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The Newsletter of Gilead Presbyterian Church, Carmel, NY

December 2016


Dear Friends, I commented last Sunday that I wasn’t ready for Christmas yet. In fact, here at the beginning of December, I’m not ready for Thanksgiving yet! But as we all remember from our youthful frolics at Hide and Seek, IT always arrives with a shout of “Ready or not, here I come!” Advent is upon us, the season of preparing ourselves for the coming of Christ. The second to last verse in the Bible is, and I paraphrase, “Come, Lord Jesus, Quick! Quick! Quick!” But if the final appearance of Jesus seems not to have arrived speedily, there’s no stopping the earthly holiday that celebrates his birth. Christmas is coming with what seems like break-neck speed. So peace and joy to you this season, as we move into the season of Advent, and with barely a pause, Christmas itself. Perry Como and Bing Crosby are singing in my ear from the car radio, but I am definitely not dreaming of a white Christmas. Not yet. I am dreaming of hope, which is the message of Advent. Our hearts are not ready for the birth of the prince of peace; it’s too early. And so we have another season of preparation. Just as early fall prepares us for recognizing our gifts so that we can become better stewards of our blessings, and the bleak mid-winter brings Lent, the season of penitence, which prepares us for recognizing our sins so that we may bloom with new life on Easter, Advent is our

The Shingle

time of hope. True, we’re not ready for Christmas, but we are more than ready for Advent, because our hearts and souls are craving Hope in the midst of challenge. We are preparing, a little at a time, to believe in peace here on earth. It ain’t easy; just look out the window. Pick up a newspaper. Turn on the TV. Peace on earth? Hardly. Sometimes there isn’t even peace at the family dinner table. But I trust that peace is coming. I believe in the sovereignty of a loving God, in whose hands I place my life, and the life of the world. Even when I can’t see it or feel it. That is where hope comes in. I may not know peace, but I pray that I may be prepared through the loving hands of God, and in the meantime, I do not give up hope. I believe in Good. I work for Good. I give myself to Good. And I hope I will know peace. May the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you all (P.S. that’s the absolute last line in the Bible).

December 2016


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A Note from the Gilead Music Department December 2016 The Season of Advent is upon us even as we are finishing our turkey dinner. November was a wonderful month here at Gilead ending with an Interfaith Thanksgiving Service here at Gilead, Tuesday, November 22. Many Congregations participated, bringing their Ministers & Choirs; including Temple Beth Elohim, the NOW UMC Cooperative Parish, Brewster Presbyterian, St. Andrews Episcopal, Trinity Lutheran, Mt. Carmel Baptist and Gilead’s own Senior Choir & Senior Bell Chimes sang and played. This wonderful Service was attended by a “full house” of wonderful musicians and parishioners. Which brings us to the first Sunday in Advent on November 27! Here is our Tentative Calendar for the Month of December. November 27 (1st Sunday in Advent & Gospel Sunday)  Junior Bell Chimes w/ Eric Mueller doing the Call to Worship  Praise Singers “A Carol of Gratitude” (Thank You, Thank You)  Senior Choir “Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning” Tuesday, November 29  7:00 pm Senior Choir Cantata rehearsal at Patterson Community Church Wednesday, November30  6:30 pm Senior Bell Rehearsal  7:45 pm Senior Choir Rehearsal Sunday, December 4 (2nd Sunday in Advent)  Communion Sunday  Senior Choir  Senior Bell Chimes Tuesday, December 6  Dress Rehearsal for the Cantata at Patterson Community Church Wednesday, December 7

 6:30 pm Senior Bell Chimes rehearsal The Shingle

 7:45 pm Senior Choir rehearsal Sunday December 11, (3rd Sunday in Advent)  Senior Choir  Mariah Warren & Renae Lent-- duet

Sunday, December 11  3:00 pm “Christmas Cantata” at Patterson Community Church  (Senior Choir rehearsal TBA) Wednesday, December 14  6:30 Senior Bell Chimes rehearsal  7:45 Senior Choir rehearsal Sunday, December 18  Church School Christmas Pageant  Music Makers, Praise Singers  Liz Pulley, Julia Miletti, and Alex Vandenberg soloists Sunday, December 18,  3:00 pm meet at Church to go Caroling to the Home Bound; followed by Pizza, Salad & Hot Chocolate at Mary Temple’s house. Wednesday December 21  6:30 Senior Bell Chimes  7:45 Senior Choir Saturday, December 24, 5:00 pm Christmas Eve Candlelight Service  Junior Bell Chimes,  Julia Miletti – flutist, Erin Clark- flutist  John Vangor, guitar  Music Makers & Praise Singers Saturday, December, 24, 10 PM Christmas Eve Candlelight Service Senior Bell Chimes, Senior Choir, & Piano/organ duets, John Vangor, guitar Sunday, December 25  Communion & Favorite Christmas Carols Wednesday, December 28 No rehearsal May you have a wonderful Christmas with the love of Christ singing in your heart. Mary Temple (225-6958)

