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R.I.P Halloween 2016 We remember our favourite campaigns from last year

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We carved out some retail news over the last 2 years so you didn’t have to get your hands dirty






Contents Your complete seasonal guide to Halloween in retail this Fall. This edition of GIG Living is sure to make you scream for more! 17

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We’ll find out who had the best campaigns last month and who just couldn’t wait to start their Christmas promotions. You’ll also get the inside scoop on who the Giggers are and what it is we do! If you see anything you absolutely love, don’t hesitate to book in a brew so we can bring your great ideas to life.

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At GIG Retail we know there’s no better way to spend crisp autumn days than cuddling up with a good read. Since we’re so passionate about great ideas, we couldn’t think of anything better to wrap up warm with than a full review of activities in store and online in 2016 and 2017.

Enjoy the first edition of the mag – and speak to you soon








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Events Revisited

A look at our favourite Asda events in 2016

Check it out

Have a look at this branded campaign that went live in Asda during September

Flora Buttery

Have a look at this branded campaign that went live in Asda during September

Top of the Comps A look at our favourite events in the Top 3 2016 vs 2017

Who we are

Get a better look into what GIG’s key focuses are

Meet the Giggers All about the Greatest Team

Notice Board

Check out what the Giggers achieved this month

On the Sofa

This month we have Giggers Chris and Holly talking about Flora Buttery



REVISITED As we fast approach the festive season, lets take a look at the activity seen in Asda stores this time last year...

Asda’s Christmas promotions were starting to be hung with care in the midst of their Halloween buzz back in September 2016.

It was happy haunting for Halloween promotions in Asda last year. The whole seasonal aisle was transformed to offer more treats than tricks.


... It was also beginning to look a lot like Christmas on too. Seasonal GHS banners were spotted across the site to align with instore POS. Gift sets could be found, bringing some brightness as the days continue getting darker.

hanging signs dripping from above - a super ghostly addition to the event instore.

Whether you were looking for fancy dress clothes, sweets or spooky decorations Asda had deals you could really sink your teeth in. We loved the floor stickers seen in aisle, paired with the goulish






e e es

check check it it out out

So that was last year, what has been happening in store and on this September? Here is our favourite event seen instore this month...

It’s clear why Asda’s Baby and Toddler event is so popular among mums! With prices growing almost as quickly as the little ones, sales like this are not to be missed. Deals include reduced items for babies playtime, nursery furniture, baby monitors, bedding, bathing, clothing, travel, feeding, and more! During September our marketing executive was out and about in Asda’s Killingbeck store and saw this event touching every point of the customer journey. With media seen from outside store on trolley bays, continuing through the entrance they saw security covers encouraging customers to seek out the deals in aisle. In the digital world, they also saw a great online presence featured on which she particularly loved as it meant bringing the amazing deals to customers in the comfort of their own home.

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As we fast approach the festive season, lets take a look at the activity seen in Asda stores this time last year...


Franken-tastic promotions down the seasonal aisle! There were plenty of pumpkins in this scare factory. It definitely wasn’t a nightmare before Christmas pairing Halloween and Christmas promotions.

2 Morrisons invited us to eat, drink and be scary. Little monsters were welcome to choose their favourite sweets, treats and more. Their website was be-witching but Morrisons is keeping a list for our Christmas dinner. They were also the only retailer to send wishes for a Happy Diwali.


A spooktacular Halloween event crept up on us and their signage had us howling for more! Ghoulish guests didn’t have to go far for fancy dress. The first hints of Christmas had us dashing and dancing with delight!

Top Com f Of O



Staying in never looked so easy! Morrisons Big Night In promotion took over the whole store with inspirational partnerships. Dual sited barkers in addition to overhead signs that outlined the perfect pairings.

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e e h t h t f f

The perfect event for changing seasons! Sainsbury’s Beauty Event kept our hair, skin and nails healthy but it was up to us to choose which products were our favourite. Customers could go online and vote on who they wanted to win the Customers Choice award.



As we fast approach the festive season, lets take a look at the activity seen in Asda stores this year...


