make it through decluttering but then you get distracted and lose focus and after an hour, you’ve moved onto something else. Some make it through all of this but then get stuck when they begin the organizing process because they

don’t have the skill set. You may make it all the way through but the little things frustrate you and can’t figure out what to do with them. Then, there are the people who make it through the entire process, but just can’t seem to maintain their organization, which is one of the biggest steps in the process. One of the first things you need to do is recognize where you get stuck. Once you recognize that, you can move forward with a detailed plan. You can’t tackle a large project if you can organize a drawer. Start with your drawer. Take everything out of the drawer. Make your piles of keep, toss, and move to another area. Wipe out your drawer and take measurements of height, width, and length. Take a picture of what you’re keeping. Look at the empty drawer and think about how you want to function going forward. Think about functionality and how often you’re grabbing these items and how you want to organize them. Go to the store with your picture and measurements and purchase drawer organizers to match what you need to hold that will fit the space. In a nutshell, this is the process to get organized. The process is the same for everybody, but when you start creating systems, that’s where everybody functions differently. Everybody’s system will be different based on how they function. That’s where you really have to start asking questions about functionality. Don’t let the task of getting organized hold you back from functioning at your highest level. Don’t let this ruin you as a business owner. Make the time to evaluate how you’re functioning and put a plan into motion to get organized and become more efficient and productive.


Kristin MacRae Organizing and Efficiency Expert, | volume seven issue five


SMALL BUSINESS | How SBDCS Meet The Needs Of Millennial Entrepeneurs

HOW SBDCS MEET THE NEEDS OF MILLENNIAL ENTREPENEURS The Rhode Island Small Business Development Center at URI is part of a national network of nearly 1,000 business assistance centers that provide counseling and training to small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Partially funded through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration, we help businesses to succeed from start-up to maturity.

If you’re a Millennial who’s ever thought about starting your own business, you’re in good company. America’s SBDC recently teamed up with the Center for Generational Kinesthetics to learn more about how different generations approach and perceive entrepreneurship. Recent data from their collaboration, the America’s Voice on Small Business study, reports that a whopping 62% of Millennials have a dream business in mind they’d love to start, and 49% intend to start their own business in the next three years. With a particular focus on the perceived barriers to entrepreneurship for Millennials, the study also shed insight on what’s stopping them. But with 63 SBDC networks around the country, at nearly 1,000 locations, with thousands of advisors trained and ready to assist small business owners and startups with every aspect of the process of launching and growing, we think we have some good ways to address those barriers. Here are three specific ways that SBDCs meets the needs of Millennial (and all) American entrepreneurs. 10

RISBJ | rhode island small business journal

1. Knowledge Though money is a big obstacle for Millennials, their biggest perceived barrier is knowledge. More than 13 million Millennials cite “not knowing how to run a business” as their biggest barrier to getting started. SBDCs are ready to step in to provide training, counseling, and resources. We provide free and low-cost workshops, as well as free one-to-one counseling when you’re ready to take actionable steps — like developing a business plan, obtaining financing, navigating licensing and filing, and much more. Our business counselors are trained to help you see the big picture, make a road map, and learn how to tackle each step along the way.

The America’s Voice on Small Business study, reports that a whopping 62% of Millennials have a dream business in mind they’d love to start, and 49% intend to start their own business in the next three years.

How SBDCS Meet The Needs Of Millennial Entrepeneurs | SMALL BUSINESS

Photo credit: Joe Giblin Josh Letourneau, co-owner of Shaidzon Beer Co (left), with RISBDC Director Josh Daly (right).

2. Money

3. Partnership

A whopping 55% of Americans (including 63% of women) from all generations believe that accessing money is the most difficult aspect of starting a business. Some 33% say

According to the study, 75% of Millennials would be encouraged to start a small business if they knew where to go for help.

that not having enough money or financing is the number one reason keeping them from starting a business.

