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The Newsletter of Gilead Presbyterian Church, Carmel, NY

February 2014

Dear Friends, The definition of “Presbyterian” is to be led by volunteers from within the church. A Presbyter, in Greek, is an elder. Hence, we have a board of twelve ruling elders, our Session, who administer the functioning of our church, in partnership with the teaching elder—me, the pastor. But remember that my authority as leader extends for the most part to the leading of worship. When the Session gets together, I have one vote. We decide together how to proceed with implementing God’s vision for Gilead. You are there in the room, too, in each decision that gets made, because you elected each of those ruling elders. To be Presbyterian is to be subject to the authority of God in Jesus Christ, but under the guidance of democratically elected leaders who represent us all. We are all engaged in ministry and governance together. Gilead also elects eleven deacons to assist the minister with the pastoral care of our congregation. Do you know your elders and deacons? Thanks to those who have taken on these duties for this year: Elders: Phil Engler, David Moody, John Vangor, John Warren, Margery Amato, Louis Lent, Rob Miletti, Tony Stavrides, Cindy Kosacz, Carolyn Lewis, Lisa Vandenberg, and Paul Verdesi. Deacons: Cindy Briley, Lindsay D’Ascoli, Renae Lent, Bart Casabona, Donna DiPippo, Paul Francis, Lucy Lee Ojeda, Stephanie Gould, Eric Koehler, Eric Mueller, and Rebekah McGeachy. The elders and deacons meet together at least once annually, and traditionally that has been a time of goal-setting, but sometimes by the end of the year the completion of those goals is hit-or-miss. Last year we established 2013 as a year of prayer and discernment for where God would like us to go in the future. Well, guess what? The future is now. Please continue to pray for our discernment, but let us begin to pave the way for practical application. In 2014, as the officers gather together and committees set their agendas for the year, I would like to see Gilead have a discussion about what our core values are. What is at the heart of the ministry we share together? Spring-boarding off questions our Presbytery asked itself recently, “What is most important to us? What sets us apart as a church? What do we do well that we want to do even better? What is it that most enlivens our congregation?” Answering these questions will help us to shape the implementation of our vision. Studies have shown that goal-setting only works when goals are intertwined with the core values of the organization, because all the people’s passions and energies are engaged behind the tasks ahead. We could begin with a reminder of Gilead’s mission statement: Our mission is to be a welcoming and caring church, committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit to do God’s work in our community and beyond. What are the words in this statement that speak to you? Why? What other words speak to your heart when you think of Gilead that aren’t verbalized here? We of Gilead come from a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives, and we sometimes find ourselves disagreeing about specific theological matters and doctrines. What brings us together? What is the heart of Gilead that we can all agree on, and share with the world? Because you are all the ministers and leaders of Gilead, I’m asking each of you in the next few weeks to reflect on our core values and share your thoughts with one of the elders and deacons so that we can gather to get specific about what excites us as a church, and how we can use that knowledge to move ahead with God’s goals for us. God declares in Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:17, “I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young shall see visions, and your old shall dream dreams.” Love and light, Martin The Shingle

