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Reinventing the VVV Company structure

What is the VVV? The Vereniging voor Vreemdelingenverkeer (VVV) is a Dutch organisation where local and regional recreational companies work together to increase tourism in those specific regions. VVV offices (franchise formula users) provide tourist information and sell maps, souvenirs etc. Another section of the VVV sells the VVV Cheque, a giftcard that can be spend in almost every shop in the Netherlands. The VVV stands for quality and reliability.

Big cities and small towns attract different tourists. It is difficult to show the ‘couleur locale’ and keep consistency between the offices.


No clear communication to the consumer about what the VVV has to offer, and what their added value is.


Current developed VVV database is an overload of information and differs in quality. No filters can be used.

Tess Poot Anna Jonkmans Nynke Bootsma Gijs Vos

Brand Owner

Tourist Info and Cheque Holding

Strong identity

Most people associate VVV with recreation and free time

Stimulate Local Economy

Tourist Info



t Da

Inform people

VVV Franchises

Resellers Cheque

Customer Journey Map The VVV Tourist Information and VVV Cadeaubon do not communicate a shared message. Big chains overshadow local businesses.










S TRAVEL special Veluwe

Jannie 69 years 6 grandchildren Houten

They have a lot of channels to communicate but there is no direct physical contact.


Being the perfect connection between region and consumer

Stimulate local economy

This Customer Journey Map (CJM) shows what a usual trip looks like for three persona’s representing three target groups. In the current situation it seems that most people do not use the VVV services anymore. People plan their trip through many different internet sources instead of using a VVV office.

Jannie reads in a magazine about the Veluwe

Plans a date to go there with her good friend

They have a nice bycicle trip of 3 hours. In between, they have some tea in a cosy cafe, recommended by the VVV

Travels by train

After arriving at the NS station, they go to the local VVV Office to get info on bycicle routes

He surprises his wife and kids with this fun day. His wife starts to search on the internet for child friendly places

They go by car

After looking up a parking spot online, they walk to the zoo. On their way, they spot the VVV office

At the zoo, they hear about a nice cafe to have lunch. Afterwards, they do a canal tour that Pieter found in the travel guide.

She books a room on AirBNB and makes a list of everything she wants to see

Travels by train

When she arrives at the NS station, she goes to her room to drop her bag and goes for a cup of coffee

The rest of the day, Marieke goes shopping and visits 2 museums. At night, she goes to a party.

They get back to the station

On their way home, Jannie posts some pictures of the woods on FB

After a few days, Jannie calls her friend to talk about how nice their trip was.

They take the tram back to the parking spot

The family drives home

Pieter writes a few reviews on tripadvisor to inform future visitors about his experiences.


37 years Journalist Voorburg

The VVV does not target a specific group of people. The ones that make use of their services are 50+ or families with children.

Pieter gets an email and sees advertisement about Haarlem

He buys a little travelguide to get more information

Marieke 25 years student Utrecht

Marieke hears awesome stories about Rotterdam from some collegues

She visits a few websites and blogs to find out what to do

She sleeps with her friends at the Airbnb room

The next day, they go back to the NS station

In the train, they post on FB, Instagram and sent pictures to eachother on Whatsapp

Marieke checks her phone often to see how many likes she got

Customer Journey Local Business

New Customer Journey Marieke gets a message of her friend Dorien, if she wants to explore Delft together

97% of the Netherlands is familiar with the VVV brand and logo

VVV Nederland B.V.

Shared Goal

4149149 4164741 4151763 4019652

Strong brand

VVV Database

Problem Statement Consistency



VVV Foundation

VVV Cheque

Sarel Tempelman (Network Manager VVV Nederland B.V.): “VVV formula needs new strategy. The current formula costs more money than it makes.”

