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Fall 12 - Spring 13

To be united is to be bound by one purpose, one greater cause. 'Brotherhood' 'Sisterhood' 'Scholarship' 'Community Service'

To be united is to be bound by one purpose, one greater cause. The organizations within UGC may have different personalities, characteristics and goals but each one of our organizations work towards a common dream. The dream to make life better for all. Each organization plays a role in achieving this dream. It is a goal that is never ending and we too understand that our work is never over. It is a difficult goal for any one organization to try and conquer this is why we are united. Together we push the limits of unity. Together we are UGC.

Table Of Contents: A Letter From Former UGC President A Letter From Current UGC President


Welcome Huskies to NIU!! On behalf of the Greek community we would like to extend a warm welcome to all incoming freshmen and transfer students to our community. My name is Jennifer Baquedano, I am the former President of the United Greek Council, or UGC, here at NIU. I would like to take this opportunity to explain some details about UGC. What is UGC? UGC, formally known as Multicultural Greek Council, was established in order to unite thirteen Fraternity and Sorority organization. We strive to create and maintain a high standard of life for the fraternity and sorority life style by addressing, coordinating, and developing action plans that promote unity, higher education, community service, networking, and the development of leadership skills. We are a diverse umbrella, different form other universities, that holds a range of fraternity and sorority organizations, each unique in their own individual way. Each individual organization hosts a variety of events ranging from cultural pageants, strolling/stepping exhibitions and competitions, community service events, and promoting higher education for each member. During the past year, we have come together to create events that promote unity and cultural diversity, such as, “Culture Clash,� and the UGC BBQ. Although we are a younger organization on campus, we are setting our own mark here on campus, and we welcome you to explore what each organization under this council has to offer. We encourage you to start your research about what each council and organization has to offer! Best of Luck in your future endeavors! Jennifer Baquedano

A Letter From Former UGC President

Hello Fellow Huskies, My name is Angelica Gallegos and I am the current President of United Greek Council. We recently won an award for Best Council of the Year, which is our greatest accomplishment thus far! With a new name, brings a new start for us, and there are many plans and goals that we hope to achieve for the following school year. WHY SHOULD I BECOME GREEK? I never would have imagine myself going greek or being part of any greek organization on campus, but what struck my attention was how much greeks are apart of this NIU community. Fraternity and Sorority life helps you be a great leader, grow as a person, as well stress the importance of academics by upholding standards that must be met. Everyone wants to have fun in college and enjoy themselves. By becoming part of the Greek Community, there are many great memories that you will create during your college years, lifetime friendships, and incredible networking opportunities. Brotherhood*Sisterhood*For a Lifetime*Scholarship*Community Service Here's your chance to explore different organizations in UGC. May you find one that fits your needs and welcome new opportunities your way. Good Luck This Year, Angelica Gallegos

A Letter From Current UGC President

In the summer of 1998, six women dedicated their time and efforts to bring the sisterhood of Alpha Phi Gamma to Northern Illinois University. It became a reality on August 29, 1998. Alpha Phi Gamma became the first Asian interest sorority established in the state of Illinois. As a Lady and Sister of Alpha Phi Gamma, our purpose is to bring together all women of different nationalities through the bonds of friendship and Sisterhood. We pride ourselves on promoting leadership, personal development and academic excellence while bringing Asian Awareness to the University and the surrounding community. We host annual scholarship programs as well as volunteer time to raise awareness about our national philanthropy, the Fight against Domestic Violence.

Alpha Phi Gamma Beta Chapter Flower: Tulip Mascot: Baby Panda Bear Colors: Burgundy and Creme National Founding: California State Polytechnic University Pomona, February 1, 1994 Chapter Founding Date: August 29, 1998 National Philanthropy: Domestic Violence Chapter Philanthropy: Domestic Violence, Women's shelters Chapter Philanthropy Events: Asian Awareness Week, Domestic Violence Week NIU Awards Won: Honorable Mention for alumni relations and programming How to Join: Contact any sister for more information. Contact Info: Sarah Daniels National Website: Chapter Website:

Since our beginning at the Ohio State University in 1985, we have provided moral and academic support for over 2100 members. Alpha Psi Lambda provides the brothers and sisters with the experience to learn from one another and be enriched through friendships and bonds that are created. It allows for a lifetime of memories to be built and personal skills to be developed. Alpha Psi Lambda, Gamma chapter is proud to boast over a 90% graduation rate for our members. Many of our Alumni are successful in fields that span various industries. Alumni can be found in the field of Education, Information Systems, Accounting, Engineering and Law just to name a few. Many others went on and pursued Graduate Level Degrees, Doctoral Degrees, and Jurist Doctorate Degrees. This provides undergraduate students a vast network to tap into for support and resources. Alpha Psi Lambda, Inc. is proud of its rich history and the strong people that have shaped the organization to what it has become. Alpha Psi Lambda, Inc is the first co-ed Latino-oriented fraternity in the nation.