December 2016

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Gilead Youth Group News December 2016 So here we are everyone, End of the Year. WOW it is the beginning of Advent, preparing for the birth of Jesus Christ. He was and is a real game changer in the world of Christianity. “Advent” means something new is coming, the dawn of a new & better time. The celebration on Christmas starts a new ERA. Here is a great family project to think about the past year and enlighten you to start a new ERA: Make 24 cards of reflection questions fill a boxbowl-basket with them. Each evening during dinner choose a card: READ, PONDER, and REFLECT to each other or yourself. Here are some card suggestions: 1. What is something you did this year that you will remember the rest of your life? 2. What is something you did that you are proud of? 3. What was the nicest thing someone did for you this year? 4. What was the most challenging part of the year for you? 5. Where is your favorite place? 6. If you could change one thing that happened this year what would it be? 7. What was something you did this year to help others? 8. What is something that was hard for you in the beginning of the year that is easy now? 9. What area did you make your biggest improvement? 10. What is your favorite time of the day? 11. What is something you taught someone else this year? 12. What is your favorite book you read this year? The Shingle

13. What was the best thing you wrote this year? 14. Who made the biggest impact in your life this year? 15. What is something someone could have done to make this year better for you? 16. What is an adjective to describe this year? 17. If you could travel back in time what would you tell yourself at the beginning of the year? 18. Think of your entire life, how much of what you learned this year will be useful to you forever? 19. What advice would you give to someone else for next year? 20. What was a game changer for you this year? 21. What did you not get to do this year that you really wanted to? 22. What did you spend most of your energy on this year? 23. What is something you accomplished this year you are proud of? 24. What do you love best about yourself after this year? After that PRAY: PRAY for what truly matters, opportunities to learn, guidance on how God can help you set priorities. PRAY for grace, strong relationships, peace. PRAY for imagination, freedom from stresses, joy and fun. PRAY for a trust in God’s love, a clear mind, openness. PRAY for humility to extend help to others and PRAY for the glorious life we all share and those we love. I pray for everyone to share the beauty of Christmas with as many folks as you can. Bring joy to the World each Day. Merry Christmas Fran

December 2016

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Activities Sunday December 11 Coffee Hour Cookie Exchange, Bring your favorite Holiday treat to share Youth Serve coffee. Saturday December 17 Evening Family Worship 5:30 pm; join us after the service for a Youth Holiday PJ Party Pot luck supper (We will provide paper products, dessert.) Christmas Caroling, Crafts Movie. Sunday December 18 Pageant Sunday during worship. Youth serve Coffee, casual lunch/treats.

Community Thanksgiving Service Gilead hosted a very successful Interfaith Community Service on November 22, 2016. About 135 people attended the service. Other congregations participating were Temple Beth Elohim, the NOW UMC Cooperative Parish, Brewster Presbyterian, St. Andrews Episcopal, Trinity Lutheran, and Mt. Carmel Baptist. Gilead’s Senior Choir & Senior Bell Chimes performed, as well as musical groups from the other participating congregations. Rev. David Collins from NOW UMC Cooperative Parish delivered the sermon. The other participating clergy were: Rev. Martin McGeachy of Gilead Presbyterian Church, Carmel Rev. Wongee Joh, Bonnie Hyatt, CLM and Pastor Enock Yatri of the Nurture, Outreach and Witness Cooperative Parish (Drew First UMC, Holmes UMC, First UMC, Lake Mahopac UMC and Purdys UMC) Rev. Keith Beverley of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, Carmel Rabbi Chava Koster of Temple Beth Elohim, Brewster Rev. Jennifer Boyd of Trinity Lutheran Church, Brewster Rev. Jose L. Martinez of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Brewster The Shingle

