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BIOPLASMA New Skin Rejuvenation

The New Bioplasma Series

The series is based on ingredients extracted from the ocean and combined with herbal additives enabling the skin to withstand environmental and age related damage.

How do signs of aging form on the skin? Around of the termination of puberty, at approximately 25 years of age, signs of aging begin to appear on the skin as a result of: • At night skin has the ability to self repair as result of damages caused during the day; Cell regeneration is slowed down as layers of the skin stratum are not shed evenly. • Environmental damage that is left untreated accelerates the appearance of aging signs. Melanin spots as an example start to form during childhood when skin without UV protection is exposed to sunlight.

• Stress has a direct influence on skin, inhibiting the essential processes that protects young skin. Stress interferes with the normal brain function on the skin cells. • Skin requires the direct application of vitamins and minerals, as it is the final organ of the body to be nurtured via the blood stream. • Essential energy such as peptides and fatty acids, which activate the cell rejuvenation process, are more easily absorbed through the skin. • Low moisture levels results in dry skin, which if left untreated, becomes wrinkled.

Bioplasma - Treats the Ten Signs of Aging Skin

1. Wrinkles

2. Dilated Pores

3. Course Texture

4. Dryness 5. Spots

6. Diminished Radiance

7. Color Change

8. Redness 9. Changes in Elasticity 10. Pimples and Blackheads

Bioplasma - Treatment Based on Elements from the Sea The Bioplasma line comprises selected natural extracts of plant origin which are responsible for its ability to thrive in extreme conditions. Substances that increase the adaptability of an organism to environmental changes and avoid damage are known as "adaptogens" which balance and treat various symptoms of the skin. These substances function in the skin as natural ingredients to strengthen the immune system and protect the skin. Oleuropein Azelaic Acid NSA-5 Complex Occurs in olive Comprises 5 types of An antibacterial leaves as an algae found naturally in ingredient found in effective anti the North Sea, which barley. oxidant, providing have the ability to store essential energy to high levels of moisture the cells. and survive under harsh conditions.

Bioplasma NSA-5 Complex (Natural Sea Algae) Gigi Laboratories have formulated a new treatment complex comprising a blend of algae indigenous to the North Sea. Algae, a plant of basic structure, excel in surviving under extreme temperature changes and tides. The algae consist of essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and polysaccharides. Applied to the skin, the algae complex introduces a glow and suppleness to the surface. NSA-5 Complex which forms the basis of the series, functions due to its ability to instill a fresh and youthful appearance to the skin. The five algae comprising the NSA-5 Complex : Sahel Scenedesmus - Bioplasma Chondrus Crispus - Gelalg 速 Alaria Esculenta - Kalpariane 速 Algae Extract - Laminarghane 速 Codium Tomentosum - Codiavelane 速

Sahel Scenedesmus-Bioplasma This plankton algae is found in the sandy beaches alongside the Atlantic Ocean, adjacent to the Sahel Desert, which is prone to desert-like weather. The ocean beaches are home to extensive colonies of algae which thrive in these dry climatic conditions. The Scenedesmus Algae are harvested from its natural habitat, transferred to organic pools on the north beach of France. Here it matures and is harvested, utilizing innovative technologies ensuring the preservation of its natural characteristics.

BIOPLASMA - The Main Characteristics Bioplasma, a product of Scenedesmus Algae is essentially the main ingredient in the NSA-Complex, giving the skin the following benefits: • Increased Protein Activity with Reduction in Accumulated Stress Stressed skin results in inflammation and the skin, incapable of maintaining its moisture levels, becomes sensitive and prone to outbreaks, lacking luster and losing its suppleness. • Increased Cell Breathing Function "Breathing Cells" ensure rejuvenation and optimum brain function. • Affording energy (ATP) and encouraging Mitochondrial Activity Cell energy forms the basis for the appearance of younger looking skin, and with the formation of ideal DNA cells, aids the exfoliation of the outer skin layers. • Reduction of Environmental Damage. Algae are rich in anti oxidants due to their need for protection from exposure to strong UV rays when the tides are low. • Breaking Down of Free Radicals. Due to its activity, broken molecules of free radicals are deactivated without any skin damage. • Increased Moisture Levels: Living under desert conditions these algae have a survival mechanism which encourages absorption of moisture from the air.