February 2014

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A VIEW FROM A PEW By Don De Vries My involvement with the social media does not exist. To me, being social involves face- -to-face communication, not the exchange of some words or letters on a video screen. I realize this is the attitude of a dinosaur, but I can’t relate to someone by reading their blog, or by liking them on Facebook. A major part of communicating for me is making eye contact, and this does not require some electronic device to mediate. Lucky for you, you don’t have to read a daily blog from me on your laptop, and you won’t get my complaints on Twitter. I will stand in front of you and we’ll have a discussion of whatever is on our minds. We’ll be able to have eye contact and read body language, too. After church on Sunday is a great time. We can have a cup of coffee and talk like real people, without a cell phone or an I-Pad. And while I’m on my soapbox, I’d like to sell you a book. In fact, I’d like to sell you sixty six books. Of course, I’m speaking of the Bible, which the church refers to as “God’s Word.” It is the most published book in history, and probably one of the least read in these times. God has gone to a great deal of trouble to make it available to us, and, outside of Sunday worship services, it seldom is opened. If God had put it on Facebook, not many people would “Like” it. It’s available on Kindle, though, the entire book, and is in convenient and readable form there. You can even read it during the week! People have told me that the Bible is too hard to read, that much of it is boring, contains contradictions, and is hard to understand. From the Instant Gratification state of mind that exists in our culture, I suspect this is true. Studying the Bible takes time and dedication to do it right, but what can be more gratifying than to allow God to communicate with us? We are instructed in Revelation to “read these words out loud!” When we read it ourselves as it is read aloud at the same time, we have two senses delivering God’s message. You can experience this on Sundays when the scripture for the week is read. You can also experience it on Thursday evenings when you attend a Faith Discussion Group meeting, too. This “multisensory reception” followed by open discussion provides a wide avenue for God’s Word to enter our hearts. And those who have studied this way for an extended period of time will tell you that each time a particular scripture is read, new meaning can be discovered. It’s a lifetime job. Certainly the views of other Christians have opened my eyes to new meaning. I am convinced that group study and discussion of the Bible is the best way to go about receiving God’s Word.. You can experience this every Thursday evening from 7:30 to 8:30 in the lounge. Bring your favorite translation of the Bible, or a Bible will be supplied. One time the discussion covered only seven verses of scripture. This is the result of letting the Holy Spirit be the guide. You might want to give this group a try. Our family is in the process of dealing with treatment of cancer. Thank God for all those who have led us in His word. We know where to find God’s healing in these days. He is reaching out in love to all of us, as He tells us in the Bible. Read it, and know. .

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February 2014

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A Note from the

Gilead Music Department February 2014 During the Children’s Sermon, January 5, for Epiphany, the Jr Bell Chimes, presented “Twinkle”. The story of the Visitors from the East, (Wise Guys) arriving to witness and bring gifts to the newborn King, Jesus. Julianna Davis played the part of “Twinkle” and the Junior Bell Chimes with the Orff instruments provided the sounds effects. The JBCs had as much fun playing as the children did listening to the story. The Senior Choir and Senior Bell Chimes have faithfully sung/played in Worship as scheduled, despite this winter’s many snow storms and bitter cold. Gilead is so blessed to have choir members who take their commitment to sing or play in Worship seriously. Thank you, one & all! What’s coming up in February? Sunday, February, 2 Praise Makers: “This Little Light of Mine” Junior Bell Chimes/ Orff Instruments Senior Choir Sunday, February 9 Senior Bell Chimes “Rock Medley” Senior Choir Sunday, February 16 Senior Choir & TBA Sunday, February 23 - Gospel Sunday 3 Gs (Gilead Gospel Group) Senior Choir

New members are always welcome! We could use new members in every group (especially tenors for the Senior Choir!) If you would like to join any of our groups, you are very welcome. All parts are needed!. Come to rehearsal or call me if you have any questions. Mary Temple 226-6958

Rehearsal times are as follows: Wednesdays 6:30 pm Senior Bell Chimes 7:45 pm Senior Choir Sundays after Worship: 11:30 Jr. Bell Chimes Sundays during Church School: Praise Makers with Ms. Penny Sunday Rehearsal times when playing or singing in Worship: 8:45 am Senior Bell Chimes 9:00 am Senior Choir 9:15 am Junior Bell Chimes, Gilead Gospel Group & Flute Choir 9:30 am Praise Makers Gilead is truly blessed to have such a wonderful group of talented people who so faithfully contribute to our Worship Services every Sunday. This involves a commitment to rehearsals every week of each group and a happy heart to share their talent with their beloved Gilead Congregation. Mary Temple, Music Director The Shingle

225-6958 February 2014

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Gilead Youth Group News February 2014 In this world of plenty Gilead Youth are focused on Giving Back-Fighting Hunger. They ask the congregation to nourish them as they start in our own community tackling the problem. This month we will immerse ourselves in activities directed at our cause and the needs of others. Please think of the warmth, comfort and good night’s sleep you get with a full belly and select an event you can support that will bring another person the same feeling. Thanks for your help