The SBDC model is not just about learning some business skills and being sent on your way. We partner with entrepreneurs. Many of our clients build a relationship with a business counselor who navigates the unique challenges they face in the current phase of launch or growth. And as your business grows — whether you’re opening a new location, scaling output, hiring new employees, or even moving into international marketing — you can be confident that you have a resource to turn to, who celebrates your success.

SBDCs across America have helped entrepreneurs obtain more than $4.6 billion in capital to launch and expand their small businesses. First, we know where the money is — each regional SBDC is a wealth of knowledge on the most appropriate banks and local programs with capital available for your type of business and financial needs. And second, we help you put your best foot forward. Along with working with you to identify your business’s realistic financial needs, we can help you polish your application and prepare for interviews so you know how to land a small business loan.

Would you believe that 59% of Millennials say that with the right idea and resources, they would start a business within the next year? It’s true! If you’ve got an idea, your local SBDC is here for American entrepreneurs! | volume seven issue five


SMALL BUSINESS | Building Success Together

HOW OAKLEY HOME ACCESS AND APOLLO CONSULTING GROUP BUILT SUCCESS TOGETHER Oakley Home Access is company dedicated to maximizing home mobility and making homes safe for those aging in place or children and adults having other conditions that affect their mobility. By installing stair lifts, wheelchair ramps, grab bars, tub cuts, handrails and the like, Oakley is for anyone needing improved mobility. This business idea sprung from the work of Justin Oakley, one of the two founding partners of Oakley Home Access. Justin is an Occupational Therapist and Executive Certified Home Modification Provider. He has mastered the art of how the human withsmall the business environment. RISBJinteracts | rhode island journal During his 12 body

assessment, Justin works to understand how each personâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mobility and home setting is unique in order to design a personalized solution. The problem was that in most cases, there was no one to make the recommended modifications. This was a big issue for people just getting home after a fall or other rehabilitative stay. If it was not completed on time, they had to either delay their return or risk falling or not being able to get around in their own home. Mike Vieira is a long time contractor and construction expert. By combining an Occupational Therapist to perform the home evaluations and develop correct designs with a team that could do the work, a perfect

Building Success Together | SMALL BUSINESS

partnership was formed. Their business started growing from the beginning and then really took off. Mike and Justin needed some help to better organize their sales efforts, handle the growth they were having, and get prepared for more growth. They gained assistance from the Apollo Consulting Group, a nine year old Rhode Island based company that specializes in helping companies improve their profitability, get more customers and smooth out operational issues. Apollo’s principal, Bryan Mason, brings thirty years of experience as an economist, entrepreneur and business consultant. For Oakley Home Access, Bryan first worked to develop a marketing plan. This began with a consideration of their target customers and from which sources these people would seek information or recommendations. Then methods were determined to supply the information to potential customers and to get information into the hands of those that might recommend the service. Finally, the plan specified who within Oakley was to do what, when, and what metrics were to be measured. Bryan also recommended some branding changes so the company was better able to communicate the services they offered. These were implemented and included changing the company name and the development of a new logo and website. Bryan wrote job descriptions and

suggested how work should be organized to be most efficient. He also recommended a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solution so they could track all of the interactions with their customers and schedule all of their work. With the marketing plan, sales effectiveness was improved as activities

We could not have done it without Apollo. — Justin Oakley

proceeded in a more deliberate and prioritized fashion. The results of the marketing, branding, operational and technology assistance were remarkable. Sales and profits more than doubled over

the next six months and the company staff grew by 100% percent. A few months later, Oakley sought additional guidance from Apollo. This time they wanted to be sure the company was making the best use of their success, to plan for further staff and to acquire a dedicated space from which to operate. Bryan performed an Apollo Profit Acceleration Technique™ evaluation with Oakley. This identified the key drivers of their financial success. With this in hand, Justin and Mike were able to direct their energies in the best way possible having gained a deeper understanding of their capacity and how all the moving parts of their business fit together. A direct result was to verify that they could move their business to a larger space which was sorely needed. As of this writing, they are preparing to move into their new location in Narragansett. Justin told us that “We could not have done it without Apollo”. Bryan, Justin and Mike are looking forward to continuing their collaboration as the need arises. You can get more information about Oakley Home Access at or about the Apollo Consulting Group at | volume seven issue five


Why Buy Local ?                   



