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Wicked Walmart Halloween insights straight from the States

Spell-binding Strategy Godiva unzips to reveal their latest campaign

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We stitched together comprehensive competitor reviews, case studies and hair-raising Halloween news to die for Authentic




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Contents Your complete seasonal guide to Halloween in retail this Autumn. Delve into this month’s haunting edition of GIG Living.


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As the days start to shrink and the nights continue to grow, the Giggers wrap up warm by the light of the bonfire and reflect on the afterlife of the Halloween campaigns this year and last.

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Check it out

Have a look at Asda’s Halloween delivery this year

Newton Leys

A new store opening lands just in time for Halloween


Top of the Comps


Best of the Rest


This month’s edition of GIG Living uses supernatural sight to travel as far as the US and scours the biggest retailers in the UK. We also carved out a space for GIG on Local Marketing (page 11) to give a deeper look into one of the thrilling ways we support Asda.

Over the Pond

A look at how Walmart U.S. executed Halloween

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Our favourite events in the Top 3 2016 vs 2017

Glimpse our favourite events from UK retailers 2016 vs 2017

Campaign Champs

Top branded campaigns in October

Retail Round Up

Our favourite news articles from October

We know it’s not easy to keep up with the latest headlines, so you can rest in peace knowing we’ve done the leg work for you. Our Retail Round-Up (page 22) has an otherworldly overview of our favourite Halloween articles from this season. Have a look.. if you dare.




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Case Studies

Team GIG Living


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Seasonal Spotlight

Check out an innovative campaign that caught our eye this season Meet new Gigger Tom K

Learn all you need to know about GIG in Local Marketing Have a look at our favourite activities from October

No tricks, just treats

We have Gigger Anika talking to us about Nestle’s Halloween Mag advert


What's going on...

Over the Pond? The USA has set the standard for Halloween over the years, so as we begin our journey through this spooky season there is no better place to start than Walmart U.S. The doors to Walmart U.S. creaked open to reveal a haunted house of Halloween horrors! Tricks and treats were around every corner and the promotions were frightfully freaky. If you wanted to carve some time out with the kids, pumpkins were available as soon as you entered the store and if that didn’t tickle your fancy you could find ghastly glow in the dark sweets for the whole family. This one stop shop had everything you need to host a ghoulish get together. From costumes to candy, you needn’t look any further.


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As we fly back to the UK to stew on Halloween executions, the first retailer we’re visiting is Asda and what spooky surprises they have in store and online this year. Mischievous pumpkins and an ogling eyeball dawned the signage for Asda’s POS, warning of something wicked inside – spine-chilling sales and promotions! Ghosts and skeletons hung from the ceiling to lure shoppers into the seasonal aisle which was filled with costumes suitable for all ages. If that left wanting more, there were plenty of sweet treats to raise your spirits. Beastly banners boasted deals online to tempt visitors into hosting perfectly frightening Halloween parties. Ghoulish decorations and paralysing promotions made spooking your friends and family queasily easy.



Let’s have a look at what the other members of the Big 4 retailers did for Halloween. We gave a pumpkin rating for who we felt did the best last year…

Halloween was contained in the seasonal aisle but there was no need to use a trail of breadcrumbs to navigate Morrisons online! It was nice and clear as to avoid any scary surprises.

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Harrowing Halloween treats were ready for the taking at Sainsbury’s! Devilish decorations were a time saving trick for those hosting a howling get together.

Spooktacular haunted houses were found both in store and online to guide visitors way to their frighteningly good Halloween deals.


Whether you are planning a party, going hunting for tricks ‘n’ treats or having a cosy night in, Morrisons has something startling for you! Recipes ran rampant to bring in some fun but heed their warning and keep away from flames.

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Now, let’s have a look at what the other members of the Big 4 retailers did for Halloween this year...

Halloween POS was dripping from every corner of the store and online. They were both so full of petrifying products it looked like it could boil over!

Green slime was seen oozing over Tesco’s POS and website. Even the food was seeping with green gloop. How chillingly tempting!



