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Rise & shine

Spring Retreat eKit Revitalise, refresh, rise and shine! Spring is  a  magical  -me!  A  -me  of  awakening  and  new  life.    At  Spring  Equinox  the  sun  enters   Aries,  bringing  into  our  lives  a  spark  of  inspira9on,  ac9on  and  fire!  Just  what  we  need  to  awaken   us  from  our  winter  slumber! Life  is  s-rring.  From  now  on  the  days  get  longer,  the  suns  energy  increases,  nature  blooms  and   blossoms.  Poten9al  and  promise  are  all  around.  It’s  a  9me  of  fer9lity  and  birth.   It's  -me  to  throw  off  the  restraints  of  winter  and  feel  the  vitality  and  energy  s-rring  within  us.   Re-­‐energise,  revitalise,  let  go  of  the  old  and  welcome  in  the  new!  Time  to  step  forward  into  new   beginnings,  new  ventures  and  adventures!  

It’s time to Rise and Shine! Introducing your DIY Retreat eKit! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

How to  plan  your  perfect  retreat Spring  cleaning  with  a  twist!   Revitalize  Top-­‐to-­‐Toe Magical  energizing  essen9al  oils   Easter  Tree  of  Thankfulness Nurturing  Nest  of  Possibili9es Go  on  then  -­‐  let’s  enjoy  some  chocolate!

Let’s get started!

Wheel of life

Planning your retreat with the

How to use the

Wheel of life to plan your perfect retreat!

Retreats are  the  perfect  way  to  get  back  the  balance  in  your  life!  Take  some  9me  to  reflect   and  iden9ty  which  part  of  your  life  needs  some  TLC  or  some  get  up  and  go!  Use  the  magical   wheel  of  life  and....

1. Pick up to 8 areas of your life that are important to you.

These may  include:  Career,  Rela9onships,  Family,  Fun,  Relaxa9on,  Health,  Wellbeing,   Wealth,  Security,  Hobbies,  Energy.  Label  each  segment  of  the  smallest  circle  with  one  of   these  areas.   Give  each  area  a  score  out  of  ten  for  how  sa9sfied  you  are  with  this  area  right  now.    Colour   in  that  segment  and  move  on  to  the  next.  0  is  right  in  the  centre  and  10  would  fill  the  whole   of  the  segment.  You  will  soon  get  a  sense  of  which  areas  of  your  life  are    hunky-­‐  dory  and   which  could  do  with  some  TLC!    

2. Move to the next circle. Take each segment in turn. If  this  

area of  your  life  was  exactly  as  you  wanted  it  to  be,  what  would  it  be  like?    Dream  big  and   really  imagine  it  exactly  as  you’d  like  it!  What  be  happening  in  this  area  for  it  score  a  10/10?   Make  some  notes  on  what  ten  out  of  ten  would  be  like  for  you.  What  are  you  doing?  What   can  you  see,  hear,  feel?  Start  with  the  areas  which  need  some  TLC.  You  can  complete  just  a   few  sec9ons  or  them  all  -­‐  it’s  up  to  you!  

3. Move to the next circle. This is action stations! Take each  area   in  turn,  star9ng  with  the  ones  that  need  the  most  TLC.  What  kind,  loving,  wonderful  things   could  you  do  to  start  moving  in  the  direc9on  of  10/10.  What  ac9on  could  you  take  to  move   one  step  forward  in  the  direc9on  you  want  to  go?    Come  up  with  as  many  op9ons  as  you   can,  have  fun  with  it!  

4. Design your own retreat! Look through  the  ac9ons  and  op9ons  you’ve  just  

wriben down.  Ask  yourself:  What  am  I  going  to  do?  How  am  I  going  to  do  it?  When?  Perhaps   choose  one  small  step  in  three  areas  that  you  would  like  to  improve.  Or  three  steps  in  the   area  that  is  crying  out  for  some  sprucing  up!  This  is  the  perfect  founda9on  for  your  Spring   Retreat!  Perhaps  you  need  more  fun  and  your  Rise  &  Shine  retreat  calls  for  catching  up  with   friends,  going  on  an  easter  egg  hunt  and  dancing!  Or  you  might  need  some  rest  and   relaxa9on  and  retreat  will  include  a  relaxing  bubble  bath,  reading  your  favourite  novel  and  a   long  lie  in.  It  will  be  different  for  everyone,  that’s  the  beauty  of  a  DIY  retreat!