Gilead Youth February Calendar Sunday, February 2: GO TEAM GILEAD! Souper Bowl of Caring : Collecting Groceries and $1.00 to help the Hungry Friday, February 7: Laser Light Show/Ice Skating Trip $5.00 per person, Leave Church at 7:00 pm, Friends welcome RSVP Fran Sunday, February 9: Share the Love Bake Sale following worship Proceeds to benefit Mission Trip Helping the Homeless. Friday, February 14: Snow Tubing Trip Thomas Bull Memorial Park. Leave Church at 6:30 pm $12.00 Friends welcome RSVP Fran Friday, February 21: Midnight Run: Sign-up in Lounge Sunday, February 23: Youth Serve Coffee Hour: Chip & Dip Delight Wednesday, February 26: Dine Out to Fight Hunger @ Friendly’s Carmel, Bring Gilead Coupon, enjoy dinner, dessert or a late night snack and a portion of your check supports our cause.

Save the Date Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper March 4 Mission Trip to NYC TBD The Shingle

February 2014

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WORSHIP AND MINISTRY Pastor McGeachy generally follows the lectionary each week, but there are occasional exceptions. We are making these available for those who may wish to read the likely scripture readings in advance of Sunday worship. The daily lectionary and the Mission Yearbook for Prayer and Study are available on our website:

Lectionary for Sundays and Festivals Scripture Reference February 2014 Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany— February 2 Micah 6:1–8 Psalm 15 1 Corinthians 1:18–31 Matthew 5:1–12 Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany— February 9 Isaiah 58:1–9a [9b–12] Psalm 112:1–9 [10] 1 Corinthians 2:1–12 [13–16] Matthew 5:13–20

Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany— February 16 Deuteronomy 30:15–20 or Sirach 15:15–20 Psalm 119:1–8 1 Corinthians 3:1–9 Matthew 5:21–37 Seventh Sunday after the Epiphany— February 23 Leviticus 19:1–2, 9–18 Psalm 119:33–40 1 Corinthians 3:10–11, 16–23 Matthew 5:38–48


Paul Francis


Jeff Davis


Renae Lent

Roy Knapp Eric Kohler


John Vangor

Roy Knapp Eric Kohler

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Emma McLean Donna DiPipo Lucy Lee Ojeda Tony Stavrides Robert Miletti Karin Miletti

February 2014

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GILEAD NEWS Annual Congregational Meeting The annual congregational meeting of Gilead Presbyterian Church was held following worship on Sunday, January 26, 2014. Reports were received from various committees and other organizations of the church. The following were elected as Elders: Class of 2017: Lisa Vandenberg, Carolyn Lewis, Cindy Kosacz, and Paul Verdesi Class of 2016: Tony Stavrides The following were elected Deacons: Class of 2017: Stephanie Gould, Eric Koehler Youth Deacon: Eric Mueller A complete list of Elders and Deacons, along with responsibilities and committee assignments, will be published following each group’s organizational meeting.

Revised Ushering Schedule There have been revisions made to the 2014 Ushering Schedule, a copy of which will be distributed on separately. If you are unable to usher on your scheduled date please call someone from this list to substitute for you. Thanks! Renae Lent Louis Lent Roy Knapp Dolores Knapp Emma McLean Bart Casabona

282-8052 282-8052 225-9559 225-9559 225-7518 228-7331

Souper Bowl Sunday The annual Souper Bowl of Caring will be collected by our youth on Sunday, February 2nd, the day of the football game with a similar name! All of the proceeds go to Gilead’s food pantry. A donation of even $1.00 per person will go a long way!

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February 2014

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Lay Readers A New Lay Reader schedule is being prepared for 2014. If you are interested in being a lay reader, please contact Martin or Donna DiPippo.