Alpha Psi Lambda GREAT GAMMA Chapter Symbol: Palm Tree Flower: Gold Rose Mascot: Jaguar Colors: Gold and White Motto: "Together We Seek The Noblest" National Founding: February 11, 1985; The Ohio State University Chapter Founding: November 11, 1989 National Philanthropy: Boys & Girls Club Chapter Philanthropy: Field Day Chapter Philanthropy Events: Fundraise and host events with the Latino Resource Center NIU Award Recognitions: Diversity and Equity Award 2011 Greek Award 2012 How to Join: Contact Mario Hueramo Contact Info: Shak Abdullah National Website: Chapter Website:

ΓΌΊ Gamma Phi Omega International Sorority Incorporated is formulated to unite professional young women who excel to take leadership roles on our college campuses in the principles of achieving academic excellence, serving the neighborhoods in which we live and learn, preserving our sacred bond of sisterhood among women, and uplifting and advancing cultural awareness among our global communities. Gamma Phi Omega provides women seeking membership an equal opportunity without regard to race, age, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, marital status or disability. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any Lovely Swan!

Gamma Phi Omega International Sorority Inc. Tremendous Theta Chapter Flower: Fire and Ice Rose Mascot: Swan Colors: Maroon and Navy Motto: “Unity and Sisterhood, Now and Forever, One and Inseparable.” National Founding: April 17,1991 Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana Chapter Founding: June 3, 2000 National Philanthropy: American Diabetes Association & Cygnet Foundation Chapter Philanthropy: ADA Walk, Cygnet Foundation Scholarship Fund., and March of Dimes. Chapter Philanthropy Events (What do you do to raise money): Annual Male Pageant, “Mr. Papi Chulo,” Pie-a-Swan. National Awards Won: National Swan Award, Constance Ervins NIU Awards Won: Chapter Sisterhood Award Outstanding Alumni Award How to Join: Contact any Swan for more information. Contact Info: National Website: Chapter Website:

ΔΨΑ Delta Psi Alpha Multicultural Co-Ed Fraternity is a Greek non-for-profit organization chartered in the State of Illinois as Fraternal Association of PanAmerican Professionals. Delta Psi Alpha fosters and advocates Brotherhood and Sisterhood, teamwork, leadership, individualism, culture, and higher education. Through the network infrastructure of alumni, professors, professional organizations, and students Delta Psi Alpha strives for excellence, expansion, and career enchantment of its members and community. This fraternity was established at Northern Illinois University on November 24, 1998. Delta Psi Alpha's mission is to foster and advocate the professional development of students by enhancing the university experience through Greek life.

Delta Psi Alpha, Alpha Chapter

Symbol: ΔΨΑ - Delta stands for Corporate America, Psi for Equilibrium, and Alpha for leadership. Flower: Red Rose Mascot: Wolf Colors: Silver and Wine Motto: Sempre uni, Sempre Certatio National Founding: November 24, 1998 at Northern Illinois University Chapter Founding: November 24, 1998 National Philanthropy: Boys & Girls Clubs of America Chapter Philanthropy: Boys & Girls Club of Chicago Chapter Philanthropy Events: Donations, raffles, bake sale, and bowl for a goal. How to Join: Our new prospective members must have a minimum GPA of 2.75 to pledge. They are informed about Delta Psi Alpha and Greek organization history. Interested associate members will focus on academics, networking, time management and complete community service. Contact Info: Jose Ruiz and email: National Website:

Alpha Chapter

The Alpha Chapter of Kappa Pi Beta Fraternity Incorporated at Northern Illinois University is an Asian-American service and social fraternity. We are dedicated to the needs of the community alongside a commitment of higher learning, the promotion of the traditional Asian values of respect and discipline, and the overall essence of unity among all people of different backgrounds. Through the practices of respect and etiquette, a gentleman of Kappa Pi Beta will adopt an agenda that proactively seeks to defy the stereotypes of the “typical� fraternity and create the ideals of unity through brotherhood and by actively contributing our time and efforts to support other organizations inside and outside the community. By these premises, we strive to generate a strong voice of Asian-American representation, but also want to instill a positive reputation of all individuals regardless of their race, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation.