5. Infinity & beyond! Go  beyond  your  retreat...  keep  going  with  the  lible  steps  

and ac9ons  9l  your  wheel  is  nicely  in  balance  and  you  have  a  new  found  spring  in  your  step   and  sparkly,  glowing  smile!

Time for a good ol’ Spring clean ...with a twist! I’m not  a  big  fan  of  cleaning  (as  my  poor  boyfriend  knows!).  So  I’m  not  going  to  suggest  you   spend  your  en9re  Easter  hols  with  the  marigolds  on!  It  is  really  nice,  however,  to  get  the   energy  moving  around  your  home  especially  aher  so  many  winter  months  of  hiberna9on   and  cosying  up!  Here  are  some  fun  ways  to  brighten  up  your  living  space,  chase  out  the   winter  and  any  old,  stagnant  energy  and  welcome  in  posi9vity  and  new  beginnings!  

Open all the windows.

Let the  fresh  Spring  air  blow  through  your  house,  blowing  away  the  cobwebs,  cleansing  and   invigora9ng  your  home.

Clear the clutter.

Geing rid  of  things  you  no  longer  use  or  need  is  a  great  way  to  say  goodbye  to  the  old  and   invite  new  and  wonderful  things  in!

Conscious cleaning!

As you  go  round  with  the  hoover  imagine  it  not  only  sucking  up   dust  but  also  hoovering  up  any  nega9vity,  unhelpful  thoughts,   emo9ons,  blocks.  Hoover  up  anything  that  is  no  longer  serving   you  so  that  you  are  ready  to....

Bless your space & fill with good vibes

Make up  a  Revitalising  Good  Vibes  room  spray  (as  described  a   bit  later  in  How  to  Use  Essen9al  Oils)  or  use  an  incense  s9ck  or  a   sage  smudge  s9ck.  Walk  around  your  home  taking  each  room  in   turn  spraying  with  your  room  spray  or  wahing  the  incense.     Imagine  it  filling  the  room  with  posi9ve  uplihing  energy.   Say  a  lible  blessing  in  each  room  such  as... “Thank  you  bedroom  for  providing  a  safe,  nurturing  sanctuary  to   sleep,  rest  and  recharge” “Thank  you  living  room  for  being  a  wonderful  place  to  socialise,   nurture  friendships,  relax,  be  inspired  and  create.  “ “Thank  you  kitchen  for  providing  a  space  to  cook  nurturing,   nourishing  food” Spend  a  minute  at  your  front  door,  the  doorway  to  your  space,   and  set  an  inten9on  for  your  home  such  as    “Thank  you  home   for  being  a  place  of  love,  fun,  security,  nurturing  and  crea9vity”  

Feel the shift and enjoy!

Revitalise top

to toe!

Time for  a  spruce  up!  

Home made Shower Scrub

Mix 2  tablespoons  of  coarse  sea  salt  (or   sugar)  with  1  tbsp  vegetable  oils  (e.g  olive).   Add  4  drops  of  a  refreshing,  revitalizing   essen9al  oil  (peppermint,  lemon  or   grapefruit  are  my  faves).  Mix  together  well.   Apply  to  the  skin  in  in  circular  movements  for   a  s9mula9ng,  uplihing  exfolia9ng  shower   experience!  Leaves  skin,  soh,  smooth,   energised  and  glowing!

Cleansing Shower Ritual

As you  step  under  the  water  imagine  a  bright   white  light  descending  on  you,  purifying  your   aura,  washing  away  anything  that  is  no  longer  serving  you  and  filling  you  with  a  pure  white   light.  Allow  anything  nega9ve  to  be  washed  away,  any  unhelpful  thoughts  or  habits  or  old   ‘stuff’  you  want  to  get  rid  of.  Emerge  lighter  and  brighter!

Detox Bath Salts

Mix 3  tablespoons  of  coarse  sea  salt  (or  epsom  salts)  with  6  drops  of  your  chosen  essen9al   oil.  Peppermint,  Lemon  and  Grapefruit  will  all  help  to  detoxify  the  mind,  body  and  spirit,  get   your  energy  moving  and  flowing.  Mix  together   well  and  sprinkle  into  the  bath  just  before  you   get  in.  Enjoy  a  cleansing,  reviving,  uplihing   soak.

Springtime Bath Ritual

As you  are  enjoying  the  wonderful  uplihing   aroma,  visualize  any  posi9ve  changes  you’d   like  to  experience  in  your  life.  See  them  as  if   they  are  already  happening  and  enjoy  how  it   makes  you  feel!  As  the  water  drains  away   imagine  it  taking  away  anything  that  is  holding   you  back,  anything  that  isn’t  serving  you.  Step   out  confidently  and  posi9vely  knowing  good   things  are  coming  your  way!

