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It was the Cox Providence Rhode Race Half Marathon in May of 2014 that bent my ear, winked its knowing wink and got me to pony up the money to run it. Just one more race, I thought. A two-time half marathoner sounded better than a one-time thing. Twice proved it was no accident. Just one more time. So I told myself. I completed the Cox Half with a new personal record (PR ) on a beautiful, but warm spring day. By a slim 2 minutes, my time was 3hr 45min. I danced in the joy of my new PR. But a feeling took over, what if I could beat THAT time. And then a massive rush of “what if’s” and then this thought grasped me… What if I trained even better the THIRD time and got a new PR to beat them all? I felt the giddiness take over and the butterflies in my stomach doing their victory dance as I submitted once more to lurking and stalking new, more scenic half marathons. Downtown Providence, although beautiful, had been done twice. I needed something NEW. Something tempting me and my money, and offering a fix like never before. It took a while, and while I considered the thought that my weightlifting was plenty to keep me challenged, and a fantastic fix all on its own, I still kept my eyes open.

The only time you’d hear me even squeak out a word about a desire to run involved being chased by a pack of very hungry, but very slow-moving zombies

And then, like a beacon from a virtual street corner, I saw her. She was different, a new type of drug I hadn’t had yet sampled, sights and sounds that I had not yet experienced. It was love at first sight and my addiction

was cemented. Number three, the Gansett Half Marathon on November 2nd of this year. Its course is scenic, expansive and by the ocean. The time of year…perfection! Yes, this will be my second half marathon within one year. And my third half marathon in total. My addiction vindicated by “… just one more race.” No one, and I mean no one, could be more surprised by this unlikely desire and craving to continually push myself those 13.1 miles. I find the start line and the finish line to be the most exhilarating. And, of course, at some point during those long miles, you swear to yourself “I’ll never do this again.” But then you do. Because it is the healthiest of addictions. And it is one that feeds your heart, your mind and your spirit. It is proof that a runner’s high exists and that it is the best of the best. Happily, I’m back running my old pre-injury pace, and for that I thank my strength training. I feel a potentially potent new PR on the horizon and the adrenaline of that thought has me buzzing. But I’m certain that three will be my lucky number, and that once I’ve completed THREE, I will have broken the addictive cycle of half marathon racing. Right? And then I realize, like any true addiction, admitting you have a problem is the first step. So with that, my name is Rachel Langley, and I’m a half marathon addict. Rachel Langley is a passionate fitness enthusiast, runner and founder of Body Made Better Fitness. She is certified as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor through IFA and currently studying for her secondary trainer certification through NASM. She is a certified Train Dirty Fitness Bootcamp Instructor and Brand Ambassador for SwirlGear. You may learn more about Rachel and Body Made Better Fitness at! | volume one issue six


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RI Fit Magazine Issue 6  

Issue 6 of RI Fit Magazine Featuring a Guide to Stand-Up Paddleboarding

RI Fit Magazine Issue 6  

Issue 6 of RI Fit Magazine Featuring a Guide to Stand-Up Paddleboarding