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Stage Your House, What About Staging Yourself? | SMALL BUSINESS

About Staging Yourself? S u c c e s s f u l R e a l E s tat e A g e n t s 3. Dress to Impress – Holly Applegate, a real estate agent

with Residential Properties summed it up best: “To build trust and make a positive first impression, it’s all about your image!” Whether you are at an event, a showing or even the grocery store, your appearance should always be consistent. Dress professionally and appropriately for each occasion. At a networking or charitable event (unless golfing!), men should wear a suit or sport coat, women a dress or pant suit. Make sure you look just as good, if not better than the property you are selling. Wearing jeans or a too casual outfit sends the resounding message, I do not care about you! You can kiss that prospect goodbye!

4. Mirror, Mirror on the Call – Mirroring is the art of mimicking the other person you are in conversation with. It is a useful tool that subliminally puts the other person you are talking to at ease. When networking with a potential buyer, watch their hand movements and the way their bodies shift and emulate that. This is the same for tone of voice. If someone is soft-spoken, take your tone down a notch. If someone speaks fast, try to pick up your pace. 5. Let me get back to you! – Technology has created the need for instant answers, even if you don’t have one. Don’t risk losing

a potential sale, or even worse, tarnish your image by giving an incorrect answer. The best course of action is to set proper expectations. If you need time to accurately answer a question, let the buyer know, and tell them you will get back to them by a specific date. Now you are able to properly answer the question and have awarded yourself a marketing opportunity to reach out to the prospect once again.

6. Refer + Respond = Respect – BNI (Business Network International) has a motto: “Givers Gain.” This means, the more you give, the more others will want and feel obligated to give back to you. Building a strong brand and reputation depends on this. Find opportunities to refer business to others in your circle such as attorneys, contractors or brokers. It’s also important to be responsive when a question is asked to not only your clients, but also to your network of vendors. Respect takes time to earn, yet it is very easy to lose. It’s equally important to stage your image as you would your listing. When you do, be sure to have a pen ready for your buyer to sign on the line! Lisa Shorr Image Consultant Shorr Style

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RISBJ Guide to Commercial Real Estate  

RISBJ Volume 4, Issue 4 featuring the guide to Commercial Real Estate

RISBJ Guide to Commercial Real Estate  

RISBJ Volume 4, Issue 4 featuring the guide to Commercial Real Estate