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A magical mix of fairy tale prettiness and classic trends, our popular range of products will delight any young girl. We have added many stunning new items this collection such as leotards and tops to match our wide range of tutus. All available in classic colours girls love. We are thrilled to launch our beautiful tutu dresses which are sure to make any girl feel like a Princess. Giggle Me Pink products are ready to wear and be used all year round and in fact every day! They are imaginative and seasonless. Enjoy exploring our beautiful range of the softest tutus and dresses. Be thrilled with our stunning hair accessories, tiaras and fairy wands. Fall in love with our leotards and tops. Adore our ballet bags, sequin products, backpacks, lunch bags, handbags, purses and more. Our products are high quality, feature beautiful detail and are designed by us in Australia. We would love to hear from you at any time, so please do drop us a line with any suggestions you may have, or just some feedback. We’d love to hear it.

Angela and the Giggle Me Pink team

Rosette Dresses

Rosette Dress - Rose Pink GMP1138 (2) GMP1138 (3) GMP1138 (4) GMP1138 (5)

Rosette Dress - Fairy Floss Pink GMP1139 (2) GMP1139 (3) GMP1139 (4) GMP1139 (5) Size: 2,3,4,5

Rosette Dress - Aqua GMP1140 (2) GMP1140 (3) GMP1140 (4) GMP1140 (5)

Rosette Dress - White GMP1141 (2) GMP1141 (3) GMP1141 (4) GMP1141 (5)

Frill Leotard Frill Sleeve Leotard - Fairy Floss Pink GMP1147 (1) GMP1147 (2) GMP1147 (3) GMP1147 (4) GMP1147 (5)

Frill Sleeve Leotard - Aqua GMP1149 (1) GMP1149 (2) GMP1149 (3) GMP1149 (4) GMP1149 (5)

Frill Sleeve Leotard - Fuschia GMP1148 (1) GMP1148 (2) GMP1148 (3) GMP1148 (4) GMP1148 (5)

Frill Sleeve Leotard - White GMP1150 (1) GMP1150 (2) GMP1150 (3) GMP1150 (4) GMP1150 (5)

Frill Sleeve Leotard - Black GMP1151 (1) GMP1151 (2) GMP1151 (3) GMP1151 (4) GMP1151 (5) Size: 1,2,3,4,5

Ruffle Top

Ruffle Top - Pastel Pink GMP1153

Ruffle Top - Fuschia GMP1154

Ruffle Top - Aqua GMP1155

Ruffle Top - Light Blue GMP1157

Ruffle Top - Lavender GMP1156 Size: OSFM 2-5 years

Classic Tutu Classic Tutu - Fairy Floss Pink GMP1096

Classic Tutu - Fuchsia GMP1097

Classic Tutu - Lavender GMP1098

Classic Tutu - Aqua GMP1099

Classic Tutu - Silver Sparkle GMP1100

Size : OSFM 2-6 Years

Princess Tutu Princess Tutu - Fairy Floss Pink GMP1053

Princess Tutu - Fuschia GMP1054

Princess Tutu - Lavender GMP1055

Princess Tutu - Aqua GMP1056

Princess Tutu - Light Blue GMP1057

Princess Tutu - Black GMP1117

Size : OSFM 2-8 Years

Princess Tutu - Rainbow GMP1130

My First Tutu My First Tutu - Fairy Floss Pink GMP1001 (3-6 months) GMP1120 (6-9 months)

My First Tutu - Fuchsia GMP1102 (3-6 months) GMP1121 (6-9 months)

My First Tutu - White GMP1103 (3-6 months) GMP1122(6-9 months)