Gilead offers a huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the Renaissance Banquet at Gilead Castle on January 11th. Guests were treated to a fine meal of chicken or venison and feted to seasonal songs performed by the Monastic Singers. A special thanks goes to Lady Cecilia (aka Mariah Warren) for organizing the event, and to Fern (aka Renae Lent) for preparing the feast!

Co-Treasurer Needed Leanne Moody is stepping down from her position as co-treasurer in 2014. We want to thank Leanne for her wonderful hard work and dedication these past several years. Great job, Leanne! Thanks also to Brenda Verdesi, who continues as our other excellent and hard-working cotreasurer. If you have skills in bookkeeping and finances, filling the position of co-treasurer with Brenda would be a wonderful way of sharing your time and talents to serve the Lord. If you are interested, please speak with either Martin or Brenda.

Ann Clark Ann Clark is retiring as Clerk of Session when her term on Session ends in January. Ann has dedicated many hours serving in this position, keeping track of all sorts of facts and statistics, keeping the Minutes of Session, and filing all the reports to keep us in the Presbytery’s good graces. Also, thanks to Cindy Kosacz for agreeing to take on this challenging position. Please take a moment to thank each of them!

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February 2014

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Help Needed Our fine Coffee Hour Servers are in great need of assistance! A couple of our regular helpers have had to take some time off. This is a wonderful way to share your time and talents with the church, and a great way to get to know more of our members. If you can help out even a couple of Sundays a month, please see Lucy Ojeda.

Parents Our Church School teachers are members of Gilead who volunteer their time to bring God’s word to our children. Unfortunately, a few of our children have been acting inappropriately during church school, making it difficult for these volunteers to teach. Please remind your children that it is important to show respect to our teachers.

Boy Scout Sunday February 2nd is Boy Scout Sunday. All Scouts and Scout Leaders are encouraged to attend church that Sunday in uniform for a special recognition ceremony.

Paige and Eric Beckman proudly announce the birth of their new baby girl, Charlotte Grace. She was born early on the morning of January 14, 2014. She was 8 lbs 5 oz. Paige (nee Whittier) grew up in Gilead.

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February 2014

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Welcome to Deacon’s Corner where you’ll find out what the Deacons have been up to each month! Following the New Year, the Deacons reconvened Sunday January to discuss our continuing mission of serving the needs of the church. Paul Francis is now Chair for the Deacons, with Renae Lent switching roles to take on Ushering duties/scheduling. Please welcome each to their new role! The Ushering, lay reading and substitute usher call list are currently being revised and will be revealed soon. Ushers and Lay Readers should take note and dress appropriately on their day of service. Ushers and lay readers bring smiles, offer bulletin/directions and start off our services. It is an important job and we are appreciative of all who volunteer! Being an usher entails pre and post set up/clean up responsibilities. If you will be ushering, please arrive by 9:30 am and review the check off sheet for a list of duties (if you forget because I know I do) available in the foyer. Cards continue to be sent and received by our dutiful correspondence Deacon Bart Casabona. If you know anyone who might be in a need of a card, please contact Bart. Outreach, communion and youth missions continue to go well. Visitation to our congregants unable to make it to Sunday Services continues to be provided. If you know someone who we might have missed or whom you believe might be in need of visitation or care, please see one of the Deacons. 11 Prayer requests were received November-January Prayers can be sent to We wish to say goodbye and thanks to Ellie Nielsen and Emma McLean who are rotating off the Deacons after serving their terms faithfully. We welcome Eric Koehler, Stephanie Gould and Eric Mueller to the Deacons class of 2014!

Please remember to support the Deacons’ Fund, either by using the special quarterly envelopes or by designating “Deacons’ Fund” on a check.

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February 2014

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OUTREACH AND MISSION Brewster Emergency Shelter Partnership We are looking for members of Gilead to volunteer and support the Brewster Emergency Shelter Partnership. BESP is comprised of a group of local churches and provides meals and a warm place to sleep for local homeless individuals. Gilead members have helped prepare and serve meals and/or have individuals stay overnight at First Baptist Church in Brewster during the week of January 27th to February 3rd. We shared responsibilities with St. Andrews Episcopal Church. Please see either John Warren or Margery Amato if you are interested in supporting BESP. BESP would also accept donations of men's boxers, warm socks, hats and gloves or financial contributions. Thank you for your support.