BPS Group 12

She looks online for more info on the city of Delft and discovers the new VVV website. She plans her own personal day schedule

Marieke and Dorien take the train to Delft

On the station, they come by the VVV Info Point, here they can print the tickets they already bought online

When Marieke and Dorien arrive, he gives a personal tour around the gallery

He uploads pictures of the new exhibition

Geert edits his own page on the VVV Platform

Geert represents the local business owner. He is able to create his own account on the new VVV platform. This way, he can easily reach his target customer.

The VVV platform links consumer Marieke to the local entrepreneur Geert. Marieke: “The VVV platform provides me my own personalized local experience instantly”


26/10/2015 Marieke Bos 09:56 NS Train Utrecht - Delft Download app of visit for most up-to-date travel information.

Café Barbaar is located on a cute little courtyard ‘Het Prinsenhof’. Their motto: Great minds drink alike. Enjoy your coffee! // +31(0)6 33 91 86 68

Geert: “I can directly communicate my business and services to the consumer”

12:30 Lunch @ Kek Delft, Voldersgracht 27 Coffee and Crafts, and delicious sandwiches! // 015 750 3253

Geerts art gallery De Prins, Sint Agathaplein 9 Geert is very enthusiastic and passionate about art and his own gallery shows that. He can tell you everything about the beautiful art he collected over the years. // 015-8742901

Airbnb - your host Charlie Charlie’s phone number 06 12658509

Movie night @ Lumen, Doelenplein 5 Lumen is the creative, special movie theater in Delft. // 015 214 0226

The platform enables Marieke to easily buy tickets for all activities in her day planning at the same time. The VVV platform transfers the money to Geerts account.

Marieke posts her pictures on social media, and writes a review about their awesome visit at Geert’s gallery

They next day, they go back to Utrecht with the train

In the evening, they do some other activities from the VVV planning

Geert reads some of the reviews he received

Afterwards, they go to their airbnb room. Their host Charlie welcomes them warmly

Geert receives the money of the VVV platform on his account


The VVV Info Point will be placed in hot-spots around the city: NS stations, coffee bars, shops and the local VVV office. This creates general brand awareness, because the VVV is now visible in a consistent way. On the iPad, you can use the VVV Platform ans plan your trip. Further, you can buy & print your personalized day plan and all the tickets you bought.

Business Model Canvas

New Company Structure VVV Foundation


Brand Owner

City hot-spots NS Railway stations //

VVV Nederland B.V.

Tourist Info and Cheque Holding

Coffee shops //

VVV Platform

VVV Cheque

Shared Goal Stimulate Local Economy

Local businesses

Tourist Info

VVV Franchises

1. Set up communication & sales department at the VVV. 1.1 Approach new partners 1.2 Approach local businesses 1.3 Redesign database for new purpose 2. Create brand awareness 2.1 Make VVV more visible in the streets 2.2 Develop new online touchpoints



Resellers Cheque

VVV Info Point manufacturer



Charlie represents airbnb room host Uses VVV platform to inform guests

Local Coffee Hotspots

Invest in new employees - communication - sales - webdevelopment Invest in VVV Info Points at Swipespot


For the consumer The VVV provides a personalized, unique, local experience in a Dutch city/region. A very easy, instantly selected day planning, just for you. On the platform, you can check reviews, get inspired and find all info needed. The perfect link between consumer and region

For the local businesses The VVV provides a platform where you can communicate your services directly to the consumer.

CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS The VVV hosts the relation between the consumer and the local business. This connection becomes more direct and personal.



Marieke represents young traveler age 18-28 Is happy that she now has one website with info instead of many

Sales of tickets, maps, printing VVV Platform Premium account for local business more functions monthly subscription

Pieter Represents family man age 30 - 50 Has one source of info on childfriendly places to go to


Website and app resdesigned

VVV Platform

Jannie represents retired senior age 55 + Wants to use new technology and gets help at touchpoints Geert represents local business owner Reaches new consumers by using platvorm

Personal day plan

COST STRUCTURE Local Economy Revenue: Day planning Touchpoints VVV Premium account


Investments: Swipespot iPads Employee costs Maintenance


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