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RISBJ | rhode island small business journal

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› ($44)

¥ ¤  ($60) ($76)

ƒ€™š –›’†„‹­ œ†Š–‰˜ž —† (Ÿ ­‡ Œ¡ ‹‡)

£   ($65)

¢  ($174)

 ($721) | volume seven issue five


SMALL BUSINESS | Monthly Learning Tips



by Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD

This month’s learning tips come from Vicktoria Barokha, the business developer for the National Center for Innovation and System Improvement (NCISI, a division of FEDCAP). Vicky, Lori Norris, Director of NCISI, and Joanne DelAngelo, Trainer, are a team of three professionals who are dedicated to: Creating effective and innovative partnerships that result in full inclusion of people with disabilities and other barriers to employment in the community. Helping businesses gain a competitive advantage, increase workplace diversity and productivity, improve the bottom line and expand business to new consumers by hiring from a talented and untapped labor market.


RISBJ | rhode island small business journal

VICKY’S TEAM ACCOMPLISHES THEIR MISSION THROUGH A SERIES OF PROGRAMS: Get Ready!™ an online interactive web-based curriculum which prepares students for life after school by focusing on critical, foundational skills needed to succeed in employment environments. These skills include self-awareness, problem solving, personal branding, networking and resilience. Rapid Job Development connecting persons with disabilities to fulfilling employment opportunities by matching employers with skilled job applicants as well as assisting applicants to obtain and retain competitive employment. Connect2Careers™ an educational event bringing together local businesses representing various career fields and students with disabilities to practice interviewing skills and learn about different types of jobs.

Monthly Learning Tips | SMALL BUSINESS

Most recent Spring 2018 event, which took place at Portsmouth High School on March 23rd, included 140 high school students and 76 businesses representative from top organizations such as Amazon, CVS, Luminous, PBS, RI State Offices, Warren Animal Hospital, and many more. Connect2Careers™ is being featured on the “Rhode Island Classroom” show produced by WSBE Rhode Island PBS, highlighting the great work our community does to promote inclusion. The episode will air in June. Summer Work Readiness Program providing college students with disabilities 80 hours of work experience aligned with their field of study, plus 20 hours of work-readiness training. Various training sessions such as Employment Specialist and Job Development trainings designed for HR professionals, teachers, counselors and job coaches to increase successful employment outcomes and focus on achieving best practices in the workplace with integrated or inclusive employment and beyond. For more information please see www. ReServe® matching non-profits with highly skilled retired business professionals to complete special projects. The website for ReServe® is www.

VICKY REMINDS US THAT IT IS GOOD BUSINESS TO: Employ persons with disabilities. Make an effort to reach out to organizations like NCISI to tap into a pool of highly skilled, talented and loyal employees who work hard and achieve superior business results. Employing persons with disabilities is also great for the community and there are tax incentives

Be a regular participant in business expos and networking events. Invite persons with disabilities to join you at these events. Make an extra effort to engage with persons with disabilities who may be at these events. Become familiar with the not-for-profit organizations in your community. Welcome them to visit your business (if you have a brick and mortar location) or go to visit them if you provide on-site or digital services. Have a hobby outside of work. Vicky is a singer with RugBurn a party band which plays throughout Rhode Island as well as internationally. Their website is Love life!!!