December 2016

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This year’s adopt a family project includes two family from Arms Acres Dietary department. Both families have been struggling financially to make ends meet. We will be adopting 5 children and 4 adults all together. All the adults have stated they are concerned for their children and to not get them anything. My suggestion for the adults would be a food basket for both families as well as gift cards to places like grocery stores and gas stations. A Little can go along way! Reeder Family: 2 children Javon Age 11 Skateboard Steph Curry Jersey (Youth) Legos (mine craft) Headphones LED Pencils Shoe size 6 Shirt size Med or 10-12 Pants size 12

Jakari Age 9 Skateboard Odell Beckham Jr. Jersey (Youth) 2017 Almanac Board Games (Trouble, Monopoly) Pants size 10 Shirt size med or 8-10 Shoe Size 5

Perez Family: 3 Children Avante age 13 (boy) Video Games for Xbox 1or PSY Clothes size 14 Laptop or tablet (for school)

Ariah age 11 (girl) Clothes size 10

Sneakers size 5 ½ Watch

Sneakers Size 3

The Shingle

Tablet (for school) Any Girl toys (likes all age appropriate)

December 2016

Jasiah age 1 (boy) Clothes size 18month-24 months sneakers size 6 (infant) Likes: Cars, Paw Patrol, Mickey Mouse and Alvin and the Chipmunks

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Gilead Holiday Bazaar This year’s Gilead Holiday Bazaar was a huge success, and raised $2,108.90! Thanks to all the many people who donated time, labor, arts and crafts, pancake making skills, and love. But in particular, we want to acknowledge Margo Mueller and Fran Croughan for all the time put in organizing this great event.

Thanks to Pam Festa for the photos!

The Shingle

December 2016

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Gilead Family Service Gilead’s first Saturday evening family service was held on November 19th. About 35 gathered together to inaugurate this new style of worship. Pastor Martin delivered the sermon and Mariah Warren led the music. The service was followed by a pasta dinner, cooked and set up by Youth Director Fran Croughan. Games of bingo followed the meal. All deemed it a great event! The next service is on December 17th, and will be followed by a Potluck Supper and a Youth PJ Party, with caroling, crafts, and a movie.

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December 2016

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Gilead’s New Furnace Thanks to the hardworking crew of volunteers that has worked day and night with our contractor to help keep costs down. Paul Verdesi, Dave Nielsen, Roger Schwerkolt, Paul Francis, John Vangor and Bob Dutra have all helped. The church is up and running and the manse is next on the list. We will still need to remove a lot of the old boiler and the tanks in the church basement. It will take some strong backs. Please let Paul Verdesi know if you can help out.

The new equipment

The old equipment The Shingle

December 2016

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The Shingle

December 2016

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Pastor McGeachy generally follows the lectionary each week, but there are occasional exceptions. We are making these available for those who may wish to read the likely scripture readings in advance of Sunday worship. The daily lectionary and the Mission Yearbook for Prayer and Study are available on our website:

Lectionary for Sundays and Festivals Scripture Reference December 2016 Second Sunday of Advent—December 4 Isaiah 11:1–10 Psalm 72:1–7, 18–19 Romans 15:4–13 Matthew 3:1–12 Third Sunday of Advent—December 11 Isaiah 35:1–10 Psalm 146:5–10 or Luke 1:46–55 James 5:7–10 Matthew 11:2–11 Fourth Sunday of Advent—December 18 Isaiah 7:10–16 Psalm 80:1–7, 17–19 Romans 1:1–7 Matthew 1:18–25

Nativity of the Lord / Christmas Eve— December 24 Isaiah 9:2–7 Psalm 96 Titus 2:11–14 Luke 2:1–14 [15–20] Nativity of the Lord / Christmas Day— December 25 Christmas Dawn Isaiah 62:6–12 Psalm 97 Titus 3:4–7 Luke 2:[1–7] 8–20 Nativity of the Lord / Christmas Day— December 25 Christmas Day Isaiah 52:7–10 Psalm 98 Hebrews 1:1–4 [5–12] John 1:1–14

Casabona Family Renae Lent Lou Lent Dolores Knapp Roy Knapp


Warren Behan


Penny Cameron


Annina Celli

Ushers Needed

Ann Clark

Cindy Kosacz McGeachy Rob Miletti 2 More Ushers Needed

12/24 @10:00 pm

Paul Francis

Renae Lent Katherine Foote 2 More Ushers Needed


Cindy Kosacz McGeachy

Ushers Needed

12/24 6/5 @5:00 pm

The Shingle

December 2016

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GILEAD NEWS Gilead’s Church School Pageant will be held during the December 18th worship service.