Royal Tutu

gifted in a free tote bag

Royal Tutu - Fairy Floss Pink GMP1132

Royal Tutu - Fuchsia GMP1133

Royal Tutu - Lavender GMP1134

Royal Tutu - Aqua GMP1135

Royal Tutu - Rainbow GMP1137

Size : OSFM 2-8 Years

Sequin Skirt

Sequin Skirt - Pastel Pink GMP1142

Sequin Skirt - Fuschia GMP1143

Sequin Skirt - Purple GMP1144

Sequin Skirt - Aqua GMP1145

Sequin Skirt - Black GMP1146

Size: OSFM 2-5 years

Tiaras Princess Crown Tiara GMP1027

Waiting for a Prince Tiara - Fuchsia GMP1123

Waiting for a Prince Tiara - Gold GMP1124

Hearts Tiara GMP1028

Waiting for a Prince Tiara - Silver GMP1125

Hair Accessories

Kitty Headband - Pastel Pink GMP1160

Swan Princess Crown GMP1158

Tulle Flower Headband - Pastel Pink GMP1034

Tulle Flower Headband - Aqua GMP1036

Kitty Headband - Fuschia GMP1161

Charlotte Headband GMP1159

Tulle Flower Headband - Hot Pink GMP1035

Tulle Flower Headband - White GMP1085

Kitty Headband - Gold GMP1162

Kitty Headband - Silver GMP1163

A girl can never have too many accessories!

All that Glitters Headband Fairy Floss Pink GMP1108

All that Glitters Headband Fuschia GMP1109

All that Glitters Headband Gold GMP1110

All that Glitters Headband Black GMP1112

Rainbow Headband GMP1050

Bow Headband - Pastel Pink GMP1062

Bow Headband - Purple GMP1064

Bow Hair Clip Metallic Gold GMP1114

Bow Hair Clip - Purple GMP1069

Bow Headband - Navy GMP1065

Bow Hair Clip Metallic Silver GMP1115

Bow Hair Clip - Aqua GMP1070

Bow Headband - Black GMP1094

Bow Hair Clip - Pastel Pink GMP1067

Bow Hair Clip - Navy GMP1087

All that Glitters Headband Silver GMP1111

Bow Headband - Hot Pink GMP1063

Bow Headband - Light Blue GMP1095

Bow Hair Clip - Hot Pink GMP1068

Bow Hair Clip - Caramel GMP1116

Bow Hair Clip - Silver GMP1090

Sequin Bow Hair Clips Small 2 Pack - Pastel Pink GMP1071

Sequin Bow Hair Clips Small 2 Pack - Navy GMP1074

Bow Hair Clip - Black GMP1091

Bow Hair Clip - Yellow GMP1092

Bow Hair Clip - Emerald GMP1093

Sequin Bow Hair Clips Small 2 Pack - Hot Pink GMP1072

Sequin Bow Hair Clips Small 2 Pack - Purple GMP1073

Sequin Bow Hair Clips Small 2 Pack - Aqua GMP1075

Sequin Bow Hair Clips Small 2 Pack - Silver GMP1084

Sequin Bow Hair Clips Small 2 Pack - Black GMP1120

Sequin Bow Hair Clip Large - Pastel Pink GMP1077

Tulle Flower Headband Aqua

Sequin Bow Hair Clip Large - Hot Pink GMP1078

Sequin Bow Hair Clip Large - Aqua GMP1079

Sequin Bow Hair Clip Large - Silver GMP1085

Sequin Bow Hair Clip Large - Black GMP1086

Handbags and Purses

Ballet Tutu Handbag SKU GMP1002

Ballet Tutu Coin Purse SKU GMP1003

Sequin Heart Handbag GMP1004

Sequin Heart Purse GMP1005


and Tote Bag

Sequin Heart Backpack SKU: GMP1006

Butterfly Wings Backpack SKU: GMP1007

Ballet Tutu Tote Bag SKU GMP1001

Fairy Wings Backpack SKU: GMP1008

Ballet Tutu Backpack SKU: GMP1016

Lunch Bags

Ballet Tutu Lunch Bag SKU GMP1012

Sequin Heart Lunch Bag SKU GMP1013

Butterfly Wings Lunch Bag SKU GMP1014

Fairy Wings Lunch Bag SKU GMP1015



Frill Sleeve Leotard - Red GMP1152 (1) GMP1152 (2) GMP1152 (3) GMP1152 (4) GMP1152 (5)

Red Sparkle Tutu GMP1129

Royal Tutu - Red GMP1136

Bow Headband - Red GMP1113

Cat Ears Headband Red GMP1164

Bow Hair Clip - Red GMP1089

Sequin Bow Hair Clip Large - Red GMP1080

Sequin Bow Hair Clips Small 2 Pack - Red GMP1076 Enquiries: Phone: 0418 477 187 gigglemepinkaus gigglemepinkaus gigglemepinkaus Photography:

Dance with Me Collection by Giggle Me Pink  

A magical mix of fairy tale prettiness and classic trends, our popular range of products will delight any young girl. We have added many...

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