Gilead Food Pantry The Gilead Food Pantry is open Friday mornings from 10:00 am until noon to offer food to those who are in need. Donations of food or funds are always welcome. Food items can be placed in the basket in the lounge while funds are best given directly to Marj Williams or placed in the offering basket with the notation “Food Pantry” on the envelope or memo line of your check. The Salvation Army has begun supporting our food pantry by offering free breakfast to food pantry clients on Friday mornings from 10:00 am until 11:30 am. We greatly appreciate their ministry! For more information on this important ministry, please see Marj Williams. While the goods received during the Kid’s Kitchen Collections have been a great help to the food pantry, please remember that other things continue to be needed, so please continue to bring other items on non-communion Sundays. Thanks!

Midnight Run Rescheduled The Midnight Run originally scheduled for January 3rd has been rescheduled for February 21st. If you are interested in going on the run, please see Martin or Fran. We are in also in need of warm clothing (no children’s please), new underwear and socks, and small toiletries. Also, we need volunteers to prepare food. Please see the sign-up sheet in the lounge.

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February 2014

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Gilead Church School Kid’s Kitchen As has been our tradition, children bring an offering for the food pantry on the first Sunday of each month. We are expanding upon this tradition by introducing the Gilead Church School Kid’s Kitchen. Each month will have a different theme, and children are requested to bring up an item related to that theme with them during “Time for the Young at Heart”. In September, the children brought home a calendar for the next 12 months to remind them what to bring each month. Please help your child to remember to bring this important offering for our food pantry ministry. The calendar for this school year follows, and will be also posted on the Church School Bulletin Board by the Church School entrance. If you have any questions about this offering project please see Diana Drake Behan. The theme for February is instant mashed potatoes,

and for March is paper towels.

Habitat for Humanity Habitat for Humanity is part of our church mission. There are volunteer opportunities on house sites or off site work. Steve Biolsi is the Project Manager for Habitat for Humanity of Putnam County. He can be reached at 914-774-9314. You can get more information on the web at and you can find them on Facebook

Philippines Typhoon Haiyan Patrocimio (photo right) lost everything after the typhoon. His farm has been destroyed except one little room that his family used as a refuge, waiting for long hours before the typhoon went away. When they were finally able to get out, they realized that everything disappeared, their belongings were spread all over the area and all their clothes were soaked. Now he wants to repair his house and get his livelihood back on track but he needs everything, such as nails, tools and building material. Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) is helping Typhoon Haiyan survivors by working in collaboration with our mission partner the National Council of Churches in the Philippines and as a member of ACT Alliance. Visit the Philippines response index for situation reports and resources. Like us on Facebook (PDACARES) for updates.

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February 2014

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STEWARDSHIP 2014 Gilead Presbyterian Church ended up 2013 with a surplus of $1,943. We have been able to set aside $11,200 towards our capital improvement plans, and have continued to pay off our renovation loan (with a few months of payments still in the kitty). Given the difficult economic climate, and the deficit we were looking at just a few short months ago, these accomplishments are truly incredible. It is a testament to the Gilead family that we were able to weather the storm and come out on stable financial footing. Our 2014 pledges presently stand at $104,548, which is ahead of where we were last year. For those who have not yet made their pledges for the upcoming year, we encourage you to do so. While we are extremely thankful for the blessings of 2013, our job is to look forward and we still have significant hurdles to overcome in the upcoming year (as I’m sure anyone who has walked in our mine field of a parking lot recently can attest). Thanks again to everyone at Gilead for making the financial commitment to our church, and for seeing us through some very tough times. 2014 promises to be an exciting and eventful year for Gilead, and I look forward to sharing that experience with all of you. Dave Moody Stewardship Chairman

Have your remembered the church in your will?