Mascot: Phoenix Colors: Black, Red, Charcoal Grey Motto: "Unity is the beginning of brotherhood." National Founding: Northern Illinois University, March 16, 2000 Chapter Founding: March 16, 2000 National Philanthropy: Type II Diabetes Chapter Philanthropy: American Diabetes Association Chapter Philanthropy Events: "Penny Wars: Kappa Pi Beta's Sexiest Brother" Contact Info: Christopher Galera, (847) 254-4335 National Website: Chapter Website: NIU Awards Won: Northern Star Recognition for Academic Excellence (NIU) NIU Excellence in Leadership Medallion Outstanding Student Organization Award Up-and-Coming Student Leader Awards Up-and-Coming Student Organization Awards Chapter of the Year Award NIU Excellence in Leadership Medallion Diversity and Equity Award 3-Star Chapter Award (2 time recipient) Honorable Mention Awards: Programming, Community Service, Alumni Relations, Scholarship, New Member Relations, Chapter Operations How to Join: Contact any brother of the fraternity or email us any questions you have at

Kappa Phi Lambda Northern Illinois University Colony Symbol: Phoenix Flower: Mascot: Orchid Colors: Scarlet Red, White, and Heather Grey Motto: "Sisterhood, Service, Cultural Diversity" National Founding: March 9, 1995 at Binghamton University Chapter Founding: February 21, 2004 National Philanthropy: National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum (NAPAWF) Chapter Philanthropy: Make a Wish Foundation Chapter Philanthropy Events: Host various philanthropic events throughout the year. E.g. 3on3 Volleyball Tournament, Mr. Asian GQ Pageant, and etc.

ΚΦΛ Address: Campus Life Building Suite 180 Northern Illinois University DeKalb, IL 60115 Contact Info: Narida Fai Wedchayanon, President at National Website: Chapter Website: How to Join: Attend Rush events in the Fall and Spring semester! Rush is a time when you can acquaint yourself with all the organizations on campus so you can make sure that you find yourself the right one. One of the most important things to remember is to keep an open mind. Kappa Phi Lambda's rush provides an opportunity for all those interested to come out and get to know our Sisters and see what we're about. Our rush is designed especially for you to be able to come out and have a good time, providing a relaxed environment for you to ask questions and interact with our Sisters. And best of all, everything is FREE and rides are provided! Contact Rush Chairs or any Sisters for more information!

La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Incorporated strives to be the premiere Latino Fraternity in the nation. We primarily seek to take a leadership role in meeting the needs of the Latino community through academic achievement, cultural awareness, community service and promotion of the Latino culture and people. Since its inception in 1982, La Unidad Latina has remained on the vanguard of political and community empowerment by developing influential leaders that strive to exert knowledge and power into its peers in order to attain mutual success. We commit ourselves to academic excellence, leadership development and cultural enlightenment, enhanced by a diverse cognizant membership. Current President of Northern Illinois University Colony of La Unidad Latina, Guillermo Gonzales

La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity Inc. Northern Illinois University Colony Symbol: Fraternal Shield Colors: Brown, Gold, Red, White Motto: “La Unidad Para Siempre� National Founding: February 19th, 1982 Cornell University Ithaca, NY Chapter Founding: March 13, 2010 National Philanthropy: P.A.T.H.E. Initiative (Providing Access To Higher Education) Chapter Philanthropy: P.A.T.H.E. Initiative (Providing Access To Higher Education) Chapter Philanthropy Events: Unity Jam, Golden Invasion, NIU Awards Won: Diversity And Equity Award; Controversial Program on the word B**** How to Join: Contact any brother on how you can undergo our Leadership Development Process Contact Info: Anthony Almaraz at National Website: Chapter Website: Twitter: @niulambdas


Phi Rho Eta Fraternity Incorporated Zeta Chapter

Flower: Sun Flower Mascot: Phoenix Colors: Maroon and Old Gold Motto: Pride, Respect, Excellence National Founding: August 22nd 1994 at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Chapter Founding: January 6, 2007 National Philanthropy: Mentor Teach A Brother (MTB) Chapter Philanthropy: MTB Chapter Philanthropy Events: Host events such as: Annual events such as Convocation Party, Lip Sync Competition and Battle of the Sexes, NIU Carnival. National Website: NIU Awards Won: Most Improved Award 2008 Diversity and Equity Award 2008, 2009 Best Male Greek Organization 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011- 2012 2nd place in NIU 1st ever Stroll Competition 2012 How to Join: Contact a member on campus, attend an informational and support the organization events.