Christmas Eve 5:00 pm - Family Candlelight Service 10:00 pm - Candlelight Service

A Christmas Cantata will be held on December 11th at 3:00 pm at Patterson Community Church.

Christmas Day 10:00 am - Communion & Favorite Christmas Carols (No Church School)

Rehearsals are at 7:00 pm on November 27th, December 5th, and December 6th at Patterson Community.

Carmel Tree Lighting Service The annual Carmel Christmas Tree Lighting will take place on December 3 at Cornerstone Park.

Christmas Caroling On Sunday, December 18, at 3:00 pm, our Christmas Carolers will be meeting at Church to go Caroling to the Home Bound. That will be followed by Pizza, Salad & Hot Chocolate at Mary Temple’s house.

The Shingle

Gilead’s Senior Choir will be joining with the choirs of several churches for this event!

Greening of the Church On the evening of November 26th there was the Hanging of the Greens, in preparation for the first Sunday of Advent. Volunteers included Lisa Vandenberg, Alex Vandenberg, Steven Lester, Stephanie Gould, Ellie Nielsen, Martin and Cindy McGeachy, and Diana and Warren Behan.

December 2016

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New Saturday Evening Service

Giving Tree

There is a new way to praise and serve the Lord! On Saturday, December 17th, there will be an family evening Worship Service at 5:30 pm. Following worship there will be a Potluck Dinner with caroling, crafts and a movie. Youth are invited to come in PJs.

Lucy and Jose Ojeda have placed a basket on the coffee table for donations to The Giving Tree, as a fund raiser for Gilead. This is in place of the usual basket to collect money to pay for the Coffee Hour. The Ojedas are now donating the cost of the goodies available after church. Please remember to show them your appreciation!

ALL Ages Welcome!

Operation Christmas Child. Thirty shoe boxes, filled with toys and other Christmas gifts, were collected and delivered for Operation Christmas Child! This program, sponsored by Samaritan’s Purse, distributes the gifts to needy children throughout the world.

Teachers Needed We still need adults and older teens to volunteer to teach! The classes are: 3 to 5 year olds Grades 1 – 4 Grades 5 - 8

Thanks to everyone who participated.

No experience is needed. We will provide you with the curriculum and assist and guide you along the way. Hopefully there is more than one teacher per grade, so teachers can rotate – one can teach and the others can attend worship.

The annual Secret Pal Party will be held on January 8, 2017, following morning worship. Come and join us for 2017! If you aren’t already a member, it’s a nice way to think about and pray for a special person all year.

If you are interested in teaching, please see Diana Behan.

Apple cider and juice will be provided. Please bring a plate of cookies or treats to share. If you would like more information or have questions, please contact Ellie Nielsen at 845225-5155.

The Shingle

December 2016

The Deadline for the January Shingle is December 27th.

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Ushering What does Ushering have to do with Stewardship? Remember the three T's? Time, Talent, and Treasure - Yes!! Well, you will be hearing and reading a lot about Stewardship in the next several weeks, and, on behalf of the Deacons who serve the fine folk who come through our doors, I am not going to ask you for any of your Treasure (at least not today), but I am going to politely and gratefully beseech you (Please and Thank you very much in advance) to give of your Time and Talent -- stop in the lounge and write your name and/or your family members' names in the empty boxes on the Ushering Schedule for the months of November and December. And yes indeed, we'll be posting signup sheets for 2017 before you know it, so look at your calendars now and bring forth your Time and Talents to serve at Gilead. By wearing your smile and offering a warm greeting and a bulletin, maybe a coloring book and crayons to worshippers on a Sunday morning, you'll put a smile on a lot of other faces, and your own smile will move from your face down into your heart, and yup, you got it, there will be radiant smiles showering down on you from above - yup, that's what service brings to you. It feels good, it is good!!! When you pass the collection plates to collect the gifts of Treasure we are turning over to God, you are helping. When you serve the Host on Communion Sundays, you are helping.

those who find standing for greetings and handing out bulletins too challenging physically, you can rest assured that we don't deprive you of a chance to serve - if you are able to walk, you can be the 3rd and 4th Ushers to walk down the outside aisles when the collection plates are passed. Gilead is an equal opportunity church - ask for an opportunity to meet your Stewardship responsibilities, and we will help you find a way to serve the Lord! Again, here's my ask -- please help us with the ushering -- and here's my heartfelt gratitude -- thank you very much! Cindy Kosacz McGeachy

Lay Readers Are you interested in being a Lay Reader during 2017? Lay Readers are scheduled on a rotating basis and usually help lead the service about once every other month. If you are interested or want to learn more, please see Cindy Kosacz McGeachy or Linda Mahony Dutra.

