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COVER SHEET  Student Name: Gigi Mann

Student Number : Q10120238

Faculty: FCIS Level of study: 4 Course title: BA (Hons) Public Relations and Communication Unit title: Visual and Digital Communiation (CCA406) Assignment title: Individual Reflective Portfolio Assignment tutor: Debbie Moores

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Gigi Mann Q1012038

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1) Who are Remarkable? 2) Current Visual campign 5) Generating Ideas 8) Inital Image Ideas 11) Standing Out 12) Typeface Development 14) Design Ideas 18) Client Feedback 19) Changes 20) Final Designs 23) Evaluation 24) References 25) Appendices (Research) 30) Appendices (Pitch slides)


“An integrated communications agency” n: i e z i l a Speci y

teg a r t s e creativ arketing m digital video d film an lations re public edia ent. m m l e a i g c a o s r eng e d l o h stake Team describes themselves as “Dedicated, creative, ambitious,

bold, bright and passionate

- our people are defined by their determination to deliver the best possible results for their clients.” uding: l c n i , s itie r a h c y n ma Support , NSPCC me true, co d re a ms , plan UK centre w o b n i the ra + mo re !



The first thing you see when entering the remarkable website is a welcome message, it is very simple and straight to the point and explains what the company does.

The ‘feel’ of remarkable’s website is very friendly, warm and to some extent ‘informal’. On the home page there is an image of their logo inside a cup of tea, with the caption “pop in for a cup of tea, some cake and a chat”.

i s ve r y e t i s b the we ack writf o e m r sche ound with bl e have u o l o c The a ckg r e pag b m e o t i h h e o u r s. w l h . t o n c i n t a o l h p s image ct-so not brig a green e h t . i ng e effe es has p g y t a a m i i a sep of the e n o r e how e v n d . ou backgr



Remarkable’s current visual campaign (featured on their website) in the form of moving slides, consists of images of children along with powerful quotes.

p king u n i h t vity is ation is i t a e r v 1 ) “C , inno s g n i new th ew things” n doing

ates Indic ey h that t ative. re a re c

2) “Al lg ridicu reat though lous b eginn ts have a ing”

n develp i h c u m es not so old ones” i l y t l u c i f if scaping e 3) “The d n i s a , ideas ing new


images of children are used to accompany the above quotes

I like the use of children as it emphasises that remarkable can help anyone to achieve what they desire. The use of children also adds a feel of innocence


Remarkable Means..... Unusual


Amazing Significant


Incredible Prominent

Remarkable Does..... Digital Marketing Public Relations Social Media Film & Video

Outstanding Wonderful Marvellous


Stakholder Engagement Creative Strategy



Remarkable Is..... e v i t CreIan n o va tive e t a n o i Pass




RE-MARK-ABLE talented



presence existence

capable intelligent

REMARKABLE  reinvent



reconstruct re-form







leave your mark

make your mark

create your mark

generate a mark more than able

beyond able

extra able

entirely able



f o a e d i e h t . e n h t e r g d l n i Keepi ages of ch os t m o i h g p n i e us m o s ’. e r g a n i t e n s ve i e The r ‘ y tra r o p t tha

child erasing something, suggesting that he will now ‘reinvent’ it. This image shows a child trying to complete a puzzle, they are ‘reinventing’ the puzzle as it started with individual pieces.


Leave Your Mark.....

a handprint is a mark that we leave and is also associated with children.

a footprint is a mark we all leave when walking.

t a h t es g a ur m i o y e o Som ‘leaving hilst als . w g n , n e i r e r f b li ild h o t c ’ k mar porating r o c n e

stamping something always ‘leaves a mark’. remarkable would be written in the middle.

nd eft a l k r a ma me o n e . s i t r prin ntifing so e g n i e af of id y a aw


Beyond Able.....

Child posing as a graduate shows that anyone is able to achieve.

Ima g

es t hat

indic ate

‘abil i




Ideas o f how to make th “E” stan e letters d out in “ the wor d re ma r R ” a n d kable.
















Remarkable Remarkable Remarkable (Shadow)




Typeface..... Too “fancy”


Remarkable very “childish”

could be hard to read


Remarkable this is visually very “sharp”

also childish”

Remarkable looks as if it has been hand written




typefaces on the pa ge before complicat are very ed lookin g. so I decid ed plain/basic to find some more looking fo nts.

Remarkable looks sketched by hand


Remarkable this font is very bold and has sharp edges to it


Remarkable very interesting shapes

very plain

similar to remarkables current typeface, however slightly differntly shaped.



Design Ideas.....




font: champagne & limousines size:85pt ‘superior’ used to make “re” stand out

this image portrays ‘reinventing’ as the child is rubbing something out to start again. so this image is suitable for the accompanying quote.



this quote will be used to accompany the image. font: champagne & Limousines size: 60pt ‘superior’ used to highlight ‘re’


Design Ideas.....



font: champagne & limousines size:85pt ‘bold’ used to make “mark” stand out

this image of a finger print is an example of “leaving your mark”

Leave your mark

this quote will caption the image font: champagne & Limousines size: 60 pt ‘bold’ used to highlight ‘mark’


Design Ideas.....



font: champagne & limousines size:85pt ‘shadow’ used to make “able” stand out

this image of a child who appears to be a graduate can be used to show ability

Beyond able

this quote will be used to caption the image font: champagne & Limousines size: 60 pt ‘shadow’ used to highlight ‘able’


Design Ideas.....