Show you care by collaborating with other businesses to achieve a major accomplishment for not-for-profit organizations in your community. Please contact Vicky at 401.301.1000 or by email at to learn more about how you can represent your business at the next Connect2Careers™, learn how to increase productivity and workplace diversity, or to participate in other NCISI programs. She welcomes the opportunity to help your business become more successful by working with persons with disabilities. I would like to thank Industrial Consultant Dr. Margarita Posada Cossuto for helpful comments. Vicky would like to thank the Northern RI Collaborative & East Bay Regional Transition Center, as well as Providence Chamber of Commerce and Cynthia Dziurgot and colleagues at the Newport Chamber Connections and all of the businesses which support the Connect2Careers™ and other NCISI programs. | volume seven issue five



2018 New England Business Association Innovation Awards

Monika Weber CEO and Founder | Fluid-Screen, Inc. Dr. Monika Weber is a CEO and founder of Fluid-Screen, Inc., a technology she co-invented during her Ph.D. research in Microelectronics at Yale University. She also holds dual Masters in Experimental Physics and Theoretical Physics from Germany and Poland respectively. Prior to pursuing a PhD, Monika worked part time for over nine years in a small family electronics manufacturing business.

This platform technology has a much broader potential beyond food contamination. It can detect bacteria from any fluid sample including water, drug products, blood and urine, with applications across Global Health all the way from enabling the development of new cutting-edge CAR-T therapeutics, microbiome drugs of the future, to saving lives across continents with rapid response to disease outbreaks.

When an outbreak of E. coli bacteria happened in Europe in 2011, thousands of people got sick within a few weeks. One of the reasons for this is that gold standard in detecting bacteria is still bacterial culture, a method that takes days. In fact, the culture method is a technology that has not changed over the last 140 years.

For her work Monika has received numerous awards and accolades including the grand prize at NASAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 2011 Create the Future Design Contest, establishing her as an innovator and emerging entrepreneur. As such she is particularly humbled and grateful for the New England Innovation Award.

Monika set out to change that with the motto that, in the 21st century, waiting days for tests results is not acceptable anymore. In response, her team developed an artificial intelligence enabled microchip that provides information on bacterial contamination in minutes instead of days.


RISBJ | rhode island small business journal

To date Fluid-Screen holds seven patents covering its foundational technology. The company has also successfully completed multiple commercial pilot programs to evaluate the productâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s performance and ensure its readiness for commercialization. Looking forward to the next half of 2018 the Fluid-Screen team is focused on launching its first beta-system to market with the mission of providing people globally with lifesaving information.


2018 New England Business Association Innovation Awards



Managing Scientist Protein Matrix

2018 New England Business Association Rising Star Winner Protein Matrix was founded upon the idea that agricultural proteins can be used to solve industrial problems. Our fundamental technology has utility in a number of end markets, including conventional/enhanced oil production and environmental remediation/hazardous waste site cleanup, but we are currently focused on a line of products within the wastewater and food service sectors. These products prevent the buildup of food fats, oils, and greases (F.O.G.) by disrupting the intermolecular forces between the individual F.O.G. molecules, creating a watersoluble and sewer-safe byproduct that will not re-solidify downstream. When used in restaurants, food processing plants, water treatment facilities, and collection systems environments, our products save upwards of 30% on â&#x20AC;&#x153;status quoâ&#x20AC;? maintenance, reduce the amount of time that workers must spend in hazardous confined spaces, performing difficult and unpleasant work, and eliminate the risk of clogs, overflows, and the corresponding costly kitchen shutdowns and lost business. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the reaction byproduct can be used to create renewable energy â&#x20AC;&#x201C; that is, allowing for F.O.G., a material with a higher energy density than coal, to be used as the primary feedstock in anaerobic digestion processes. The technology is patent-protected, scalable, and easilyimplemented using off-the-shelf-equipment. Our business model includes volume-based sales, MRR, and service contracts, allowing for the consistent, recurring revenue that comes with the sale of consumables. Between the 16,000 water treatment facilities, 625,000 restaurants and

processing plants, and 1,200,000 miles of sewer pipes in the U.S., we project a $3.6 billion total available market. With the completion of product and implementation R&D and market research, satisfaction of early adopters, and success with regional channel partners, the company finds itself at an inflection point. On the horizon lies introduction into new markets, both domestic and international. To this end, we are looking to engage with strategic partners to accelerate our heretofore steady growth. For more information contact | volume seven issue five