Energising & Detoxifying essential oils Use these  oils  in  your  bath  &  shower  recipes  and  around  your  home  to  cleanse,  energise  and   add  some  sparkle!  

Lemon Lemon zest,  light  and  fresh!  Detoxifying  

and energizing,  purifying  and  cleansing.  Good  for   circula9on,  gets  energy  moving,  revitalizes  our   mind  and  body!  When  lemon  is  vapourised/   diffused  the  aroma  lihs  the  room,  freshens  the   atmosphere  and  keeps  harmful  microbes  at  bay.   Lemon  is  a  wonder  of  the  first  aid  cabinet,  a  strong   an9sep9c,  an9bacterial  and  an9  viral.  Excellent  for   cuts  and  wounds,  boos9ng  immunity,  soothing   coughs  and  colds.  (Can  irritate  sensi*ve  skin.  Do  not   use  on  skin  exposed  to  direct  sunlight.  Do  not  use  in   pregnancy.)

Grapefruit Fresh and  citrus,  yellow  and  green,  uplihing  and  reviving.  Balancing,  

clearing and  detoxifying.  Clears  mind  and  spirit  of  nega9ve  feelings.  Excellent  for  stress.    A   tonic  that  helps  to  detoxify  the  diges9ve  system.    An9sep9c,  an9toxic,  diure9c  and  a   depura9ve  -­‐  helps  to  get  things  moving  in  the  body  -­‐  reducing  trapped  fluid,  reducing   cellulite  and  easing  congested  skin.  Also  fantas9c  aher  exercise  to  disperse  lac9c  acid.  (Can   irritate  sensi*ve  skin.)


S9mula9ng, energising,  awakening,  detoxifying   and  warming.  Strong  and  sharp,  green  and   clearing.  Peppermint  cuts  through  nega9vity   and  mental  cluber,  relieves  headaches  and   migraines  and  releases  unhelpful  thoughts.   Relieves  lethargy  and  9redness.  Brings  you  into   the  present  moment,  re-­‐energises  and  gives   you  get  up  and  go!    Cleanses  the  body  of  toxins,   strong  tonic  to  the  diges9ve  system  that   soothes  aches  and  pains,  acts  quickly  to  remove   harmful  microbes  out  of  the  system.  (Can   irritate  sensi*ve  skin.  Avoid  in  pregnancy.  Avoid   if  epilep*c.  Avoid  with  heart  disease.)

how to use

Essential Oils Blended oils

These can  be  used  to  rub  into  the  temples  and  across  the  forehead  to  uplih,  s9mulate,  clear   the  mind  and  help  with  headaches.  For  diges9on  and  toxin  elimina9on  apply  to  the   abdomen  and  massage  gently  in  a  clockwise  direc9on.  To  s9mulate  circula9on  massage  legs   in  upward  strokes  from  the  feet  upwards,  or  the  arms  from  the  hands  upwards. Make  a  blended  oil  by  mixing  essen9al  oils  with  a  base  or  carrier  oil.  Cold  pressed  organic   sunflower  oil  is  great  (you  can  also  use  olive  oil,  almond  oil,  even  regular  sunflower  oil  if  its   all  you’ve  got).  Use  2  drops  of  essen9al  oil  per  5ml  carrier  oil  and  be  very  careful  not  to  any   any  in  your  eyes.


6 drops  in  the  bath  will  work  wonders!  Dilute  in  a  lible  vegetable  oil,  milk  or  seasalt  before   adding  to  the  bath.  Enjoy  a  reviving  and  energising  soak.

Oil burner

Add 6-­‐8  drops  to  an  oil  burner  or  diffuser  to  vapourise  the  oils  into  the  air.  Uplihs  and   purifies  the  atmosphere.  Helps  ease  breathing,  coughs  and  colds  and  prevents  germs   spreading.  Spreads  good  vibes!

Room Spray

Use 70%  water,  30%  vodka  and  2%  essen9al  oil  (e.g  70ml  water,  30ml  vodka  and  40  drops   essen9al  oil).  Shake  well  and  spritz  around  your  home  to  freshen,  uplih  and  get  the  energy   flowing!