It doesn't take a lot of your Time - if you get up a little earlier than usual to arrive at 9:15 -9:30 to Usher, you are definitely entitled to a nap on Sunday afternoon (I'll write you a permission slip if you need one)! It doesn't take a lot of Talent - we have a list of the duties available at all times, and you can ask anyone you have seen ushering to coach and guide you and Ta-Da! the job is done. For The Shingle

December 2016

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December 2016 Clerk’s Corner Happy Thanksgiving! I’m sure many of us are still in turkey comas as we read this newsletter. But no sooner do we say farewell to Tom Turkey, than it’s Advent and the busy rush of the Christmas season is underway. I don’t know about you but I’m already feeling the stress… and yet, shouldn’t it be a time for calmness, for the Prince of Peace is coming to be born again into this world, in our hearts, minds, and souls? Jesus came to us to be a Light in the darkness, yet we veil that light in a haze of harried hurrying, trying to decorate our homes, bake Christmas goodies, and find the right gifts for our loved ones. Meanwhile, the perfect Gift is waiting for each one of us, wrapped in a blanket of God’s Love. May we each find some time to pause this Christmas season and breathe in the Holy Spirit, as we breathe in the scents of pine, cinnamon, and peppermint, and open ourselves to His peace. Winter is coming. But we will face winter joyfully, as our new boilers and gas heat keep us warm and cozy at considerably less cost than the oil heat we’ve had. We can now heat our office without heating the whole Sanctuary, so Tina can prepare the bulletin in comfort without wasting energy. A big, big thanks to Roger Schwerkolt, Paul Francis, Paul Verdesi, and the entire boiler conversion team for helping to bring this wonderful gift of more affordable and efficient heat to Gilead! Session had its regular called meeting on Tuesday, November 1st. We served Holy Communion on November 6th. We looked at our Book of Order, specifically section F-1.0302a, The Unity of the Church, which states that “To be one with Christ is to be joined with all those whom Christ calls into relationship with him.” Our denominational differences obscure, but do not destroy, that unity, and we, as members of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) are committed to reducing that obscurity, by seeking and deepening communion with others. And we did just that on Tuesday, November 22nd, hosting the annual Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service here at The Shingle

Gilead. Pastor David Collins of Drew UMC preached, and choirs from many houses of worship, including St. Andrew’s Episcopal and Temple Beth Elohim, lifted their voices in thanksgiving to God. Our first Saturday evening Family Worship service took place on November 19th, and was a success! We had over 30 people come to celebrate God’s peace and our unity in Him. Afterwards, we shared a yummy meal prepared by Fran Croughan, who then called Bingo for us all. On December 17th, we’ll meet once again, this time singing Christmas carols and, for the children (or young at heart), wearing pajamas. Should be a fun evening! One last thing - we shared at our Session meeting the ideas generated at our Time and Talents Gathering on October 30th. Here are just a few you may wish to get involved in: a Gilead Group for Beautification, focused on making our church the showcase of Church Street; being an informal Greeter for Gilead on Sundays; reaching out to members who don’t attend due to health or other reasons; holding a square dance; starting a teen book club; providing ESL classes and outreach to our Hispanic neighbors. If you would like to be involved in any of the above, please see me and I’ll put you in touch with the appropriate Session member. Jesus, the Light of the World, is coming, and He calls us to be the light of the world as His people. May your lights shine brightly this Christmas season, radiating His love, hope, generosity, and peace. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Peace, Mariah Do you have a concern or a suggestion that you would like Session to consider? Please see Pastor Martin if you would like to speak to Session, or ask any Session member to share your thoughts at the meeting. A list of Session committees and chairpersons can be found in the lounge. Please note that anyone is welcome to serve on one or more committees. The next regular meeting of Session will be Tuesday, December 13th at 7:30 p.m. in the lounge..