2018 New England Business Association Innovation Awards

Sarah Rosenkrantz & Sam Greenberg Co-Founders | Y2Y Harvard Square

Y2Y Harvard Square is nation’s first student run homeless shelter for young adults. Y2Y employs a youth-to-youth model to provide a critically needed safe and affirming environment for 18 - 24 year olds who are experiencing homelessness in Greater Boston. At Y2Y Harvard Square guests have opportunities to collaborate with service providers, other youth experiencing homelessness, and the student volunteers to create sustainable pathways out of homelessness and develop skills for long-term success. Guests can build pathways out of homelessness by accessing medical and mental healthcare, case management, legal aid, financial literacy, and enrichment workshops. Guests also build leadership skills by collaborating with shelter volunteers to advocate for directing public attention and legislative resources to end youth homelessness. Y2Y’s strategic approach is innovative in three key ways. First, we know that being on the streets is dangerous for anyone, but according to the Administration for Children, Youth & Families, young adults are especially vulnerable to trauma. Because of this we intervene early, providing a safe environment with easily accessible pathways of resources out of homelessness. Secondly, Y2Y is the nation’s first student run shelter for young adults, and our youth­-to-­youth model creates lower barriers to


RISBJ | rhode island small business journal

trust for our guests who often report being distrustful of adult authority figures (Coleman). Increased trust translates into a willingness to actually access and utilize our services and work with our partners. It also engenders an environment in which guests and student leaders can collaborate, becoming the next generation of leaders to end youth homelessness. Finally, Y2Y’s strong relationship with Harvard fosters two particularly positive outcomes for Y2Y. One, we have access to research and data that allows us to lead the field forward. Two, we are able to engage the over 200 student volunteers a year that are integral to our model, but also make it extremely cost efficient to operate the shelter. Preliminary assessments lead us to believe that Y2Y proves a transformative experience that shapes the careers and perspectives of our volunteers. We believe that by supporting students in communities with similar need and community support, that we can achieve significant scale and impact. Y2Y’s operating model, and unique innovations all further Y2Y’s vision. Guests and student volunteers work together every day to realize Y2Y’s shared vision: a network of communities where all young adults experiencing homelessness have a safe place to rest, grow, and lead. Photo courtesy of Harvard Crimson.


2018 New England Business Association Innovation Awards

Katy Flannery & Gwen Burlingame Co-Founders | Beckon Ice Cream

Co-founded by female entrepreneurs Katy Flannery and Gwen Burlingame, Beckon is the first premium lactose-free dairy ice cream on the market and has distinguished itself as an ice cream favorite for those who are lactose intolerant. Beckon’s unique process allows its ice cream to be made from traditional ice cream ingredients, including milk and cream, but without the lactose. By using the natural enzyme the body needs to digest lactose, Beckon ice cream can be both dairy-full and lactosefree, maintaining the creamy, satisfying taste and texture that we expect from our favorite ice creams.

alternative; it’s the real deal. We’re extending deliciously creamy, dairy-full ice cream to an entire group of individuals who have previously had to compromise,” said Gwen Burlingame, cofounder of Beckon. Beckon will be available in five flavors – Sea Salt Chocolate Chip, Vanilla, Mint Chip, Espresso and Chocolate - starting in June 2018 with an MSRP of $5.99 for a 16oz pint in Whole Foods Market, Roche Bros, and Big Y throughout New England. Beckon is also expanding distribution to select retailers in the New York Metro Area.

It is estimated that 65% of the human population is lactose intolerant. Beckon’s mission is to make real, premium ice cream with a clean label available to anyone, including those with lactose intolerance. Unlike many ice creams on the market, Beckon does not use any gums, corn syrup, or artificial stabilizers. Beckon sources high quality dairy from a co-op in the Northeast that is 100% farmer-owned and sweetens every flavor with non-GMO pure cane sugar. “Beckon is here to welcome lactose intolerant ice cream lovers back to real premium ice cream. We chose the name Beckon to illustrate that invitation or call to join in. Our ice cream is not an | volume seven issue five