Leave your mark Beyond able 17


I pitched my design ideas to the client (remarkable), my lecturer and my peers. The feedback I received was...... Adam (Account Executive-remarkable):

“The Beyond able idea is good for internal comms” this makes the staff feel confident Stephen (CEO- Chief Executive Officer-remarkable):

“I love that idea” “the idea of reinvent links to innovation which we believe in”

Giovanna Southwell (Peer):

“very creative ideas I like the way that you broke down the word, simple but good ideas. ” The slides from the pitch can be viewed in the appendices (page 28)


Changes..... Overall, the feedback I recevied was of a positive nature and I was pleased by this. No suggestions were given as to how to improve my work

Therefore, I will continue to develop my ideas and go on as I had planned to The feedback given from the CEO of remarkable made me feel confident in my ideas.


Poster Design.....

creative strategy, public relations, stakeholder engagement, digital marketing, film & video, social media

t n e Re inv


d able

k r a m r u o y e Leav integrated communications agency


Web Design.....

in the form of moving slides. there will be 3 rotating slides that will change every 5/8 seconds


Slide 1:


Slide 2:




Leave your mark

Remarkable Slide 3:

Beyond able


Billboard Design.....

invent Beyond able



Leave your mark

crate your brand image, leave your mark, we are beyond able .

use the

maybe a solid colour will be used for the background to add emphasis



Evaluation..... Although I chose a Bilboard, Poster and Website to present my ideas, it is possible for them to be put across via other mediums. All of the designs could be used across social media such as facebok or twitter, they could also be used on television with an appropiate voiceover. This meaning that remarkable could reach their publics via various channels. I found the research interesting to see how differnt organisations visually promote their brand image. I found that most organisations use moving slides on their webpage-so I decided to also use this idea. I used mind maps to start my creative process and the use of colours helped me to think creatively.Once I had some inital ideas in my head, building upon them was quite an enjoyable task. The client pitch was something that I was initally nervous about, however once I began pitching I was fine and the feedback from the client gave me confidence in my ideas. 23


I used many different websites to obtain the images that I have used within my designs and through out my developmental process. I also used the web to conduct my research on remarkable and other organisations similar to them. All of the websites I have used are listed below:

Photos/Typeface: Information: 24

Appendices (Research).....

SWOT analysis:

Strengths: photos of children used friendly feel

Opportunities: gaining a range of customers via their visual communication

Weakness: quite plain

Threats: other compaines using different visual methods (videos)

PESTLE analysis:

PoliticalEconomical- budget for graphic designer SocialTechnological- computers/software Legal- permission for photos Environmental- using digital methods instead of using paper is good for the environment 25

Appendices (Research)..... organisation similar to remarkable


“full integrated marketing and communications agency”

Guerilla also (like remarkable) presents that visual identity by using the form of moving slides on their webpage.

Services: -advertising -branding -design -digital -digital signage -environments -integrated -public relations

However, unlike remarkable who use vey ‘dull’ colours. Guerilla uses bright colours, this livens up the page.

this very simple slide above of a smiley face on the bright yellow background, gives a welcoming feel, with the caption “ready to take control”


Appendices (Research)..... TGD:

“integrated creative communications”

their company logo is very brightly coloured and stands out

Services: brand campagin public relations digital marketing online marketing social media

erything on th this allows ev

e page to

undBlack backgro . hade of purple s t h g li stand out. a d n a tten in white The text is wri

Alike remarkable and Guerilla, the webpage has visuals in the form of a moving slides.

a list of the organisation’s clients is on he home page of the website


Appendices (Research)..... VGROUP:

“an independent, creative and integrated agency”

their visual campaign is in the form of a video which also features information (text).

Services: marketing strategy research customer analytics social media audience tracking media analysis campaign planning corporate social responsibility copywriting

dull colours are used by VGROUP in the backgrund. This allows for the white and blue writing to stand out.

the viewer is also given the power to press “next” or “pause video”


Appendices (Research)..... Acceleris:

“the integrated communications agency� Services: Public Relations and Comunications Media training Social media event management graphic design video and photography website design and development sponsorship generation

as you enter the webpage there are moving images (slides) featuring photos of work/campaigns/events that acceleris have put together

grey background is used, and purple writing and features are used.


Slides From Pitch.....


Slides From Pitch.....


Slides From Pitch.....


Slides From Pitch.....

Good afternoon My name is Gigi Mann I have come up with some ideas for a new visual campaign that I will be showing you today

Remarkable are considered to be one of the most successful communications agencies in Hampshire. Objective of the campaign is to create awareness of your brand image To extend to other cities-especially London the capital.

Target market consists of small medium enterprises as well as larger national companies Current clients consisting of: Waitrose, B&Q and Barrett Homes. So the visual campaign must appeal to these groups.

Your current visual campaign on the website uses photos of children with inspiring quotes. The current feel of remarkable is very friendly and welcoming and slightly informal. “Pop in for a cup of tea”

The organisation name itself remarkable, can be used visually in itself.So I thought of new ways to present the company name. I have broken down the word remarkable into: Re, Mark and Able

I thought of small words/quotes to accompany each broken down element of the word Which are things that the company does for clients? Also keeping the theme of using children Reinvent- with an image of a chid correcting a drawing Beyond able- with an image of a graduate child Leave your mark- with an image of a fingerprint

This is how the campaign may appear across a billboard and how the slides may look on the web. Can also be used on different types of media such as a small moving advert, or on social media sites This visual campaign presents remarkable as integrated by saying that they: Are beyond able Can reinvent a client’s brand image, Help them leave their mark by being recognised. Thank you, and are there any questions?


Remarkable portfolio  
Remarkable portfolio