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Linkage Of Hair Relaxers And Fibroids In Women You may come across interesting pieces of information that might make you think twice about the use of relaxers for hair. This is of course pertinent to women who are more likely to opt for such chemical treatment for their hair. Relaxers are chemicals that are used to straighten unruly hair and hair that is naturally curly. These are a set of products which work similar to hair straighteners but in different ways. The effect is the same and often, the relaxers help to provide a more natural straightened effect on hair than straighteners. Again, the texture of the hair also determines which hair straightening method is being opted for in different cases. However, now there is a new twist in the tale. That of relaxers being linked to tumors in the uterine area of the fibroid kind. There has been released a study that has shown how the hair relaxers are being the cause of fibroids in the uterus. Hence, if unhealthy hair had a different meaning, then this adds a whole new perspective to it. A statement like this will need some due consideration. What is being signified here needs to be understood before one decides on a course of action. Even though a lot more information is needed, one also needs to give due consideration to this sole statement. For a more indepth look at what are relaxers and what makes them unhealthy for individuals, one needs to know that a relaxer is a cream or a lotion that is used by people who have curly or matte textured hair. They use such a cream to make their hair less tangled and make it easier to straighten. It is easier to straighten hair that is chemically relaxed. The active chemical agent in such products is usually a strong alkali. However, some formulations are also known to use ammonium thioglycolate as the main ingredient. While straight haired people are unaware of relaxers and their uses, usually the process of hair relaxing is called lanthionisation. This is performed by professional cosmetologists in salons. One can even do such treatment at home with relaxer kits. As is the experience with hair dye, usually the hair portion which is treated remains straight until the treated portion grows out and new hair sprouts from the roots. Then the process needs to be repeated again. In order to maintain a consistency in straightened hair, one will need to apply the relaxer every 6 to 8 weeks. In order to understand how hair relaxers can impact one’s health, we need to take a close look at the composition of the hair relaxers. The first genre of products was discovered by African American entrepreneurs since this section of society was the main user of this product. They discovered that when soap or other cosmetic products consisted of excess lye, then the basic structure of the hair shaft was changed as the chemicals penetrated the cortical layer. Usually lye relaxers are made of sodium hydroxide which is mixed with water, mineral oil, emulsifiers and petroleum jelly in order to form a creamy mixture. When such cream is applied, the lye penetrates to the hair roots, gets into the protein structure of the hair and weakens the internal bonds. That causes the natural curls to loosen and the fiber swells and opens up. The lye cream then needs to be washed out and the pH levels need to be adjusted as well as hair conditioned regularly. The percentage of sodium hydroxide in such products is not controlled and much of the potential dangers of sodium hydroxide are advertised from time to time, such as the occurrence of fibroids. With such increasing awareness, many women and men are resorting more and more to “no lye� relaxers. These products are known to be made of chemicals that have weaker alkaline agents or substitute substances which do not have adverse effects or such effects are minimized. As per medical studies, uterine fibroids are most common. Fibroid is the medical term for tumor that is benign and occurs from smooth muscle tissue. It usually originates from the smooth muscular layer of the uterus. There can occur numerous fibroids and leiomymata is a condition that refers to diffused uterine fibroids which are too many to count. The

symptoms of fibroid can occur in women in their middle or later part of their reproductive years. The symptoms are painful and heavy menstruation, painful sexual intercourse, urinary frequency or even infertility. Studies in the arena of fibroids throw up a different picture. Black American women or Afro American women in particular are prone to fibroids and have been so down the ages. Studies have shown that many such women have undergone surgeries and even hysterectomy since the case of fibroids was uncontrollable. With the linkage of fibroids and hair relaxers, that poses a question or connection that was missed out before. Have all these women been exposed the damaging effects of lye or other chemicals in hair relaxers which could have contributed to their medical condition? With the latest revelations, that could very well be the case. It also brings to focus the fact that most of this section of the world population is exposed to the dangers of relaxers. However, there have been numerous studies on fibroids. These have suggested that fibroids in black American women are mainly because of the deficiency of vitamin D. This is one of the major reasons for the cause of fibroids. However, the relaxers cannot be let off the hook entirely. The cosmetic industry has several pockets that are not regulated by the FDA. Hence, the companies that have been bottling up sodium hydroxide for years have not been questioned as to the amount or the concentration of the chemical in these products. Many other studies have been conducted including fibroids miracle and stop fibroids. With such findings we might want to take a call as to how much we are willing to risk our health and the health of our children by the use of chemicals merely for a more fashionable self? Or put correctly, a notion of fashion or beauty that is purely subjective. This finding definitely puts thing in a different perspective and calls forth our attention to the damaging effects of chemicals in the products that we use in the name of beauty.

Linkage Of Hair Relaxers And Fibroids In Women  

You may come across interesting pieces of information that might make you think twice about the use of relaxers for hair.