2018 New England Business Association Innovation Awards

J. David Smith & Alex Ewing CEO | COO | LiqiuGlide Anyone who has struggled to get ketchup out of a bottle or had to cut open a package and scraped for the last bit of lotion knows that viscous liquids stick to solid surfaces. This problem leads to inefficacies across industries. And the reason for these inefficiencies is the no-slip boundary condition. It’s a term that refers to the interface between viscous liquids and solids where the liquids stick rather than slide. Invented at MIT, LiquiGlide’s technology eliminates the no-slip boundary condition and allows viscous liquids to slide effortlessly. LiquiGlide’s mission is to fundamentally alter interfaces between liquids and solids to eliminate waste, save lives and enable a new engineering paradigm. Based on the science of liquid impregnated surfaces, LiquiGlide creates durable, slippery surfaces by trapping liquids in micro or nano-scale textured features that stabilize the liquid beneath the product, creating a slippery, liquid surface. LiquiGlide’s technology platform enables custom-design of coatings for endless applications—consumer packaged goods, manufacturing processes, medical devices, and oil pipelines. In the near-term, LiquiGlide is focused on commercializing its technology in three areas: packaging, manufacturing, and medical devices. In consumer packaging, viscous liquids sticking to solids causes waste, consumer frustration, and imposes significant limits on the way companies can package products. LiquiGlide is working with some of the world’s largest consumer packaged goods companies to enable rigid, clear, recyclable packaging that are aesthetically pleasing and allows consumers to get every drop without the hassle. Viscous products sticking to manufacturing vessels is another pervasive problem. LiquiGlide’s CleanTanX


RISBJ | rhode island small business journal

platform offers an alternative to antiquated manufacturing practices by eliminating extraneous equipment and reducing yield loss and waste water costs associated with production tanks and other vessels used in the processing of viscous liquids. In addition, thrombosis (formation of blood clots) is a significant problem in the field of medical devices because it can lead to occlusion (clogging), requiring a procedure to replace or unclog the device. LiquiGlide’s surfaces can offer a significant improvement in attenuating thrombosis and preventing occlusion. About: Founded in 2012 by Dave Smith and MIT professor Kripa Varanasi, has built a robust global IP portfolio that includes more than 150 patent applications from proprietary patent families as well as families exclusively licensed from MIT, from which 19 patents have issued (8 in the U.S.). LiquiGlide has been featured in the The Economist, BBC World News, TechCrunch, the PBS NewsHour and many other news outlets.

2018 New England Business Association Innovation Awards


Evan Butler President and CEO | Etiometry

In 2010, two aerospace engineers and a physician turned biomedical engineer realized that the way hospitals handle the deluge of physiologic patient data is inefficient and does not provide for the best patient care. This is especially true in critical care, where clinicians are often confronted with a volume and complexity of data that is above the ability of a single human to realistically process in its entirety, which when combined with the high stress/high stakes environment of intensive care leads to patient harm and cliniciansâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; burnout.

Etiometry was founded to apply aerospace based predictive analytics methodology to physiologic data, thus harvesting the power of technology to optimize clinical decisions and improve patient outcomes. The Etiometry Platform is an FDA cleared next-generation patient monitoring Software Platform that provides intensive care units with actionable timely information. By synthesizing all physiologic data into specific patient risks, the platform raises the situational awareness of the whole clinical team, thus allowing them to intervene early and avoid patient harm. Etiometry has 7 of the 10 best pediatric hospitals in the world as clients, which provides a partnership with the leading thought leaders in the pediatric world. The platform has been already associated with a 25% reduction of patient length of stay, demonstrating a tremendous potential impact on the $120B per year ICU expenditures. Moreover, unlike the Electronic Medical Record with which the majority of clinicians are dissatisfied, the Etiometry Platform is well embraced among more than 90% of its users. The company current expansion plans include transitioning to the adult market and exploring the benefits of the platform through more hospital settings. | volume seven issue five



