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Hall Composites: Custom Carbon Fabrication

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e Island Manufacturers Profitable production capabilities are limitless and include everything from furniture to aerospace. Polaris MEP recently started work with Hall to help them meet the strict standards to satisfy DOD, NASA, and FAA quality requirements.

“Polaris MEP is helping us to streamline our systems and prepare for AS9100 certification, a necessary ingredient in expanding our offerings throughout the aerospace industry,” said Pete Levesque, Composites Business Development Manager. High Purity NE, a leading supplier to the bio-pharma, pharmaceutical, microelectronics and food manufacturing industries for over 40 years, also engaged with Polaris MEP to support the ISO Certification preparation process for the design, development, manufacturing, and distribution of disposable assemblies. Polaris MEP’s expertise was critical to support the process in a highly efficient manner. This led to a $300K opportunity and future related growth opportunities for High Purity NE.

certification is a critical tool to achieve our targets,” said Mark Sitcoske, High Purity NE’s President. “We are now able to get the attention of larger prospects.” “The people of Rhode Island should know the names Antaya, Bio-Detek, ChemArt, Colonial Mills, Day-O-Lite, Edesia, eNow, Groov-Pin, igus, Leedon Webbing, Murdock Webbing, Spectrum Thermal, Taylor Box, and other hidden gems,” said Cowan. “Our mission is to help these, and the 1,600 others like them, succeed. The result: more well-paying jobs and a more vibrant state economy.” Polaris MEP provides one-on-one consulting, public workshops and in-house training in: Strategic Growth, Technology Acceleration, Lean Manufacturing, Innovation, Sustainability, Change Management, Supply Chain, ISO/ Six Sigma/Quality, Facilities Planning, and Workforce Development. To learn more visit or call 401-270-8896.

“High Purity NE is focused on global growth, and ISO 9000 | volume four issue three


Volume 4, Issue 3  

Rhode Island Small Business Journal Volume 4, Issue 3 - Technology Issue