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Use your Diamond Blade the Right Way As mentioned in our past articles, concrete cutting is a tough job. One other thing you should know is that when you start doing concrete construction, it's also unavoidable. Making clean and precise cuts aren't accomplished by holding a saw and cutting like it was a regular activity. Apart from the fact that diamond blades and the saws used aren't toys, know-how, and individual skill is needed to do it.

So here are a few tips for cutting concrete like a pro.

Get the right saw The first step is always knowing what type of concrete saw to use. Whether you will buy or rent out a concrete saw, how well the project will turn out is dependent on the selection of the concrete saw. Getting the right saw will let you cut through the hard concrete and any other material just by changing the blades.

There are four kinds of saws that are used:

Wet Saw A jet of water is shot into the area where the cut will be done; this is to make sure that no particles of dust would fly up as it gets wet. Also, it allows you to see what you the path of where you want to cut precisely. Wet saws are specialized saws that need attention while using and isn't interchangeable with dry saws (a common rookie mistake). Diamond Saw If you want a beautiful cut with a professional finish to your job, you need a diamond saw. Diamond blades or bits are accurate and clean when they cut. Diamond saws are commonly used for concrete projects that require a little art and pomp.

Walk-Behind Saw Some jobs will require you to remove walls, slabs, or large sized areas. Walk-Behind saws were designed to handle these monsters jobs well and faster than any other saw.

Handheld Saw Cutting in a small corner or even flush cuts is challenging. Most saws are big and cumbersome



won't be able to do that job. The only downside is that it doesn't have the power of the other saws and cutting with it takes longer, but that's fine because it does what it needs to do well.

Know when the replace the blade

A dull blade does more harm than one would imagine. It can fracture the material you're cutting. They also heat up the saw quicker while cutting, and that can affect the effectivity of the saw. It also makes more dust than a sharp blade, which can be bad. If at anytime you see any sign of damage, change it immediately. A heavy duty blade will be a good replacement if you use your blade for a lot of projects.

Always have a backup supply There is no blade-for-all in concrete cutting. Different projects will need different blades. You need to be ready and not buy just when you need it. If budget permits it, get as many different blades as possible but make sure that you can use those blades with the saws you have. That just lessens the chance of having your job delayed.

Also, you never know when your blade will give up. Having a spare blade would guarantee your work is continuing because you don't have to stop and buy a replacement blade. And that's if it's available.

*** Just keep these tips in mind and you'll have fewer problems when you have a project that requires concrete cutting.

Use your Diamond Blade the Right Way  

Making clean and precise cuts aren't accomplished by holding a saw and cutting like it was a regular activity. Apart from the fact that diam...

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