2018 New England Business Association Innovation Awards

Jim Ryan & Peter Rothschild CEO | Co-Founder and CTO | Heuresis Corporation Heuresis is a high-tech startup up in the Boston area, founded in November 2013 by Peter Rothschild and Hal Grodzins. The company mission is to design and manufacture the world’s most advanced hand-held x-ray instruments for the environmental and security markets. Heuresis released its first instrument almost three years ago. The PB200i is an x-ray based handheld paint analyzer, which can measure the lead content in paint in just a few seconds, allowing the user to determine whether the paint is above or below the level set by the EPA to safeguard children from lead poisoning. This product won the prestigious Advanced Manufacturing award in 2016 from the Advance Australia organization. The second Heuresis product, the HBI-120, is the world’s first handheld “x-ray flashlight” which can easily image through the steel panels of a vehicle, allowing customs and security personnel to detect a wide range of illegal contraband. After its first year of release, this product is already being extensively used for narcotics interdiction in the United States by numerous law enforcement agencies, resulting in many seizures of smuggled drugs and currency.


RISBJ | rhode island small business journal

The HBI-120 contains many high-tech features, including a 120,000 volt x-ray tube, a powerful quad-core processor, and communication capabilities including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It also contains an optical camera and GPS capability, allowing the system to automatically create complete reports containing x-ray images, optical images, and critical location and time stamp data, which can be emailed directly from the instrument. Heuresis recently received a multi-year R&D award from the Science & Technology Directorate of the Department of Homeland Security to develop the next-generation handheld instrument to be used by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents. This system will have the ability to image through thicker steel and to scan larger objects, such as shipping containers. Heuresis intends to stay on the cutting edge of technology and innovation, creating advanced x-ray instruments that will make the world a safer and healthier place.


2018 New England Business Association Innovation Awards

Paul Holzer

PHD(C), M.ENG, MBA | Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder | XenoTherapeutics XenoTherapeutics is a proud non-profit, “for-patient” research and development organization dedicated to translating more than three decades of prestigious academic research into clinical reality.

We are committed to advancing the promising science of xenotransplantation – the use of organs from non-human sources for human benefit – towards clinical reality. One of our first innovations is the use of skin from a special line of genetically engineered miniature swine to provide temporary wound coverage for patients who have suffered severe burns. However, we are not a skin, or even a wound-care company. We are a research and development incubator, and are extremely excited about the several other life-saving xenotechnologies that are already in development. 2017 was a monumental year for XenoTherapeutics. In only our second year, we surpassed many internal benchmarks as we generated revenue, established our own manufacturing capability, created product prototypes, collaborated with international partners, and completed the rigorous but

essential product testing as prescribed by the FDA. Building on this progress, plus over 30 years of research and 10 years of preclinical studies of scientists around the globe, XenoTherapeutics completed the rigorous testing, refinement, and protocol development required for submission to the FDA for investigational new drug use of our first-of-its-kind XenoSkinTM product. We enthusiastically look forward to initiating first-in-man human clinical trials this year. We are a small team, but we have many individuals and groups to thank for helping us progress to where we are today. XenoTherapeutics is fortunate to be under the direction of a prestigious board made up of leaders in the scientific, medical, and business communities within Boston. We also have an incredible array of advisors and consultants with a breadth of scientific, clinical, and regulatory expertise that literally made the transition from “zero to one” possible. Finally, we are blessed to have a robust network of supporters that loyally believe in Our Charitable Mission. We are incredibly honored to receive the 2018 New England Business Association Innovation Award. We are committed to further advancement of the work that earned us this recognition, and will continue innovating to advance lifesaving xenotechnology from the laboratory into the hands of providers and to the patients who need it. | volume seven issue five


Join the Rhode Island trade mission to Edinburgh, Leeds and Manchester This trade mission, organized by Rhode Island Commerce Corporation, the Chafee Center for International Business at Bryant University, and the US Commercial Service, has been designed to kick start commercial relationships and trade between Rhode Island and UK companies and assist with market entry strategies and research. This mission will be facilitated by GBM which, with offices in both Rhode Island and the UK, offers expert guidance and support to companies looking to sell into the lucrative UK market. The mission will be delivered in conjunction with other public and private sector partners including the UK Government’s Department for International Trade and the British American Business Council.