The first leaf has turned and for Tesco that means Christmas is here! They didn’t need Santa to let them know chocolates and sweets were on our Christmas list. This is our idea of a winter wonderland!




gig retail: who we are + what we do

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gig retail: Meet the team

Meet Meet the the giggers giggers The Giggers are a tight-knit family of dedicated and driven retail and creative experts. We embrace the endless possibilities and the fast-paced challenges of the industry. Each one of us thrive on sharing our expertise to create innovative solutions which deliver great results for our clients.

# t

s ate e r g

m tea

New Starter

Last month we had Hannah Morris join the Retail Ops Team as an Account Executive focusing on Non Endemic. She was thrown straight into the deep end and continues to show she can handle it. Welcome to the team, Hannah!

“It has been great to join the GIG family and get working on the non-endemic account!” – Hannah Morris 10

Sarah Crennell 3RD GIGIVERSARY



almost famous

Can you guess your favourite Giggers claim to fame? Let’s find out…

1. Who appeared in a couple of episodes of Hollyoaks? 2. Who once got a job on the spot by doing a Shrek impression? 3. Who’s first paid for job was as a Radio Presenter / DJ? 4. Who climbed up to the height of Everest base camp? 5. Who was in the Guinness book of records for taking part in the longest Locomotion dance? 6. Who has toured and sung solo in famous Cathedrals across Europe?

Match the question number to the correct Gigger below.

Beth Key

Gal Shivtiel

Jo Millington

Kaz Davy

Meghan McGrath

Rachel Leck

Answers will be provided in the GIG Living November Edition.


Campaign Champs

Let’s take a look GIG’s top three picks of instore and online branded campaigns across the top retailers.


Giggers went out to retailers Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s to find out what the best branded campaigns were, and we were not disappointed! We saw campaigns that catered to pets, babies and families. There truly was something for everyone!

Lily’s Kitchen wagged their tails in every platform but instore which we found very interesting. Endorsing their belief of providing ‘proper food’ for dogs, this premium product made an appearance online as a GHS Special Offers Banner, front of store as a Digital 6 Sheet as well as in the Tesco’s September magazine. Their campaign was focused on the ‘Sunday Lunch’ flavour, reinforcing that dogs are part of the family. Perhaps they didn’t commit to any POS instore because there’s no dogs allowed! Through the magazine, online and outdoor mediums they targeted dog owners whilst their pet was on their lap or whilst holding their lead which could instantly relate with the customer.


The Organix campaign didn’t have a variation of POS but nonetheless we loved the concept of the competition on the barker. The customer could “Win a family weekend adventure at Chessington” (a perfect prize for their target audience) if they purchased selected Organix Goodies. They had to swipe their Nectar card for a chance to win, which not only encouraged a purchase but also engagement with the loyalty scheme. It also motivated those who didn’t have a Nectar card to get one! The other barkers for this supplier were promoting their new products. What a great way to get people to try these new products with a simple competition!


Mars’ Dolmio spilt their sauce over Morrisons POS whilst participating in the Price Crunch event this year. Having barkers, fins and GHS Special Offer Banners Online promoting their pasta sauces and pasta vita and their low prices they really wanted to make everyone’s night a Dolmio night! This omnichannel campaign seemed to be everywhere we looked! During Morrisons Price Crunch event POS is incredibly heavy in store and online so for Dolmio to stand out among all other media it deserves a round of applause.


#onthe sofa Holly We spoke with Gigger’s Chris Hall and Morrisroe on the sofa this month to talk t about their Flora Buttery campaign tha went live this September.


T w t b d t B t

Chris Hall

Sales Manager (Fresh)