ΣΛΒ Greetings, My name is Josiel Marrufo and I am the current president of Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Inc. “INSANE” Eta Chapter here at Northern Illinois University. I am proud to bring you this new and up to date website of our brothers here on campus. Our chapter was founded in 1989 and 23 years later we are still a force on campus by sticking to our four powerful pillars, Brotherhood, Scholarship, Community Service, and Cultural Awareness. With a semester full of events and programs ahead, we encourage you to attend and create your own experience with the NIU BETAS. With that being said we have embraced new avenues of social media and be sure to follow us on Twitter and friend us on Facebook. I would like to thank all Brothers, family, friends, fellow Greeks, and of course colleges for your support and helping us make a difference on this great campus for over 20 years.

Sigma Lambda Beta “Insane Eta� Symbol: White Stallion Mustang Flower: Red Carnation Mascot: White Stallion Mustang Colors: Royal Purple & Purest White Motto: Opportunity For Wisdom, Wisdom in culture National Founding: April 4, 1986 Danforth Chapel, Iowa City, Iowa Chapter Founding: August 20th 1989 National Philanthropy: CPR Awareness Day Chapter Philanthropy: Hope Haven Chapter Philanthropy Events: Raise cans around the Holidays to help give the women and children at Hope Haven a better Holiday. National Awards Won: Largest Multicultural Fraternity in the Nation NIU Awards Won: New Member Programing Honorable Mention Award Programing Honor Mention Award Three star chapter recognition Award for commitment toward scholarship How to Join: Contact Josiel Marrufo Contact Info: Josiel Marrufo 708.699.2218 National Website: Chapter Website:

In the fall of 1997 a number of students from Northern Illinois University wanted to start an organization that embodied everything they were looking for: brotherhood, community service, academic excellence, and multicultural awareness. After a long journey of looking into organizations on campus they decided that Tau Phi Sigma was the best fit for them. They started an interest group, and after a while of pledging, 6 Brothers crossed over on February 14th 1998, becoming the Establishing Brothers of the organization. They took the pledge to be part of something bigger than themselves. Making this campus be aware of our bond as brothers and more importantly of our fraternity. That bond was established and entered into history as the Elite Epsilon Chapter of Tau Phi Sigma Multicultural Fraternity, Incorporated. The purpose of this fraternity is and shall be to promote and maintain the traditional values of Loyalty, Respect, Equality, Unity, and Pride. This brotherhood was founded in order to provide to any man, a diverse fraternal experience that coincides with higher education.

Tau Phi Sigma Multicultural Fraternity, Inc. Elite Epsilon Chapter

Flower: Don Juan Rose Mascot: Gryphon Colors: Navy Blue and Silver Motto: "Como Humanos Siempre Unidos, Como Hermanos Jamas Vencidos" National Founding: November 11. 1992 Chapter Founding: February 14, 1998 National Philanthropy: Fight for Life Chapter Philanthropy: American Cancer Society Chapter Philanthropy Events: Paddle Raffle Sale NIU Awards Won: Second Place; Greek Week How to Join: New Member Educational Process Contact Info: Arturo Miguel - President Eduardo Alvarez - Dean National Website:

ΧΣΤ Chi Sigma Tau is the first Asian American interest fraternity to have been founded in the Midwest. We establish lifelong brotherhood, develop leadership skills, institute a mentor program for the younger members, promote Asian awareness by bringing a voice to the Asian American community on campus, and work to expand our unique style of brotherhood to other campuses. Although we were founded as an Asian interest fraternity, Chi Sigma Tau is non-exclusive and openly welcomes potential members from all walks of life.

Chi Sigma Tau Beta Chapter, Inc.

Mascot: White Tiger Colors: Green and Gray Motto: Leaders, Not Followers National Founding: September 9, 1999; University of Illinois at Chicago Chapter Founding: November 10, 2002 National Philanthropy: Wounded Warrior Project Chapter Philanthropy: Wounded Warrior Project Chapter Philanthropy Events: Fundraisers Address: Chi Sigma Tau Fraternity Beta Chapter, Inc. Northern Illinois University Campus Life Building 180 DeKalb, IL 60115 NIU Awards Won: Greek Organization of the Year How to Join: Contact a Chi Sigma Tau brother for more information.

UGC Book Fall 12 - Spring 13  

Northern Illinois University's United Greek Council contacted me to create a book that introduces all of the organizations on the council to...

UGC Book Fall 12 - Spring 13  

Northern Illinois University's United Greek Council contacted me to create a book that introduces all of the organizations on the council to...