The UK With the fifth largest economy in the world, and a GDP of $2.7 trillion, the UK is ranked 7th in the world for ease of doing business. The US is the third largest importer to the UK, with US firms selling over $50bn of goods and services to the British annually.


RISBJ | rhode island small business journal

September 15-22 2018

Edinburgh & Glasgow Scotland’s largest and fastest growing centers are expected to drive the country’s economy in the coming five years with growth outperforming the UK average. Centers for tourism, manufacturing, professional services and banking, the two cities at the heart of a $230bn economy are just 45 miles apart.

The UK’s ‘Northern Powerhouse’ The ‘Northern Powerhouse’ region of Northern England was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and includes five of the UK’s top 10 major urban areas including Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Hull, York and Newcastle. The region has a population of over 15m people and if it were a country would have the 10th largest economy in the EU at over $500bn.



Newcastle York Leeds Liverpool




Leeds Our mission base of Leeds, Yorkshire, is the second largest city outside London, and is a world leading center for financial services, data, fintech, education, advanced manufacturing, life sciences and medical technology. Situated in the heart of the UK, Leeds is just 30 minutes from York, is within 60 minutes’ travel of Hull, Sheffield and Manchester, and is just 90 minutes from Liverpool and Newcastle.



The UK’s ‘Northern Powerhouse’ Leading Sectors for US Export and Investment: • Aerospace • Consumer goods • Cyber Security • Defense • Medical Equipment • Low Carbon Energy and Smart Grids • Pet Products • Security Products and Services • Sustainable Construction Products and Services • Textiles • Travel and Tourism

Mission delegates will enjoy: Pre-market Assessment Overview of companies’ products and services, marketing collateral and pitch to ensure readiness to enter the market.

One-on-One Business Meetings Highly targeted and tailored meetings to introduce potential customers, distributors, agents, intermediaries and

essential in-market suppliers to allow for immediate trade readiness.

Market Research & Briefings

Cost: Contact Commerce RI for additional details.

Market and key sector overviews delivered by the US Commercial Service, UK Department for International Trade and GBM specialists ahead of mission departure.

STEP funding is available to qualified Rhode Island businesses to help offset trade mission costs.

In-Country Promotional Campaign

All mission participants will be responsible for the cost of their travel including hotel and airfare.

Targeted marketing and profile building to promote delegates in the local markets.

Transportation and Logistics Planning Detailed itinerary planning, discounted air and ground transportation rates and logistical support.

Registration deadline: June 30, 2018

Contact: Katherine Therieau - Director, International Trade Programs, Rhode Island Commerce Corporation, 315 Iron Horse Way, Suite 101, Providence, RI 02908

Receptions & Networking Events

T: 401.278.9100 x139 E:

Hosted receptions and business networking events. UK dignitaries, media and prospective business partners will be invited to build relationships with Rhode Island firms.

Funded in part through a grant with the U.S. Small Business Administration.


Transatlantic market consultancy

This trade mission is a joint collaboration between the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation and the Chafee Center for International Business at Bryant University | volume seven issue five


Pannone Lopes Devereaux & O’Gara attorneys are innovators and collaborators with a record of achievement representing clients with the highest level of legal services in a wide range of disciplines and industries. Our firm’s success is rooted in its cutting edge approach to modern legal representation, commitment to teamwork and providing superior service for clients built on respect, urgency and efficiency that results in long-lasting relationships.

Great legal teams working for YOU. 401-824-5100

Northwoods Office Park 1301 Atwood Avenue, Suite 215 N Johnston, RI 02919

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Learn more at We’re building the next generation of companies in Rhode Island Since 2001, the Rhode Island Business Plan Competition has awarded prizes valued at more than $2.6 million to help entrepreneurs build growing businesses in Rhode Island and today is the largest community-supported business plan competition in the Northeast. Our sponsors include private companies, professional service providers, foundations, colleges and universities, public agencies, investors, banks – and previous Full details| at volume seven issue five


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