BIOPLASMA - Technology and Research Algae survive under extreme environmental conditions. As a result of specific technology these qualities have been extracted as the active Bioplasma. Research has shown that: • Plankton has particularly high energy levels* • *Bio-plankton exhibits extremely high SOD (superoxide dismutase) enzyme activity, known for breaking down free radicals into to air and oxygen.* • *Bio-plankton contains enzymes (lipo peroxidation) that break down the free radicals of the damaged fat molecules.** • * The Scenedesmus Algae prevent skin stress. When skin is stimulated with hydrogen peroxide or any other stimulating agent, high concentrations of the "stress protein" are found. Treatment with algae concentrate, inhibits the stress protein, with its side effects of redness, temperature increase and pain. • * Plankton improves metabolism and cellular respiration (which occurs in the mitochondria) vital for the repairing, regenerating and rejuvenating of skin. • * Bio-plankton secrets polysaccharide polymers that prevent skin dryness. These polymers have a particular ability to absorb water, which when measured with a chronometer, showed a skin moisture increase of 18% within two hours and up to 24% in eight hours. * Bioplasma activity on free radicals measured by the EPR method. **Measured using the MDA method recording levels of toxicity to body cells in different substances.

BIOPLASMA - Results after Application Wrinkle Depth - A decrease of 16% in depth after treatment with Bioplasma Cream Skin Texture - A reduction of 15% in roughness after use Firmness - An increase of 9% in firmness with the use of Bioplasma

Young Skin

Old skin


Collagen fibers

Dermis and fat layer

Nas-5 moisture in skin layer depth

Chondrus Crispus - Gelalg速 A red algae (also referred to as "Irish Moss") having a velvety feel, grows near the rocks of the North Sea where vast differences in temperature and pressure occur. This algae has phenomenal survival skills, aided by its content of concentrated polysaccharides (55% of its weight) which creates a protective shell from harsh environmental conditions. Red algae produce a natural occurring material known commercially as GELALG having a gel-like texture, rich in polysaccharides, which form a bond with skin protein in a process known as "biomimicry".

Gelalg - Components The gel ingredients comprising GELALG extracted from North Sea Algae is a component of the NSA-5 complex. Nicknamed "Natural Lifter“, it excels in instantly firming the skin resulting in a pampering, calming and relaxed feeling during treatments at a Spa. The concentration of polysaccharides, that bond with protein found in skin cells creates a layer of moisture giving the skin a fresh and pleasant feeling.

GELALG - The Main Characteristics • Immediate Skin Firming Effect - This Gel bonds with skin protein on contact (i.e. Collagen and Elastin) and firms by thickening the layers and imbibing the outer layers with moisture.

• Forming a Protective Layer Around the Skin - Moisture comprising polysaccharides form a microscopic cover over the outer skin layer preventing the dispelling of moisture while hydrating the area. The moisturized layer arrests environmental skin damage. • Immediate Moisture Enhancement and Deterring Dryness for Extensive Periods - The Cargin polysaccharide comprising half the weight of the algae, creates a bio-mimetic reaction as the skin absorbs moisture from the air and hydrates the outer layer which affected by weather changes, is the cause of dryness. • Refreshes and Soothes the Skin - Gelalg hydrates the skin, relaxes and neutralizes the effects of stress, resulting in a calming and pleasant state of mind.

Alaria Esculenta - Kalpariane 速 The brown algae growing on rocks on the North Atlantic beaches of Ireland and Britain, withstand total changes in tides and weather. In its natural state Kalpariane is produced from large brown algae, rich in omega acids and anti-oxidants. Kalpariane is approved as an organic ingredient by Ecocert and is preservative free.

Kalpariane ® - Composition and Main Characteristics •

Rich in Fat and Omega Acids 3,6,9 - which preserve the inter-cell matrix. Fatty acids are essential in the formation of new cell membranes, preserving the cell structure that is essential for a younger looking skin.

Concentrated Anti Oxidants - Potent anti-oxidant activity *5 that breaks down free radicals in the skin.

Ingredients which Delay Enzyme Activity and Break Down Collagen and Elastin - delay the collagen and elastin enzyme action that break down skin fibers. Inhibiting this enzyme activity maintains the elasticity of the skin and slows down the aging process.

Stimulating the formation of different types of Collagen (3,4,5) - Rejuvenation of the fibers inflate the skin from within, filling out the fine lines and giving the appearance of a younger look.

Boosts Cellular Respiration and Energy Sources - Regulates and normalizes the skin's breathing processes and energy function (ATP).

Activates Matrix Rejuvenation - Kalpariane ® is said to generate natural hyaluronic acid, repairing the cell matrix which consists of glucose and hyaluronic acid. •According to ORAC tests - an American measuring method of free radicals

Kalpariane 速 - The Results Moisture Levels- Due to the hyaluronic acid produced, analysis has shown that the moisture levels in the deep layers of the skin, were increased by 19-24 % Rejuvenation Process - Tests with Kalpariane containing creams showed an increase in the rejuvenation process by 90% Firmness - Type 3 Collagens found in Kalpariane increased density and skin tone by 24%

Laminaria - Laminarghane ® • A green algae which grows at a depth of 30 meters in the North Sea and in the north part of the Pacific Ocean on the coast of Siberia and Alaska. The algae can also be found in the warm waters of the Mediterranean at a depth of 120 meters but is processed from oceanic algae. • The algae is named "devils cape" due to its long shaped leaves. The Laminaria Algae is richer in flora, minerals and metals compared to other algae. The active ingredient found in Laminaria balances skin function.

Laminarghane ® - Ingredients and Main Characteristics • Reduction of Excess Oil - Laminarghane acts against alpha reductase 5 enzymes responsible for sebum production in the skin. An excess of the enzyme promotes oily skin with outbreaks of acne and pimples. This algae balances enzyme activity in the skin and reduces the fatty acid levels, efficiently reducing excess sebum production. • Prevents Formation of Comedones - Acts against bacteria which inflame skin and block skin pores. This antibacterial action reduces the accumulation of oil in the pores, oxidation of oil and appearance of black comedones. Benefits of Laminarghane ®  Skin cleansing  Reduction of the frequency of outbreaks

 Minimizing oily and shiny appearance

Laminarghane ® - Test Results Application twice daily, morning and evening, for 25 days showed; • 60% improvement in minimizing oily shine • 50% reduction in dilation of pores • 55% boosting in skin cleansing • 47% progress in the reduction of skin blemishes

Codium Tomentosum - Codiavelane 速 Green algae similar in appearance to coral, having a velvety touch and found in the North Sea alongside the British Isles. It is known for its retention of moisture in spite of fluctuation in salt levels, exposure to sunlight and tidal changes. Actives in the Codium Algae known as Codiavelane, maintain a standard even moisture level in the skin referred to as MMF*. Unlike other moisturizers, it maintains moisture levels for extended periods. *MMF-Marine Moisturizing Factor

Codiavelane ® - Ingredients and Main Characteristics Codiavelane ® contains sulfated polysaccharides, minerals, proteins, Glycolic Acid and beta hydroxyl acid. It maintains the main characteristics of the green algae and preserves moisture levels for extensive periods, irrespective of climatic changes. • Maintains Moisture Levels in All Skin Layers - Active all the way down to the deep epidermis layers, maintaining a constant moisture level for prolonged periods. • Establishes a Moisture Reserve - Consisting of specific polysaccharides, minerals, Glycolic Acid and natural beta hydroxyl acid. It is active in maintaining the skin balance at the top outer and deeper epidermal layers. • Softens and Smoothes Skin Texture - Contains beta hydroxyl acid which gently exfoliates the top skin layer resulting in a glowing and radiant appearance. • Instantly calms skin - Hydrates the skin with concentrated moisture levels, calming and inhibiting redness and irritation.

Olea Europaea (Olive) Leaf Extract - Olive Leaf Concentrate The endurance of the olive tree against disease contributes to its longevity. It does not shed its leaves and when picked, they maintain the green color for an extended time. The olive tree has incredible survival characteristics in hot, dry or windy weather. For hundreds of years believed to ensure longevity, these characteristics are found in this herbal concentrate. Oleuropein, extracted as a liquid concentrate, is rich in anti oxidants.

Oleuropein - Ingredients and Main Characteristics Oleuropein concentrate preserves the durability of the olive tree in environmental conditions, with their capability to remain active for extended periods. • Anti Oxidant Activity - Based on two phenolic molecules with powerful anti oxidant and anti radical proficiency. • Brightening - The phenolic ingredient lightly brightens the skin and ensures a more even hue. • Strength and Elasticity - The concentrate ensures gentle anti bacterial activity, affording the skin with elasticity. HO HO



O Me


Phenolic Secoiridoid Glucoside

Oleuropein - The Results Laboratory tests showed a change in cells exposed to oxidation damage. Cells treated with olive leaf concentrate appeared brighter and more complete in structure. A cell treated with the oxidant and olive leaf concentrate

A cell treated with a strong oxidant

Wheat, Barley, Rye - Azelaic Acid The acid, a natural organic complex extracted from wheat, barley and rye seeds, acts as a protective mechanism to damaged skin.

Azelaic Acid found in wheat is anti bacterial and neutralizes bacteria found in the pores responsible for the formation of comedones or acne. In addition, Azelaic Acid calms irritation, the cause of rash, preventing hyper-pigmentations and spots by neutralizing the formation of Melanin.

BIOPLASMA Personal Care Product Series for Home Use Bioplasma’s personal care product series for home use boosts the results obtained from professional treatments. The series is suitable for women of all ages, and all skin types. This range of products affords every woman the ability to maintain a healthy beauty routine preventing early aging processes. The series includes outstanding products with a refreshing fragrance and rich texture that provides a soothing, pleasant sensation, calming the skin with every application.

BIOPLASMA Moisturizer Supreme SPF 17 Normal - Oily Skin A moisturizing cream that hydrates the skin immediately, balances sebaceous secretions and prevents shininess for hours. Contains broadspectrum sunscreens to ensure UVA and UVB protection. Prevents open pores; after application the skin appears radiant, supple, pleasant to the touch and moisturized. Directions: Apply the emulsion to clean skin every morning, using a sufficient amount to cover the entire face and neck area. Massage from the center of the face outwards until absorbed. To optimize results it is recommended to apply Bioplasma Serum as a base coat under the Moisturizer. Paraben free * Dermatologically tested REF. 24014 200ml REF. 24038 50 ml

BIOPLASMA Moisturizer Supreme SPF 20 Normal - Dry Skin Moisturizing Cream that immediately hydrates, soothes and nourishes the skin. Contains broadspectrum sunscreens with UVA and UVB protection. Prevents the loss of the skin’s natural moisture and strengthens the skin. After application, the skin appears radiant, supple, pleasant to the touch, and hydrated. Directions: Apply sufficient amount of the moisturizer to clean skin every morning, to cover the entire face and neck area. Massage from the center of the face outwards until absorbed. When exposed to the sun for an extended period the application should be repeated every few hours. To optimize results it is recommended to apply Bioplasma Serum as a base coat under the Moisturizer. Paraben free * Dermatologically tested

REF. 24012 200ml REF. 24034 50 ml

BIOPLASMA Serum Supreme A rich serum with a pleasant texture which is immediately absorbed, enriching the skin with moisture and nourishment. Treats early signs of aging, releases tension, improves the skin’s natural moisture levels and visibly smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. After application the skin appears radiant, supple and younger.

Directions: Apply 2-3 drops to clean skin and dab gently until absorbed. Optimize results by using as a base under day cream, night cream, face mask or CC cream. Paraben free * Dermatologically tested REF. 24018 200ml

BIOPLASMA Night Cream Supreme A rich and luxurious night cream that treats signs of aging during the night - when the skin repairs damages caused during the day. Releases built-up tension, increases the skin’s hydration level, maintains it for 24 hours. In the morning, the skin appears radiant and supple, and able to cope with environmental hazards. Regular use visibly smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. Directions: Apply sufficient Night Cream to clean skin every evening, to cover the entire face and neck area. Massage from the center of the face outwards until absorbed. To optimize results it is recommended to apply Bioplasma Serum as a base coat under the Night Cream. Paraben free * Dermatologically tested

REF. 24018 200ml REF. 24036 50 ml

BIOPLASMA Moisturizing Mask Supreme

A moisturizing and nourishing face mask with a rich texture, treats early signs of aging, releases tension, increases the skin’s moisture level and visibly smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles. After application the skin appears radiant, supple and younger. Directions: On clean skin cover the entire face and neck area with a thick layer of the mask. Leave for 10-15 minutes and remove with a premoistened wipe or wash with warm water. To optimize results it is recommended to apply Bioplasma Serum as a base coat under the Moisturizer. Paraben free * Dermatologically tested REF. 24020 200ml REF. 24040 75 ml

BIOPLASMA CC Cream Color Corrector SPF 15 Make-up combined with skin care cream, providing skin with an even and glamorous appearance all morning. Treats 5 signs of skin aging: uneven tone, blemishes, wrinkles, dryness and roughness. The cream is enriched with active ingredients that improve the skin’s condition: Vitamin C lightens skin discoloration and acts as an anti-oxidant, thus preventing oxidative damage; effective moisturizing increases the hydration level in cells for 24 hours, prevents dryness, smoothes fine lines and contributes to skin softness; effective sunscreens ensure maximum protection against UV damage and free radicals, and prevent changes in skin tone. This cream is enriched with pure pigments that impart uniform coverage and conceal skin imperfections. Gives the skin a smooth and radiant appearance. Sets quickly, long lasting, and is suitable for all skin types and for daily use. Directions: After cleaning the face, apply CC Cream evenly. To optimize results it is recommended to apply Bioplasma Serum as a base coat under the Moisturizer. REF. 24042 75ml

Paraben free * Dermatologically tested

Bioplasma Treatment Kit

BIOPLASMA Azelaic Peel

This peeling gel formulated with Azelaic and Glycolic Acids primes the skin for the peeling stage. The dead skin is exfoliated, skin is cleansed and excess oil is removed. Suitable for all skin types. Directions: After removal of makeup and cleansing the skin, using circular movements, apply a thick layer to the face and neck. Leave for 10 minutes or as required according to the skin analysis and sensitivity.