packaging? What are your thoughts on Flora’s new rs! Chris: Love it, really appealing to custome shoppers Holly: I like it, I think it’s going to engage f. Bringing the with the brand and catch the eye on shel t move as grea a sunflower back onto the packaging is associate it with many shoppers will recognise this and the Flora brand. food industry? What are your thoughts on the healthy in with regular Holly Mo Chris: It’s an exciting category to work rrisr fresh and Campaig n Delivery oe NPD from suppliers, keeping the market Exec. . ired insp rs ppe sho challenging the norm and keeping ng inspired from More and more consumers are becomi is boosting TV programmes to cook and bake which sales in the market. er for are becoming, it’s making it much easi Holly: I love how popular health foods eat! they t wha ut e informed decisions abo people to access healthy foods and mak Describe Flora in 3 positive words: Chris: Tasty, low-fat, great for toast! Holly: Healthy, tasty, versatile how Asda mums feel about this? Why it works well as a sampling media, hase ever were to encourage shoppers to purc Holly: The campaign objectives for Unil d and to ensure Mums know why it is a goo Flora instead of butter/other margarines a ing hav as es well to meet these objectiv choice for their families, sampling worked get to start conversations with customers and brand ambassador in store is a great way convince rs to taste the product is a great way to ppe sho g win Allo ss. acro es sag mes key r over butter/other products. Our shoppe them that the product is a better choice over on opti r a because they see it as a healthie feedback shows that customers buy Flor to er more convenient than butter as it’s easi butter, they really like the taste and it’s spread right out of the fridge.

T r

The Brief To communicate to the target market that whilst Flora Buttery has a new and improved taste it still has the goodness of a plant based food. The aim of sampling was to drive awareness of the product and increase the amount of shoppers buying Flora Buttery as a consequence of them sampling the product. “At a s last pre tha ad tas t te lik s e but ter !”

The great idea We executed the campaign in stores that experience the highest sales of butter and margarine and also where Flora is under indexing against the category. By targeting these stores we were able to communicate the brand message and convert sampling to purchase. In order to meet the client objective of increasing the amount of shoppers buying Flora following sampling we up weighted 30 stores with a roaming usherette tray as well as a sampling stand to maximise the number of engagements.

The great result 363 SAMPLING DEMONSTRATIONS 3907 INCREMENTAL UNITS UPLIFT “Well I only butter these days but I must say this Buttery is the best substitute I have tasted. I thought I would never change to a different spread to butter but this buttery version tastes so nice.”“The fact its made with plants is fabulous. At last a spread that tastes likes butter and is brilliant for my cholesterol. I will definitely try it for my baking’s.” - Asda Shopper


l i a t RReound-up With the Great British Bake Off returning to telly this month, we’re loving Dr Oetker’s new ‘Bake in the Box’! It’s the perfect innovation for bakers who are less experienced than the ones seen on tv. Just add milk, bake in the oven for 30 minutes and your perfect Double Chocolate, Lemon & Poppy Seed or Banana & Choc Chip loaf is ready for eating. It doesn’t get much better than this!


Our favourite news articles from September feature in this spot right here. All you have to do is grab a brew, get comfy and take it all in... Seen something that has wowwed you? Write to us and tell us all about it, it may bag you a spot in next month’s round up!

You either love it or hate it? Yes it’s Marmite! Unilever has launched its biggest ever Marmite Gene Project! The drive to this 3m campaign is to reveal the genes responsible of these 2 very strong emotions. Traffic will be driven to a unique app that will measure customers enjoyment of Marmite by using facial recognition to detect these levels.

John Lewis is focusing on developing their retail experience to stand out from the crowd! Their social media account became the first UK retailer to test 360 video advertising on Facebook allowing the viewer to feel as though they’re in the room! John Lewis will begin their digital movement for their autumn campaign enabling customers to view products in a real life setting whilst being able to click through to buy the featured items online!

Seasonal Spotlight Tricky Target! Part interactive game and part tutorial, “Halloween Hills” incorporated an illustration of a neighbourhood that linked to separate Instagram accounts offering a recipe or a craft. There were 30 different projects to explore—300 pieces of content in all—from Cauldron Cupcakes and 3D House Cookies to a Storybook Nightlight. Target encouraged consumers to post pictures of their “trick” or “treat” outcomes using the #HalloweenHills hashtag.


Great ideas this month...

We’re passionate about great ideas, but they don’t always have to be ours. We are continually inspired by all great ideas and it’d be rude not to share.

GIG Living Magazine - October 2017  
GIG Living Magazine - October 2017  

Your complete seasonal guide to Halloween in retail this Fall. This edition of GIG Living is sure to make you scream for more!