December 2016

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Welcome to the Deacon’s Corner Where you’ll find out what the Deacon’s have been up to each month! The Deacons met November 20th and discussed the following:

  

 Prayer Requests – There were no Prayer Requests received October – November. If you have any prayer requests (joys or concerns) you may email them to coordinator Lindsay D’Ascoli at If you prefer to remain anonymous, you may submit requests on our website or let Pastor Martin know your prayers, and he will relay them to the Deacons. You may also post prayer requests directly on the Gilead Closed Group Facebook page: 80282707/. Visitation – The Deacons have been visiting Phil Engler at the Montrose VA Hospital and Tony Stavrides at the Putnam Nursing & Rehab Center on Ludingtonville Road. They are both doing well, but would love to have visits from their Gilead friends. If you are able, please pay them a visit as well! If you know someone who might need a card, call, or visit, please let any of the Deacons know or send an email to Cindy Kosacz McGeachy and Linda Mahony Dutra coordinate the ushering and lay readers lists. If you are interested in ushering in December, please sign up on the board in the lounge for dates you are available. If you would like to be added to the lay reader list, please see Cindy or Linda. Alexis will be organizing youth ushering Sundays for confirmed members. The Deacons discussed this year’s holiday season thank yous and donations. The next Deacons meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 22, 2017 after worship.

The Shingle

Gilead Prayer Chain The Gilead Prayer Chain is coordinated by Deacon Lindsay D’Ascoli. The prayer chain is a way to provide support for congregation members who are experiencing joy, pain, or dealing with unexpected situations. Currently there are 19 members who have volunteered to be on the prayer chain and these members are emailed or called about prayer requests as they come in. If you would like to be added to our list, please let Lindsay know. Prayers can also be posted on Gilead’s Closed Group Facebook page if requested. It can help to receive quick comments of encouragement and support from your Gilead family when you have a prayer! Send prayer requests to Lindsay in any of the following ways. Requests may be submitted anonymously on our website. Phone: (845) 225-0221 Email: Website:

Support the Deacon’s Fund The Deacons’ Fund helps those who are in most need within our church and our community. Please remember to support the Deacons’ Fund, either by using the special quarterly envelopes or by designating “Deacons’ Fund” in the memo line on your check.

December 2016

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Gilead Stained Glass Greeting Cards Available in The Lounge for a donation of $1.00 per card! All proceeds to Gilead!

There’s always those other special occasions in our lives to make someone smile and know that they are loved!

The Shingle

December 2016

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OUTREACH AND MISSION Gilead Church School Kid’s Kitchen

Gilead Food Pantry The Gilead Food Pantry is open Friday mornings from 10:00 am until noon to offer food to those who are in need. Donations of food or funds are always welcome. Food items can be placed in the basket in the lounge, while funds are best given directly to Marj Williams or placed in the offering basket with the notation “Food Pantry” on the envelope or memo line of your check. The Food Pantry could especially use donations of cereal, pasta, soup, complete pancake mix, instant potatoes, syrup, peanut butter, tuna, cookies, tea, and cat food. For more information on this important ministry, please see Marj Williams. While the goods received during the Kid’s Kitchen Collections have been a great help to the food pantry, please remember that other things continue to be needed, so please continue to bring other items on non-communion Sundays. Thanks!

As has been our tradition, children bring an offering for the food pantry on the first Sunday of each month. We are expanding upon this tradition by introducing the Gilead Church School Kid’s Kitchen. Each month will have a different theme, and children are requested to bring up an item related to that theme with them during “Time for the Young at Heart”. In September, the children will receive a new calendar for the next 12 months to remind them what to bring each month. Please help your child to remember to bring this important offering for our food pantry ministry. The calendar for this school year follows, and will be also posted on the Church School Bulletin Board by the Church School entrance. If you have any questions about this offering project, please see Diana Drake Behan. The theme for December is Paper goods and/or a 2-lb. bag of rice, and for January is Jelly and Canned Fruit.

Brewster Emergency Shelter Partnership We are looking for members of Gilead to volunteer and support the Brewster Emergency Shelter Partnership. BESP is comprised of a group of local churches and provides meals and a warm place to sleep for local homeless individuals. Gilead has offered to help prepare and serve meals and/or have individuals stay overnight at First Baptist Church in Brewster during the week of January 2nd though January 29th. Gilead will be involved a few more times, five weeks apart. A signup sheet is in the lounge. Please see either John Warren or Stephanie Gould if you are interested in supporting BESP. BESP would also accept donations of men's boxers, warm socks, hats and gloves or financial contributions. Thank you for your support.

The Shingle

December 2016

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As of 9/30/2016: Regular Income Year to Date Expenses Year to Date Surplus (Deficit)

113,285 12,799 (12,513)

We have paid off the loan that we received from the Presbyterian Church (USA) to renovate and rehabilitate our educational wing! However, we also borrowed $40,000 from our own long-term investment account, with the full intention of repaying ourselves. So please continue to make contributions to the building fund. We also have other capital needs, including a new boiler and repaving the parking lot. Your contributions can be directed toward these needs also. Please see Brenda Verdesi if you have any questions. .

