Play It Forward 2023 Annual Event

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PLAYIT FORWARD ANNUALEVENT Saturday,April1,2023|FreestoneRecreationCenter Family-FriendlyEvent Save the Date Gilbert Parks & Recreation Foundation
PLAYITFORWARD ANNUAL EVENT April 1st, 2023 Freestone Recreation Center 1141 E. Guadalupe Road BRING YOUR FAMILY Invites you to bring your family to play while raising funds to support equitable opportunities to our community! To learn how you can support the community, a program, a family, or a child visit Gilbert Parks & Recreation Foundation 5:00PM - 8:00PM
COMMUNITY | EVENT SUPPORTER PLAY IT FORWARD SUPPORT OPPORTUNITIES $10,000 $10,000 Package your support to promote equity in Gilbert with a combination of recreation programs, a family event, and/or a community project. PROGRAM SUPPORTERS $7,500 $7,500 Support an area of your choice, either Adaptive Recreation or Community Recreation with one additional program, a field trip or event, and scholarships. PROJECT OR EVENT SUPPORTERS $5,000 $5,000 Provide support to a project or event in the area of your choice: Adaptive Recreation, Community Recreation, or Aquatics. SUPPORTERS $1,000 $1,000 Support an Adaptive Recreation Field Trip, Swim Lessons, or Inclusion Requests. Your support of the event includes features on event materials and décor & 20 all-ages attendees. Includes features on program materials and 12 all-ages attendees. Includes feature on project or event selected & 6 all-ages attendees. Includes 4 all-ages attendees. SIX OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE TEN OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE TWO OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE
COMMUNITY AND EVENT SUPPORTER PackageYourSupport $10,000 PROMOTE EQUITY IN GILBERT WITH: one recreational program one community event one community project features at the annual event and décor along with the supported program, event & project materials 20 all-ages VIP attendees to the annual event YOUR SUPPORT OF THE EVENT INCLUDES:
PROGRAM SUPPORTER ADAPTIVE OR COMMUNITY PackageYourSupport $7,500 TWO OPPORTUNTIES AVAILABLE! Support adaptive or community recreation with: one additional program one field trip or event program scholarships branding featured at the annual event along with the supported program and field trip/event 12 all-ages attendees to the annual event YOUR SUPPORT INCLUDES:
PROJECT | EVENT SUPPORTER PackageYourSupport $5,000 SIX OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE! Support Adaptive, Commun Aquatic Recreation with one enhancement project or eve features at supported project or event 6 all-ages attendees to the annual event YOUR SUPPORT INCLUDES:
SUPPORTER OPPORTUNITIES PackageYourSupport $1,000 TEN OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE! Support Gilbert with: Swim Lessons Adaptive Field Trip Inclusion Requests features at supported offering 2 all-ages attendees to the annual event YOUR SUPPORT OF THE EVENT INCLUDES: