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Philippe Coen Hate Prevention Initiative @hateprevention

Fighting cyber hate and discrimination by designing “respect zones” on social networks and Internet La lluita contra l’odi i la discriminació en el ciberespai mitjançant la creació de “zones de respecte” en les xarxes socials i internet La lucha contra el odio y la discriminación en el ciberespacio mediante la creación de “zonas de respeto” en las redes sociales e internet


Philippe Coen Barcelona March 2014

What do we need to share with you ? • • • • •

How it all started? The values The Concept The Break through What is next?

How to reduce ?

Truner Diaries Oklahoma city 95

Mein kampf A personal journey Presented By:

Atreyee sen, dept of religions and theology

My father’s MK: In the liberal family • My father and the importance of studying the WWII • Knowing the personal logic of Adolf Hitler to be able to develop a political critique of dictatorship • ‘Why not get your hands on the original English version?’ • Heroism becomes terrorism, comprehending the difference

The politics of publishing MK in india

First published in 1926 • Banned in many countries • One of the most sold book in India

Bengal Publishers in 1987 The dedication of the book is significant

MK in the bengali anti-colonial struggle • Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, nationalist leader • Led his own liberation army as part of the anti-colonial struggle • Collaborated with Hitler and the Japanese Army to fight the Allied forces • Wrote ‘Mein Kampf for the freedom of India’ (The Indian Struggle) • Had meeting with German foreign minister Ribbentrop in 1941 • He demanded correction of comment in MK: ‘... Quite aside from the fact that I as a man of Germanic blood, would in spite of everything, rather see India under English rule than any other.’

Meeting hitler: Bose and MK •

In Mein Kampf Hitler espoused a political ideology that was very similar (with the obvious exception of anti-Semitism) to that espoused by Bose in The Indian Struggle: fervent nationalism and full social-political mobilization, coupled with non-Marxist socialism and authoritarian leadership. • Bose had, unlike most prominent politicians in the prewar period, studied Mein Kampf in some detail. Although he complained in 1936 of the Nazis' "selfishness and racial arrogance," he informed Hitler during their meeting in May 1942 that apart from his comments in Chapter 26 on the subject of Indian independence, he found Mein Kampf "most agreeable”. • Bose fled British India and eventually held a administrative job in an office in Germany. He managed to convince the Nazis, despite Hitler's views in Mein Kampf on India, he be permitted to recruit Indian-born British Army POWs for this own liberation army. But when he secretly married his Austrian secretary, Emilie Schenkl, he earned the ire of the Germans, who wanted to keep their race pure "Aryan”. Sisir K. Bose, et al., eds., A Beacon Across Asia: A Biography of Subhas Chandra Bose (1973)

In my fieldwork in mumbai: hindu right leaders • Mein Kampf's popularity: Early Hindu nationalists in the 1920s, V Savarkar and M Golwalkar, were impressed by Nazi ideology • Their political descendants, including the BJP's LK Advani and the Shiv Sena's Bal Thackeray, publicly celebrating Hitler's ideas and strategy • ‘If you take Mein Kampf and if you remove the word Jew and put in the word Muslim, that is what I believe in’ Bal Thackeray, Shiv Sena leader, quoted by Mumbai newspapers before the 1992 riots • MK for convenience: LK Advani's prison diary during the Emergency has references to Hitler's Mein Kampf. Then he used it to go against state authoritarianism

in the Public domain in india: Mein Kampf errors and the jewish backlash

In my work on violence in south asia: prabhakaran • LTTE chief, Sri Lankan Tamil rebel leader, recently killed • Always seen carrying a personal copy of Mein Kampf • Emulated salute

The salute and The India-pakistan game of enmity

• Indian Army pledging ceremonies represented by the media in Pakistan as ‘the Hitler salute’

In corporate life • Mein Kampf is seen as a strategy management text • College lectures on how ‘a short, depressed man in prison made a goal of taking over the world and built a strategy to achieve it’ • Separate it from anti-Semitism and it is inspirational • Ambiguous moral position and it becomes a self-help book

Ignorance and jocularity • Obviously, Indian readers need not be reading Mein Kampf in an ideologically aware and sympathetic fashion, though news media coverage tacitly assumes that to be the case. Reading can be critical, skeptical, curiosity-led, fad-led, etc. Suman Gupta, ‘On the Indian Readers of Hitler’s Mein Kampf’, Economic and Political Weekly, Nov 2012

The future (fuhrer) of the indian nation • • • • • •

The BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi Instigator of the Gujarat riots 2002 Greatly admired MK ‘Muslims are not human, they are like puppies’ (Modi) ‘Jews are subhuman’ (MK) India’s crisis with modernity: Failing development, internal secessionism, loss of masculinity (local and global), corrupt bureaucracy, rape crises • Want nationalism, efficiency and leadership

Time is the great equalizer

• The next generation as the new source of critique: Mein Kampf on my niece’s study table

Mein Kampf ebook • Best seller ebook sur Amazon depuis janvier 2014

But what may happen post 2015 ?

Warning ex post 1979 CA Paris

Soft law works

Soft law & Label • • • •

Soft Law Self Opt in For a : Internet Responsible Neutrality

• -> Full part of company’s CSR

Role of companies and internet actors • Web user • Blogger • ISP • Search engine • Advertisers • Credit card and payment companies • Add sales houses Corporate Social Responsibility

Recap of Hate prevention draft Bill (selected items) 1. WARNING: This content includes nazi propaganda To know more on hate content and their consequences, clic here

2. Label / opt in soft law With State incentives / Prizes 3. European Hate Prevention Observatory

Follow us now US • Tweeter @hateprevention • Facebook: Initiative de Prévention de la haine • Website: • Label & charter: •

What parent would we be in Europe if we let this ultimate hate content manifesto circulate without EXPLAINING what happended in the name of it, and what can be done to prevent hate violence?

What parent/adult would we be in Europe if we let

Bullying and hate content circulate without EXPLAINING to prevent it

Muchos Grazias

Time Alert: Mein Kampf Public domain tomorrow!!

Cohen - Hate Prevention Initiative  

Fighting cyber hate and discrimination by designing “respect zones” on social networks and internet: the pedagogical virtues of an anti-hate...

Cohen - Hate Prevention Initiative  

Fighting cyber hate and discrimination by designing “respect zones” on social networks and internet: the pedagogical virtues of an anti-hate...