The Shingle

February 2014

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Financial Report As of 12/31/13: We Did It! Regular Income Year to Date


Expenses Year to Date




We’re in the final stretch…. Help Gilead payoff our Renovation Loan

Outstanding Renovation Loan Balance: Monthly Payment:

$18,537.92 $1,835.00

Number of Payments Remaining:


Online Giving Is Now Available Online giving is an easy, secure way to support Gilead Presbyterian Church. You can conveniently make a donation at any time. Just go to the Gilead website, and click on the “Donate” button, and you will be taken to the PayPal website to complete the transaction. (Please note that PayPal keeps 2.2% plus $ .30 for each transaction as a processing fee.) You can also click here

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February 2014

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GILEAD GROUPS Faith Discussion Group Until January 9, the group will be in recess so those folks who regularly attend can participate in the full slate of holiday activity scheduled at Gilead. At the first meeting of 2014 on January 9, there will be a brief inquiry into the person of Gamaliel. Then the study of Mark’s Gospel will resume to be followed by a complete look at the Book of Ecclesiastes. Meetings are held in the lounge each Thursday from 7:30 until 8:30 PM. Visitors from other churches, the purely curious, those with a lifetime of faith, and those with little faith to speak of, are welcome along with all hard-core Presbyterians. Continuity and context are maintained, but if you can’t make every session, you will find that each week the Holy Spirit deals with those who attend. So come when you can. Speak with Don De Vries for more information and answers to any questions about the group.

Gilead Designers Gilead Designers will be meeting on February 21. The group meets at Gilead at 6:00 pm. Anyone interested in creating craft projects is invited. Please see Mary Temple or Ellen Nielsen for more information.

SpiritWalkers (Ecumenical Hiking Group) God spoke, “Let us make human beings in our image, make them reflecting our nature So they can be responsible for the fish in the sea, The birds in the air, the cattle, and, yes, Earth itself, And every animal that moves on the face of the earth.” Genesis1:26-28 If you would like to be kept up to date on the year’s schedule and any updates, please join the Spirit Walkers Ecumenical Hiking Group page on Facebook. All hikers must have a signed waiver on file with the church prior to hiking with us, and, if age 18 or under, a signed permission slip. We look forward to seeing you as we explore the beauty of God’s creation!

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February 2014

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Prayer...In the 21st Century Prayer is such a powerful tool. Prayer roots us in our faith, giving us discernment and a vision. God speaks to us in those quiet moments, strengthening us in spirit. It is good for His people to pray together. But what happens when our life gets so busy that we can’t find the time to be in the same place together? A group of our members led by Rob LoAlbo have made a commitment to pray specifically for our church, its future, and the roles of its members, every Thursday night, wherever they are at 9:00 pm, for 10 minutes. Additionally, they have been posting on the church’s Facebook page as a means of reminder and encouragement. While they may not be physically together as a prayer group, they are one in purpose, which is just as effective. If you would like to commit to join them, set an alarm on your phone and wherever you are, join me in prayer at that time every week, praying for our fold and future. Join them in their Facebook discussions on the Gilead Church’s Facebook page. Did you forget to pray at 9 and wanted to? Or maybe you couldn’t get to it until an hour later. Not to worry! Hop in when you can. Whatever you’re offering, it is fine by God, as He looks to the heart and to your commitment to Him. Remember, He longs to spend time with you.

Stretch Exercise Classes Stretch Exercise Classes are being given every Monday and Thursday at 11:00 am at Gilead. Annina and her friend Brigitta have organized this ongoing class. There is a charge of $1.00 per class which is being donated to Gilead every month. Those with physical problems would especially benefit by these classes. Everyone is welcome. If further information is needed, please contact Annina at 845-225-7012.

Our Daily Bread Please note that the current issue of our Daily Bread is now available in the lounge. Pick one up for some daily inspiration.

