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Manage Your Fleet Fueling Better with a Cardlock System The safety and security of your commercial enterprise is a top priority. The facilities provided by Cardlock, through their CardMaster fleet fueling and device controls, have been a pioneer in the field of fleet security. The CardMaster made a debut in 2001, and early adopters of this technology are still functioning hassle-free. The product line is divided into fleet fueling for:  Commercial and industrial areas  School districts  Public utility works  Governmental agencies For device control, it handles:  Gate and warehouse access  Motorized devices  Machinery How Cardlock Helps Cardlock is a platform that provides security for those areas that are not constantly monitored, like gates, warehouse doors, RV dumps, restrooms, and even trash disposal areas. Anything that has a motorized device is put under surveillance. Fleet fueling is another of its features, and Cardlock gives you complete control and accountability for nonretail private fleet fueling; the work done for gas, diesel, and LPG plants; the entire inventory; car wash facilities for a fleet; and more. This technology is constantly being topped with new innovations. One of the latest being the introduction of cellular communications to facilitate the work of fleet vehicle management, among other tasks. Regulations for Fleet Management As with most management protocol, vehicle fleet management has a few protocols that are mandatory. The very first is the appropriate labelling of diesel fuel pumps in a particular language that helps to identify the kind of fuel that is being dispensed. A recommendation is also made to facility owners and operators to put in place a set of routine protocols for management as well as housekeeping. This is to ensure minimal issues with fuel quality as well as the fuel systems. When fuel has been designated as being ULSD, it must remain with 15ppm sulfur content throughout the distribution system that it is passing through. Only very few exceptions are allowed. With these protocols in place, the smooth functioning of your fleet is ensured.

Manage Your Fleet Fueling Better with a Cardlock System  

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