REF. 24002 200ml

BIOPLASMA Renewal Serum The Renewal Serum neutralizes the peeling action. It is formulated with concentrated active ingredients based on the NSA-5 Complex, thus hydrating and energizing the skin. The serum encourages cell production, prevents sensitivity and oxidation damage and the skin maintains a youthful and vibrant appearance. Suitable for all skin types. Directions: Without removing the peel, massage a generous amount of the serum on to the face and neck. Leave for a few minutes until totally absorbed. REF. 24004 120ml

BIOPLASMA Revitalizing Mask *Formulated to be used mixed together with the Activating Mask.

The active ingredients are absorbed into the skin, improving inter-cell activity, and the resultant energy improves the skin's ability to repair itself whilst neutralizing oxidation damage. The natural moisture levels are increased enhancing the flexibility of the skin whilst relaxing any stress. Suitable for all skin types.

Directions: After massaging the serum into the skin, mix the two masks* and apply to the face and neck. Leave for 20 minutes and remove. The treatment is then followed by applying Boplasma Moisturizer. REF. 24006 20ml

BIOPLASMA Activating Mask *Formulated to be used mixed together with Revitalizing Mask. The Activating Mask comprising oceanic derivatives and herbal ingredients enables the skin to deal with environmental damage and the effects of aging. The actives are absorbed into the skin, improving inter cell activity. The combination of the two masks firms, freshens and rejuvenates the skin. Suitable for all skin types.

Directions: After massaging the serum into the skin, mix the two masks* and apply to the face and neck. Leave for 20 minutes and remove. The treatment is then followed by applying Bioplasma Moisturizer. REF. 24008 20ml

BIOPLASMA Revival Massage Cream

Professional Massage Cream Directions: Apply a thick layer on clean skin, sufficient to cover the entire face and neck area. Massage according to the skin’s personal needs, and remove using a premoistened wipe or wash with warm water.

REF. 24010 500 ml

Bioplasma Treatment Protocol

Bioplasma Professional Treatment in Three Stages In developing the series, emphasis was placed on creating a refreshing and pleasant composition to increase the positive effects of application during treatment. The calming and pleasant feel combined with gentle fragrance, has an influence on the skins' absorption of the actives, and extends the effect of the treatment on the skin.

Bioplasma Treatment Works in Three Stages • PEELING - Azelaic and Glycollic Acid gently remove dead skin cells and prepares the skin for the next stage. • HYDRATION - In this stage the ingredients in the NSA Complex, based on algae, polysaccharides, anti oxidants, moisture and energy are absorbed into the skin. • ANTI AGING - Nourishing the skin at the cellular depth enables it to generate new healthy cells and forms the basis of a healthy, vibrant and youthful appearance.

Stages of Treatment based on Individual Skin Analysis Analytical Types; •

Dry Skin Type - non elastic, rough texture and faded. Objective: Restore vibrancy, glow, moisture and elasticity. •

Wrinkled Dry Type - Inconsistent and divergent color appearance. Objective: Revive elasticity, decrease wrinkle depth and restore skin. • Loss of Firmness and Glow Type Objective: Moisturize, restore elasticity, and revive normal activity, glow and vibrancy. • Dilated Pores - Redness - Rough Skin Objective: Adjust balance to the skin, standardize the sebum discharge and eliminate dryness. Treatment duration: 45-60 minutes

Treatment Stages: Step 1 Preparation and Cleansing the skin (5 Minutes)

1. Using Excite Eye Make Up Remover clean the eye area.

Step 2 Azelaic Peel (10-15 minutes)

1. Massage a thick even layer of Azelaic Peel to the face, neck and neckline.

2. Clean the face, neck and neckline with Glycopure low pH face soap.

2. Leave for 5-10 minutes depending on sensitivity and skin type. 3. Do not remove the peeling

Step 3 Serum - Concentrating Moisture Penetration (10 minutes) Step 4 Mask Combination (20 minutes)

Apply the Rejuvenating Serum on the face, neck and neckline over the Azelaic Peel and massage for approximately 10 minutes. 1. Pour the contents of Activating Mask and the Revitalizing Mask sachets into a bowl and mix evenly. 2. Using a spatula apply a thick layer to the face and neck.

3. Leave for 15-20 minutes. 4. Remove with a moistened sponge and apply Bioplasma Moisturizer Supreme


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