Let’s have a look at what some of our other favourite retailers did for Halloween. We gave a pumpkin rating for who we felt did the best last year…

Big savings on everything Halloween couldn’t be missed, even if you tried! Monster Value was passed on to their customers on hundreds of peculiar products.

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We found franken-tastic treats at Waitrose! Sinister supplies for hosting a creepy party were displayed in hopes they would inspire a gruesomely gripping event.

Aldi’s Halloween magic brought haunted Halloween tricks ‘n’ treats to the whole family. Costumes, pumpkins and much more kept us crawling back for more.


Wilko transformed their store into a shrieking shack filled with sweets, decorations and costumes to die for. Around every corner were frightfully fun tricks for visitors to drag home.

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Let’s have a look at what some of our other favourite retailers did for Halloween this year...

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Scarily simple with lots of options, Aldi used the ghost of Halloween past in their marketing by reusing their Halloween Magic theme.

B&M grabbed our attention with their creepy signage throughout their store. Something for everyone young and old could manage to snake their way into a shoppers basket.


gig retail: who we are + what we do

Getting to know you! This month, we are pleased to welcome Tom Kitching onto the GIG Retail team. He has taken to his new role as Sales Business Analyst like a duck to water! To get to know him better, we sat down with him to ask a few questions. Hi Tom! We love having you on the team and hope you’re enjoying working at GIG. Please tell us a little about what you did before joining GIG. Before joining GIG I did 3 years studying History at Durham Uni studying things like Robin Hood and the Black Death. After that I worked at a greeting cards company for 2 and a half years doing a range of roles from helping manage humour cards to working in the supply chain. From there I became a supply implant in Asda and after 7 months I moved to GIG. What does your new role entail? Lots of spreadsheets which, luckily, I really enjoy, unlike a lot of people. I basically look at how to use the reports we currently have and try to think of ways to improve these or reduce the time to create them.


What is it about this sector of work that you enjoy the most? I like being given problems that initially don’t know how to solve as it is a great feeling when you finally figure it out. I also like trying to make other people’s jobs easier by saving them time through automation.

If you could have lunch with anyone, living or dead, who would you have lunch with and why? That’s tough but I think I’d go with David Attenborough, I love science and nature plus with such a good voice he would be great to talk to.

Can you tell us what your favourite part about working at GIG? I’ve only worked here a short time so far but it’s definitely the people, everyone has been so nice and welcoming and I already feel part of the team.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? As I said I love nature so I think I’d pick something like the Great Barrier Reef or the jungle in Madagascar.

What are some hobbies or activities you like to do in your spare time? I like to play football and golf when I get the chance.

Tom Kitching Business Analyst



Through sampling in local Asda stores we want to remind customers why they should be shopping at Asda and support Asda by growing their sales. There are four types of schemes where we support Asda local marketing through food sampling seen below. What we do... New store openings New store openings need to be brought to the attention of potential customers. Sampling will be requested in various stages from pre-awareness, launch and re-attracting customers after Asda monitor the store performance. We want to create excitement and buzz to these new store openings to attract customers and help grow sales in that store. Competitor impacts When a new store opening of a competitor (mainly Aldi or Lidl) opens near an Asda threatening sales and customer leakage we activate sampling and activity to combat this. We support Asda by sampling outside of store as we can showcase the Asda personality in the community and drive people to store rather than targeting already loyal customers. Refreshes We support through sampling if a store has been modernised and work is being done to change the way the store looks. There will be a lot of daily disruption to the store and sampling will be needed to compensate for this. We want to surprise and delight customers after the disruption to reduce customer leakage. We always want to remind customers why they are ‘better off at Asda’. SOS stores We support stores that need urgent attention due to various factors. These could be unpredicted circumstances e.g. a fire or if a store needs support

around key times e.g. Christmas/Easter we provide sampling to remind customers why they should be shopping at Asda and to show the store in a different way by getting into the community and showcasing the store.

