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SAMPLE Lesson 2-Skiing

Course Objectives

Total Time

Understand the basic poses of skiing and safety.

Cultivate a sense of appreciating the works of others.

30 mins

Assemble a ski model with building blocks.

Keywords Extreme sports. Snowboard. Sledding. Teaching Guide 1.

Increase Students’ Motivation




(1) A teacher first asks the students if they have seen the ski sport and introduces the history of skiing.

Teaching Asses Resourc e Supplem ental slides

sme nt Self-a waren ess

(2) A teacher can use related pictures to guide students to associate items related to the model of this lesson. (3) A teacher presents the model and let the students observe the appearance of snowboard. 2.

Course Activity Related to the Manual


(1) Students get the basic materials of this model.


Partici pation


(2) A teacher can guide students to assemble the model with the building blocks according to the teaching slide and the student's book, or Smart Manual Web Service.

rd Projector & Screen

(3) If students finish the model, teachers can encourage students to modify the model.

Compute r Building blocks


Integrated Learning

(1) Display all the models in the classroom.


Model Boxes

(2) Remind students to clean up the desk, disassemble the model and put the building blocks back to the boxes.

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Oral Presen tation



Extension Task

(1) Encourage students to show their snowboards and share the design ideas with classmates. (2)

Please color the circles on the snowman blue, the triangles

red and then count how many circles and triangles there are.

Record & Feedback

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