Online Giving Is Now Available Online giving is an easy, secure way to support Gilead Presbyterian Church. You can conveniently make a donation at any time. Just go to the Gilead website, and click on the “Donate� button, and you will be taken to the PayPal website to complete the transaction. (Please note that PayPal keeps 2.2% plus $ .30 for each transaction as a processing fee.)

The Shingle

December 2016

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GILEAD GROUPS Faith Discussion Group

Gilead Designers

The Faith Discussion Group is resuming its weekly meetings on Thursdays The meetings are in the lounge at 7:30 pm. Please see John Warren for more information. The group is currently focusing on the Parables of Jesus.

Gilead Designers will be meeting at Gilead at 6:30 pm on December 16th . Anyone interested in creating craft projects is invited. Please see Mary Temple or Ellen Nielsen for more information.

Gilead on Social Media

Visitors from other churches, the purely curious, those with a lifetime of faith, and those with little faith to speak of, are welcome along with all hard-core Presbyterians. Continuity and context are maintained, but if you can’t make every session, you will find that each week the Holy Spirit deals with those who attend. So come when you can.

Podcasts: Podcasts are temporarily unavailable YouTube: adChurch#p/u Facebook: Public Page: ilead-PresbyterianChurch/139888512714485

Come join this miraculous fellowship!

Stretch Exercise Classes Stretch Exercise Classes are being given every Monday and Thursday at 11:00 am at Gilead. Annina and her friend Brigitta have organized this ongoing class. There is a charge of $1.00 per class which is being donated to Gilead every month. Those with physical problems would especially benefit by these classes. Everyone is welcome. If further information is needed, please contact Annina at 845-225-7012.

The Shingle

Facebook Closed Group: 64333380282707/ When you click on the Gilead Facebook page, please make sure you click on the “Like” button – it’s another way to keep up with events at Gilead.

Your Concrete Weekly Devotionals Rob LoAlbo’s monthly devotionals are now a separate document. We wanted Rob’s thoughts and hard work to receive more recognition than they received as part of The Shingle. The Devotional will be emailed along with the newsletter each month and will be uploaded to out issuu online account. Paper copies will be available in the lounge. This is an experiment and we would appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

December 2016

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Young Adults of Gilead

Gilead Prayer Chain

Calling all Young Adults of Gilead - there is now a Facebook group just for you "Gilead Presbyterian Young Adults".

The prayer chain organized by the Deacons is an avenue of support for congregation members who are experiencing joy, pain or dealing with unexpected situations. Currently there are 19 members who have volunteered to be on the prayer chain and are emailed/called about prayer request as they come in. The Prayer chain is a fast way to gain a community of support when you need it! If you have any joys/concerns you would like us to hear about, Prayers can be emailed to:

What age group are the Young Adults of Gilead? People post confirmation through college graduation. The group is brand new. It was created 4/24/12 and comments are appreciated. it is a place where you can find support and help when you need it or provide support and help when someone needs it. It is a way to stay connected to Gilead or reconnect with Gilead. Links to the Gilead website and PCUSA are there and events will be added they become known. Look for scripture and postings by Micah Rose Emerson, a former youth director of Gilead. Use the group as a way to keep God by your side as you find your way in the world. Come and have a look!

Prayer Chain Coordinator: Lindsay D’Ascoli :

If you would like to volunteer to be added to our prayer chain email list Email or contact (845)225-0221

Our Daily Bread Please note that the current issue of our Daily Bread is now available in the lounge. Pick one up for some daily inspiration.

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December 2016

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The CNS Pre-K Program is Gilead's nonsectarian school for 2 1/2 to 5 year olds. Since it was founded in 1949, the PreSchool has been a respected community resource for early childhood education. Our staff consists of three teachers and an aide with many years of experience at CNS between them. All are active members of the community and volunteers in the school district. The school offers two, three and five day programs. They follow the same calendar as the Carmel Central School district. In preparing a child for Kindergarten, their philosophy is teaching the whole child to grow. They provide a daily routine balanced between academic skills and lessons, crafts, free and structured play time, music, story time, computer time, snack, and outdoor activities on the large playground. The curriculum was developed in conjunction with the area kindergarten teachers to best prepare the child for kindergarten and instill an enthusiasm for learning in a fun loving environment. Utilizing the team teaching method, three teachers give a student to teacher ratio of approximately 8 to 1. For children scheduled to enter public school in September of the year, we routinely prepare a detailed evaluation of Kindergarten readiness. For more information, please call the school at 845-225-8044, or visit them at, or on Facebook.