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February 2014

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Young Adults of Gilead Calling all Young Adults of Gilead - there is now a Facebook group just for you "Gilead Presbyterian Young Adults". What age group are the Young Adults of Gilead? People post confirmation through college graduation. The group is brand new. It was created 4/24/12 and comments are appreciated. it is a place where you can find support and help when you need it or provide support and help when someone needs it. it is a way to stay connected to Gilead or reconnect with Gilead. Links to the Gilead website and PCUSA are there and events will be added they become known. Look for scripture and postings by Micah Rose Emerson, a former youth director of Gilead. Use the group as a way to keep God by your side as you find your way in the world. Come and have a look!

Gilead Prayer Chain The prayer chain organized by the Deacons is an avenue of support for congregation members who are experiencing joy, pain or dealing with unexpected situations. Currently there are 19 members who have volunteered to be on the prayer chain and are emailed/called about prayer request as they come in. The Prayer chain is a fast way to gain a community of support when you need it! If you have any joys/concerns you would like us to hear about, Prayers can be emailed to: Prayer Chain Coordinator: Lindsay D’Ascoli : Prayer requests can also be posted on the Facebook page. I will be checking in with anyone who submits a request by phone, in person or email if they would also like the request posted on the Facebook page. I've noticed sometimes it helps to get comments of encouragement and support when you have a prayer! If you have any questions, always feel free to ask. If you would like to volunteer to be added to our prayer chain email list Email or contact (845)225-0221

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February 2014

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Prayer Chain for Pets Yes! Thank you, thank you for your great response/interest: there will now be a pet*/pet owners prayer chain for those pets and/or pet owners who have health/behavioral concerns for their treasured friends. We are looking for anyone who would care to join us in a prayer chain for anyone needing prayers for their pets. The following have agreed to act as contacts for the group: Joyce Scott Mary Lou Cassidy Shirley DeVries Sue Surovic Alicia Briley

Carmel Carmel Brewster Carmel Carmel

845-225-7293 845-225-7268 845-279-8688 845-225-2988 845-228-4672

Please feel free to call any one of us for prayerful support during difficult times.


Podcasts: or They are also available through iTunes software. YouTube: Facebook: Public Page: o Facebook Closed Group: o When you click on the Gilead Facebook page, please make sure you click on the “Like” button – it’s another way to keep up with events at Gilead.

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February 2014

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The CNS Pre-K Program is Gilead's nonsectarian school for 2 1/2 to 5 year olds. Since it was founded in 1949, the Pre-School has been a respected community resource for early childhood education. Our staff consists of three teachers and an aide with many years of experience at CNS between them. All are active members of the community and volunteers in the school district. The school offers two, three and five day programs. They follow the same calendar as the Carmel Central School district. In preparing a child for Kindergarten, their philosophy is teaching the whole child to grow. They provide a daily routine balanced between academic skills and lessons, crafts, free and structured play time, music, story time, computer time, snack, and outdoor activities on the large playground. The curriculum was developed in conjunction with the area kindergarten teachers to best prepare the child for kindergarten and instill an enthusiasm for learning in a fun loving environment. Utilizing the team teaching method, three teachers give a student to teacher ratio of approximately 8 to 1. For children scheduled to enter public school in September of the year, we routinely prepare a detailed evaluation of Kindergarten readiness. For more information, please call the school at 845-225-8044, or visit them at, or on Facebook.

Used with permission. Copyright Gospel Communications International, Inc. The Shingle

February 2014

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Tastefully Simple So far you helped raise over $100 for Gilead, simply by ordering The Food That You Love! The Tastefully Simple Fundraiser will continue each month with a featured special. A link has been posted on the website, so you can order anytime. If you would rather place your order with me or have any questions, please call me! Cynthia Davern Tastefully Simple Senior Consultant "the food you love, the time you deserve" 845-225-3878

There is an easy way to help Gilead’s finances if you shop at Gilead receives a commission from Amazon if you enter their site through Gilead’s web page. Just go to and click on Gilead Staff Recommendations on the left side menu – the bottom choice just above the church’s name. You can also reach that page directly at . You can bookmark the page for easier access! From that page you can view books, music, and other items recommended by Gilead staff members, or search Amazon directly.