How we do it... Each local scheme we work on is bespoke. We review the stores strategy brief looking at the target customer, store stats and the overall business goals. Our main goal is to inspire Asda with exciting sampling campaigns ranging from sampling from a campervan to sampling kitchens. We also work with other agencies where we can to collaborate and bring to life a fully integrated campaign inspiring both Asda and its customers

Meet our Local Experts...

nt Jodie Gra er anag Gaby Kirw Senior M in Senior Acc ount Execut ive


Case Study We love seeing your great ideas come to life and couldn’t wait to share them with you! Take a look at some of our Case Studies from the month of October. If you want to see more of what we do and who we delivered great ideas for, head on over to our website to check out our full compilation. www.gigretail.co.uk

Grace Food, Wanis & AG Barr teamed up to encourage awareness of their products . We sampled these products in 9 stores over 2 days targeting stores in cities which were having carnival events taking place at that time.


Unilever wanted to communicate to shoppers the key selling points of the new Persil Powergems. We ran two bursts of activity for Persil Powergems. The first was an active sell, ensuring we were engaging with as many shoppers as possible, the second burst of Persil took place in the form of a demonstration.

Stabilo wanted to engage with as many shoppers as possible and gain maximum reach to showcase their range of left handed pens. We sampled the Stabilo Pens to shoppers, over a 2 day period and hosted a competition to accompany the sampling.


Campaign Champs

Let’s take a look at GIG’s top three picks of instore and online branded campaigns across the top retailers in the UK. Giggers went out to retailers Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s to find the best branded campaigns, and we were not disappointed! We saw delicious chocolates, a coffee campaign that demonstrated the gold standard in omnichannel advertising and celebrated the most important meal of the day, breakfast!

Sainsbury’s October magazine started with a mystery as we had to ‘unzip’ the front cover to reveal Godiva’s campaign. The mechanism of their full page display replicated the sensation of undressing the magazine. Additional to this campaign, Godiva had a hotspot in store featuring an open chocolate box as a centrepiece which was protected by a display case. They really set themselves apart as they sat above the chocolate and sweets aisle. Overall, we thought the reader participation for the magazine and the golden hotspot helped the campaign rise above the rest.


Nescafe struck gold with their Gold Blend campaign which shone across all platforms: the Tesco’s magazine, an instore FSDU and online! We thought the competition for this campaign, which was highlighted online, was a great collaboration between Tesco and Nescafe. Those who purchased Nescafe Gold Blend from Tesco were given a chance to win a £100 Tesco gift card. This was a genius idea to increase Nescafe sales and encourage trial shopping in Tesco with the intention to inspire a return store visit and repeat purchases.

The Happy Egg Co kept everyone happy by using independent media as well as participating in a co-branded banner. They smiled their way through entrance media and instore with a 6 sheet, foyer poster and a fin which was live for 4 weeks! Their cobranded media promoted their breakfast range on a GHS Special Offer Banner online and a price crunch car park banner. We loved how the Happy Egg Co kept their feathers fluffed! Having a POS takeover they definitely weren’t yolking around!


#onthe sofa

We spoke with Gigger’s Jodie Grant and talk Gaby Kirwin on the sofa this month to about Local Marketing... Hi Jodie and Gaby! Thank you for sitting a on the sofa this month. Could you tell us l loca little bit about how you support the marketing team at Asda? We support the local marketing team by providing sampling activities for stores across the UK. This could be if a store has es had a refresh or a competitor store arriv lty. loya and we need to retain customer We are also involved in the planning of new store openings to help attract in new customers.