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The Shingle

December 2016

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Wendy Tompkins Stan Haywood Jose Ojeda Alexandra Casabona William DiPippo David Nielsen Alexander Vandenberg Annina Celli Eric Mueller

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Judith & Tony Stavrides


Please accept our apologies if we have missed you during the year. If you wish to share these events, please either send an email to or leave a write it on a slip of paper and leave it in The Shingle mail slot in the office.

For more information about Gilead Church, please visit our web site: Please remember that the deadline for submissions is the 20th of each month. Submissions preferably can be emailed to Martin McGeachy at the church office: with a copy to Warren Behan at, or you may drop off a hard copy at the Office.

Gilead Presbyterian Church 9 Church St. Carmel, NY 10512 845-225-4586 Email: Martin McGeachy Pastor

Fran Croughan Youth Director

Mary Temple Music Director

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December 2016

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DECEMBER 2016 Sunday










Advent Lay Reader: Tina Annunziato 10:00 AM Morning Worship and Church School

11:00 AM Stretch Exercise Class 7:00 PM AA Meeting

7:00 PM Christmas Cantata Rehearsal at Patterson CC

6:30 PM Senior Bell Chimes Rehearsal 7:00 PM AA Meeting 7:45 PM Senior Choir Rehearsal

11:00 AM Stretch Exercise Class 7:30 PM Faith Discussion Group

Friday 2

Saturday 3

10:00 AM PRPH 5:00 PM Carmel Tree Lighting Service at Cornerstone Park



Lay Reader: Warren Behan 10:00 AM Morning Worship with Holy Communion and Church School




7:00 PM Christmas Cantata Rehearsal at Patterson CC

6:30 PM Senior Bell Chimes Rehearsal 7:00 PM AA Meeting 7:45 PM Senior Choir Rehearsal

11:00 AM Stretch Exercise Class 7:30 PM Faith Discussion Group


10 10:00 AM PRPH

11:00 AM Stretch Exercise Class 7:00 PM AA Meeting 7:00 PM Christmas Cantata Rehearsal at Patterson CC







11:00 AM Stretch Exercise Class 7:00 PM AA Meeting

7:30 PM Session Meeting

6:30 PM Senior Bell Chimes Rehearsal 7:00 PM AA Meeting 7:45 PM Senior Choir Rehearsal

11:00 AM Stretch Exercise Class 7:30 PM Faith Discussion Group

6:30 PM Gilead Designers

10:00 AM PRPH 5:30 PM Family Worship followed by Potluck Supper and Youth PJ Party

Lay Reader: Penny Cameron 10:00 AM Morning Worship and Church School 11:00 AM Youth Sponsored Cookie Exchange 3:00 PM Christmas Cantata at Patterson Community Church





11:00 AM Stretch Exercise Class 7:00 PM AA Meeting



10:00 AM PRPH 5:00 PM Christmas Eve Candle Light Service 5:00 PM Lay Reader: Ann Clark 10:00 PM Christmas Eve Candle Light Service 10:00 PM Lay Reader: Paul Francis

First Day of Winter 6:30 PM Senior Bell Chimes Rehearsal 7:00 PM AA Meeting 7:45 PM Senior Choir Rehearsal

26 11:00 AM Stretch Exercise Class 7:00 PM AA Meeting


11:00 AM Stretch Exercise Class 7:30 PM Faith Discussion Group

Lay Reader: Annina Celli 10:00 AM Morning Worship and Christmas Pageant 11:00 AM Youth Serve at Coffee Hour, with Casual Lunch/Treats 3:00 PM Christmas Caroling






6:30 PM Senior Bell Chimes Rehearsal 7:00 PM AA Meeting 7:45 PM Senior Choir Rehearsal

11:00 AM Stretch Exercise Class 7:30 PM Faith Discussion Group



10:00 AM PRPH

Christmas Day Lay Reader: Cindy Kosacz McGeachy 10:00 AM Morning Worship

The Shingle - December 2016  

The Shingle is the newsletter of Gilead Presbyterian Church in Carmel, NY

The Shingle - December 2016  

The Shingle is the newsletter of Gilead Presbyterian Church in Carmel, NY