Safety Info

Always check  safety  informa9on  for  individual  oils  before  use.  Essen9al  oils  should  always  be   diluted  and  used  at  concentra9ons  of  2%  (or  less  for  some  oils).  As  a  guide  use  20-­‐40  drops   per  100ml  or  2-­‐4  drops  per  10ml  which  equals  a  dilu9on  of  1%-­‐2%.  Many  oils  are  not   suitable  for  use  whilst  pregnant  or  on  children.  Seek  advice  from  an  aromatherapist  before   use.    Always  patch  test  before  use.  Apply  a  lible  blended  oil  to  the  inside  of  your  elbow  and   check  for  any  reac9on  (24hrs  is  recommend). Mostly,  enjoy!

Easter tree of Thanks

Let’s stop  to  count  our  blessings!  Apprecia9ng  the  good  things  makes  us  feel  great  and  draws   more  good  things  towards  us!  Spend  a  few  minutes  thinking  of  everything  you  are  grateful  for  -­‐   people,  possessions,  experiences,  quali9es.  Label  each  egg  on  the  gorgeous  tree  above  with   something  you  are  grateful  for  and  add  more  eggs  if  you  like!

nest of Possibility

The -me  around  Spring  Equinox  and  Easter  is  magical.    It’s  a  9me  of  fer9lity  and  birth.  Poten9al   and  promise  are  all  around. This  is  a  -me  of  awakening  and  new  life.  What  changes,  desires  or  personal  projects  do  you   want  to  give  birth  to?  Let’s  use  the  powerful  energy  of  the  season  to  put  them  out  there  into  the   world!   Label  the  eggs  with  your  wishes.  How  can  you  nurture  these  wishes  and  bring  them  to  frui9on?   What  suppor9ve  thoughts,  habits  or  ac9ons  will  help  them  to  grow?  Make  a  nurturing  nest  by   surrounding  your  eggs  with  these  posi9ve  thoughts  and  ac9ons.  


Easter Projects!

Indulge your inner child & inner chocolate lover in a little Easter fun! I’ve  grown  to  quite  enjoy  Easter,  despite  the  commercialisa9on  and  

chocolate-­‐isa9on of  it!  I  like  taking  the  9me  to  connect  with  the  tradi9onal  celebra9on  of   fer9lity,  rebirth  and  new  life  of  which  the  egg  is  symbolic.  Also  my  inner  child  loves  coming  out   to  play!  Here  are  a  few  fun  projects!

Decorated Chocolate Eggs

You will  need:  An  Easter  egg,  coloured  icing  and   decora9ons:  mini  smar9es,  hundreds  and   thousands,  chocolate  shapes,  sweets,  chicks  etc There  are  no  rules!  Decorate  and  have  fun!  Its  best   to  apply  the  icing  first  as  it  gives  all  the  other   decora9ons  something  to  s9ck  to.    

Chocolate Nests

You will  need:a  big  bar  of  chocolate,  cornflakes,  mini   eggs,  cake  cases.  Melt  the  chocolate  in  a  bain  marie,   s9r  in  cornflakes  and  coat  with  the  chocolate,   arrange  in  lible  nest  shapes  with  a  few  eggs  on  top   and  put  in  the  fridge  to  set.  Voila!

Decorated Easter Eggs Watch this  cute  video  for  ideas!

Decoupaged Easter Eggs

Lots of  ideas  for  decoupaged  and  decorated  eggs. Check  out  the  videos  here!

About the Giggling


I hope you’ve enjoyed your eKit and that you create a fabulous Rise & Shine Spring retreat!

Gail Francombe

This eKit  was  brought  to  you  by  me!  


I’m the  founder  of  the  Giggling  Goddess  Circle   -­‐  a  place  that  inspires  crea9ve,  joyful  living   and  adds  a  lible  magic  and  sparkle  to  life! Check  out  my  blog  at  www.giggling-­‐  and  find  me  on  Facebook  here I  love  helping  people  lead  joyful,  authen9c,   fulfilling  lives!  My  work  draws  on  a  unique   blend  of  crea9vity,  spirituality,  science  (NLP   and  Posi9ve  Psychology),  ancient  wisdom  and   connec9ng  to  nature.   I  approach  life  with  the  spirit  of  adventure;  with  curiosity,  posi9vity,  crea9vity  and   playfulness.  I  love  inspiring  others  to  take  charge  of  their  lives,  focus  on  their  dreams  and   take  ac9on!   Back  in  the  UK,  aher  several  nomadic  years,  I  love  running  my  Bristol  based  goddess  circle,   wri9ng  inspiring  eCourses,  being  crea9ve,  going  for  long  walks  and  connec9ng  with  nature,   plants  and  the  cycles  of  life  to  enhance  everyday  living.  I  lead  inspiring  workshops,  events   and  eCourses  around  the  UK  and  beyond!

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