Gaby Kir

Jodie Grant


the Newton Leys opening? Newton Leys was a new supermarket opening in the Milton Keynes area and would be the first convenience store in the catchment area. It’s opening day was e the 23rd October so we felt it was prim e rang en owe Hall the se time to showca and add some theatre to our sampling cart activities. We set up a spooky sweetie en owe Hall with ed orat dec in the entrance A ASD of n ctio sele a out décor and giving tes eret ush ing hav as sweets. As well We know local marketing is all about outside the store dressed up offering rise surp creating unique experiences that spooky smoothies with some samples, and delight Asda shoppers. Can you giving customers the chance to win a please provide any advice on how best Halloween prize. l to create fresh ideas to keep Asda’s loca The target audience was families with half marketing campaigns exciting? school aged children and being within was We are always looking at what’s going on vati acti en owe Hall term we felt this n on with competitor stores and what the right fit. The sampling cart went dow a we ourselves would like to see from with g ndin atte ren well with the child and sampling activity. We like to provide an every child leaving with a sweetie bag vity acti g element of fun with any samplin ! face r a smile on thei whether that be in theme with the time the of year or creating an experience Can you please tell us what you love the . customer will remember interacting with most about local marketing? We are always pushing for something What we love is how every scheme is that bit more different. Brainstorming bespoke and how our unique ideas are We internally and with other agencies always received well and encouraged. and are always key to our process of idea a Asd with team a as d also love working generation and help create a well-rounde king wor all l loca in lved the agencies invo campaign. together to deliver a fully integrated ghts il campaign which surprises and deli Can you please provide a little more deta rs. the Asda custome 18 on the recent project you were given for

The Brief A brand new supermarket was to arrive at Newton Leys, a town within Milton Keynes with limited convenience stores. Asda wanted it’s agencies to promote the launch of this brand new store, with a celebratory opening day and week. With the aim being to inspire customers to choose this store for their local shop.

The great idea To celebrate opening day and help drive excitement in line with the time of year, we offered Halloween potions (juice samples) served in testing beakers. Selected samples had a Halloween sticker underneath the cup, lucky customers who found the sticker were instant winners of a selection of prizes. To thank customers for attending the store opening, we activated a sweetie cart decorated as a Halloween spooky shop! Colleagues offered customers the chance to pick and mix a selection of gruesome treats to put in their sweetie bag to enjoy as they shop in their brand new store.

The great result “The event was extremely busy – with hundreds of children interacting with the sampling activities throughout the day. The customers were very pleased with their treats and new store, and over 340 sweetie bags given out!” - Event Manager


No tricks, just treats

from Nestlé

Nestle dominate the Asda Mag November Edition with 4 advertisements! In this key time for chocolate sales, Nestle takes this opportunity to promote 3 different chocolate products as well as their partnership with Sky Movies. Name: Anika Bammi Department: Sales Specialism: Impulse Grocery Hi Anika, thank you for taking the time to sit on the sofa with us! Can you please explain in a few short sentences what your role is at GIG Retail? I am part of the sales team at GIG Retail. I look at campaign/brand objectives with my clients and then create tailored media campaigns in Asda for my suppliers. What is it about this sector of work that you enjoy the most? The best bit about this job is being client facing! I love being able to meet with my contacts and work collaboratively on media campaigns. It really feels like you’re part of something big. What is it about the Nestle products featured in the November edition of the Asda Mag that you feel made them unique in the marketplace? The ad looked extremely eye catching with its Halloween theme! The bags are called ‘treat size bags’ which went very well with their ‘trick or treat’ themed page.


Anika Bam

Senior Sale


s Executiv e

Why did you feel the Asda Mag was the best place to advertise these products? The Good Living magazine is targeted to the ‘Asda Mum’. This is the perfect person to target Halloween trick or treat products to as this is the shopper who will be reading the magazine for inspiration on how to make Halloween that little bit more special. The magazine also includes many Halloween features so all readers are already engaged and interested in the event. And lastly, the question that is on all of our minds! What did you dress up as for Halloween this year? Or if you were like me, and didn’t dress up at all, what was your best costume of all time? I didn’t dress up this year as I stayed in and watched scary movies! The best costume I have seen would have to be the IT costume! Not very original right now but looks very effective with the red balloon! – too scary to be trick or treating.

For illustr

ative pu



HA LL O WE EN TR E AT BA GS ARE H ERE ! ® Reg. Trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A,

Selected stores, subject to availability.

FILE NAME 504001021_V3_Halloween_Advert.ai


Net No.



RH XX MW ZV 25.08.17




Nestle Halloween Advert Halloween Advert XXX XXX




FONTS Helvetica, Vag BARCODE MAG% NA CUTTER GUIDE 175x225mmmm BASED 504000477_V5_Halloween_Advert_Spar_Mag Cutterguide drawn digitally by ANTHEM from dimensions supplied by client. Please check carefully. Cutterguide received from client, final but not useable digitally. Required re-drawing by ANTHEM. Please check carefully. Cutterguide received from client - final and digital.