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February 2014

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Birthdays 2/1 2/2 2/4 2/4 2/5 2/5 2/6 2/7 2/7 2/9 2/10 2/11 2/11 2/14 2/14 2/16 2/16 2/17

Barbara Murray Judith Stavrides Richard VanVlack Griffin Bennet Joseph Sweeney Tim Stan Joan Francis James Kardias William Davern Ann Clark Bridget Kessman Alexandra Krebs Paul Francis Elizabeth Zuzzolo Tina Hill Kristen Ohberg Don DeVries Michele Renaud

2/21 2/22 2/24 2/24 2/25 2/29

Amanda Kessman Hannah Behan Erika Perez Charles Cole Jordan Sweeney Chris Nielsen Anniversaries

2/2 Ellie & Dave Nielsen 2/16 Alexandra & Bart Casabona

Please accept our apologies if we have missed you during the year. If you wish to share these events, please either send an email to or leave a write it on a slip of paper and leave it in The Shingle mail slot in the office.

For more information about Gilead Church, please visit our web site: Please remember that the deadline for submissions is the 20th of each month. Submissions preferably can be emailed to Martin McGeachy at the church office: with a copy to Warren Behan at, or you may drop off a hard copy at the Office.

Gilead Presbyterian Church 9 Church St. Carmel, NY 10512 845-225-4586 Email: Martin McGeachy Pastor

Fran Croughan Youth Director

Mary Temple Music Director

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February 2014

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FEBRUARY 2014 Sunday





















10:00 AM Morning Worship and Church School 7:00 PM AA Meeting 11:00 AM Annual Meeting of the Congregation 11:30 AM Youth Serve Coffee Hour

7:00 PM AA Meeting

6:30 PM Bell Chimes Reheasal 7:00 PM AA Meeting 7:45 PM Senior Choir Rehearsal

6:30 PM Bell Chimes Reheasal 7:00 PM AA Meeting 7:45 PM Senior Choir Rehearsal

11:00 AM Stretch Exercise Class 7:30 PM Faith Discussion Group

11:00 AM Stretch Exercise Class 7:30 PM Faith Discussion Group

Youth Serve Brewster Shelter Dinner

10:00 AM PRPH

10:00 AM PRPH

7:00 PM Youth Laser Show/Ice Skating Trip Groundhog Day 10:00 AM Boy Scout Sunday 10:00 AM Morning Worship with Holy Communion and Church School 10:00 AM Souper Bowl of Caring



7:00 PM AA Meeting


7:30 PM Session Meeting


6:30 PM Bell Chimes Reheasal 7:00 PM AA Meeting 7:45 PM Senior Choir Rehearsal


11:00 AM Stretch Exercise Class 7:30 PM Faith Discussion Group

10:00 AM Morning Worship and Church School 11:00 AM Deacons Meeting following Worship


10:00 AM PRPH

6:30 PM Youth Snow Tubing Trip

10:00 AM Morning Worship and Church School 11:00 AM Share the Love Bake Sale






6:30 PM Bell Chimes Reheasal 7:00 PM AA Meeting 7:45 PM Senior Choir Rehearsal


11:00 AM Stretch Exercise Class 7:30 PM Faith Discussion Group



10:00 AM PRPH

7:00 PM AA Meeting

Midnight Run 6:30 PM Gilead Designers



10:00 AM Morning Worship and Church School 7:00 PM AA Meeting 11:00 AM Youth Serve Coffee Hour



Dine Out to Fight Hunger at Friendly's in Carmel 6:30 PM Bell Chimes Reheasal 7:00 PM AA Meeting 7:45 PM Senior Choir Rehearsal


11:00 AM Stretch Exercise Class 7:30 PM Faith Discussion Group



10:00 AM PRPH

The Shingle - Feb. 2014  
The Shingle - Feb. 2014  

The Shingle is the newsletter of Gilead Presbyterian Church in Carmel, NY.