......... . 17



IMPORTANT: If Royalty Free imagery is being used then we transfer non-exclusive usage rights, while the copyrights remain with the original owner. It is also a condition that the usage is limited to the context in which it is supplied by ANTHEM. The image cannot be sold, licensed or distributed in any derivative work. It is also not permitted to allow third parties to extract the image as a stand alone file. ANTHEM cannot be held liable for wrongful misuse.

IMPORTANT: Where copyright for photography / illustration has not been transferred the contractual arrangements for its usage is between the client and the photographer / Illustrator.




NOTE: Anthem has executed this artwork to the best of its knowledge and abilities. It is the client's responsibility to ensure that all copy (ingredients, nutrition, domicile and all legally required copy) is accurate prior to releasing this artwork for premedia and printing.


l i a t RRoeund-up Swedish supermarket ICA has unveiled a new ‘scary’ range of fruit and veg to promote fresh produce ahead of the typically confectionaryfocused Halloween. Examples in the new range include a ‘zombie brain’ cauliflower, a ‘scrambled head’ pumpkin, ‘witch finger’ purple carrots, and Dracula’s pre-cooked beetroot. The promotion builds on ICA’s partnership with non-profit organisation Generation Pep, which works to improve children and young people’s health and range consists of 12 fruit, root veg and other vegetables and aims to promote Halloween food in a playful way.


Our favourite news articles from October feature in this spot right here. All you have to do is grab a brew, get comfy and take it all in... Seen something that has wowwed you? Write to us and tell us all about it, it may bag you a spot in next month’s round up! hello@gigretail.co.uk

Budweiser is offering consumers free party kits – The Budweiser King of Fears Party Kit – in a move designed to increase sales over Halloween. Available with the purchase of promotional Budweiser packs, the kits contain five Halloween masks with different designs. There are more than 13,000 kits available to buy. Budweiser is also unveiling a Budweiser King of Fears Shop, which the brand claims is the UK’s first haunted fancy dress shop, where a Budweiser bar will offer free Budweiser with every purchase. Selfridges is boasting about becoming the first department store in the world to unveil its annual Christmas windows display – more than two months before the big day itself. The windows follow a “With Love From…” theme and will be on display in all of its stores, not just its world-famous Oxford Street flagship in London. The stores will also be fitted out with interior decorations, featuring 85,000 Christmas baubles, over 65,000 pieces of confetti, and 200 Christmas trees. The London store will unveil a second selection of Christmas windows at the end of November, marking the first time in Selfridges’ history that the store’s festive window displays are launched in two stages.

Seasonal Spotlight This great idea from fashion designer Marc Jacobs caught our eye. it is the first time social media takes on its own currency which is why it earned a spot in our Seasonal Spotlight. What an innovative way to create brand awareness! “During New York Fashion Week in 2014, the Mar Jacobs pop-up “Tweet Shop” provided fans with an opportunity to pay for products using social media posts as their currency. Yup, actual products in exchange for Daisy perfume-inspired Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts. Even three years later, the idea of social currency is so untapped, that concept alone is worth writing about. While many businesses waste their time pitching and asking on social media, Marc Jacobs created a campaign that was geared towards a more mutual benefit. The submitted images stirred up some attention and the customers will be rewarded for their participation.” iMPACT (27 Social Media Campaign Ideas From Big Brands You Want to Be)


Great ideas this month...

We’re passionate about great ideas, but they don’t always have to be ours. We are continually inspired by all great ideas and it’d be rude not to share.

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GIG Living Magazine - November 2017  

Your complete seasonal guide to Halloween in retail this Autumn. Delve into this month’s haunting edition of GIG Living.

GIG Living Magazine - November 2017  

Your complete seasonal guide to Halloween in retail this Autumn. Delve into this month’s haunting edition of GIG Living.

Profile for gigretail